Secret Organization was Tasked to Combat ‘Armenian Separatism’


ISTANBUL—A clandestine intelligence organization operating within Turkey’s police structure reportedly was assigned to combat “Armenian separatism,” according to cables release by Wikileaks, reported the whistleblower Web site’s Turkish partner, Taraf on Monday.

The cable, titled “A rare look at Turkish Military Intelligence: Iraq, PKK worries, paranoia, anti-NATO campaign,” was dispatched on Dec. 21, 2004, by Robert Deutsch, then-defense attaché at the US Embassy in Ankara, reported the Hurrieyt Daily News, quoting Taraf.

Deutsch spoke to an unnamed Turkish source described as someone “who has experience on intelligence and security analysis” and “someone who worked for 12 years at military intelligence and has given lectures at the police academy in the past.” The source offered a report based on talks with 40 operatives of the secret organization, known as JİTEM, as well as fieldwork in southeastern Anatolia.

The state reportedly assigned JİTEM to combat “Armenian separatism” in Southeast Anatolia, according to the cable. The order surprised many JİTEM officers, according to the unnamed source speaking to Deutsch, given that only “a handful of Armenians [were known] to remain in southeastern Anatolia.”

It was explained, however, that many Armenians changed their names and hid their identities both willingly and by force during the events of 1915, meaning that there was a continuing, though hidden, Armenian presence throughout Southeast Anatolia that was worrying the state.


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  1. ara said:

    They can not mess with us-they mess as before with women, children and the elderly-and the disabled. We are smarter, brighter and cultured-they are no match-if they hurt us-we will get them back-10 fold and they know

  2. Krikor said:

    No more turning the other cheek! Never again NEVER.Don’t mess with us!We are few but we are aware of our capabilities!!!**

  3. Gaghant Baba said:

    I dream of the day when all the lost Armenians of Turkey together with the diaspora and the current Armenia all unite under our original homeland and a United Armenia, which the Turks have stolen through Genocide.

    • ARA said:

      to much regret- Intel tells me they are everything we could fear except fear itself- the israelis have trained some-even the Persians and some arab countries-not the good guys- purley biz- Israel wants their $$ and people protected- others-purely all about politics and relations-they scratch their backs. yes-even we here have trained the dirt over their-we need the port access into the Baltic-a place to work for Afghan and Iran and other unfortunate aspects of the region we must protect. I lived there for a period of my life-we love our country-but we must be on guard-24/7

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    YELLOW STAIN turkey,continues their acts of stupidity, in spite of it.

  5. yes em said:

    dark days of turkey,
    you never know the darkest days of turkey could be right around the corner,

  6. Heghapokhagan said:

    From what I’ve heard millions of Armenians are hidden their identity since Genocide… lol.. and they probably are heads of Turkish intelligence besides in military commands and government’s…

  7. bigmoustache said:

    lets do it! lets trickle back on to our land. lets make it THE armenian pilgrimige.
    anyone who leaves their comfortable life to live in western armenia has the MOST respect i could EVER give anyone

  8. qavor-petros said:

    Hamsheni Armenians must create a secret organization to infiltrate the Turkish government