Freeway Sign Unveiled

Reporters gather at the sign after the unveiling

MONTEBELLO—The Armenian National Committee of America, San Gabriel Valley Chapter marked the installation of the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument freeway signs on State Highway Route 60 (Pomona Freeway) during a ceremony on April 1.

California Assembly Majority Leader Charles Calderon delivered the keynote address, along with remarks by Montebello Armenian Center chairman Nazareth Sadorian, and ANCA SGV member Murad Minasian.

Long time ANCA activist and attorney Levon Kirakosian served as the Master of Ceremonies. A reception followed the Montebello Martyrs Monument.

Asbarez will have extensive coverage of the event in coming days.


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  1. Jack said:

    Nice, a sign. How about we commemorate more important things. What will this sign achieve? It won’t educate the public about the Armenian Genocide (unless some Turks vandalize it and it gets some media attention if it’s a slow news day). Armenians already know the location of the monument and don’t need a freeway sign. How about we build a museum of genocide. Or an ‘actual movie’ – and a good one – about the Armenian genocide shown in theaters everywhere. Focus should be on such objectives not some pointless freeway sign.

    • manooshag said:

      Jack, have you not heard of the Armenian Genocide Museum which was to be established in Washington DC by December 31, 2010 – buildings purchased, but now not being done due to the Armenian Assembly’s Hovnanian’s convoluted mayhem. The wonder is that monies were raised for this site… wondering where all the monies are/went??

    • sevag said:

      how does this hinder our mission as hay tad ? Any achievement in the public eye is a step closer to educate and to recognize. Yes, it’s time and money spent, but hundreds of thousands will see it and accept it for what it is. You might see it as a sign, but it goes further than a street sign there is history and turmoil behind each word on that sign. Every step we achieve leads to the next step, we can’t just get a movie into theatres without proper public education, no one will care to watch it. think twice before you make useless comments. What do you do for the cause ? Numerous people spend countless hours to make such small moments come real. Think harder before criticizing ! Bravo mer ungerneroun zrachan ashkadanikin … Hazar bravo

  2. Murad said:

    Jack you bring up a good point a museum would be a great thing, however you don’t realize that 500,000 will pass by that sign daily, key words to remember are “Armenian Genocide”.

  3. Nora Y said:

    I was personally at the unveiling of the sign, another historic moment for the Armenians! As I initially drove by the sign, my heart skipped a beat! Wow, the truth in big letters on one of the busiest freeways in California, where every single person that drives on that freeway will see…literally millions of people over so many years … a sign that blatantly states that there were Armenian Genocide Martyrs! A group of dedicated Armenians had a dream, and their children and supporters were able to pursue it by working diligently with American officials and their staff to help create yesterday’s reality. Apparently, some of the same people played an intregral role many years ago, in having the majestic monument of remembrance erected in Montebello. I congratulate all who were involved and admire their perseverance in positive projects. Bless all of you who roll up your sleeves, get to work, write the checks, instead of sitting behind the computer and dictate who should do what.

  4. Sossy Daghavarian said:

    I think the sign is absolutely in order… When anyone sees the sign and they don’t know what it’s about, they will start asking the question “What is this Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument” ? and that first question will trigger for more questions and answers, until they know the whole Armenian Genocide story…don’t you think ???
    I agree that we need the museum of Genocide and an actual movie as well, but this sign will also educate the people who are interested into what leads to the sign. That’s my opinion anyway…Every little sign helps our cause.

  5. Jack said:

    I doubt in a country where a good number of people do not know who the vice president is will go research about the Armenian Genocide once they pass by the sign going 60 mph. Just to be clear, I am not against the sign. I ‘get’ the reason behind the sign and congratulations for it being a reality. What I said in my first post is just my personal opinion.

  6. P.B said:

    “What goes up must come down” Isaac Newton.. You will take this sing down very soon, because violets first amendment of the United States Constitution. :)))))))