Dozens Arrested in Operation Targeting Armenians [Updated]

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that dozens were arrested and nearly 100 charged in a massive operation involving federal and local law enforcement authorities targeting Armenian organized crime, particularly members of the street gang, Armenian Power.

At least 74 reputed members of the Armenian Power organized crime gang were charged Wednesday in a fraud scheme that cost Southern California victims at least $20 million, law enforcement officials said, reported the LA Times.

Authorities said members of Armenian Power, or AP, face criminal charges with potential sentences ranging from a few years to life in prison, according to LA Times.

A total of 99 members have been charged in two federal indictments and by the Los Angeles County district attorney with crimes including racketeering, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and identity theft, reported the LA Times.

Asbarez is following this developing story. Read the LA Times story here.


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  1. Avetis said:

    As a result of last year’s institutionalization of Yerevan’s military alliance with Russia, the anti-Armenian campaign in the United States continues in full force. Armenian Power and the Armenian Mafia? You mean to tell me they are more powerful or more dangerous than the Mexican, Black, White Nationalists, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, Jamaican gangs in California? What the ” nearly 1,000 officers” involved needed to have done was go to Brooklyn, New York and shutdown one of the country’s worst criminal organizations, the Jewish (although the Jewish controlled news media in America calls it the Russian) Mafia.

  2. Marlon said:

    Yeah sure, let’s get those “evil Armenians”. Meanwhile the 1,000 “officers” are too afraid to do some real work by going to Watts and East Los Angeles where drive-bys and daily killings are a part of every day life.

    It’s much more enjoyable to drive by clean neighborhoods where Armenians live than to go in those places where they may actually need to use a gun.

    Yet another case of discrimination against Armenians.

  3. sammy said:

    so what if they are armenians they are criminals and belong in jail or to be deported to what ever came from armenians who arrived after the genocide worked very hard to get by in their everydaylife .and earned the respect of the locals. .even iwas told that at the great recession no one was on the food line .and today we don’t hear nothing but negative storys about the armenians.maby it is about time for the clean up and bring back the armenian dignety back to where it was.

  4. gary said:

    It is good they caught them. But AP is the only Armenian gang. Other ethnic groups have hundreds, why aren’t they going after them?

    • Aram said:

      This is NOT the only Armenian gang. Don’t you remember the Armenian gang that was reponsible for the largest Medicare fraud in the US? That news just came out a few months ago. Some say that those people were not all Armenian, and that other ethnicities were involved. But I have spent a lot of time reviewing the indictments, and I assure you that the large majority of the indictees were Armenian, including the leaders of the group.

      • ...... said:

        there arent more then 200 Armenians gang banging like a acutal gang banging There are little groups doing fraud and they say Armenian power but alot of them arent Most of the Gang bangers would normally do Dirty jobs But lately Theyve got smarter Unlike many latino and black gangs atm

  5. Hovhannes Tumanyan said:

    What? Where is the tattoo of a cross? I am very disappointed in his ink selection!!!!!!!!!

    • Artur said:

      Hovo, the cross is there…look on the sides and the top…you can see part of the cross with the nails…

  6. John said:

    Why aren’t Armenian Power members being used to lobby with congress for the recognition of the Genocide?

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  9. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    These young people failed in schools due to many learning problems
    ADHD…Dyslexia…Mental diseases…Genetic diseases not discovered yet.
    Also they meet uneducated teachers to insult them..they leave schools
    to do some work and they fail as well.
    They lost their identity, therefore they find another power to be identified with
    or be famous even bad one …they don’t care.
    This group present in every community on earth…There is a proverb …
    “In every house there should be one place to pass waste…!”
    I don’t look at them as they are going to spoil Armenian name.
    I feel with them, they need urgent advice, treatment and very special care from our hearty community.


  10. Harout Sousani said:

    Armenian or not…….these thugs are trash and deserve to be in the hole! I have no sympathy for people who are involved in such crimes. Poghotzayn shoonere Hayeroon anoone arten avretzin!

  11. ...... said:

    I dont get Why They made this a big deal I mean people should be happy there not Shooting and robbing someone there doing it the Calmer,smarter,safer way And Why does It say Armenian On newspapers I bet if it was a group of Mexicans They would say anything But just cuz There Armenians We should Say it in big Font…..And If I ever came into a nasty switchuation Like this I would just say Im from Iran or sumthing Go watch Kactahgoxi Hisataknera and youll get it