In an Unexpected Move, Armenian Assembly Praises Pelosi

LOS ANGELES—As the community is outraged at outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for failing to schedule a vote Wednesday on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, the Armenian Assembly of America, in a press release issued immediately after the House adjourned, praised Pelosi for providing guidance and assistance during the process.

“…We also particularly commend the steadfast leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who along with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair and White House Liaison Congressman Chris Van Hollen provided guidance and invaluable assistance throughout this process,” stated Armenian Assembly Executive Director Bryan Ardouny in the press release.

On Wednesday, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty ran a story about the Armenian-American mobilization in favor of the resolution, and reported that “The Assembly is understood to be against putting the draft resolution to a full House vote.”

Their position was explained by unnamed leaders to RFE/RL as: “nobody wants to take a loss in a floor vote in these circumstances. The genocide denial industry would like nothing better than defeating the resolution, even in an unfair vote.”

In a massive mobilization effort and show of activism, the Armenian-American community pushed forward during the past several weeks and, through phone calls and emails, urged Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership to advance the resolution.

On Wednesday, the 111th Congress adjourned with Pelosi failing to schedule a vote and the House Democratic leadership blocking the effort to pass the H. Res. 252—the Armenian Genocide Resolution.


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  1. Viken Karapetian said:

    There is nothing unexpected with the Assembly’s position. There is a long pattern of miserable leadership for the AAA. This is the same organization that with Van Krikorian at the leadership helm, installed and promoted TARC, the disastrous State Department initiative that provided zero tangible results.

    The Assembly has been on the wrong side of the issue whether it be TARC, the Protocols, Richard Hoagland, or Genocide recognition in the Congress.

    It’s sad to belittle another Armenian organization but, quite simply, the Assembly is not relevant. It is no surprise that their membership, fundraising, and enthusiasm are disabled.

    Thank you ANC for being our community’s voice and moral backbone.

  2. Shant Melkonian said:

    If we only had a sizable Armenian representation in Congress like the Jews, we wouldn’t have to rely on the current and past gang of political ‘prostitutes’ such us Pelosi, Schiff, Sherman, Royce, Berman, Feinstein, Boxer, Pallone, B. Clinton, Cheney, Biden, Bush Sr., H. Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, Hoyer, etc, etc, etc… A bunch of liars Who are supposedly (on the surface) fighting to forward our causes and interests, in exchange of our votes, but behind the scenes??? Who the hell knows! They all have shown their true colors once they are in office… We’ve seen a number of them fall, sooner or later they get caught with their greed, corruption, bribery, sex scandals, infidelity, Homosexual acts along side their marriages, cash in freezers, fraud, favored contracts, etc… And those who are eligible to occupy same seat term after term, are still nothing but ‘vote prostitutes’… Which leads us to conclude that Turkey has something much more ‘lucrative’ to offer them than the Republic of Armenia or the votes of Armenian Americans, as was and still is the case with Corrupt Draculas Delahunt, Livingston, Gephardt, Delay, Hastert… As well as the ADL and AIPAC… Yes the most influential agents of and lobbyists for Israel are allies of Turkey (regardless of how Turkey has recently behaved towards Israel, our 51st state) working against the passage of HR 252, the AG recognition, which is simply a MORAL issue!

    We WILL get there eventually… Let no one have any doubt about that.

    Meanwhile, any American politician, regardless of level or party, who thinks that if the USA officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide would, other than slightly wounding Turkey’s inflated ego and honor, cause any kind of harm or bares an effect to ANY of the U.S. interests, wars, national security, Iran dilemma, commerce, economy, Venezuela threat, NATO, fate of Jews in Turkey, the so called ‘war on terror’, etc… IS A DELUSIONAL MORON and morally (& otherwise) corrupt! Let’s not forget who the superpower is. Bluffing Turkey is NOT in position to act on it’s threats or blackmailing… She has proven that ‘multi-tasking’ is not her forte.

    Happy new year everyone!

  3. andrew said:

    in my opinion usa will never recognize the genocide there are very good reasons for this one of the major reason is nato.the minute its recognized turkey will have to be thrown out of nato that is why they never will for the time being

    • john said:

      UNTIL THE EMPIRE COLLAPSES under it’s own weight. wher ecan’r victimze anymore. it’s not that far off.

    • manooshag said:

      andrew, If all the civilized nations, nations like-minded
      nations who seek to advance and progress together formed another
      union/organization and left a Turkey to be a NATO… then those of
      the new organization would find that a Turkey ‘hindrances’ would be
      gone… and the new organization would be moving forward, advancing
      together (without a Turkey holding back/ Ottoman thinking).

  4. Isk said:

    Nancy Pelosi = Obama = Erdogan = Talat = Enver = Djemal and the rest.
    There is no difference between those who committed Genocide, and those who deny the Genocide or hide the truth and do not want the thuth to be recognized. No difference at all.
    Now it’s time that Armenians open their eyes and prepare a young generation of politicians who will get involved, at highest levels, all over the world, in the countries they live, in political issues, and handle intelligenty the recognition of the armenian Genocide.

    • manooshag said:

      Hye, ANCA Gateway Program supports our Armenian youths who are interested in working in Washington DC in government. Initially, housing accommodations, and too, support of assistance for their endeavors is offered…
      Support and contributions for the Gateway Program will make the difference!
      ANCA Endowment Program
      1711 N Street NW
      Washington DC 20036
      (This program was initially encouraged via the generosity of Cafesjian family).
      Today, support for this program is dependent upon all those who now recognize our need for our dedicated next generation for representations in our USA government… Manooshag

    • Ray said:

      I have not heard such an intelligent comment on this website so far. Keep up the good work. We are watching, we see great minds like yours. The Armenian will be at peace one day. We promise.

  5. Isk said:

    Nancy Pelosi = Obama= Talat = Enver = Djemal ant all the rest
    There is no difference between those who committed Genocide and those who deny the truth, and refuse to recognize a Genocide.
    Now it’s time for Armenians to open their eyes and prepare a young generation of politicians who will get involved at highest levels in political issues all over the world, in the countries where they live, and handle intelligently the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    • Armand said:

      It is completely ludicrous to equivocate the denial of genocide with genocide. While I understand your disappointment and the passion with which you want to communicate it, you should mind your words.

      • Kisag said:

        It is widely recognized that genocide denial is part of the genocide process. The Turks denied genocide on day one of the genocide as did the Nazi’s and the subsequent genocides.

  6. Melisa said:

    What the aaa REPEATEDLY FAIL to understand is that the genocide denial industry would also like nothing better than having an Armenian organization – which purportedly claims to defend Armenian interests – go on the record as cowardly opposing the Genocide Resolution any time in their sad existence under any fallacious alibi. In doing so they have merely become convenient accomplices for the likes of spineless bureaucrats eager to hide behind the coattails of an ill advised out of touch Armenian organization hell bent on being the State Departments slavish lackey to the detriment of the RA.

    Defeating the Genocide Resolution was the last nail in the aaa coffin and the most telling evidence yet that their most ardent supporters remain anti-Armenian and pathetically incorrigible.

    Shame on Pelosi for falling back on her word and shame on the aaa for providing her with the political cover she so desperately needed to secure her legacy as a double talking accomplice of genocide deniers.

  7. MK said:

    It should not be any surprise as we all know AAA is part and parcel of the US state department,does the bidding and tries to divide the community on the instructions of the state department,TARC was another example of their deceitful policies.

  8. Levon Lokmanian said:

    This is happening because armenians are devided.We should never vote for a democrat and they will get it.If republicans do th same we’ll vote for 3th party and show them we’re united and we are a power.If we vote as a block we can rule California.Armenian organizations should get together and make a statement who they all recommend to vote and it should not be for any democtrat,no matter what he did for the armenians, the reason given shoud be Pelosy’s decission..2012 election should show them we can be united when Obama is defeated in CA..

    • Armand said:

      There are other considerations that go into passing that resolution. Armenian Americans have other interests as well – American interests. We have to vote on all the other slew of things that affect our livelihood as Armenian Americans. For you to suggest we should all band together and vote on the single issue of genocide recognition is ridiculous. WE ARE NOT A ONE ISSUE CULTURE.

  9. Arman G. said:

    The Armenian Assembly of America does NOT represent me. I even don’t know how they are elected or who elects them. They should be ashamed what they do, I would say that these bunch of useless people for Armenians is serving to others interests. Shame, shame, shame.

  10. arziv said:

    Very distressing and disappointing. Pelosi appeared to be a supporte for the cause. She may hava had some motives not to bring the resolution to the vote. Did she, perhaps, know in advance that the vote would be a faliure ? Rather than face defeat, she had recourse to negate the voting. . As for the assembly, it is incomprehensible that they glamourized her for her actions and portrayed her as a heroine. However, what has transpired with Pelosi is nothing new; it is another betrayal of promises and pledges by potential candidates aspiring to top positions. Once they get there, the scoundrels change colors like chamaleons. Pelosi is one more disappointment in the long line of disappointments and betrayals through the course of the years. We mus not harbor any illusions on political candidates that blabber pledges to us. It is part of the electioneering circus. We the voters will always end up being the victims. We have to vote for someone, since our participation in the electoral burlesque stunts are an integral cog in the process. We end up voting for those whose song appeals more to our own ears. So far we have suffered nothing short of ignominious betrayals at the hands of sham candidates and their glowing promises; and the future bodes more of the same.

  11. Minchev verch! said:

    No surprises here, it it was voted on, they would have taken credit, it not, they kiss AS@#$$

  12. Ara Abrahamian said:

    The problem is not Nancy Pelosi per say – for years it has been Assembly’s Brian Ardouny (this guy has been fooling everyone that he is Armenian) – It is high time for ANCA to clean-up its own house and then neutralize the so-called “Armenian” Assembly of [US State Department] America . They are all agents of the US State Department.

    • Դրօ said:

      I strongly agree with you. The “Armenian” Assembly of America should be disbanded. All they do is work AGAINST us, even though they label themselves as “Armenians”. They are simply tools used by our enemies to ruin Armenians’ credibility and to show that we’re “divided”.

  13. Norin Radd said:

    It would be helpful to write a full article on the AAA explaining in detail who they are and why they as a supposed “Armenian” organization would support not bringing the H252 resolution to the House floor for vote. To claim that if the H252 was brought to the floor it would “lose” as a reason to not bring it up for vote is simple stupidity. I and many other Armenians in the US would rather see the resolution brought to debate and voted on rather than tucked under the rug simply on the notion that it “may not pass”. There is more here than meets the eye and if the AAA has got a hand in it, then a full article is warranted in order to further expose this charade.

  14. Norin Radd said:

    Oh the humanity! Oh the turkophelia! You are SUCH a political GENIUS Armand. Never mind the mere fact the Armenian Genocide and its proper recognition and restitution is perhaps the single most important event which shook our people to its core for the past two generations, Armenians also have “other” “more pressing” issues” they should also support, like lower DMV registration fees and better severance pay for teachers, why unite in the name of our people for the Armenian Genocide’s proper recognition/restitution when we’ve got these “other” “important” issues to deal with as “Americans”.

    Please little man, thanks for your help but no thanks, now go stick your head back in the sand again. “Armenians” like you are the very reason certain communities are goaded into becoming divided, with fellow Armenians like you, who needs enemies. The only thing that’s ridiculous is your pompous response to the comments here and your sheer detachment from the issue at hand. If we did not band together for issues that affect our people as imbeciles like you suggest, things would have been over for our people a long time ago. Take your great words of wisdom somewhere else for appreciation, like Ankara and ADL headquarters, Erdogan and Foxman will love you there.

  15. An Armo said:

    you can’t blame all this on Pelosi, obviously she wanted to leave a good name before she leave office and couldn’t bear the tremendous pressure from state department.
    Bythe way you guys are so naive thinking that in near future any administration in Federal goverment will pass this resolution, ANCA should revise its doctorine and start doing something positive for motherland instead of feeding these political whores who only represnt their interest and not OURS!

  16. Hamasdegh said:

    What is sad about the whole matter is that ANCA and the Armenian Assembly do not seem to be communicating with each other or coordinating their efforts before they face the big fight ! It was obvious from the very first moment ANCA called for a last minute effort to pass HR252 that the effort was doomed to failure because I saw contradictory signs all over the place. Yes, we did put the Turkish republic to a year end stress but for all practical purposes it was a dud.

    • manooshag said:

      Hamasdegh, don’t insult the efforts of the fine ANCA team
      and the nationwide grassroots who are in full support of the
      honesty and dedication of the ANCA. Dealing with the AAA is not any
      easier than it is dealing with a Turkey… (I’ve volunteered in the
      ANCA offices). AAA are a misdirected group… legally involved with
      so-called Museum. Too, so, where are the donations being held in
      abeyance until the building is started… Or, shall their excuse be
      that these funds are being used for the attorney fees instead for
      the completion of the Museum?? Whither goest thou AAA?

  17. hovig said:

    The denial is not negative at all… Denial is healthy for the armenia’s future and deepens the armenian’s resistance coagulating the believes and hearths. Denial is negative for international community. Denial brings more oxigen to armenian’s lungs. Denial is in the tradition and “normal” for armenians. Denial is negative for humanity. Denial is to make the …. game of Armenia and USA’s ememies.

      • Jay said:

        Manooshag, I’m none of the above. Diasporans are due for Think-Tank Armenians, Period. Enough of these ludicrous organizations. The Armenian Genocide has become the daytime ‘SOAP OPERA’ compliments of ANCA and AAA. BTW, I’m 100% Tashnak, born in Beirut.

  18. Garo Tertzakian said:

    The aaa’s treacherous behaviour is a vivid reminder that there will always be Vasag Suni’s amongst us. All we have to do is to neutralize and eventually eliminate them from our communities and go on with the business of the Armenian nation.

  19. John K. said:

    Once again AAA showed their true color. They should drop the first A and add a T to their name. There is nothing Armenian about this organization period. I remember several years ago the IDIOT ADROUNY was being interviewed and responding to a question whether or not the Armenians would vote as a block? He said “Republicans vote for Republicans and Democrats vote for Democrats etc.” Even if this is true, you don’t advertise it. This is the kind of IDIOTS run the TAA. I hope enough of their rank and file see the light and leave the TAA and join the ANC. ANC is the only true Armenian Organization supporting the Armenian Cause. All the rest are TAVAJANS on the State Departments payroll or worst Turkish payroll.

  20. pkk is the best said:

    America is in wrong hands. but any way we won the battel. and surly the turk are the losser,turk u wiil give back every thing that u stoel from us and a littel bid more . u sllamon aleikun erDOG an abe

  21. hyeman said:

    Why are we not talking about the true facts here? We needed 218 votes to pass the resolution and we only had 180. With all the efforts of ANCA and Assembly combined they could not come up with the numbers. To top it all off, – many of the 180 that would have voted “yes” had already left for the holidays. This was going to be a loss any way you looked at it. Would it have been better to on record as losing? It’s time we start thinking more strategically and less emotionally. Our efforts should be refocused. We’ve been trying to pass this resolution for 20 years. We’re doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! It just doesn’t work that way. We need to work smarter.

  22. Sevan said:

    We need more political parties in the US to balance out the two headed coins of the democrats and republicans
    We need to vote for them..

  23. Ed Shahzade said:

    Every Armenian should refuse to support them until this disgusting,
    damaging behavior is reversed.