The Ambassador’s New Clothes


On this visit, Marie Yovanovitch didn’t quite earn the article-title I heard peeved her— Yavan-oghloo.  Perhaps her warm-up-the-audience bit about her name being the same as Richard Hovanissian’s (both rooted in the name John in different languages) was designed to prevent such a repeat appellation.

Her presentation, as perhaps couldn’t be otherwise, consisted of facts and figures about U.S. supported activities in Armenia.  Informative, but hardly inspiring, and close to insipid (yavan).

Once again, I’m left wondering why they (the State Department) bother with this ambassadorial touring.  Despite her claims in a RFE/RL interview that it’s important to reach out to Armenians who live in the U.S. for input and insights because of our involvement in Armenia, this visit, at least in LA, did not serve the stated purpose.  About sixty people attended her presentation in a hall that could’ve easily held quadruple that.  As I stated there- how embarrassing!  The location, UCLA, and time, 7:00 pm on a weeknight, rendered it a virtual certainty precious few people could or would attend.  When asked about this, she claimed that her last tour went through Armenian community institutions.  This time, they wanted to try academic locations.  I looked up, on the embassy’s website, where she’d spoken.  Of the four cities, only two of the community forums were held on campuses, the other two at Marriot hotels.  I suppose she’d argue “well, we had meetings with campus student groups at Berkeley and UCLA”.  But those are akin to the meetings with various organizations’ representatives that she held in Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, and LA.  Why she felt the need to be deceptive is beyond me.

This evasiveness persisted in the Q & A part of the program, too.    Most of the queries received “It’s not for me to say” type answers or talking without saying much other than generalities.  Even when she did directly and well answer a question, a queasy feeling persisted.

At least on this tour, they had the decency to hide the thugs, er “security” people behind the curtains of the stage, visible only from an extreme angle.  They must’ve realized out how inappropriate it was to ban the recording of her words, this time simply requesting that her words not be publicized until after her full was complete.

Once again, this was a disappointment.  Let’s see what happens when she next makes the rounds in another 16 months.  If you’ve got suggestions, let the public relations geniuses at the State Department know.


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  1. Zaven said:

    Well said Garen as usual!

    She’s just playing her part in the State Department’s big game of deception and distortion.

    Do the clowns at the State Department really think their ploy is gaining momentum by having Ms. Yavanogloo prance around our communities preaching her brand of – ‘I’m innocent of being complicit in genocide denial because I must follow the orders of my superiors at the SD”?????

    She is as guilty as any other genocide denier. She knows whats weighing on her conscious day in and day out. The fact that she’s willing to obediently play her part in the State Department’s sadistic facade of genocide denial for so long is very telling of who she really is.

    Shame on her. Shame on her. Shame on her!

    She knows she’s complicit in genocide denial and is desperately trying to sell herself off as little miss innocent. Yavanoglu is like all the rest. She’s scared of the truth! I pity them all.

  2. Aram said:

    Peter Cowe (who has grossly falsified so much of ancient and modern Armenian history and culture claiming amongst other things that the Father of Armenian History is a “pseudo-historian”) is quite appropriate to stand next to an outright denier of the Armenian Genocide who “with a smile” pushes the Armenian people via the Armenian government to a “rapprochement” with a criminal government that to this day not only denies that they have committed the first genocide of the 20th century (serving as an ample inspiration to a host of criminal regimes that would follow) but today pursues an openly, racist, pan-Turkist, anti-Armenian policy via the illegal blockade and the ongoing training and arming of its Turkic Azeri “kit and kin.” The pan-Turkist vision of the Turkish government foresees a union with Azerbaijan, in a ‘formula’ that does not include Armenia or the Armenian People…And after all of this, we CANNOT speak of the genocide as a “historic” occurrence, the attempt of complete extermination of the Armenian People is indeed still ONGOING.

    • Araxi said:

      Well said about Peter Cowe.
      Google – ‘Armenian History Translated’. Armen Aivazian exposed these falsifiers of Armenian History in America some 20 years ago.

  3. Lucy Feroglu said:

    The Devil went down to Armenia
    Looking for a few souls to steal
    She was in a bind cuz she was way behind
    and she was looking to make a deal
    When she came across
    a corrupt despot
    The Protocols for your seat?

  4. MK said:

    Her morality is as low as the US state department. She is full of deception,just like her boss Hillary Clinton.
    All she is trying to do is the divide the community and than be able to have their agenda go through which is not in the interest of the Armenian nation, it serves the interest of USA / Turkish / Azeri axis.

    • Aram said:

      Even the arrests of ‘criminal Armenians’ (as they were labeled in a racist manner, in fact the arrested criminals included many nationalities – including – a number of Americans who were never even mentioned) was another attempt at smearing the name of the Armenian people (collectively). If FBI genuinely cares about pursuing justice they should really arrest the biggest criminals of them all – the ANGLO-AMERICAN CRIMINAL GANG headed by Bush-Cheney (and you can throw in the likes of Hillary Clinton with their lot, she is just corrupt and immoral) and their minions who have robbed the American people of their tax-money by spending TRILLIONS of dollars into completely unnecessary wars that have killed close to a million mostly innocent people and have wrecked the overall standing of the (once good ol’) United States of America in all probability beyond repair.

  5. ed said:

    She is O.K
    We should not compare her with ex US Amb, to Armenia J. Events. Given the official instructions issued in Tel Aviv- and Washington to not use the term “Genocide” and to trivialize the crime committed against Armenians.. . J. E. was simple a hero! .. I am not sure but maybe J.E ( being informed well and convinced of the fact of Armenian Genocide) could had achieved far more if he wee still our ambassador to Armenia, as simple outer the term “genocide”.. history will show…!

  6. David Boyajian said:

    Garen, at her Senate confirmation hearings, Yovanovitch said her family “fled the Holocaust.” The implication is that she is Jewish.

    But when she toured the US last year, she privately told Armenians that she was Serbian Orthodox.

    What is she? In my opinion, a chameleon.