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YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—The first oil pipeline, the first opera theatre, the first library and many other things in Baku were built by Armenians. The majority of businessmen, architects, doctors and photographers in Baku were Armenian. To chronicle these advances and contribution the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute launched a new Web site called

The sections on the Web site include“History of Baku,” “Lithographic pictures,” “Baku in old postcards,” “Muslims in Baku” and “Armenians in Baku” among others.

The purpose of the site is to educate the public about the prosperous past and rich history of the Armenian community of Baku, which was effectively uprooted after Azeri forces drove out the Armenian population through forced deportations and pogroms in 1990.

The site provides basic information about the Armenian cultural, civic and business contributions to the history of Baku. For young Azerbaijanis it will become an alternate source of information.

Hayk Demoyan, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute, explained that the site’s main target is the Azeri youth, which has been raised and educated on revisionist history and xenophobia. Demoyan said the site provides an alternative look at Baku.

Demoyan insisted that the Web site is not intended to stir national passions, but rather, it is an avenue through which the past can be acknowledged and will serve as a bridge in promoting peaceful coexistence between two neighbor states.


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  1. ed said:

    Given the ongoing neo fascist and racist anti Armenian propaganda of criminal regime in Baku –this is indeed a great project and good idea. I hope this page will add more information about the Armenian life of Baku. A similar page should be added about “Istanbul”. Since Turks like there small brother in Baku do suffer from amnesia too!

    Unfortunately, US and EU are the biggest supporter of the criminal regime in Baku, which is no less criminal as the regime in Libya and Sudan!

  2. Truth said:

    “The first opera building in Baku was designed by E. Mayilian in 1908.”
    Today, brainwashed Azerbaijani has nothing to do but to post stupid and insulting comments in youtube and claiming this and that is ” Azerbaijani” as if Azerbaijani were the god father of Music and opera and so on

  3. bigmoustache said:

    is this really a surprise to anyone? read about the armenian genocide again, how armenians were all the doctors, craftsmen, tailors, artists, intellectuals,…this is what the germans said to the turks: ‘this land isnt yours, its being run by armenians, theyre better off, they have nicer things, nicer clothes’
    der zhor was still a tent city for a couple weeks, already the starving armenians made a bazaar…more reason for turks to kill becasue armenians would flourish wherever they went.
    LEBANON hadnt seen and scouts, or barahantes or anything like that..until armenians organized them…these same people who just escaped genocde and were living in what was then a refugee camp

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