Jewish Lobby Supports Turkish Opposition to Armenian Genocide Bill, Says Foxman

ANKARA (Sabah)–The Jewish Lobby in the United States will continue to support Turkey’s efforts to block a Congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, Anti Defamation League Chairman Abraham Foxman said in an interview with the Turkish Daily Sabah.

According to Sabah, Foxman characterized the Armenian Genocide as a “historical dispute” that should be “left to the historians.”

“The Armenian Cause is an issue between Armenia and Turkey, and it should be resolved between those two countries,” he said, adding that the US “is wrong when it attempts to meddle in that issue”


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  2. Gagik said:

    Mr. foxman should ask himself a question, that How many people in the world now questions the Raphael Lemkin?
    Or why today many people like Ahmadinedjad is questioning the Jewish Holocaust?

    There is difference between Armenian Genocide, and the Jewish Holocaust, Armenians didn’t support or sigh an agreement to be transferred to their Mother land, but they was living in their MOTHERLANDS, but Jews who lived in Germany, signed a “Transfer Agreement” with Adolph Hitler, and supported Hitler and Nazis to come to the power in Germany in 1933.

    Mr. Foxman should know well all these facts, sins he is a Zionist (fascist) who supported Nazis, and before that financed and supported the Zionist communists to commit red terror in Russia, before that Zionists founded and supported Young Turks to overthrow sultan Hamid, and after supplied these turk fascists with weapons to commit the Armenian Genocide in turkey.
    For sure the Zionist Foxman will never support Armenian Cause, because the truth will prevail and all Zionists (fascists) will pay the ultimate price for their crime Against Humanity along with turk mongol waste!
    Enough for Armenians let these fascists get a way with their Crimes!

    • Seervart said:

      Merry Christmas, Armenians are well aware who their friends are and who their enemies are, most Armenians anyhow.

  3. Harry Istepanian said:

    If the Armenian cause is an issue between Armenia and Turkey, and it should be resolved between those two countries, then Holocaust should have been also an issue between Germans and the Jews! If Abraham Foxman thinks the Armenian Genocide should be left to the historians, then Ahmadi Najat and others have all the right to deny the Holocaust.

  4. eddy said:

    Once again Jewish Lobby is showing its true colours. Still, the statement of ADL should not become as surprise. Still we Armenians should not become a sick nation relaying on “anti” doctrines!

    Jewish Lobby and Israel has no problems with Turkish racists, Turkish fascism and Turkish ultra nationalists and nationalists. Israel and Jewish Lobby has only some disagreements with Turkish Islamic fascists – this is Erdogan & CO.

    For Jewish and Israel opposing Armenian Genocide resolutions and historical facts in this regard are the easiests way to please Turkish- without losing anything. An Anti Armenian policy pursued by Israel and Jewish lobby costs Israel nothing but gives Turkey a lot!

    Turkish has force Israel and Jews accept being “Anti Armenian / Anti-Armenianism” as one of the souls of the existence of Israel and Jews in Diaspora! Fortunately, Armenians are one of the few old nations who do not relay of any real “anti” doctrine

    One shouldn’t forget Jewish Diaspora above all in US is first of all Jews, than pro Israeli and third a US citizen. Jews in US are the only American citizens serving in Israeli Army a act in reality against the US oath – but who cares? The same applies for the president of French – Nicolas Sarkozy who promised Turkey to kill the bill on punishment of Armenian Genocide – one another poorly Anti-Armenianism act by another Jewish borne politician

  5. Araxi said:

    Someone should tell this man to stop meddling in Armenian affairs, just as he says it is between Armenia and Turkey, therefore the jews should not meddle in our affairs.

  6. manooshag said:

    Foxman, evidently speaking for the Israelis, your Jewish efforts in Israel, too, even in the Congress of the United States of America have harmed all the efforts of our Survivors, and all the generations that have followed, until today – almost 2011 – yes, have harmed the Armenians’ stance against the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation from the 19th, 20th, 21st centuries! Too, your interference and misdirected efforts have caused the cycle of Genocides to continue – ongoing/unending. If the Armenians had their reparations (as the Jews had with great assistance from many nations – including the USA) the cycle of Genocides may very well have ended years and years ago. For perpetrators of any other Genocides shall have known that the civilized nations of the world would no longer tolerate the ‘perpetrators’ to initiate any further Genocides. Hence, you, in all your deviated and demeaning actions are a party to the continuation of the crimes of Genocides… still ongoing/unending…

    Your self-centered and immoral stance gives great comfort to the likes of the Turkish leaderships, all these years. even Israeli/Turkish ‘foreign relations’ are on again/off again… in a most silly and foolish modes – useless and, too, very embarrassing and lacking any intelligence before the civilized world! You,
    Foxman, too, your stance certainly have offered your input for the continuing Genocides the world has borne…

    Imagine, if the the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation had been brought to face justice, and the reparations due and owing to the Armenians, return of their own ancient lands, and more… Genocides shall have ended… Imagine, that less than a generation later a Hitler would have been stopped… and the Genocide of the Germans against the Jews SHALL NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!!
    Genocides shall have been abolished, intelligently, forever on our planet, without malice… MORALLY. Manooshag

  7. bflogal66 said:

    I am Jewish and have had an interest in Armeneian History for awhile now. That aside, I do wish that Jews would stop believing that they are the only ones who have experienced suffering and genocide. This is wrong and embarassing. We should be supporting those who have suffered as we have. We are the sole bearers of suffering. Mr Foxman does not speak for me.

    • bflogal66 said:

      I need to correct myself…”we are NOT the sole bearers of suffering” Sorry.

      • Araxi said:

        I applaud your honesty!
        The Isralei Kneset is yet to accept the Armenian Genocide of the 1915.
        Did Hitler not say, “Who remembers the Armenians”? in 1944-45.

      • Seervart said:

        I also applaud your honesty and your moral stand. I just wish that the demented Foxman’s and the Zionists and Israel’s Kneset government will come to their moral senses and accept the Armenian Genocide against the perpetrator, the Turks that after 95+ years Armenians did not as yet have closure. My own anscestors and my nationality were barbarically killed, annihilated in a most atrocious and in a demeaning way and on their own soil from thousands and thousands of years. That part of the land (today’s Eastern Turkey) was our own lands from time immortal and it must be returned to the heirs of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide! Thus the perpetrator (Turkey) must start paying reparations to the Armenians and Armenia!!!!!!

      • sepastasi mourad said:

        Thank you decent Jew…I personally know many like you…but it is a shame the decent Jews do not lead the community

    • Random Armenian said:


      Given the enormity of the Holocaust, it’s not surprising there will be people with such an attitude. Such personalities exist in all groups and should usually be just ignored. Or at least not allow them to get your blood pressure going.

      The Assyrians were also targeted during the Armenian genocide. How often do we hear that?

      • Seervart said:

        That’s right, 800,000 Assyrians and 800,000 Greeks were also annihilated from 1915 through 1923, as well as more than 2 Million Armenians and on their own historical lands.

  8. Jack said:

    We should not expect any support from Jews. By pretending that some of them support Armenian cause, they keep us silent about the fact that Talaat Pasha, Djavid Bey, Ataturk, and many more, were Jews. Jews also controlled Germany at the time of AG and Germany was key ally of Turkey in struggle against Russia. Lenin, who killed Russian Tsar, annexed our lands to Azerbaijan, signed pact with Turks after Armenian Genocide, was Jew also. It’s just historical fact. Same as the fact that Jewish lobby in US play key role in shaping up US foreign policy which is not focused on Justice but rather on their interest. Jews oppose Armenian everywhere ether through proxies or directly. I was told by some radical Jewish youth members that they are working on distraction of our nation, which is obvious without their statement. We need to understand that they are engaged in slow motion warfare against Armenian people while camouflaging this development as natural events flow. I’m not inviting to hate any group of people, but rather bring to attention that while seeking justice for Armenian Genocide issue we need to conceder all aspects of the problem.

    • Araxi said:

      Spot on Jack.
      What you are saying is happening today in Armenia under the disguise of people with Armenian names.
      e.g. The Education Minister and the Prime Minister who want to open OTHER schools so Armenian children will forget their mother tongue, culture, history, religion and in general their Armenianness.
      It is absurd and must be stopped at all costs.
      It seems the dashnags are not against this decision in the Armenian Parliament. This is also mindboggling.

    • tommy said:

      Lemkin who coined the word, “genocide” and Ambassador Morgenthau were Jewish.
      Sure there were ones against Armenians, but there were also ones for Armenians.
      You forget that people who did the killings were all turkish muslims.

  9. manooshag said:

    Jack, wherever Jews have been, their last names have been ‘accommodated’ – to be as that of the nations where they lived…. thus those in Armenia bearing ‘ian’… etc. For the Jew is a Jew wherever in the world, even though they may say that they are a French, Spanish, whatever… their allegiances only for Israel… even to serving in the the Israeli army. And too, many Jews join to lead within the Congress of the USA against the recognition of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… to benefit the Jews of Israel and their convoluted ‘foreign relations’ with a turkey… pleasing the turkeys.
    Sadly, this is causing the cycle of Genocides from ending. The Jewish Genocide followed the Turks Genocide of the Armenians just one generation later… Actually, if Armenians had been granted their justice from Turks, if Armenians had received their Turkish reparations due and owing the Armenians (as Jews received from Germany) the cycle of Genocides shall then have ended then!! Perpetrators shall have known that the world not allow any Genocides since ALL perpetrators were to face justice for their crimes against humanity.
    Thus, the Jewish Genocide by a HItler SHALL NEVER HAPPENED!! Hence today, a Foxman, together with those of our USA leaderships continue as great stumbling blocks in our efforts to bring about the end of the cycle of Genocides… forever! Seems Genocides serve these leaderships in their “foreign relations” and more, in their ongoing/unending PLOYs with a turkey, whose hordes from the Asian mountains came seeking lands which were of the Armenians, ancient and advanced, recognizing Christianity in 301AD..
    and via Genocides – stole a nation for themselves… and still have to lie and deny their own Genocides,
    their own existence on those lands today… came via Genocides! Manooshag

  10. Jay said:

    In most European countries, it is a crime to deny the Jewish Holocaust, the punishment includes fines and even imprisonment. In 2005,historian David Irving,began serving three-year sentence for denying the existance of GAS CHAMBERS. In 2003,Switwerland passed a law criminalizing the Armenian Genocide. There are 43 States in the U.S. who have recognized the Armenian Genocide. Having said that, our next TASK ought to be is to persuade these States to criminalize the AG. a law ,BANNING THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE DENIAL, this law should come with a ‘PACKAGE’-Hefty fines and imprisonment.Once it’s passed, only then we shall have the likes of,Abe ‘FOUL MOUTH’ Foxman, think twice before opening his ‘PIE HOLE.’ In related subject, the Swiss government should put, Foxman’s, name on watchdog list, and in the event he travels to Switwerland, the Swiss authorities should apprehend him and lock him up in the slammer for his Denialist campaign.

  11. andrew said:

    the genocide is continueing today by turks.and the so called civilized world pretends ignoance 2 countries in the world are blockaded can you beleive it one is gaza and the other armenia who says anything about it
    even the bully usa screaming bellowing attacking countries for different minor issues shut up about this i wonder why.amazing

  12. ShaneOnTheADL said:

    Abraham Foxman is a disgrace to the human race, that miserable soul destined to hell deserves to spend eternity with Hitler,I bet he won’t mind, for what is the difference between a Holocaust perpetrator and a Genocide denier, both victimize and destroy for vile selfish ends. Honorable Jews of the world, how can you stand such a lowly co-religionist using your good name in vain for a few pieces of silver?

  13. Seervart said:

    Jay, thank you for the site.

    Rudy, thanks for the poem, it is indeed a good poem and the true philosophy of life. A Genocide surely involves all human kind.

  14. sako said:

    And how it comes that Turkey’s propoganda in Arab world says the jews are lobying for Armenians in America . I think Abraham Foxman’s declaration published in the media of the Arab world toshow the clear face of Turkey and Israel .

  15. Jay said:

    Hello Armenians,
    May be some day in the, ‘NEVER in my life time Future’ , or your,’ FUTURE’ in that matter, when the Armenian population reaches about 120 million, then, and ONLY THEN, we shall ‘Square away’ with the Turks. In the mean time keep talking.

  16. Gor said:

    Israel also supports Azerbaijan, supplying them with weapons. Israel advocates peace, but supports Azerbaijan who makes daily threats against Armenians. Israel talks about its holocaust but does not recognize the Armenian genocide. Turkey and Israel are 2 of the most hypocritical nations on Earth.

    • Seervart said:

      Well Gor, from what I read on the web since about 3-4 years
      ago, they were both involved in the Armenian Genocide.

  17. Nairian said:

    Israelis and the Jews for years they talked only about the
    Haulocaust in the media in the US. And since the media is
    controlled by them, they would talk extenseviley about the
    Haulocaust and about the survivors of the Haulocaust, and of course
    Hollywood created many movies pertaining to the Haulocaust. And
    what about the Armenian Genocide that happened 24 years before the
    Haulocaust? The Jews had closure from the Haulocaust, they were
    paid plentiful by Germany to their survivors, Germany apologized to
    the Jews; yet Armenians had no closure yet. Turkey is still denying
    the AG, Turkey never apologized for their crimes, and Turkey to
    this date didn’t pay reparations to the heirs of the Armenian
    Genocide. Where is the justice in this wicked world????? Yet
    Israelites not only sell a great deal of armaments to Azerbaijan,
    but they even train the Azeris fighting techniques, this way they
    are actually supporting Azerbaijan to go fight against Armenians in
    Artsakh. Knowing well that Armenia is landlocked, new and

  18. FrankM said:

    Sometimes situations are out of the control of human beings
    The co existence of these 2 nations are coming to an end
    Israel and Turkey are already showing signs of lack of cooperation and bickering over small things.
    They were partners in the crime
    Like any other criminals relationship there comes a time when the 2 parties stop seeing any benefit in continuing to get along.
    We Armenians must be patient and continue our fight and must inform all Armenians about these 2.

  19. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    “An Ugly Man always has an ugly face”
    Ugly men always…must show their inner ugly faces”…Like DHK”
    Nothing can be hidden
    All will be seen one day…
    That day is not far
    The cents will melt
    And truth will appear
    on the surface…


    Sylva the woman