Sarkisian Says He’ll be 1st Passenger of Yerevan-Stepanakert Flight

President Sarkisian greets Swiss President Calmy-Rey

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—“I’ll be the first passenger of the Yerevan-Stepanakert flight,” said President Serzh Sarkisian Thursday during a joint press conference with the visiting Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey.

Sarkisian called Azeri threats to shoot down the civilian flights, which are scheduled to begin in May, as statements that “have always been made by terrorist organizations. Threats to shoot down civilian planes are nothing but nonsense.”

Sarkisian also reiterated Armenia’s position on the Nagrono-Karabakh conflict resolution process, saying, “There is only one solution to the Karabakh conflict. It is the peaceful implementation of the internationally recognized people’s right to self-determination.”

“I want to believe that this time the Azerbaijani authorities will be consistent and their words and deeds will not differ. The issue should be resolved peacefully through negotiations, although the road may be hard and full of obstacles,” added Sarkisian.

“We are closely following the developments in Karabakh. Negotiations on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict are underway within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group. Although we are not an active member of it, I’ve talked about the issue to President Aliyev and President Serzh Sarkisian,” said Swiss President, Calmy-Rey.

Asbarez will have more updates on the Swiss president’s visit to Yerevan, including her thoughts on the Turkey-Armenia protocols and the opening of the Swiss Embassy in Armenia.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Trust no others – even Swiss who have always been
    “not allied” with any nations… Why now, today Swiss??

    • Sarkis said:

      I don’t think the Swiss have a clear foreign policy. They are quite apolitical outside of their borders. Recently they’re undertaking issues related to mediation; like the split in Sudan, representing the US in Iran, etc.

  2. Aram said:

    You can be sure that the first flight will either be empty to test out the waters (or skies for that matter), or accompanied by fighter jets that can intercept any threat. The Artsakh air defense systems will be on high alert. Any Azeri missile or plane (unlikely of course, unless they’re stupid enough to send a hundred million dollar toy on a doomed mission) will be shot down the second it launches off from anywhere within their territory.

    I highly doubt that the Aliev regime will do anything, unless they have a death wish, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we fly a cheap plane on autopilot with the crew prepared to abandon ship and let them shoot it down. A storm will hit Azerbaijan and that would be the last mistake they make. The international backlash will be the least of their worries then.

  3. facts said:

    Republic of Azerbaijan has signed an international respect cease fire regime with NKR. This means: Azerbaijan has agreed that NKR is in full control of the territory including the air space at the time of signing of cease fire!

    As always, fascists in Baku and Ankara have there own interpretation of “international law”. Maybe Republic of Cyrus should make use of official announcements of terrorist and criminal regime in Baku and shoot down Azerbaijani as well Turkish flights to Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus… What is thinking Turkified US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza, about Turkish-Azerbaijani flights to occupied north Cypress!?

  4. Armen_Sardar said:

    Why does Armenian President put his life in danger? Can’t he simply state that Armenia stops negotiations with terrorists as many government do? Armen

  5. ARA said:

    Excellent- They do not scare us-they do not bother us- they are warriors and we WILL DEFEND-let them retreat to the water. THey 1st needto give us back all our land-then we talk! I wish I could fly with our Prez. From-ask me and I will!

  6. viva Arstakh said:

    Unfortunately, We have still to have to deal with a medieval Azerbaijani officials. This is the same “Azerbaijani Republic” whose officials did command/ brought the most brutal terrorists form Afghanistan , Pakistan and else where to terrorize civilian in Arstakh/Karabakh, in a time where people in Arstakh/Karbakh wasn’t allow (or was a crime) to posses even kitchen knifes! !

    One shouldn’t forget the non stop bombing of Stepankert and other Armenian villages in late 80´s and beginning of 90´s by Azerbaijani artillery. Beside this Azerbaijani did and does almost everything to disturb the relationship between Armenia and Iran as well Armenia with Islamic and Arab world (why? “Azerbaijani” a product of Stalinism is simply confused of its origin and culture …). One of this sabotage /terror acts was, the Iranian airplane with civilians on board, which Baku shoot down during war of independence of Karabakh, hopping to gain political dividends!

  7. Armen said:

    Looks like Azeris are reverting on their statements.

    Really Mr. Polukhov? So it wasn’t you guys that were threatening to shoot down (specifically civilian) planes just last week?

    The word “hav” perfectly describes these people.