Protest is on Thursday, April 21

On Thursday, April 21 at 3 p.m., all Armenian-Americans in Southern California are urged to join in a public protest to be held outside a fundraising event for President Barack H. Obama at the Sony Studios located at 10202 W. Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California.
President Obama will be visiting the Los Angeles area as part of his re-election campaign just three days prior to April 24th. He must hear our community’s profound disappointment with his failure to honor his campaign promise that as President, he would recognize the Armenian Genocide and deliver justice to the Armenian people. Being the largest Armenian community in the Diaspora, we must turn out en masse to send our message loud and clear not only to him, but to all of the national press that will be assembled there.


We strongly urge all Armenians to join us in making our voices heard.
Buses will transport protestors starting at 1:30 p.m. from St. Mary’s Church in Glendale, Rose & Alex Pilibos School in Hollywood, Ferrahian High School in Encino and the North Hollywood Armenian Apostolic Church: 13050 Vanowen St. North Hollywood.

Armenian Genocide Community Task Force


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  2. john krikorian said:

    We missed this opportunity when he came to Glendale…in the heart of the Armenian population. Happy to see that he will be challenged now…..

  3. Kev said:

    I will not name the organisations that I have contacted and suggested that we have to protest against the president Obama and that was two years ago.. As we all know many organisations asked us to vote for Obama and most Armenians did and got elected as the president of the united state.

    This protest its over due… Two years ago when he broke his promise we had to protest…

    Protesting at the right time and at the right place will gain public attention and media coverage…that time the congress and the senate will listen. the big guys do listen if its done at the right time.

    Armenians are spending millions on many other issues and ignoring the right one.

    All Armenians should be brought to Washington DC by air by buses or any other ways… that’s where the protest should be taking a place. We have to sit and not move till our demand is obtained.
    all his videos of promises that he made before his election should be played out loud and clear..
    we should ask Obama deliver what was promised to us before U got elected.
    If he is a liar, he should resign from the presidency as the president of the united state. No more games and false promises to people just to get votes… That time all world will listen and know what is happening to us.

    All tho respect many Armenian organisations are hard workers to the cause but many are playing games on us too, using the Armenians and the genocide to get rich and full time jobs.

    Our people do deserves better, enough of suffering. The world should recognise the 1915-1923 the Armenian genocide as the first mass killings of the 20Th century.. Crimes committed by the Turks.

  4. J Alexander said:

    “We strongly urge all Armenians to join us in making our voices heard”.

    Why are you encouraging just Armenian Americans and not anyone who thinks that Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is the right thing to do?

  5. Arthur Tokmajian said:

    “only obeying to the will of fallen people we are strong enough to live…”
    Paul Cekh

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  7. Scott Warren said:

    The explicit promise by Obama to recognize the Armenian Genocide and his subsequent betrayal is nothing short of the weakness that has defined his presidency. His legacy is that he had a chance to be a statesman, but instead is just a weak politician. Mr. President, you a such a flawed leader, shame.

  8. Berge Jololian said:

    Like a broken record, Armenians in the US are misguided every year by their leaders and organizations. Instead of laying out demands for Land, Reparation and Restitution – once again Armenians beg for acknowledgment from some US President. Armenians are blinded to ask only for acknowledgment.

    Genocide acknowledgment without accountability is hollow and meaningless.

    The message from Armenians should be Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparation and Restitution.

    • said:

      I agree with this statement. It is naive to demand from this puppet president to say something that he is not approved to say. And even if he said the G word, what would change?

      Diaspora Armenians should start collecting a special Armenian Tax (how about 1.915% every April 24th?) and spend it on infrastructure projects in Armenia and Artsakh to resettle and protect the lands we already have.

  9. Garo said:

    This is a make or break chance for 2011.Others will stil follow after 2011.We won’t give up.I believe if armenian celebrities from all over California do show up as well, it will make a big impact specilally on TV. Americans are celebrity loving people. Where are the Kardashians, Cher, Garagos,etc, etc, when we need them?They should be invited and urged strongly to participate.

    • Brando said:

      Now that the elections are over, piecrs for consumer goods have skyrocketed. The corrupt regime led by Serzh and the kleptocracy which rules Armenia contained its greed until after the polls. But now they can resume plundering and thieving. The mood of the nation is one of depression, with all able-bodied persons wondering how they can get out of Armenia because there is no future here under the mafia rule. It is, indeed, a sad day for the mothers, wives, and daughters of Hayastan.

  10. Alex Postallian said:

    Bush and now Obama has LIED.The secret is to vote for more Armenians in politics,very simple,then you have clot.Whining,only makes you weaker,and subject for redicule.

  11. AryanArmenia said:

    The message by the Armenian Community should be clear to all of the American voters.


  12. Suzy said:

    Can’t say I expected anything more from this “Mr. President” as I have from other “Mr. President’s” in the past. Nevertheless, I commend the Armenian community for their continuous fight to gain recognition of the Armenian genocide. It may be 96 years, but the world needs to know that this is one fight we will NEVER give up!

  13. zareh said:

    The money that is spent by the diaspora contributing to politicians’ campaign should be sent to Armenia to create jobs. Even if the whole world acknowledges the Genocide Turkey will continue denying until every Armenian is assimilated in the diaspora and Armenia becomes a state without Armenians. This is their strategy.
    Armenian lands will be taken only by force just like Artstakh. Lands are not given, they are taken.
    Our purpose should be to make Armenia a 10 million strong country with no unemployment with a GDP of 150 billion dollars, a country with a strong military, economy, culture with not once single Armenian in poverty.
    We can do it if we believe we can do it.

    • Fred said:

      I whole hartedly believe in your statement. I too believe we can be a powerfull country. who cares the world recognise it or not. This is a game to make us waist money and energy on stupid political jostling. We should be concentrating on making Armenia so powerfull that it would be impossible for Turkey to hold on to our land. This is so simple, I can not understand why Armenians are not getting it. Turkey and America and Jews want us to waist our time on Armenian Genocide recognition. And by doing it we are dishonouring our Dead. The only way we can trully honour them is by making a powerfull nation and undo what was done to them.

    • said:

      Yes, Turks and their numerous friends must be laughing at these silly attempts to beg this puppet president to say a word that he is not allowed to say.

      Diaspora Armenian organizations are too dependent on funding by a few rich but moody individuals and small donations from the rest of us that are based on emotional appeal and therefor are very unpredictable.

      This creates a situation where we can barely keep up with the current developments instead of strategically planning for the future. With stable and adequate funding the discussions now should be about protests and events beyond 2015. But something tells me that all our community leaders and organizations will wake up in February or March 2015 and start thinking what they are going to do in April 2015.

  14. Martha said:

    I know that it’s a stretch to request a dial-down on the indignation, but some of these comments are just plain bellicose and hostile. Belligerence won’t solve a thing. The idea of peaceful protest is such a sweet ideal, but if the comments and incessant use of caps lock are in any way a reflection of the attitudes people plan to bring into this thing, we can’t expect to be met with open and understanding arms.

    It’s so easy to get angry and develop a cantankerous and plain spiteful attitude with so many years gone ignored (at least politically), but we need to remember that the answer is in grace and tranquility, not in attacking politics. Obama is many things but immoral is not one of them. I agree that politics should not inhibit ethics but it’s not all him running this country, last I checked.

    And Berge, it’s not presidential, or even national recognition most of us are after. It’s what it symbolizes– the fact that mass killings are wrong and should not go ignored almost a century later.

    Anyway, we need to take the initiative to combat this wrong by tackling it on a current global scale: we should be focusing on the genocides and slaughter happening now in lesser developed countries. We cannot let this happen again, not just to us and our cultural family, but our biological family as well.

    • Sabina said:

      Martha, thank you for such a balanced comment. Although I was disappointed that Obama did not keep his pledge, I understand that politics are not as simple as some of us would like to think. I think he is trying to do his best in the given political situation. In terms of re-election — I feel that while he did not deliver on many of his promises (including the Genocide recognition), the alternative of other presidential candidates scares the hell out of me. So, yes, I will vote for him the second time regardless of whether he says the word “genocide” on 4/24. After all, we live in the US, and ignoring the best interests of this country because he did not officially recognize the Genocide, would be absolutely immoral.

  15. John A said:

    You know, Armenians are normally so “nice”, and afraid to confront, but look at this confrontation between a news reporter in Texas and Obama:

    The lesson is: do not be afraid to confront and to be strong and critical. Kick politicians in the teeth and make them listen to you. This is the American way. This is the lesson we should take from our fellow Americans. Go get ’em!

    • Elena said:

      enough!!!For ten days tens of thousands of marhcers walked passed helmeted police with truncheons WITHOUT INCIDENT !!!Yes, this was a Lesson in Democracy and a wake up call to you and others who don’t want to see the facts infolding before their eyes. Public protest is the most basic of avenues for a segment of society to express their discontent and anger with the regime that rides roughshod over every aspect of their lives. There is no such thing as a partially manipulated or rigged election. It’s either fraudulent or not!!! Yes there is eveidence that ordinary citizens are being harassed and intimidated for merely participating in the demonstrations. No wonder that the Deputy Police Chiefs are inviting protestors to turn themselves in .You and others seem to justify this crack-down on the freedom of the press, assembly and peaceful dissent by pointing fingers to an alleged coup d’etat . Please enlighten me how this was supposed to take place .with the handful of revolvers and grenades conveniently found at Freedom Square on the morning of March 1st???? People were shot dead and all you and others like you can do is call for impartiality. If that’s the case go petition the govt to lift the ban on the media!!!!Otherwise keep you vacuous attempts at justifying all this to yourself.

  16. Ara said:

    Well said Martha.

    Lets show show some poise and intelligence on Thursday. We cannot let this protest work against us.

    It simple cannot be allowed to happen, lets have a productive, organized, peaceful, and LoUd protest!

  17. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    Adressed to: His honour US Prisedent, Mr. Obama, i raise my voice with my brothers and sisters to remind you during your election campaign two years ago “I will formally recognize Armenian Genocide 1915 of 1.5 million innocent martyrs, I will be that President” once in oval office you denied the Recognition of Armenian Genocide. Don’t forget please that over 1.5 million Armenian Americans majority of them voted in your favour to become a Prisident. Armenian Americans worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly in your campaign, in fact, all Armenians worldwide were very enthusiastic that you were the only one who deserved this high profile job, therefore, i would kindly ask you please do not forget your promise and let down our holly innocent martyrs, the few remaining survivors and us as first generations most of us both side orphan parents such as myself and thousands alike. I am a proud Canadian citizen i was present at the protestTurkish Consulate in L.A. California on April 24, 2006 when i received an exciting phone call that our Prime Minister, Mr. Steven Harper formally recognized 1915 Armenian Genocide, previously the Canadian Parliment already unanimously recognized the heinous crime against humanity inspite of today’s Turkish leaders threat to interfer in Canadians internal affairs, on top of recognition we are proud to say that Armenian Genocide Bill passed in Education Ministry to be thought from Grade 8 of multicultural government schools so that the new generation to be educated about genocides so that when they grow up they are prepared and alerted about preventing God forbid genocides happens again to any nation or race indiscrimenately worldwild. Canada didn’t cave in to Turkish threats who were angry, called back their Embassador, cancelled billions dollars agreements with Canada, but Canada never hesitated to pass the Bill to seek for justice of a crime against International Court of Justice. Since then thousands of Armenians from all over Canada driving long hours to Ottawa, Canada’s Capital in Ontario, not to protest to demand recognition but to pay our gratitude and respect to our worthy government then walk towards Turkish Embassy for peaceful protest demanding them to accept recognition what their ancestors brought atrocities systimatically secretly without notice started rounding 300 intellectuals to the slaughter house young men from age 15-35 were conscripted to join the Turkish army to fight Russians instead all weapens were taken from then cheated and shot to death every single of them, how can we don’t seek fro justiice, nine uncles of my father’s paternal and maternal side some of them married with todlers others engaged to be married, lost many members of my parents both side of families by killin them during deportation, raped, pregnant women their bellies were cut by swords of Turk jandarmes young girls were raped at the presence of their fathers. brothers, new brides in front of their husbands.. the reality goes on & on what was their sin just because they were the first Christians living peacefully with degnity, paying higher taxes than other ethnics from their own businesses, i don’t know where do i begin where to end more than enough said as you know Armenian Genocide History very well from eye witnesses among them one of your former honourable Embassador to Turkey, Mr. Morgantow. It is improper a Superpower US President to cave in to Turkey who needs your peoples’ among them Armenians Americans to feed their hungry more than 70 million people, US does not need Turkey, they are not your faithful ally but liars, sneaky, not trustworthy, you know better than i do. the last but not the least please honour your promis or else you loose Armenians votes to be next term President. We also demand that you impose on Turkey’s leaders to have decency formally recognize their ancestors heinous crime to their neighbours as Germany had the decency to accept what dictator Hitler brought upon six million innocent Jews the Haulocast, unspeakable crime, Germany respects the memory of Jew victems in honourable way, paid reperations to every Jew family, they could simply deny that it was Hitler and not them who perpetrated the secret plan to wipe out all Jews from Europe who lived peacefully with intigrity in high profile businesses, why not Turkey follow todays German’s example which is just and fair to seek justice for their holly martyrs rest in peace. We Armenians committed to our parents lesson that what they went through not another nation or race go through the same tortures, atrocities much more they went through also thought us not to hate any ethnic or race in our lives as every mankind has the right to live peacefully on their own lands i remember very well they never cried or told us much about the nightmare horror so that their children do not get hurt but we witnessed their wet eyes, their only wish to be loving & caring parents, educate their children with loyaltythey kept repeating these two most imprtant words “NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN” My last hope, Mr Obama, honour your promise for the sake of justice. Thank you for your time, GBU & God Blace America.. Respectfully yours, Sirvart Garabedian, proud Canadian citizon for 33 years, Toronto Canada my phone no. 416-495-0904 voice mail, my email address”

  18. Garo said:

    what a coward,his motorcade passed after the protest was over,but I was able to thump him down.

  19. Karolina said:

    Ours president too suck 😀
    in my country start be the same just like in 1970 years and higher! :((( I feel that. Fuel costs there 5.14 zlotych (to your currency 5.14$)
    Your president received the Nobel Prize for nothing. It’s really silly and ridiculous! he is black … and he is nothing! OMFG ! I’m not racist but i don’t understand why he have that ! HE DON’T DO ANYTHING AND HE HAVE NOBEL!

  20. Aida said:

    Turkey has recently allowed their Turkish citizens to protest agianst the Armenian Genocide. As an Armenian I respect the fact that Turks are trying to put this denial to an end as well. Even if we don’t get anything back if USA recognises the genocide, the Turkish government should apologize for this disturbing, inhumane genocide.