Davutoglu Wanted Armenia to Swap Lands to ‘Save Face’ with Azerbaijan

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

YEREVAN—Turkish Foreign Minister Ahemt Davutoglu said that he personally asked his Armenian counterpart Eduard Nalbandian “to return one or to regions of Nagorno-Karabakh,” to save face with Azerbaijan and to advance Armenia-Turkey protocols process, but Armenia refused, according to Yerevan-based Azg daily newspaper editor Hakob Avedikian who interviewed Davutoglu.

Avedikian spoke to Davutoglu after the “Turkey’s policies for engagement in the contemporary world” conference organized by British Wilton Park Analytical Center in Istanbul.

“We cannot afford to lose Azerbaijan for the sake of relations with Armenia. We asked the Armenian President, I have repeatedly offered my Armenian counterpart Nalbandian to return one or two regions of Nagorno-Karabakh, for example, Fizuli or Aghdam to Baku as a face saving gesture to Azerbaijan. In this case, Azerbaijan also would be ready to open its border, but Armenia refused,” Davutoglu told Azg.

The Turkish foreign minister said that talks between Armenia and Turkey began in 2005, when Turkey put forth its policy of “zero problems with its neighbors,” which was architected by Davutoglu, who led the talks with Armenia before becoming foreign minister.

“Our discussions with the Armenian side pursued three goals: to open the border, establish diplomatic relations and establish direct and indirect relations between Turkey and Armenia,” said Davutoglu.

The Turkish foreign minister explained the third goal as establishing relations with “the Armenians of Diaspora, which we consider our Diaspora, as they have immigrated from Turkey to America, France and elsewhere. [That is why] we recently had a meeting here with Barsamian [Eastern US Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian].”

He also added that for the Armenian side, the protocols process was about opening the border and establishing of diplomatic relations, whereas for Turkey the process involved issues of “reconciling” historical issues. Davutoglu claimed that the Turkish and Armenian sides had discussed this matter and came to certain understanding before signing of the documents in October 2009.


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  1. Avery said:

    re: “the Armenians of Diaspora, which we consider our Diaspora, as they have immigrated from Turkey to America, France and elsewhere”

    Non-stop lying, propaganda, self-delusion never stops with these guys.

    Mr.D: Armenians did not ‘immigrate’ from Turkey: those who were not murdered by your Ottoman ancestors from 1890s to 1920s – a total of about 2 Million – barely escaped with their lives to Syria, Lebanon, USA, Greece, France, etc.

    We are not ‘your’ Diaspora.

    • Tsait said:

      Let’s put it this way Avery, Mr. Davutoglu is owning up to the fact that Armenians of Diaspora “were from Turkey”. The “immigrated from Turkey” part however is uttered in the same logic and spirit as Talat the murderer owned up to the fact that Armenians “are dead now therefore the Ottoman State should receive their life insurance payouts.”

      The difference between the two is that Talat was very honest in expressing his views.

  2. Grish Begian said:

    AzerBYjan do not need land and Mr. Davatuglu is lying, just like his PM Erdodgan…Turks historically always been Armenians enemy, and they don’t want us have peace, even with our left over land from ancient times..Turks will do their best to conquer and complete, for Turkification of south Caucasus, as they are doing in Georgia now, therefore Artsakh and Armenia are the biggest obstacle for their dream!!

  3. Tsait said:

    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahemt Davutoglu: “the Armenians of Diaspora, which we consider our Diaspora, as they have immigrated from Turkey to America, France and elsewhere”.

    Huh, Ahemt Davutoglu is MY Foreign Minister…who knew?

  4. Berge Jololian said:

    What Turkey was trying to achieve from The Protocols (2010) above all was international recognition of its frontiers with Armenia; and the international recognition of Turkey’s annexation of the territories of the first Armenian republic (1918-20),

    Under the Moscow Treaty (1921) between Turkey and the Russian – Armenia was not a signatory – Turkey was to hold on to the lands of the first Armenian republic (Ararat, Kars, Ani, Ardahan, Artvin, Hopa, etc) as a “care taker” to be sorted out at a future date -undefined date. That date was the signing of the protocols in Zurich (2010).

    Now that Turkey got what it wanted – expect Turkey to make repeated nice overtures towards Armenians. Don’t be surprised if Turkey sends a senior level diplomat who will utter the words “sorry” at the genocide memorial in Yerevan.

    While Armenia’s diaspora leadership and its media were keeping people in the dark – instead of educating and leading – Turkey got rewarded for its crime of genocide.

  5. truth said:

    Common behavior for Turkey and Turkish politicians, never trust them simply because they are always looking for ways to cheat you and ready for stab – specially if you sleep/stay in the same room or building with them! . Turks cannot get enough! As always an eye to others land and property – as if Armenian genocide was not 95 years ago but still in planning!

    Shame on this fascist Turkey! and her racist “youngst/littel brotehr”

  6. MikeD said:

    Davutoglu thinks he is in Turkish bazaar. Give them one or two regions for face saving. How about Turkey gives Armenia, Ararat and Kars for face saving!

  7. immortal Souls of western Armenia risen said:

    this man is extremely confused and extremely dangerous. because there is nothing more dangerous than dealing with primitives who are schooled… see it’s not just the money that makes him dangerous for us it’s because he is schooled. a primitive schooled thinks he can put something over on anyone now that he is schooled…he can pass for a modern man … a man of our time … he thinks he can be persuasive and rewrite history and get away with the most barbaric crime against humanity in modern times …. then sit with us and negotiate….. the genocide of our people …. of our….. people …. not his … our families our homes our lands …. he is so happy with himself when we give him an opportunity to talk to us….perusing Talat’s wishes ….surely you Armenians know what you are doing …. don’t you ? how much pain do you want to cause us ?? you Armenians who believe and hope that the is not Talat… why … why do you do this to us ?? why do you talk to these people thinking something different is going to come out of their mouths … it will take them several hundreds of years for them to have some understanding …. just because some people in Turkey are good dosn’ t mean they are all good or there is hope and goodness… We know what happened though we know they took everything away from us robbed and killed our parents and people and made us leave we know first hand, we went through it not him or his grandparents ….. so to him to come tell us about his brothers (Azerbaijan saving face…) no he is talking about us saving face by the way cause we gave him the chance…. this is just one small point… he is so off and but….. intentionally …. this is the point the cruelty shows here….. cause if he can get just any opportunity to say it … just to say it …. he has won his point even if we don’t give him what he wants cause he got to say it … what … we… gave …him …again….he is not saying anything different than anyone from his government ever has said in 96 years …he is no different than Talat …… he is denying …. he is pushing aside the issue ……. he is a denier a genocide denier a criminal …without a disguise … he has no consonance …now in this time…. in the world there are no more excuses… and denial is genocide in the face ….. denial is the final phase it is….. he is not a modern man… and my friends you know better…. We know the entire world and others know what happened… we know about their cover up and denial… which by the way is a bigger crime… and they have continued this crime for 96 years at least and still…. now he is saying they immigrated…no where in the modern history is there a comparison other than the Holocaust… after all that brutality we have to save Azerbaijan face why doesn’t he Turkey save Azerbaijan face and his own by ….. by offering an apology first even if he doesn’t understand what he is apologizing for surely if he is a modern man of the world ….then he could honor the world …. but …. no he belives he is smart ……and can turn this around on us or anyone……. Azerbaijan and them they are the same… brothers… they can not be separated he is right on that…. but why should our rights and our people and our lands be at cost… Turkey can byte the bullet for their brothers …. we are being ridiculousness to have dialoge why are Armenians having talks its unfortunate and very sick on our part….we don’t need his diplomacy if he has any he should use it to save his face and give us our lands after what his people have done to us……..why is any Armenian talking to these primitives going to school and getting a degree dosen’t take them out of that state of mind …. very obviously … but at least don’t don’t please don’t let him talk to us he can talk to the rest of the world don’t give these people any more time to talk to us… how much Talat mentalety should we hear till its enough how much disgusting manipulations of facts should we be listening to … please stop … they never say anything different … why do you want to fool yourselves that they may be saying something logical .. why do you keep believing they will say something to help you… why do you believe and consider hope … stop … please .. they have had every opportunity and help and time…. please understand they never will and stop getting slapped in the face stop all dialog till they get it…..have them have their dialog with the world not us…. America says we have to deal with them …. say no no … please… you are better than us you deal and dialog with them… we can’t help them anymore than what we have …we gave our lives our homes our country… to them … we don’t want to open a border … find a different solution find a different way …. till they have some real level of understanding as to what the world is asking for … this is actually a Russian and American problem not our ….. till they understand and or are made to understand by the powers…. to save their own faces…and their Azerbaijan’s brothers face…

  8. John said:

    Never believe a Turk of Davutoglu’s type.

    One of the problems is that we have too many Armenians who have little knowledge of history, or who are wish-washy academicians, who think, “Gee, Turks are just like everyone else – they’re not out to kill us – they can be believed and trusted.”

  9. ARARADE Mer ne! said:

    Don’t you think Nalbandian should ask Davutoglu to return mount ARARAT to save face with the Armenian Diaspora?

  10. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Up to when our REGIME will stay as DEAF
    againts our DEMENDS from ARMENIAN GENOCIDERS Turks”

  11. facts said:

    Davatuglu : give us Ararat, Kars (parts), Van ( a parts) , a portion of stolen gold and wealth from Armenians to “Save Face’ ” !

  12. Mihran said:

    What an idiot!
    “Save face”!?
    They try to exterminate us. They have stolen our land and he is talkinga about us saving our face!
    We will unite and we will become your worst nightmare ever!