Zvartnots Official Denies Turkish Airlines Flights from Yerevan

Zvartnots Airport

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Armenia’s Zvartnots Airport officials denied Wednesday reports that Turkish Airlines is planning to open offices in Yerevan and initiate flights from the Armenian capital to Los Angeles.

Spokesperson for the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia, Nelly Chercheryan, told PanArmenian.net news agency that the information is false.

The Zvartnots press service said that the airport did not have information on the establishment of a Turkish Airlines office in Armenia.

The Istanbul-based Hurriyet Daily News reported about the Turkish Airlines office opening in Yerevan, quoting its chairman Hamdi Topcu.

According to Hurriyet, Topcu met with what the paper called “representatives of the Armenian community,” while he was in Los Angeles last week to unveil the flights and the advertising campaign featuring Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

“Majority of Armenians residing in the US have come here from Armenia and want to see their homeland,” Topcu was quoted by Hurriyet as saying.
Topcu also told Hurriyet will also transport cheese to Los Angeles-Armenians and added that “We also want to employ Armenians.”

Last year, Turkish Airlines announced that it has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Bryant to be the company’s ambassador. This sparked the outrage of the Armenian-American community and prompted the Armenian Youth Federation to launch a campaign urging Bryant to donate his earnings to charity.


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    • Manvel said:

      Zograb, I am very confident that Armenians will fly with Turkish Airlines. Just like we buy all their grocery goods in our Armenian Grocery Stores, I am sure we will fly as well. Were not a very smart when it comes to consuming turkish goods. I am sure were talking millions of dollars worth of business.

      • Heghapokhagan said:

        This is one of many variety of strategies “To Conquer and Control”, which is to make Armenians in Armenia and in Diaspora to be dependent on them.

  1. Hayq said:

    Armavia should be figuring out ways of making Zvartnots an International-Eurasian hub.

  2. arto said:

    Great, somebody has to embarrass Armavia into doing direct flights from Yerevan to LA if this is possible to do. Can you imagine how big a market this would be? Not only Armenians but also Iranians would fill this flight. Armavia can then extend its flights from Yerevan to Tehran and capitalize on that market too. I have no problem with others moving in and doing what Armenians are incapable or unwilling to do. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from the Turks instead of just hating them automatically.

    • Armen said:

      You sound like somebody who would fly Turkish with delight.

      One small problem, Armavia does not own/operate/or has the funds to purchase aircraft capable of reaching Los Angeles without stopping for refueling, which defeats the whole purpose of having a non-stop flight. Armavia mostly uses short to medium range planes, and its budget is nowhere close to TA.

    • Heghapokhagan said:

      They would love people like you… that would volunteer to be slaughtered.

    • Parsik said:

      I agree with you completely, money and business is all we should think of right now, we should also ammend the new republic’s constitution in the mean time to allow Iranians and Turks buy land and property in Armenian heartland also, they pay good money and that will assist us Armenians for moving to our new homeland overseas!

    • Hayk said:

      Learn what from turkey?
      Killing and stilling? besides that. What els do they know?
      Thru out 800 hundred years all they did is killing and stilling.
      I think all we (Armenians) had to learn is that.
      Now that USA and EU help any way it is possible hall 80 years, Turkey still can’t become civilized country.

    • arto said:

      Most of you people sound like the types who will live in comfortable LA all your life, go to some dashnak meetings, beat chest about how Armenian you are, complain about Kobe’s deal with Turkish Airlines, but will still support your NBA games, go to Greece or Paris for vacation and come back and live in your comfortable LA and complain that we are an exiled race when nobody is holding you back from moving to your homeland. Why are you lying to yourselves and being so dramatic.
      The truth is that Armavia is VERY capable of chartering a long distance flight once a week. Right now probably more Armenians are traveling to Armenia via Lufthansa or another foreign airline than Armavia which is OK with you but not Turkish Airlines.
      Vlad is absolutely correct. The business people in Armenia have proven themselves to be incompetent because they got there through corrupt means not because they are bright in anyway. If they don’t show initiative, then they should be shown how or get out of the way and let someone else do something they won’t/cant.

  3. facts said:

    this is stupid policy , that Armavi and Zvatnoz air port are not able to offer transit flights for passengers from Iran or other countries and Georgia etc and create more jobs, instead airlines like Turkish airline or the air port in Georgina would like to win Armenian passengers ..

  4. ....... said:

    I wouldnt allow any relatives on this flight Ill pay them just not to get on this

  5. arziv said:

    I will pay 2000-3000$ more rather than fly with the filthy turks. I will make a world detour and ten stopovers, but I will not set foot on a turkish flying carpet. We should not permit turks to steer our lives. There are a lot of ” businessmen” amongst Armenians, plenty of ” artun businessmen” who would sell the soul of Armenia for a few bowl of lentils. It is a mockery of the first degree. The turk must be laughing , ” First we slaughter your race and uproot you from your homeland, then we make you an international wandering tribe; and now we offer you our aircraft to take you to see whatever portion is left of your homeland”; ( imagine how many dinars you can save!!!) . Svarnots airport is owned and run by Eurnekian, the same Eurnekian who owns all of Argentina’s airports, part of Italy’s fumicino airport and other airports. Eurmekian is an Airport Mogul. The man has a computerized brain on how to make money, money,money. But even Eurnekian will shirk from the immodesty and obnoxiousness of flying to the homeland by courtesy of the genocidal turk. The ultimate insult would be to see flotillas of turkish planes landing and stationing in Svarnotz. Ataturk’s effigiy would flourish, as well as turkish flags hoisted alongside turkish aircraft.

  6. M.S. said:

    Thank you for flying Turkish Airlines. We hope you enjoyed giving us your business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride…

    Gives a whole new meaning to the expression “Trust your captain…”

  7. Vlad said:

    Armenians will and do fly Turkish airlines.
    I for myself will be on a flight Los Angeles- Istanbul. It’s a nice direct flight, that they just opened.

    It pisses me off how Armavia, knowing that there are so many Armenians in Los Angeles (more than Turks) doesn’t have a direct service, Yerevan – Los Angeles.

    Before starting to bash me consider the amount of businessmen that travel to Istanbul to buy clothes and bring in sell in markets (and not just there). Consider the Amount of people that travel to turkey from Armenia during summer season. Consider the Turkish businessmen traveling to Armenia for business.

    Anyhow it amazes me how a lot of people are in a big disconnect from reality. ON BOTH SIDES.

    And it’s funny to watch both governments struggle to portray arm-trk relations as not good or bad or full of hate.
    Turkish – trying to fight against constantly growing inner pressure from it’s own people to finally accept what happened, it’s like one big ‘secret’ that everybody knows about but nobody admits.
    Armenians – trying to portray the evil Turks who are waiting cut another throat as soon as let loose
    Just add a touch of several scums that come up on BOTH sides trying to add to the tensions.
    There you get a perfect recipe for an ongoing non-existent conflict.

  8. No to Turkey said:

    I agree with Manvel above as well. Many of us would like to do the right thing… but when we get to the end of the line, many of us prefer our comfort and convenience.

    The perfect example is the biberi tchur we buy which is all made in Turkey. Because it is made the right way, Armenians would rather buy it than another poorly made brand. (if it actually is available) Here is an example where we forget our principles, when the satisfaction of our tummies is involved.

    Armenians have the capability to make better biberi tchur than Turks whether in Armenia, or Fresno, but do we have a brand of our own? No, no Armenian businessperson has stepped forward to correct this. We are all a bunch of hypocrites when we demonstrate against the genocide then proceed to buy Turkish products. All of us, the grocers as well as buyers are all guilty.