Karabakh Independence Does Not Violate Azeri Territorial Integrity

Robert Avetisyan

WASHINGTON (ArmRadio)—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Representative to the reiterated his country’s commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict and noted that recognition of the Karabakh’s independence neither violates territorial the integrity of Azerbaijan, nor threatens its existence.

As part of the 23rd anniversary of the Karabakh national-liberation movement, Robert Avetisyan delivered lectures at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution of George Mason University and New York University.

“Karabakh and Azerbaijan can be good neighbors, but their coexistence in a common political-administrative entity is impossible,” said Avetisyan said, adding that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is open for a constructive dialogue with Azerbaijan and expressed hope that official Baku will finally take a constructive stand, thus making a resolution to the conflict possible.

In his speeches, Avetisyan touched upon the history of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict, legal and humanitarian aspects of the formulation of the Nargorno-Karabakh Republic, the war unleashed by Azerbaijan, the negotiation process, as well as the current situation in Karabakh and in the region in general.

“Since proclaiming independence in 1991, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic continues building a stable, open and democratic society; a state, which can protect its population and provide them with the universal rights and freedoms. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan keeps on increasing its military rhetoric, constantly stating of its plans to solve the problem by force,” said Avetisyan.

At the same time, he considered it necessary to revert to the original negotiation format with Artsakh’s direct participation.

“Only a civilized, just and comprehensive settlement of the Karabakh conflict will promote the stability in the whole region and prevent new hostilities,” Robert Avetisyan noted.


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  1. papken hartunian said:

    The last statement of Mr. Avetisyan is from Gospel. However, the Big Boys are looking for peace without justice and fairness in the region. In order demand justice and fairness, you need to be millitarily powerful.
    As a none-member of UN, Artsakh has opportunities to develop and import all sorts of weapon systems. Recognition of Artsakh directly depends upon the strenght of Artsakh. Armenians should demand from some of our leaders to accept the fact that the liberaed territories are part and parcel of our dear homeland.
    Artsakh Live Beyond For Ever!

  2. Garbis Korajian said:

    Artsakh is an independent country based on the aspirations of its people. The right for self determination is paramount over any other right including the so called territorial integrity the Azeri leaders use so loosely. Look at similar examples such as Eritrea, Kosovo, Southern Sudan and many other countries in the world. If the people of these newly formed countries have the right for self determination, why should Artsakh be any different? In fact, the Azeris have to take an example from this small neighbouring independent state and run their country in an orderly and democratic manner. Azerbejan has much to learn from Artsakh! As for the current negotiations taking place on the status of this small and independent country, the government of Artsakh should be directly involved in the negotiation process.
    Long live Free Artsakh!

    G. Korajian

  3. Sarkis said:

    Bravo ! Finally, this is the kind of message we have to convey to the world. This is the kind of language azeris have to hear loud and clear. Repeat it relentlessly every day, and disseminate it agressively among university circles, political instances and thru the media.

  4. Vahan Vanagan said:

    Azerbaijan did never exist in the history. So, there is no question of Azerbaijani Territorial Integrity. The origin of nomads, the ancestors of Aliève ant his people, with their Tribal Chief Alpaslan invaded Armenia the 11th century was from the mountains of Altai, Central Asia.

    If the Aghvans in the eastern part of Armenia disappeared, it was a genocide executed by the Tatar Nomads, the ancestors of Alive and his people.

    Aliève and his people may dream to recover Artsakh, which will never be realised. But our dream to recover the Historical Armenia from East and West of Armenia will be realised sooner or later.

    The warnings of Aliève are warnings. If we, the Armenians warn, then it is the end of the Nomads of Aliève.
    And after this, there will be no more Ak-koyunlu and Kara-Koyunlu in the Historical Armenia.

    • Francis said:

      tell that to the street veodnrs on streets of Yerevan who have been FORCED/PUSHED to remove themselves from the streets and not do street vending business anymore. lets hear what they have to say about all of this report meport bullsh**dont get me wrong ha, I’m glad to know we have been bumped UP on the list, but that doesn’t mean its true, that doesn’t mean our economy has increased and/or the poor working class veodnrs (such as those on streets of Yerevan) are receiving more money/general buisnesObserver is correct, we need lower costs across the boardwhat $10k/yr would allow me to live like a king in Yerevan 10-12 yrs ago, is now 3-6mo. salary for the average middle class/borderline wealthy. it now costs the average middle class Yerevanci $20-25k to live comfortably with out luxury amenities (just basic normal tolerable living conditions and spend some money here & there, shopping mopping ev ayln, ayl ch’gitem urish inch). this report (and others like it) purposely ignores the fact that the RICH in are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer EVERYWHERE. the banksters in every continent from Evropa to north america and beyond are purposely destructing economies, devaluing currencies, and forcing the general working class public into poverty/borderline poverty. if any of you watch alternative media such as RT (russia today) you will clearly see the reality of the world. Greece is now the biggest and most prime example of what will spread to its immediate neighboring countries (except for turGAY, as america will never allow NATO allied countries to suffer) and then rest of the worldif near by countries such as Greece are falling into the toilet, Hayastan will suffer even more now that she does. unfortunately, we are dependent on other countries’ economies. lucky for us we will always have russia to fall back on, because I swear if we did not .our precious Hayreniq would be in a mass anarchy/chaos state of mindany way, thats my 2 cents in the jarcare to debate?????