Is Aliyev Calling for Aerial Strikes Against Karabakh?

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev

BAKU (Combined Sources)—Azerbaijan’s President said that the international community should follow the Libyan scenario and punish Armenia for allegedly adhering to UN resolutions, a day before the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen kicked off another tour of the region.

In an interview with the Russia-24 TV, Aliyev said that the UN Security Council has adopted four resolutions “on withdrawal of Armenian occupation troops from the Azerbaijani territory, with none of them implemented.”

“When we see the UN Security Council’s resolutions put into practice just a few hours after they are approved, while resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh have not been implemented for 17 or 18 years, a natural question arises: what is the reason for such efficiency and, on the other hand, passivity in our case?” added Aliyev.

In drawing parallels between the Karabakh conflict and UN Security Council actions against Libya, is Aliyev urging the international community to bomb Karabakh?

In his interview, Aliyev also called on Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to play an active role in the process

“We hope for a more active involvement by the mediators, particularly the Minsk Group Co-Chairs and Russia, as a regional country and our neighbor,” said Aliyev.

The U.S., Russian and French diplomats co-chairing the OSCE Minsk Group met with Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian in Yerevan at the start of their latest round of shuttle diplomacy. The Armenian Foreign Ministry reported few details of the talks, reported RFE/RL.

The co-chairs are scheduled to meet with President Serzh Sarkisian on Tuesday and proceed to Karabakh later in the day. According to Azerbaijani media, they are due in Baku on Wednesday.


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  1. Manoog Two said:

    I believe that Azerbaijan has every intention of bombing Artsakh – again – if it could get away with it.

    I hate to say it but Azerbaijan is on a public relations offensive and is winning the public relations war.

    What is to be done about this? Are Armenia and Artsakh going to fight back with their own PR campaign or just sit there and do nothing?

    • Robert said:

      Azerbaijan is “winning” the PR war? How unobservant are you? Announcing plans to shoot down civilian planes hardly makes a nation look good in the international community. Then having the pro turk ambassadors of azerbaijan and armenia speaking out against such comments, similarily, cannot be considered a diplomatic victory–but for armenia, it certainly is. Neither is destroying ancient crossstones. Azerbaijani is very plunt and exercises no political correctness in its dealing with armenia, even if it generates bad PR for them.

      • bigmoustache said:

        no, he has a point.
        theyre going to the UN theyre making a case..
        we COULD be doing more but were not. the ceasefire violations and threats of war wouldnt be tolerated by say..israel.
        we could pressure the west, US, to make a threat that if azerbaijan starts a war it will pay. were smart people, we have good lawyers!

  2. F.LT.S.MALATIAN said:


    Kiss my Armenian ass in your dream bombing NAKORNO KARABAKH,
    try and you will see your capital BAKU distroyed by LEBANESE ARMENIAN VETERANS ..and your oil pipe will be distroyed and your poeple will live in fear ……..

  3. Arto T. said:

    Has anyone seen this idiots wife? She is really hot. Why would anyone that looks like that marry a guy with a face of a DONKEY unless he had money and power? (sorry for the insult to Donkeys)

  4. Osik said:

    Someone should tell this crazy man that the only parallels between him and Gadhafi is both are crazy dictators and soon UN is going to do the same thing in Azerbaijan that they are doing in Libya now. Gadhafi was/is killing his people where UN intervened, but your case it totally different because years ago you started killing Armenians in Sumgait and Baku and thought to do it in Artsakh, and it is already a bravery bedtime story that parents tell for their kids that how Armenians of Artsakh turned around and kicked you and your looser “Army” out of their homeland.
    See; not only you are crazy you are stupid too anticipating UN after these many years to intervene, the time for UN to intervene was when you started your brutal killings, which they didn’t and we all know why.

    So keep your cool and be happy with what you have now or you’ll get kicked further back to I don’t know where this time.

  5. Aram said:

    Mr. President Aliyev,

    The U.N. resulution 17, 18 years ago was for your benefit….to blow your “extitinking” hot air.

  6. Random Armenian said:

    Do any of these UN resolutions against Karabagh call for military action? If not then I think the question in the title of this article is stretching things.

  7. Norin Radd said:

    “When we see the UN Security Council’s resolutions put into practice just a few hours after they are approved, while resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh have not been implemented for 17 or 18 years, a natural question arises: what is the reason for such efficiency and, on the other hand, passivity in our case?”

    It seems that Azeris have a selective memory much like their big brothers the Turkeys. If dictator Aliyev is insinuating an attempt to draw up a parallel between the Azeris in the 1990s and the rebels in Libya, he is grossly mistaken. If there were to be any sort of parallels drawn it would certainly be that of the Armenian forces/populous being analogous to the rebel forces in Libya.

    First and foremost, the Armenians did not declare war on the Azeris in the Karabagh war, the Azeris drew first blood via their pogroms in Sumgait and later their artillery bombardment of villages on the outskirts of Arztakh (Formerly known as Nagorno-Karabagh) as a knee jerk reaction to the Armenian populace (which comprised of 80% or more of the population of Arstakh at the time) calling for independence whilst living on their ancestral land that was illegitimately “gifted” to the Azeris by the Bolshevik forces in the early 20th century.

    In response to violent oppression, the Armenian population declared a war of SELF DEFENSE and subsequently defeated the oppressors on their own ground and pushed them back while being outnumbered nearly 5 to 1 with inferior military equipment but clearly much superior intellect and strategic acumen. The war was WON by the Armenian forces and the DEFENSE of the Armenian people BY the Armenian people in Arstakh (FORMERLY known as Nagorno-Karabagh) was successful while simultaneously achieving the rights to self determination.

    Now fast forward 20 years and the selective memory of the court jester Aliyev is whining why the forces of NATO and the greater international community do not simply “force” Armenians to give back the lands that never belonged to the Azeris in the first place. A people that wins a war of self defense and independence does not “give back” territory it has ancestral claims to, has earned, and successfully defended, especially not when the war was declared by the now whining party, namely, the Azeris. Certainly Armenians in Armenia, in Arstakh (FORMERLY known as Nagorno-Karabagh), and in the Diaspora are not about to be the first people to set precedence and give back said lands regardless of any international pressure or rhetoric.

    Arztakh is ethnic ancestral land belonging to Armenians and inhabited by majority by Armenians throughout the 20th century under illegitimate Azeri control. Amidst self defense, it achieved independence much in the same way the original 13 colonies of the US declared their independence under English oppression and won their freedom. If any territory is expected to be given back by the international community in such matters, then let’s begin with 13 US states being given back to England.

  8. truth said:

    Often Azerbaijani officials do not know what are they talking about… since they – the fascist rules in Baku- use to cry, in order to be able to play the victim!

    Well, maybe Aliyev is tired being president and he would like to go to exile, enjoying the life with his family by spending the stolen milliards …therefore, it seems Ilham Aliyev would like to turn the “Azerbaijani Republic” to a second Somalia prior to his exile… as did the other fascist “president of Azerbaijani” , Abülfaz Elçibay (child murderer )

  9. nana said:

    A. He has to understand that any breaking of ceasefire means a full and final victory of Artsakhians.

    This rhetoric is another evidence, that Artsakh does not belong to Azeris. If it were they would not even think of throwing bombs on it.

    B. Another important issue is that during Nalbandian – OSCE Minsk group meeting, Nalbandian used inappropriate terms to describe Nagorno-Karabagh.
    Who or which document gave him this right?
    Could Asbarez do research on that?

    • Grish Begian said:

      Alioff training ordinary Azeri Turks as terrorist snipers, that marks his sick dictatorial rule over his primitive people.. AzerBYjan is a place, where the unity of people as an independent nation is questionable…most Western leaders politically are happy with him, as long as he export oil and guard his pipe lines and get enough money to buy buildings in Dubai, Ghatar, and UAE..Alioff must remember that UN resolution voted and adopted in his favor, were Islamic reps of countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Afghanistan, Turkey, pakistan……time will come for Mr. Alioff, who will join with his colleagues, deposed dictators of Islamic nations of the world…

      • TimS said:

        Western “happiness” with Aliyev is a total front – at least when the United States is concerned. Obama has been working George Soros (or vice versa, hard to tell who works who in that relationship) to convince Aliyev to make serious regime adjustments including appointing Finance Minister Samir Sharifov to be prime minister. Factor in Aliyev’s health and the involvement of George Soros who is a master at revolutions, and there is going to be some significant changes happening over in Azerbaijan…Aliyev doesnt stand a chance

  10. facts said:

    You can make a monkey wear a suit but that doesn’t make it an intellectual – this is the main problem of Armenian nation with these racists Turkish and Turks-Azerbaijani officials!

  11. Mego said:

    Aliyev wants NATO the arm of the U.N to get involved, because he knows Turkey is runing the show in libya now that the U.S pulled out.

  12. Suren said:

    Words of a desperate looser, you degenerates will never gain control of Artsax, keep pushing your luck, and one day you will see that you have been pushed in the Caspian sea.

  13. manooshag said:

    Hye, Artsakh and the Armenian nation are two tiny specks on our planet earth – having finally resurrected from the ashes of their Genocides. Too, Artsakh and Armenia have both shown and proven to the civilized nations of the world that Armenians aspire and have earned the rights to be joining with the civilized nations. Too, they are deserving and worthy peoples who have earned their place to belong and to be recognized with civilized peoples/nations – together, morally. Manooshag

  14. bigmoustache said:

    if armenians are SMART, then theyll learn from history and IGNORE the world opinion. lets hold what we take, f the world who turned their backs on us for 100 years!