Turkey to Send Delegates to Armenian Genocide Commemorations?

The Turkish Sabah Newspaper said on Tuesday that official Ankara will “take an active” role in April 24 commemorations of the Armenian Genocide worldwide, News.am reported Tuesday.

Armenian Weekly Editor Khatchig Mouradian discusses the issue in an opinion piece here.

The report, which has yet to be substantiated by official sources, did not elaborate on the specifics of involvement.

According to Sabah, which is known to be close to the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP), the participation seeks to overcome the “psychological barriers” that brought about a stalemate in rapprochement talks between Turkey and Armenia last year.

According to News.am, the gesture stems from a decision by Turkey’s National Security Council in December to develop ties with Armenian communities worldwide by “taking part in Armenian-held events.”

The report pointed to a recent visit to Auschwitz by a Turkish official as evidence of the “steps” being taken by Ankara to “help get over the psychological blows.”

“Turkey has sent its representative to commemorate the Holocaust victims,” News.am quoted Sabah as reporting. “Turkish State Minister was the first high-ranking Turkish official to visit Auschwitz.”

The state minister in question is the Turkish chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, Ahmet Cavusoglu. He visited Auschwitz on January 30 during a 70th anniversary commemoration of the Holocaust. Asbarez Editor Ara Khachatourian reported on Cavusoglu’s remarks at the memorial event here.

According to Sabah, the Turkish authorities “want to show a similar approach on April 24” and are calling for the active of participation Turkish diplomats in Armenians-held events.

“To establish ties with the Armenian people Turkey will first of all try to establish a dialogue with the Armenian community,” News.am quoted Sabah as reporting.

Sabah also claimed that Ankara will fold the Armenian Diaspora into the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation process, a move attempted in 2001-2004 with the discredited Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission—a US State Department initiative.

The report goes on to say that Ankara is taking the steps to prevent President Barack Obama from taking any further steps to detriment Turkey-US relations and alludes to those steps being the introduction of a new Armenian Genocide Resolution on the US Congressional agenda.


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  1. Onnik K. said:

    Another Turkish ploy to deny and derail the ongoing process of the offical recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the restitution that this recognition would entail.

    Armenians, do not be fooled by Turkish lies!

  2. Gregory Basmadjian said:

    24th April is a solemn day for us Armenians..not another venue for Turkish-American dealings.I would welcome the day when these delegates attend with no hidden agenda in mind …

  3. Ohan said:

    What would be the policy and strategy of the Armenian Political organizations to such a plan to be implemented by Turkey?

  4. Greg said:

    OK,another trick as April 24 approaches.To Turkey “Accept the historical fact that Armenian Genocide is a historical Fact!”

  5. manooshag said:

    So, another Turkish PLOY… how stupid are the Turks to think we shall continue to accept their inane and ridiculously childish obvious PLOYs over and over and over again. Hopefully we are not as the Israelis who play – on again/off again…. with a Turkey is pulling all the strings!!
    Too, I hope this was not one of Hilary’s ideas at this last meeting with Serge. Turkey, is attempting to appear before the world as if a Turkey is the good guy… whilst still denies the Armenian Genocide (but will attend April 24th event – good guy before the world – as Turks had ‘recognized’ Holocaust now). Too, as the good guy who reconstructed Armenian churches (to the world) but to be used by Armenians ONCE A YEAR as the reality is that these sites are for Turkish museums. Christian Armenian edifices built as Armenian religious sites, Turkey speaks with a twisted tongue… to the world as the good guy, the same
    ongoing (expletive) with the Armenians – hopefully who have come to realize ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… from the likes of the lying deceitful Turkey – full of PLOYs over, and over, and over, and over, and over!

  6. Raffi said:

    I have NO dought that Turkey would recognize the Genocide, if Armenians drop claims of their lands, for them Gharapagh land yes, Ararad NO.

  7. Seervart said:

    Oh I see. Turkey wants to take part in commemorating the Armenian Genocide, so long as the world powers, including the US not to take part to say Genocide. Well, the Armenian Genocide did happen from 1915 through 1923 and it is time to pursue the Wilson Arbitration Award.

  8. zohrab said:

    dont trust them there is analterior motive behind this its the latest tactic to delay put on back burner

  9. Assdig said:

    Another ploy by a cleaver Turkish government. Throw some fuel on a fire an watch the Armenians get all busy and confused for the comming months only to see that on the eve of April 24, all was for nothing.

    • Seervart said:

      Exactly Assdig. Check Khatchig Mouradian’s Article, the Editor in Chief of Armenian Weekly.


  10. jda said:

    If the Turkish government wants actually to change their public position on the Genocide, we will know it because they will say it, they will remove denialist propaganda from official and semi-0fficial publications and websites, and they will stop teaching racist Nazi material in their schools, e.g. Sari Gelin, the “Jud Suss” of their denialist propaganda efforts. They will ensure that Armenian culture is preserved, and mentioned in their museums.

    I think 10 years ago in planning for the 100th Anniversary, they made a list of all the things they would say or do to create the illusion of liberalization on what they call the Armenian question. This is just another rumor of a meaningless act meant to distract third parties.

    If a Turk shows up at a commemoration here or in Yerevan,that is not objectionable so long as they don’t then give a press conference about the tragic and self inflicted losses of the Turks. After all, visitors to Auschwitz do not ordinarily have to be reminded there and then of Dresden. It is also a meaningless act so long as their encouragement of Genocide continue without apology to the world.

    Unfortunately, the murder of Dink is the official policy of the Turkish state. Remember the pictures of the police smiling under the blood red flag with Samast? They perceived correctly what their ultimate employer wanted. A thousand grieving ambassadors will not dilute the truth of that image.

  11. Stepan said:

    This should serve as a reminder to us that we have entered anew phase of the denial….the continuing duplicitous behavior of the Turkish authorities. As incredible as it seems through, we need to focus on being prepared for this tpe of response. We can not let the heartless fox split the ranks of the diaspora(is it an olive branch or a thorn??????) or worse yet place a wedge between the diaspora and Armenia.
    The successor government of the criminals, who have participated in a cover up for 85 years, wants to reach out to the very group created as a result of the crime….without admitting that there was indeed a crime. Sounds bizarre at face value, but we know the culture. Let’s be prepared to win the public relations struggle.

  12. Hayq said:

    Regardless. April 24th is a national awakening for Armenians as much as it is a day of remembrance. We can not be gullible and remember that this is our memorial day. This is not an event that is to be used as a tool against us.

  13. Jay said:

    Once again,Turkish Poli-TRICK-cians at work. No establishment of so-called dialogue. Not before Recognition,Reparations and return of OUR Lands.

  14. gary said:

    Sure, it is done for the West, since Turkey wants to get in the EU.
    But, it is slowly getting closer to recognizing the genocide.
    Things are slowly working for us. Over 20 countries recognize the genocide and slowly more and more countries are recognizing it. Time is on our side.

  15. Kiazer Souze said:

    Tell them to listen to “It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock And Roll” by AC/DC to get our drift. Our patience has worn very thin. Turkey needs to buy her Stairway to Heaven. Let us see how much they believe in God.

  16. Kiazer Souze said:

    A message from GOD to Presidents Obama and Erdogan: “Check Mate.”

    • Jay said:

      THNX jda,

      Noticed, that fat,stuffed TURKey on the left of the screen, in green shirt, holding a sign that reads? ” Armenian Girls Like Turkish Guys.” LOL

      Bet you, if he was standing alone in front of me, he would be holding a sign that would read,” GOBBLE,GOBBLE…. VEE ARE OLL ARMENIANS,VEE ARE OLL HRANT DEENKS.” ROFLMFAO

  17. Edward Demian said:

    OK fellows, I appreciate the sentiment. However, I cannot help but see it as a step (baby step) forward for the Turkish leadership. Sure, they will squeeze every drop of public relations benefits from it, but so what, it is a huge step for us. Why, because they will go back and tell the other Turkish legislators and their friends and relatives what they saw. And they would have seen a people united in their desire for recognition, compensation, restitution, equal rights. (We are, as the blacks of apartheid South Africa were, the oppressed race in Turkey and civil rights have yet to be a reality for the Armenians of Turkey.) Any recognition of anything that hapened in the past, will lead to something that will happen in the future.

  18. Manuk said:

    @ jda,
    Thank you for this video link. I have seen the video some time ago and now – I sent it to all my odar friends. That is what each of us should do. I cannnot imagine a shorter and simpler message than that of dancing ugly Turks.

    Եթէ ասի “ապաշխարում եմ” նէրիր նրան: Ղուկաս ԺԷ

    This has not been the case for 900 years. Therefore we cannot forget nor forgive!

  19. manooshag said:

    jda. I was at the latest April 24th observance in Washington DC and at the time I’d written of what I’d seen turkish youth (who formerly were not present on the turkish side) but now participated, ranting/raving lies against the Armenians who were there to observe and to remind the world of the horrors of Genocides. Turkish youth were obscene with their hand movements, too, then played music to which they danced and laughed for actually, not realizing how they showed themselves to be as their forbears whose had committed atrocities against the unarmed Armenian citizens of a turkey to steal all that belonged to the Armenians… lives, homes, lands, and more – marched into the deserts until their death. Too, these young people showed exactly how/what turks continue to educate their students – even today nearly a century later – that the crimes the Ottoman turks and their subsequent leaders pursued against the Christian Armenians is still alive/well in educating turkeys today… Turks are of the Ottoman mentality still…. Now using all different diversions to appear civilized whilst all their actions such as Armenian cathedrals and churches to become turkish museums and only ONE day each year to observe the Armenian religious rites on the sites. Today, turkey’s actions are an ‘insult’ to all humanity as a turkey diverts an historic site to its own use. for its own convoluted reasons. Forever, all civilized nations maintain and care for all the ancient relics of the peoples who came all the generations before themselves… Too, knowing then that these ancient edifices, ancient sites show the greatness of humans… the intelligence of all those who came all the years before… created and are still standing to be admired and visited. But not the hordes from the Asian mountains – who know not even their own history – and so, are unable to allow histories of others who existed before themselves to be kept and maintained for all the generations to follow – seems the turks cannot allow the intelligence of these former generations (not turkeys) be outstanding and admired by the generations of today.
    Thus the turkish youth at the April 24, 2010 were as of the hordes who still are unable to allow such events exist… For historically, the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians is an historic fact. Too,a turkey does not have their own history from their mountainous origins. Historic truths of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation, dishonored by turks and too, as the turkish youth are taught the lies that turkish denials of Genocides are the truths – yet in truth, inhumanity of turks against humans – against all humanity! Manooshag

  20. jda said:

    Please video these thugs from multiple vantage points covertly this year and then post to youtube. Try to get close up shots of their faces as they appear in public places. The world needs to see Nazis in action.

  21. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Why Turks travelled far and visited Auschwitz
    They are already walking on Armenian Auschwitz….es
    Dreaming how they slayed us,
    Vanished our clever honest genes.
    God also closed his eyes…!
    Because we served ottomans
    With our retinas
    With our creative hands!

    Arching their minarates…palaces… high
    Which still stands today.

    They destroyed 2000 of our churches changing to mosques
    Only few left changed to museums.
    Still they continue wresting Us…till when???
    My God till When…!!!

    February 13, 2011

  22. Vahan Vanagan said:

    These Delegates may come as private visitors to see the criminal acts of their parents and grand parents, and not as official guests of the Armenian government, until the Turkish government officially recognises the Armenian Genocide. Hate and Vrej (Revenge) in our minds and hearths will endure until the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and compensation by the Turkish government.

  23. David said:

    Dear Turkish government we, Armenians, do not accept your “efforts” to commemorate with us. If you want to commemorate Armenian genocide do not deny Armenian genocide and threaten and bribe every organization or country that wants to pass genocide bill. I do not have respect for Turkish government. you had success in past by being barbaric away from cameras and news. Times have changed it is not going to work anymore. You brainwash your own people in Turkey but what when those people go to some other country? One of the reason why international community does not respect you in spite of your economic growth is that you committed double crime-genocide and denial.

  24. Ella said:

    Another cheap trick by Turks to appear a little bit civilized in the international arena. Armenia should have refused to accept their fake delegation.