Azerbaijan Continues Tensions, Says Karabakh Army

Soldiers at the frontline

STEPANAKERT—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Army said Thursday that the situation at the lines of contact remain tense, adding that Azerbaijan is relentless is exacerbating the situation.

 “From March 20 to 24, more than 200 cases of ceasefire violation by the Azerbaijani armed forces, which fired 1,300 shots from various weapons at Nagorno-Karabakh Republic positions, were recorded. The fire was most intense on March 20 and 21, during which Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire 110 times, using SVD and Black Arrow rifles,” reads a statement from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army.

Earlier Azerbaijani media reported that an Azerbaijani soldier, Samir Hidayat Agayev was allegedly killed at the line of contact near Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village in the Fizuli region, as a result of ceasefire violation by the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army. On March 21 Azerbaijan confirmed death of another Azerbaijani soldier, Elnur Mamedov.

The spokesman for the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army, Senor Hasratyan, said Azeri media accounts of dead soldiers were untrue, adding that Karabakh continued to observe the ceasefire. “Meanwhile, 50 cases of ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan were reported on March 22 and 23,” said Hasratyan.

He added that Azerbaijan tries to shift the blame for tragic incidents in the Azerbaijani army on the Karabakh army to conceal the real situation in the Azerbaijani armed forces from the public, as well as to present the Karabakh Defense Army as aggressors.


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  1. Armanen said:

    Asbarez, please use the Armenian term, Artsakh when referring to the NK or NKR (Artsakh Republic)

    • Masis said:

      Another typical Armenian critiquing from the sidelines. People are dying on the line and our lands are threatened while you worry about the technicalities. Are we missing the big picture

  2. Ara chi Arqya said:

    Hey just saying, Azerbaijan doesn’t use the Black Arrow sniper rifle, which is from Serbia and is used by Armenia. They use Azeri made large calibre snipers.

  3. Tsait said:

    This story troubles me. We know for sure that the Azeri army is breaking cease-fire for some time now. We also know that young Armenian recruits are killed by snipers from the other side. My problem with Senor Hasratyan, the Artsakh spokesman, is why the Azeri soldier was NOT shot by Armenians. Why the Azeri report of death of their soldier is denied by the Armenian side?

    Unless a massive and punishing return of fire is not accomplished more Armenian soldiers will be killed. I find big problems with this Armenian denial. If it is true then all talk of “eliminating Azeri threat” is just hot air. But if Armenians indeed shot the Azeri soldier, why deny it? on the contrary, they should do more than admit, they should obliterate the source and its surroundings, and warn that more will be coming unless Azeris stop sniping. What is wrong with these people?

    • Gagik said:

      We keep on playing the good Christian role. We keep on trying to remain peaceful in face of repeated aggression. We keep on trying to show the world that we are not animals like them. There will be a point when we will put our Christian values aside, and deservedly punish the instigators. The time will come when Azeris will break the camel’s back, and then they will regret everything.

  4. goond said:

    and use the term hayastan when referring to Armenia……………nooooooooooooooooot

  5. ASHOT said:


  6. Artin said:

    Dear admin of Asbarez, please use “Artsakh” instead of it’s turkish name “kharabakh” which in turkish means “black garden”

  7. Parsik said:

    unwanted chain events and resourceful Azeri propaganda run by their Foreign Ministry is really having its negetive effects on Artsakh and Armenia’s image in international scene, Armenian government should do something about this in urgent or else consequences will be in unmeasurable damages to the status of Negorno-Karabakh republic.

    First thing is first, get rid of this lame and benign Nalbandian and substite him with more aggressive and practical minister, our foreign ministry seems like a kindergarden playing in sandbox comparing to its counterpart in opposite camp who playthe game real good.

    Remember Hitlers Propaganda minister F. Gobbels used to brag that bigger the lie then there will more people to believe it as truth!

  8. HayUj said:

    I think most people forget that the Azeri side also never reports when killing an Armenian soldier. Why? Because they both play the charade the OSCE wants them to play. If Armenia acknowledges of killing Azeri soldiers, the OSCE will be in favour of Azerbaijan because Armenia is the agressor. The Armenian armed forces killed those soldiers, but purely for strategic reason, they can’t report this to the media.