Wikileaks: Denial and Double Standards


Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, in a January 2010 cable, offered his suggestions as to how the United States should respond to Ankara’s movement away from its traditional Western orientation.

In this private State Department communication, later disclosed by Wikileaks, he argued: “This calls for a more issue-by-issue approach, and recognition that Turkey will often go its own way.”

Ambassador Jeffrey’s recommendation begs the questions: Why the double standard?

More precisely: Why is the State Department willing to respect Turkey’s right to go its own way, yet so unwilling to stand up to Turkey’s “gag rule” on U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide?


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  1. Greg said:

    US policy so short on memory.First Turkey refused to allow 35 US warships from unloading on turkey’s shores at the beginning of Iraq war.Because of that the north front was never opened to contain the whole war. Still the US is still held hostage to the whim’s of turkish policies.The airbase @ incirlik would’ve been replaced by now, if they had planned it by then.Today Turkey still receives billions of $$$$ and then thumb their nose to us.I tell you what a government policies…short sighted.

  2. Tsoghig said:

    I hope that the State Department will adjust their lenses when they look at Turkey now that Erdogan has once again put his foot in his mouth in response to the wiki leaks documents. What we can all have faith in is that clearly it will be Turkey to hold a grudge and not be able to move past these documents the way the rest of the modern, progressed world has been able to move past. The US government has the perfect opportunity now to pass the Genocide resolution, and they can use Turkey’s support for Iran’s nuclear program as their cover, since standing up for the truth isn’t cover enough.

    Good job Asbarez and the Armenian Weekly for this great coverage of the very entertaining news on the wiki leaks. This is exciting stuff!

  3. Svetlana Swanson said:

    Profit, sale of military hardware, the Israeli defence cooperation agreements could be part of the answer, besides draining of the Armenian communities financial and intellectual resources on domestic lobbying.

    • sepastasi mourad said:

      Thankyou Svetlana…….you are short, accurate….and “right on the money”

  4. mariamjon said:

    BRAVO! Mr. James Jeffrey! BRAVO! Everyone knows about the double standard, but nobody
    ever talks about it! GAGGED is right! The USA is blackmailed every year into not recognizing the
    Armenian Genocide.

    another Diasporan Born and Created by Turkish Genocide

    Maternal Grandfather – 9 Brothers and Sisters Slaughtered and Father Shot Dead
    Paternal Grandfather – Death March as a Child to Der Zor survives while tiny brother is
    blinded and left for dead by Gendarmes
    ALL DIASPORANS have the same stories………….we are millions………………

    • manooshag said:

      Hye, what is turk ‘holding over’ the USA??
      Turks even get away with the desecretion of
      the Woodrow Wilson memorial in our own
      national capitol… Washington DC… within
      our own lands of the USA of a memorium
      by the citizens of the USA honoring our own
      President Woodrow Wilson… now the turks
      choose to destroy this memorial – turkish style…
      since this is what the turk deems needs to be
      ‘eliminated’ – right under the noses of all the
      citizens of the United States of America..
      turkeys so choose, turkeys so does…
      for there are none in USA State Department nor the
      White House capable of addressing the vile actions
      against President Woodrow Wilson…. graduate of
      Princeton University, a president of Princeton University,
      and later our honorable, exemplary and highly
      intelligent President of the United States of America…
      – to be ‘eliminated’ in his own nation, because a turkey
      chooses to destroy and ‘erase’ his memorial. Too,
      his intelligence, highly recognized, compare that to
      the Ottoman mentality – of a turkey. Manooshag

  5. sepastasi mourad said:

    Why the double standard…easy, because it is the US….i mean, did’nt one of its Presidents once say
    “The business of america is business”????