Karabakh Talks in Russia Spell Danger for Armenia, Warns ARF

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–A leading member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation warned on Tuesday that a new round of Armenian-Azerbaijani talks on Karabakh to be hosted by Russia this week could result in “very dangerous” consequences for Armenia and Karabakh.

Armen Rustamian, who heads the ARF Supreme body of Armenia and also chairs the Armenian parliamentary committee on Foreign Affairs, said at a press conference that the international mediators are again making an attempt to “enforce peace” and that the Armenian-Azerbaijani summit in Astrakhan, in southern Russia, will be held “within the framework of this very logic”.

“The mediators are trying to move from persuasion to enforcement of peace, which means that a certain package of principles is supposed to become a basis for this peace,” said Rustamian, describing such a development as “very dangerous”.

He said no breakthrough is possible because “Azerbaijan continues to follow a hard line” and “fails to embrace the idea that the issue should primarily be resolved by way of recognizing Karabakh’s status and ensuring its people’s security.”

“We may once again hear a strict appeal to speed up the negotiations on the basis of proposed principles and move on to drafting a big peace agreement,” he added.


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  1. ed said:

    i agree..

    Apparently, RA /Serzh Sarkisjin has promised the return of “occupies territories“ around Karbakh,. A fatal signal to the aggressor! Therefore Azerbaijani jointly with there friends are now focusing on the territory of Karabakh … ignoring the outcome of the war, pre history of the conflict and more many other issues…

  2. pkk is the best said:

    Armenia must change its policy . no talk whit azeris.azeris must talk to artsakh autority.
    the is a lot to talk.
    Armenia can take contack whit azerbaijan only an the case of Naxichevan

    • Varojan said:

      AS simple as it sounds we are still waiting for a smart leader to have the guts and make such a statement

      • Varojan said:

        Any leader admits of NKR “Occupied territory” is a loser, and should be replaced
        for state of power starts in the mind and soul

  3. Sirvart said:

    This is terrible news. We shall not compromise. We won the war in 1994 in artsakh and those azeri vermins can go fligh kite; but neither Armenia nor Artsakh must never give back any land to the barbaric backward made up nationality azeri/tatars; besides those said lands are Armenian lands from time immortal.

  4. Paul said:

    I agree with all of you, however big papa (Russia) will have the last word. Serzh is no to be blamed in this case. GOD BLESS ARMENIA!!!!

  5. Fred said:

    Shouldent we wait for Azerbaijan to win a war before we start conceading. I mean last time I checked we won the war.

  6. Abbe said:

    I don’t get the point in retutning lands that
    1. is has been and are always going to be Armenbian
    2. When it dosn’t live any Azeris there today
    3. that are won in a war.

    I don’t see any point to return them.
    Is the Idé to make Artsakh an Island in Azerbaijan again?
    Thats a joke, and what about all the armenian monuments in the “occupied areas”.

    BAD POLITICS FROM ARMENIA. I have always said so and I will do it untill somone with a BRAIN takes the president post !!!

  7. Ishkhan said:

    On Karabakh issue.For our National interests. There is only one option remaining for President Sargsian administration Armenian nation hope you have Power to stand firm. Otherewaise,
    If you you cann’t resist to pressures
    The best honorable way is to Resign.

  8. C said:

    Why is it accepted that Azerbaijan refuses to talk with Karabakh,
    even though it did in fact directly negotiate the truce with Karabakh?
    Wouldn´t peace negotiations logically continue with the same partner (NKR)?
    At what point did NKR become a non-viable negotiating partner? What exactly changed?
    Why does the international community, and Armenia itself, support this charade?

    And it doesn´t appear that excluding NKR to only negotiate with Armenia ´proper´ achieves anything, besides Azeris continuing to murderously violate the cease-fire. Why not incorporate NKR as part of Armenia proper, and send some Artsakh veterans as the official representatives of Armenia. If Azerbaijan only will talk with Armenia at not NKR, why not let them?

  9. Tony said:

    I hope that the Armenian president will work out for the benefit of Armenia and Artsakh and not for a personal gain or to score political points back at home or in the international arena.