Armenia, Karabakh Defense Ministries Slam Azeri Propaganda

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman, Davit Karapetyan

YEREVAN, STEPANAKERT (Combined Sources)—The defense ministries of Armenia and Karabakh Wednesday called Azerbaijan’s latest attempt at misinformation an “immoral” and “cheap” effort to ward off criticism of its own cease fire violations.

The Azeri defense ministry on Wednesday alleged that Karabakh forces had shot and killed a nine-year-old Azeri boy in a village close to what is known as the line of contact.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry called the Azeri allegations “immoral” and explained that Karabakh positions have continuously been under fire and Karabakh forces “did not unduly respond to provocative actions taken by the enemy.”

Armenia’s Defense Ministry refuted Azeri claims and its spokesperson, Davit Karapetyan called this latest wave of Azeri propaganda cheap and shameful.

“The statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is nothing but an attempt to salvage its own credibility, which was seriously damaged by the incident at the line of contact ahead of the presidential meeting on March 5, as a result of which an Armenian soldier was shot dead,” said Karapetyan.

“Those who spread misinformation should understand that such cheap acts not only do not persuade the international community, but also are shameful,” since, in this case, the Azeris are using a child to paint a gruesome picture of the victim, said Karapetyan.


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  1. Grish Begian said:

    AliOFF will sale his wife for few dollars if someone in civilized world, will buy his made up words!!

  2. VEREZHson said:

    did’nt turks do the same propagands century ago? what a advisers azeris have…………….

  3. Arthur I said:

    War is coming. Independence of Artsakh, or what’s left of it and whatever isleft of RA, will be recognized in the aftermath. The borders will be redrawn. How? Entirely deepends on our armed forces and willingness to hit back hard not at the beginning of the conflict when we lose some lands, but after we regain them and push a bit further into historic Armenian lands under Azeri occupation. By hit hard, I mean the oil. We should not hit the oil when we are at a loss because the big powers will immediately intervene and impose another cease-fire
    We should only hit oil after we are comfortable with the redrawn line(s) of contact.

  4. Lusik said:

    Aliev understands (at least he is briefed by people who understand) that if the keep labeling Armenians “occupants, occupants” for too long, Armenians will get annoyed, and in the case of war will take Baku to make it justified. This scenario will be dear to Russia’s heart as well – they would prefer to run business on Kaspian oil with friendly Armenians.
    I do not repeat simple argument that Azeris have no experience of fighting for their land. First, because there is no such ethnicity, therefore they do not have common cause to fight for. Secondly, starting from the first days of creation of Azerbaijan by Stalin, this republic did not register any case of bravery on the battlefield, no victory.
    We do not want war. War will only strengthen our claims for basic human rights, which are generously distributed to the rest of the world by both West and East, North and South. War will end with our victory.
    The danger for us is that, as a rule, Armenians are the victors, but superpowers are the winners.

  5. Arthur I said:

    For the new Sochi agreement:
    Yotteh titegh teghin vosgin,
    Ch’enk havadar tourkin khosgin….
    Hamozvadz enk vor myain zenkov gah
    Hayots pergoutioun.

  6. immortal Souls of western Armenia risen said:

    chen toghnee vor keriv leenee, vorbessee eerents amboghg beetee bahen ayt sev voskin….abahov.. baytz menk.. el chenk karogh ezgoosh chelnenk….

    • Derek T.H. said:

      You must know these Azeri’s better than me they bark louder when their master( Turkey) is standing by them but when they are left alone, they beg you for mercy.