Turkey Seeks to Boost Investment in Nakhichevan

BAKU (APA)–Nakhichevan has a ‘special place’ in Turkey’s foreign policy as a territory that isolates Armenia from the rest of the region, Turkey’s State Minister for Foreign Trade Zafer Caglavan said Wednesday speaking at a Turkish-Azeri business forum hosted in Kahkichevan , the Azeri Press Agency reported.

“Armenia has been stuck between Nakhchivan and the rest of Azerbaijan with access only to Iran and Turkey,” Caglavan said. “Nakhchivan has a special place in the foreign policy of our government. That’s why we are here today.”

The forum attracted influential businessmen from Turkey and Azerbaijan and presented them with information about Nakhichevan’s history, its course of economic development, and various business and investment opportunities in the area.

According to APA, the meeting will end with the signing of a series of cooperation documents.

Speaking to reporters during the event, Caglayan said Turkish businessmen have a “serious” interest in making investments into the Azeri controlled territory. He added that discussions were ongoing to establish the Nakhchivan-Turkey Business Council.

“We want to establish a council that will help the businessmen. One should take advantage of bordering Nakhchivan. It would be better to create free trade zone on the border. It would increase mutual trade,” said Caglayan. “We can create a region without customs and trade with every part of the world. I gave necessary instructions. Turkey’s General Directorate of Free Trade Zones will study the issue. It will be possible to set up this system without losing time.”

Caglayan said he had already appealed to Nakhichevan’s authorities to support the endeavor.


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  1. ARA said:

    I have been to Nakichevan- a desolate desert like arid place not well fit for human habitation. they destroyed our Armenian homes and cemetaries. burned dead bodies there years ago and for all we know recently if they knew of any buried corpese. Nakichevan is part of Armenia-except occupied like one half of present day territory known as TURKEY- even parts of Azerbajan. Hey- the enemy-u know what I say-take em down or they take us-we will prevail over time-the achilles heal will sore to severe pain some day-we are going there again to take back what they stole-except we do not treat women and children like their ottoman ancestors did-disgusting it is – we know what they did and still do in their villages and cities-outhouses in front and all

    • varoujan said:

      Thank you for the info, not so many of us know about our Nakhichevan today, except our historic homeland where our alphabet was born.

  2. varoujan said:

    This guy should go have a DNA test to see how much Armenian blood he has in his veins, looks nothing like a turk, his face even his name is fishy.

  3. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    Yes i agree with Varoujan, as soon i looked at his image, before reading the title, i thought he was an Armenian. look at his knows entirely typical Armenian nose shape, his dwhole image, may be his father was an Turkified Armenian born in Nakhichevan, First of all Nakhichevan is and always been Armenian land, damn Joseph Stalin handed over to bloody Azerbaijanis as he hated Armenian, secondly, Mr. Caglayan have you ever heard or seen in archives that once Haidar Alliev was proud to be born in Armenian Nakhichevan, i recall very well that his passport always showd born in Armenia, then what u say now if your predecessor Presedent served in Soviet Union for long years confessed his place of birth in his passport, go learn history that its name Nakhichevan and not kahkichevan. wait till we take over our lands from Azeries, where there was not even Azerbaijan, it was Armenian land dividen between Iran & Azerbaijan, who cared or who listened there was a country Azerbaijan before u were third world country but it is pity that the lobyist brought you forward, shame on you sided with aggresive, ignorant people who are part of u ethnically demolished all our Armenian ancient Khatchkars & Churches, don’t we have the right to do the same to you. But we Armenians are civilized people thousand of years, if u a real polition you must have read.Great Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir William Glastone who said “TO SERVE ARMENIA IS TO SERVE CIVILIZATION’ u idiot moron, if u believe in God He’ll show u His judjement to both you country and Turks who know nothing but brutal killing from babies in mothers’b to very elderly who are sick in beds, if you forget, what you did to Armenians in Baku, Sumgayit, we don’t we have lots of prooves, now the world is blind but they wil come to their sences, you savage people, worse than dangerous animals….

  4. Mikoyan said:

    Interesting. Why are we laying so ambitious claims that we own our lands. Just think that even we today are not able to have a democratic government in our small land. Do you really believe that we Armenians had any large territory in the past? Let’s not deceive ourselves. Where were these damn Azeris and Turks living then? They have always been more than us in number. Did they drop from the sky?
    I think Azeris will take back Karabakh from us sooner or later. Wait and see.

  5. john said:

    Mikoyan clearly you’re not an Armenian ,long before azerbaijan or turkey even existed those regions were occupied by Armenians ,and fyi Armenia is a democratic republic ,the name nakhichevan is also armenian ask your dad will explain it to you :) nakhiche van , meaning the first descendants land ,as for your question why is Armenians minority ? its because the islamic culture is well known to have x4 as many .and those damn turks and azeris were living with us in peace until they decided to get control over the lands ,mikoyan nice disguise but it didnt work :)