Ter-Petrosian’s Delusions of Grandeur Persist

Ter-Petrosian says either you're with me or you're doomed


First it was so-called Christian values that prevented Levon Ter-Petrosian from visiting Raffi Hovannisian when he was staging a hunger strike and now whoever criticizes his self-centered Armenian National Congress is doomed to wind up in the political nadir.

“It’s up to them to decide,” declared one of Ter-Petrosian’s minions, Davit Shahnazarian on Wednesday when he warned those who criticize Ter-Petrosian and his Armenian National Congress, and “burn the last bridges” will become marginalized and “would end up in the political archive or in the government camp.”

I have addressed Ter-Petrosian’s sudden adherence to Christian values in a previous column, but to go as far as to say he’s the only game in town and those who do not play in his sandbox are doomed to failure only signals that despite what he would like the people to believe, he is still the same power-hungry megalomaniac who ruled Armenia for seven years after independence.

Back then, whoever disagreed with him was banished to the far reaches, or even expelled from Armenia. Since he does not have that power now, he, cowardly, through his spokespeople, is ordering all to oblivion.

Perhaps the best response to this latest banter came from Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary bloc leader Vahan Hovannesian, who, first hand, has experienced the wrath of Ter-Petrosian and his demagoguery.

“Davit Shahnazarian should have thought about those bridges when he was the KGB chief and I was kept in the basement prison of the same building [in 1995,]” said Hovannesian, who also cited Ter-Petrosian’s irrational behavior vis-à-vis Raffi Hovannisian during his hunger strike.

Coming a day ahead of a planned Armenian National Congress rally, this declaration is an indication that perhaps the movement itself feels marginalized and has no other choice but to join forces with the ruling coalition, the criticism against which has become softer and more muted in recent weeks.

After all they are all cut from the same cloth!

Perhaps, this behavior comes from the Soviet tradition of rallying behind a person rather than an ideology, which in other instances drive people to act.

During the two-plus years that Ter-Petrosian has crowned himself the leader of the Armenian National Congress, there has not been one concrete action that demonstrates that he is fighting for the rights of the people. Rhetoric is one thing, but actions speak louder than words.

When the Armenian police allowed demonstrators to gather at Liberty Square last month, Ter-Petrosian declared it his victory and acted like Jesus had entered Jerusalem. He and his followers seemed to have forgotten that the ban imposed by the government was against people gathering at the square.

In his speeches, he always says that if “his” demands aren’t met, “he” will resort to some kind of a drastic measure, which we have yet to see.

It’s no wonder that his followers were quick to come to his rescue, when a Heritage Party leader this week said Ter-Petrosian was responsible for the March 1 deaths, since he had the power to quell the unrest, yet he chose to retire to his residence while the angry masses clashed with police.

History will brand him as the first president of the newly independent Armenia. It will judge him for the stain he brought to Armenia by initiating the current culture of pillaging the national wealth and disregard toward dissent and opposing points of view. He will be remembered for rushing to a hasty resolution to the Karabakh conflict and for forsaking all principles in the name of establishing relations with Turkey. He will also be forever responsible for embracing, perpetuating and encouraging the criminal underworld that has taken root in Armenia, some of whose most notorious players are still wanted by international law enforcement agencies.

It would behoove Ter-Petrosian to get off his high horse and actually acquaint himself with the needs of the population before claiming to be its representative and voice.

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  1. manooshag said:

    Leaderships of nations who are led by mentally misdirected are plentiful… recently: HItler, Stalin, and more, now today, even in Haiastan, too, in so many nations now which are disrupted and in need of honest leaders. DerBedrossian was the first mistake for the fledgling nation of Armenia and he has been followed to date with self-seekers… to the sad detriment of our Armenian brethren – who are worthy of honesty and patriotic leaders all these 20 years of our new nation. Now, the Armenian Church, has churchmen who are allied with the current leaderships – ALL wrong people at the wrong time – historically, our Haiastan deserves better!!

    • manooshag said:

      Levon shall look into a mirror and hear himself… MAYBE then he’d see and hear what ALL citizens of Haiastan see and hear… Levon, threatening the citizens of our fledgling Haiastan… actually he is a bully, against the citizens of our 20year fledgling nation of the Armenians! What a disgrace, yev ahmot (as before all the peoples of the civilized nations – if such a mentality were to become the leader of Haiastan – TWICE!! Today many peoples of nations where such leaderships have abused and violated their citizens are feeling the wrath of their citizens – in so many nations. Armenia, seeing their pain, shall learn – and know that Armenia too, is being misled these 20 years…

  2. arziv said:

    A murky psicopath; he should have been de-politicized long ago; the armenian equivalent of that other psicopath chess champion turned political seditioner in Russian politics; Kasparov.

  3. hi said:

    If I remember correctly it was the year 2006or2007they interviewed ter petrosian and they asked him what are you doing now in politics? he answered that he is studying american politics and books related to that subject.

    I wonder he has done with those studies yet?

  4. zohrab said:

    he should retire in grace he has been there his time has passed let another in and lead

    • manooshag said:

      Hye, obviously, a DerBedrossian lacks ‘grace’ and knows only to seek to return to the misdirected leadership he ‘graced’ whilst stealing from our citizens of Haiastan… now, with followers (as misdirected as he) seeking to install himself but again. He was the wrong leader for fledgling Haisatan – at any time!
      But not again… Once was bad enough!!

  5. MK said:

    He should have tried and harshly sentenced for all the corrupt system he put in place and the rest followed. 3 Presidents 3 corrupt crooks and now the church is following their bad example.

  6. Zograp said:

    20 tari levon eq asum, inqn arden antsel e patmutyan girkn vorpes levon lusamarich, hima jamanakn e nor kargin, xelqn glxin mardu arach qashel, vor vor k lini iskakan hayaser u hayrenaser



  8. sam said:

    Firstly, I cannot help but make an observation. Scores of readers, and the writer, seem to have a dilemma. They talk of the irrelevancy, illegitimacy and corruption of Levon, and Levon, in response, lifts his crooked finger and as if in a basketball game points to the scoreboard.

    What is your point? Suppose, hypothetically, 100,000 people support Levon. Are we to suppose that those 100,000 AR citizens are all fools; and you the readers and writer(s) are political soothsayers?

    Secondly, why see this as a struggle for Levon. Levon is simply another candidate. The struggle is for democratic elections. Whether Levon, Vahan, Poghos or John wins is not for me to decide – only as long as they win fairly. If Levon wins – and he is no good – then I will rise up against him. If after Levon, Poghos wins – and he is no good – I will rise up against him. This is civic republicanism. What many here advocate should be termed, “wait-for-the-messiah-to-come-lead-us-to-freedom.” That is not how things work in a democracy. Either you fight or you are marginalized. I dont know if Levon is good or not, I can’t perdict the future. what I do know is that Sarkissian is no good. And I will direct all my resources to ridding the country of him.

    The point is, support whoever you want – but nevertheless SUPPORT Armenia. Which means ridding the country of the tyrant and his cronies.

    • MK said:

      There was only 12500 at the latest rally what are you on about with 100000 support for this crook.

      • manooshag said:

        Hye, Levon Der Bedrossian has not only stolen from the citizens of our Haiastan but more and more, in his absolute pursuit to regain leadership, it is becoming more and more obvious that Levon-eh khent-eh yev bagass-eh (missing mentality – missing some buttons). As we see all the mayhem in all the nations where their leaderships – (actually in power for many, many years) have been mentally lacking and even evil to their own citizens… not fit to lead, not fit to have been
        “in office” – since their misguided leaderships have ruined the lives of the citizens of their nation. Today so many nations suffer from this condition as their peoples are now seeking their freedom from these despots. Such releases from despots are needed in a Turkey and Azeris… too. Now, Armenia, a fledgling nation of 20 years too has been dominated by such despots… despots who use and abuse citizenry via stealing from them – filling their own pockets! Fortunately, our diaspora, worldwide, living within the civilized and democratic societies have much to teach our bretheren in Haiastan… together our
        Armenians worldwide have much to offer to our homeland which fails to advance – rather, and obviously, is demeaned and abused by all who have served as leaders, police, church men and those taking rather than giving to our Haiastan … All such are dishonest and too
        are of the communistic mentality – self seekers – thieves and more… who have not any love for our homeland, who have not any love for ALL the citizens of our homeland… Haiastansis who are worthy and deserving of honest men and women to bring Haiastan, a nation small in size, but with all the great possiblities (evident even today in education, sciences and more) to join and stand tall together with the civilized nations of the world. Hai-erh-rus, arshahnee enk – paytz Levon-eh yev ampoghcht yev anor-en verche-nehreh… zghum en!! (Dikrangerdsi-er-en).

  9. leo said:

    sam u dont know levon is no good? u didnt live in Armenia during the 90’s. he is the definition of a rotten leader. Armenia cant afford to have revolution after revolution and internal fighting. we cant just vote people in then bring them down when they mess up. this isnt american idol. serj is the student of levons criminal system who outsmarted the teacher. he has to go and will go quick if he makes a major error like levon did. the mentality has to change not just the rich leaders who created the mafia system for themselves.

  10. manooshag said:

    How was DerBedrossian first ‘elected’ and too made to terminate before the end of his term. Too, those ‘elected’ who followed. As all he and all subsequent leaders who have abused and stolen from the citizens of Haiastan. NOW, DerBedrossian – NOT AGAIN??
    Oh, my Haiastan, ridding you of such as DerBedrossian and his ilk…where are the
    patriots – as those which historically we have known – for our Haiastan is worthy and deserving, again today.

  11. Samuel said:

    Levon Ter petrosian has been kikcked off from presidential office for his lack of leadership & endangeriing Armenia.s statehood but he claimed he is leaving the office for well being of armenian nation & prevent possible crisis.But on 2008 presidential election he came as a candidate using personal attack, insult & lies
    against incombent president RK, LTP publicly confeced he had made amistake that he brought RK Yerevan
    & give him the post of prime minester without saying anything about his own fraudlent presidential big fight
    versus Vazgen Manoukian, no apalogy at all & to whome? For him that was apersonal mistake he lost the
    power, wealth & fame, In another occasion he claimed RK brought 15000 Artsakhi people toArmenia & occupied all important positions, I got this news in English international media which has been used as a political propaganda foder against our dear Artsakhi people this news in armenian media coverd up, nobody asked him from which sources he had got these information,When color revolution pluged in some countries LTP bcame active now he is energised with the arabic brand, despite with his failed presidency,twisted ideas
    & deeds it appears LTP overwhelmed in Armenia’s political stage, that doesnt mean he is smart, but a proof
    indicatore that political parties are so weak enabling him to take advantage of this vacuum by introducing his
    personal attack & insult for solution for problems, otherwise Armenia is sofering from economic, social justice
    & forign policy problems,these parties are so weak unable to analyse, pinpoint introduce to nation, raise their
    awareness push them to stand up for their own rights in such circumstances desperate people by LTP lead to the age of abys.
    It is amazing, how it is possible in this world,Armenia had 3 president in 20 years, all of them intentionally
    neglected or ignored agriculture & let to destroy the life of farmers & their land, while agriculture stands even
    before thecnology & industry, because we need fooid for survival also agricultre is the principal fundation to
    development of human civilization, i am not talking about seeds, the point is total development of Armenia’s
    agriculture, including clean rivers, lakes, farms forests irrigation system, road specialized professional education & marketing. the result will be ahealty investment creation job product money & good life.but armenian government is not working for its own people,just inviting forign companies for mining by polluting envoirment to extract gold copper, mulibdinium for expot to compensate forign debts & fill up their own pokets
    but imposing international economy crisis to armenian people,armenian people have full right question their
    government what happend with all that money barrowed from forign bankers,armenian people are resonsible
    to pay them back & we see that in frontof us in which prices they are paying back but instead we got few
    rich thief oligarch , & a lot of social problems must be highligted & address solution for them. not the way
    LTP advocating.

    • manooshag said:

      All Armenia’s leaderships have been of communistic mentality… Haiastan needs influence of the diasporan nations… patriots who will bring fresh mentality to our homeland… Now, for these 20 years these leaders have been stealing from our citizens of Haiastan… dishonesty reigns in Haiastan. The diasporan Armenians are not to be considered as the enemy of Haiastan – Turkey and Azeris are! Too, all who have been leaders of Haiastan have been the enemies of the citizens of Haiastan!! Our citzenry of Haiastan must not be mislead again and again again… Diasporans have been seeking the freedom of Haiastan whilst our homeland was part of the USSR… Diasporans have been in the advanced and free nations of the world – learning about democracy and so much more… these will be the patriots for our Haiastan, Patriots abound in the diasporan nations… dedicated for the advancement/progression of our homeland, Azad Angagh Haiastan!!