Is the Anger in Egypt Spilling to Azebaijan?

Demonstrators gather at a small Feb. 6 protest in Khirdalan, a suburb of Baku. Credit: Turxan Qarısqa

The Los Angeles Times, in its “Babylon and Beyond” blog posting speculated about whether Egypt-style demonstrations will spill into Azerbaijan. In a blog post by Haley Sweetland Edwards reporting from Tbilisi, a demonstration in Baku is being seen as a spark for an opposition uprising in Azerbaijan. Certainly, the climate for such dissent is ripe in Azerbaijan. Read it here.


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  1. Mego said:

    Bravo to these Azer’s! hope the Egypt-style Revolution will spill to Armenia,Azerbaijan and Georgia.

  2. facts said:

    Given the fact that neo fascist Azerbaijan has bought so much heavy weapon is the second Turkish founded Turk-Azerbaijani republic – with or without the corrupt clan – a big danger for Armenia and NKR.

    Armenia and NKR jointly with friendly states should have plans of day “X” – in case civil unrest in Baku – to neutralize offensive Azerbaijani weapons!

    The another danger is the fascist regime in Baku might take a decision to attack NKR in order to be able to apply a restricted military regime and justify further actions abusing the name of “Armenia “ and NKR-. Even corrupt organization like ICG (International crisis group and certain countries would welcome such criminal actions behavior by ruling elite in Baku! One should not ignore the very simple fact, the some countries did all most everything (using tricks) to save the current regime in Cairo! Neo-fascists in Baku have a lot of friends outside Azerbaijan!

    Armenia and NKR have many reason to be really worry, since some friends of Baku regime might abuse NKR- issue to keep the current regime in Baku on power !

  3. Armanen said:

    Mego and Z:

    Do you realize what would happen if a revolution took place in Armenia? Please think before you type next time. Armenia needs political/social evolution, not a western funded revolution!

    • Mego said:

      If you know which westerners funded the Egyptian-revolution please mention them by name , and if you think that the Egypt-revolution was not for political/social evolution then tell us, what it was for ?.

  4. Anoush said:

    This is bad news. Azerbaijani leadership will not think twice to escalate the NKR conflict to shift attention of the public from internal enemies (Aliev and the clan) to demonizing Armenia and thus turning the public towards an external threat.

  5. Azerbaijan4ever said:

    Plan for day X? What is this? Some kind of child’s game? Do you really believe that in case of civil unrest some foreign country might dare to entervene to a such degree that it actually neutralizes offensive potential of the Republic of Azerbaijan? Do you even realize what that means? In normal English it means invasion my friend. The days of remote control from Moscow is over. Well, I don’t know about Armenia, since it’s an ally of Russia, but for Georgia and Azerbaijan such remote pressure method certainly doesn’t work anymore. Remember Georgia 2008? The only way for Russians, Armenians or Iranians to neutralize Azerbaijani armed forces is by invasion. Lets face the facts, if Moscow had such an ability to stop Azerbaijan from developing it’s armed forces any further, they would have probably used that option already. Azerbaijan would’t be able to purchase all those heavy weapons that u talk about. We are living in 2011, not in 1811. World community is not blind. Specially regional powers such as Turkey. An invasion is not possivble. But I’m not suprised to hear comments such as these to be honest. Karabagh suffered the same faith 20 years ago when Azerbaijan didn’t even have a normal central goverment. I agree with Armanen. Western funded revolution would destabilize entire Caucausus region. If such a revolution happens in Azerbaijan, a second war with Armenia inevitable in order for the current regime to stay in power giving the nation a good reason for it. So I hope you think before you type or make a wish next time.

  6. ZARMAIR said:

    As far as Azerbaijan is concerned anything is an improvement. The military hardware they purchased will end up in Armenian hands again just it did in the last war.You must remember Turkic people make good warriors against women and children; all you need to do is look at their brave deed against unarmed civilians in the Genocide years…

  7. Shant D said:

    Are you sure bravo?
    most Azeries and Turks don’t like us Armenians and Georgians you can’t put or bring countries together with statements like that.. sorry but this is the new age and no one wins by force another.. grow and listen to the truth it’s like you can play with this liek it’s a game of checkers it ionvolves real lives!

  8. Shant D said:

    WHO caresa bout them .. i spit upon those who create problems,, even Jesus would spit on them.. he said “I shall spit upon you who are evil minded and bhave become LUKE WARM” .. those azeries and turks are afraid of revolution just like their muslim neighbours egypt and carwashed yeman and tunisia because they know who the real god is.. they are running around pretending like fake idiots.. HAHAH i laugh LAUGH AT THEM .. I’M WITH Israel and no one can change my mind .. I hope fore a Israel Armenia Georgia and Bulgaria co-operation in teh near future and give these muslim neighbour.. as good as they can be individually there is no change including those who “belive in the a single person god”.. they use relgion and single untrinitarian godhood and politics to destroy the world well they won’t destroy Israel and Armenia.. go to hell the accussers! …