Georgia Cuts Off Russian Military Transit to Armenia

Georgian and Armenian defense minister in Yerevan Monday

TBILISI—Georgia’s parliament Tuesday unanimously approved a government proposal to dissolve a military transit agreement with Russia, which allowed the latter to deliver cargo to its base in Gyumri through land and via Georgia’s airspace, reported the Civil Georgia news agency.

The decision comes a day after Georgian and Armenian defense ministers hailed strong relations after meeting in Yerevan.

The agreement on transit of military personnel and cargo, giving Russia access to its 102nd military base in Gyumri, was signed in March, 2006 in connection with another agreement that spelled out Russia’s military pullout from bases in Batumi and Akhalkalak. Both agreements were ratified by the Georgian Parliament on April 13, 2006.

“After Russia’s aggression against Georgia, naturally, it was deemed appropriate by the relevant agencies to annul the agreement following expiration of its five-year term,” Nino Kalandadze, the Georgian deputy foreign minister, told lawmakers Tuesday.

Kalanadze explained that Russia had not asked for transit permission since July, 2008, one month before that year’s Georgia-Russia war.

 “I think annulment of this agreement does not really require additional explanations, because this agreement contradicts our national interests,” said Irakli Kavtaradze, a lawmaker from the ruling party, who is a deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for foreign affairs.

Georgian Defense Minister, Bacho Akhalaia was in Yerevan Monday meeting with his Armenian counterpart, Seyran Ohanian.

Speaking at a joint news conference, Akhalaia said relations between the two countries were of special importance and there was nothing that could derail those close ties.

According to the Georgian Defense Ministry, the main topics of discussion during the visit were exchange of experience in defense and cooperation in military education. According to Georgia’s defense ministry, Akhalaia offered Armenia to train soldiers at the Georgian army mountain training site in Sachkhere.


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  1. Vahe G. said:

    I just hope Armenia doesn’t have to foot the bill on additional costs.

  2. Ed said:

    Armenia should invade Georgia indirectly insurgency in Javakh. Time to have direct link to Russia and Access to sea.

    • Armen said:

      Please don’t say such silly things. If a Georgian reads this comment he’d dislike Armenians even more. They are already beginning to be paranoid about Armenian “land claims” and such nonsensical comments would only reaffirm that. Javakh must be kept alive, but the rest of Georgia is non of our business.

      • bigmoustache said:

        NO, ED is right! its gonna happen eventually. are you BLIND to the harassment of armenians in georgia? our churches are being destroyed or converted, our community leaders arrested on bogus charges, turks being shipped in and mixed into our communities, restrictions of our language. THEY JUST SOLD OFF A PIECE OF RUSSIAN GAS PIPELINE TO AN AZERI GOVT COMPANY…CAN YOU SEE WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN?
        when the next kharapagh war starts, georgia (whos sees more of an interest in good relations with turkey and azerbaijan) will betray us, as theyve been doing all along during peacetime.
        our oil will be cut, military transit lines cut, internet cut,….were going to have to rely on iran. everythings going to go through airspace which one country refuses to the other.
        but true we cant have 2 wars at the same time. javakhg will happen during some kind of ww3, which i suspect could break out in the caucasus. if the whole region is in war (god willing) we might be able to take javakhg, and liberate some north western armenian lands with the help of kurds (we we will give the south to, except van).
        these are all realistic posibilities. keep them in mind, pass them on

        • FoundZimbabweHere said:

          As Armen said here is a Georgian guy reading the posts. 1. All these anti-Georgian talk will not do any good to Armenia and Armenians; 2. Javakheti is historically Georgian. Also Lore-Tashir is also historically Georgian but Georgians are not paranoic about getting it back; 3. These claims about oppression and forced assimilation of Armenians in Georgia are unfounded lies invented by those Armenians who themselves try to Armenize everything Georgian; 4. Armenians already spilled blood of Georgians in Apkhazeti. Georgians remember it very well 4. Anyone is supposed too make difference between governments and peoples.

  3. Vahe said:

    Armen and John , what do you suggest ? how should we get the supplies ? Through Turkey or Iran ? Armenia can not invade Georgia but what is the solution ?

  4. George said:

    i think Georgia must not let Russian planes to supply Armenia through Georgian territory