Villaraigosa Issues Statement on Armenian Genocide Anniversay

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

LOS ANGELES—Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa on Wednesday issued the following statement in response to the 96th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.

“Today, Angelenos stand in solidarity with Armenians around the world as we come together to pay our respects to those who perished in one of the worst travesties of the 20th century: the unjust murder of 1.5 million Armenian men, woman and children.

As Mayor of a City that is home to a large, vibrant Armenian community, I humbly call on all Angelenos to reflect on how global silence enables the horrors of genocide to continue, even to this day. Let today serve as a reminder of our collective obligation to honor the memory of those who perished, and recognize the atrocities of ethnic cleansing that still occur around the world today.”


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  1. Fred said:

    I whant to kiss this man’s forhead. For he nailed the point of all this. We are fighting against barbarism. We must fight untill we erradicate it.

  2. Andre said:

    Thank you Mayor Villaraigosa for your recognition, i wish our president who Promised to rececnize the Armenian Genocide now suddenly he forgets.

  3. Fernando Chavira said:

    Dear Mayor Villaraigosa,

    Although it is commendable to speak of the Armenian Genocide and its current political stalemate in Washington, we Latinos are experiencing our own genocide by Washington politicians denying our rights as citizens in the land of our ancestors. Our people are being deported by the thousands under the Obama administration and you remain silent. Is this not a prelude to genocide? Speak-up Antonio! Or are you a sounding horn with no tune. Today the Latino community needs strong leaders against what is happening to our people with massive cuts to education, social programs and lack of jobs. Is this not genocide? Where do we find the jobs to bring food to our families? Shall we die of starvation? Where do we find shelter? Yet we are deported to an uncertain future just like the Armenians. This President will never recognize the Armenian Genocide as he has broken countless promises during the 2008 presidential campaign. It is time to impeach him before he ruins this country any further, and as for you Mr. Mayor speak the truth or denounce your allegiance to Latinos. We might as well elect Rafi Manukian for President of the United States of America, I surely would vote for him.

    • sako said:

      Actually no that is NOT genocide. Genocide is a legally defined crime. The issues Latinos must confront are tragic, but it is impossible to compare the actions of the American government to the actions of the turkish government, or to the Nazis or criminals in Rwanda and Cambodia. There are no state sponsored massacres of Latinos, Americans who commit crimes against Latinos are tried, Spanish in not banned but actually provided for most governmental and business translations, there are no special battalions out to destory Latinos, women are not raped, children are not abducted and there is no master plan to wipe Mexico or any other South American country off the map. Good luck with your activism

  4. Zograp said:

    Turks are only one people who can massacre babies in their mothers stomach and who can betray and backstab every one who once trusted them . Turks are known worldwide by their enormeous killer and rubber habits.

  5. anonymous said:

    Fred i am amazed at your ignorance, you want to kiss this man’s forehead because he made some meaningless statement on the genocide?, every year is the same thing all of these politicians make some meaningless statements about the genocide, so what?, what does that do?, nothing, the man is a typical politician he doesnt care one bit about the genocide all he cares about is the money armenians give to him, and the fact that he needs their support. Everytime somebody says something positive about the armenians here we go we start supporting this politicians, and they do nothing. Every year we keep falling in the same hole, and nothing comes of it. Theres too much ignorance in our communities.

  6. Lori said:

    Thank you, Mayor Villaraigosa, for recognizing the Armenian Genecide. You are right. Global silence does enable the horrors of genocide to continue. I wish our President would realize that, too.