Argentine Judge Rules Turkey Committed Genocide

Judge Norberto Oyarbide

BUENOS AIRES—An  Argentine judge ruled Friday that  “the Turkish state committed the crime of genocide against the Armenian people” between 1915 and 1923.

The 100-plus page ruling, which was read Friday, resulted from a case presented 10-year ago by the Luisa Hairapetian Fund. Throughout the proceedings,  which lasted 120 months, the court has heard grueling testimony from Genocide survivors, their families and other members of the community.

The plaintiff, Gregorio Hairapetian was joined by his family, attorneys for the Luisa Hairapetian Foundation,  the Argentine press corps, as well as the Armenian National Committee of Argentina members and the community at large.

In his ruling Friday, Judge Norberto Oyarbide said that Turkey should help an Armenian descendant living in Argentina learn the fate of more than 50 of his relatives who disappeared nearly a century ago.

Oyarbide used as a basis for his ruling  the 2007 Argentine law that declares April 23 as a day of “solidarity and respect” in memory of the Armenian Genocide.

The Turkish Embassy in Buenos Aires has not immediately responded to a request for comment.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Judge Norberto Oyarbide, it is with great joy that I read of your ruling in your courtroom in Buenos Aires, in Argentina recognizin the Turkish state committed the crime of Genocide against the Armenian people between 1915-1923 from the case presented by the Luisa Hairapetian Fund.
    You, your community at large, as well as the Armenian National Committee of Argentina have taken the steps and the means to bring to the attention of all the civilized world that the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation can no longer be denied by the victimizers – the Turkish governments, who since the 19th, the 20th and now into 21st centuries been denying their Genocides of the Christian Armenian peoples… It serves me and my Armenian people well to know of your decision, your honesty which speaks volumes – all across the world – to all nations where Armenians fled (as Argentina) to escape slaughters and worse which Turks barbarity inflicted upon victims. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, their children whom I was never came to know, and in their memory, and all millions of peoples who have suffered Genocides, undeterred – still into 21st century – most recently in Darfur – your voice, your decision, your honesty shines. Thank you. Manooshag

  2. Hratch said:

    How is this binding? The only good it does is that it reinforces yet another acknowledgment.

  3. YSS said:

    We know that Judge is also a bad historian. “Turkey committed genocide” is not a correct statement. Between 1915 and 1923, there was Ottoman Empire. Republic of Turkey was established in October 29, 1923. I love to hear twisted history. Until 5 years ago, they use to claim that the genocide happened 1915-1918. Now, they say that it happened between 1915-1923. Let’s see, 95 years have passed. In 200 years, the genocide dates will change from 1915-2010. Judge surprisingly ruled and laid an egg as if he was there while witnessing what was going on between 1915-1923. I love to hear twisted history. A couple years ago, I heard that Turks were working on genetics research on Armenians in 1915, that was about 40 years before genetics became a science. I would recommend to Honorable Judge to spend his time on improving the lives of the people of Argentina instead of making incorrect statements. Leave the history to historians.

    • Tony said:

      After the genocide, Kemalists invaded Armenia massacring hundreds of thousands of innocents.
      Also, Turkey was founded by mass murderers from the genocide–a continuation of government. Ottoman officials involved with the Armenian deportations such as Deportation and Immigration General Director Sukru Kaya, Bitlis and Aleppo Member of Parliament Mustafa Abdulhalik Renda, Public Health General Inspector Tevfik Rustu Aras (in charge of mass burial of Armenians), Security Director Ahmet Esta Uras, Van Gendarmerie Commander Kazim Ozalp, Ittihat Terakki Party Aegean Inspector Celal Bayar, have all moved on to hold government posts in the new Turkish Republic, such as member of parliament, governor, minister, security director, speaker of parliament and president. Obviously it is unrealistic to expect these officials to freely talk about or admit to the “1915 events.”

    • ZT said:

      YSS what a great pseudo thinker you are, just like the rest of your miserable murderous race. You little piece of insignificant waste, according to your ingenious deduction, you state that between 1915 and 1923 Ottoman Empire was in power and not the Republic of Turkey. What difference does it make, the genocide was committed by the TURKS (mongols), period. Can you absorb this or is it too hard of a reasoning for you to comprehend. You are presenting supposedly historical facts in your nonsensical comments, since you think you are so knowledgeable, maybe you should investigate and find out your background and perhaps you will realize that the Turks are the invaders and have murdered and committed atrocities not only against Armenians, but Romanians, Serbians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Arabs and other nationalities under their rule. Do me a favor, keep your head in the sand and hopefully you will suffocate. What a waste of my time.

  4. Zograp said:

    was genocide. Tribunals hearing in Paris in 1984 on the Armenian Genocide was key in the UN Subcommission of Human Rights Report of 1985, affirming that the World War I Armenian experience at the hands of the Ottoman Turks was genocide.

    The atrocities committed by Turks against Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, Greeks, Serbians, Romanians, Arabs, Bulgarians and almost all nationalities that were under Ottoman rule is documented by most reliable historical institutions ( except Turkish Historical Society)

    The Turks here are blatant fabricators of lies and they despratley try to hide the crimes of one of the most brutal empires in history

      • Mert said:

        How is the current generation of turks responsible for what happened during the crumbling of the empire which was in ruins? Time to go to ICJ and have an international debate about it to move on. Its not helping either side keeping alive this hatred and animosity. If this happened, and the borders were opened, it would be nostalgic to live amongst each other again under the umbrella of the EU.

  5. Fred said:

    This genocide issue will not help the rifts heal with Turkish and Armenian peoples. The Armenians are plotting to wipe Turkey off the map and even if a Turkish person bends over backwards for Armenian and/or Kurdish supremacist, they won’t care and will still hate. Why should any Turkish people bend over people for hateful Armenian racists, I don’t get it. The term “Mongols” is like using the word “Nigger” in refference to Black People and “Kike” to Jewish people. Give it up Armenians, you are not going to get anything either. If Eastern Turkey is Western Armenia, then I guess, California, New Mexico and Texas should be Mexican and America should give 1/3–1/4 of it’s land to Mexico.

  6. HOVANNES said:

    Dear friends, these is the most important notice of the last 50 years . Give to your lectors the best coverage
    of the meaning of these sentence, should be the begining of the end for the Turkish negacionism.

  7. Mert said:

    ARGENTINA needs to look at its own genocide it apparently commited;
    The Conquest of the Desert was a military campaign directed mainly by General Julio Argentino Roca in the 1870s, which established Argentine dominance over Patagonia, which was inhabited by indigenous peoples, leaving more than 1,300 indigenous dead.[53]

    Jens Andermann has noted that the contemporary sources on that campaign indicate that it was a genocide by the Argentine government against the indigenous tribes.[54] Others perceive the campaign as intending to suppress specifically those groups of aboriginals that refused to submit to the white government and carried out attacks on the white and mestizo civilian settlements.[55] This recent argument – usually summarized as “Civilization or Genocide?”[56]– questions whether the Conquest of the Desert was really intended to exterminate the aborigines.

  8. Mert said:

    Almost my entire family was wiped out and murdered in the Saimbeyli village in Adana by the Armenians at the time. If the few relatives did not escape, i wouldn t be here today. The current generation of turks cannot and should not be held accountable for what happened in 1915. It was the final years of the ottoman empire, and as the armenians were armed by foreign nations, (france/russia) There was civil unrest. Yes, the armenians were a minority in the whole country, however in several cities/villages they were a majority and commited unspeakable attrocities. I believe both sides commited terrible crimes, however being bitter about it after all these years does nothing to heal the wounds on both sides. Both sides need to admit that both sides did terrible things and move on. The former armenian lands that have been lost, cannot be returned, the same way former ottoman lands cannot be claimed back from numerous states in north africa, middle east, or eastern europe. The argentineans can rule all they want in their courts. It means nothing. How can their courts ruling even be considered when they have not got all the facts? The current government of Turkey has opened all its archives yet the Armenian goverment does not seem sincere to want to deal with the matter.

  9. Emma said:

    Thank you Judge. Many of my family were slaughtered, Fred, Mexico should be Spain. Know your history.

  10. harun said:

    ıt’s so funny .What they know about Anatolian history?is it their business?

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