Documents in Armenia’s Archives Prove Genocide

National Archives director, Amatuni Virabyan

YEREVAN (—Reliable documents indicating the Armenian Genocide took place during the Ottoman Empire in 1915 are preserved in the Armenian National Archive, the director of the archives, Amatuni Virabyan, told the reporters Wednesday.

The documents archive stories of 10,000 eyewitnesses of the bloody events dating to 1914-1915. There are also stories of the eyewitnesses recorded in 1916 describing events in 700 villages of Western Armenia.

Virabyan said the archive will publish three volumes in 2015 based on these records. Each book will chronicle the fate of residents of Van, Bitlis and Erzrum.

The book will be published in Armenian, English, German, French and Russian languages.

In addition to the book, there are 2000 documents recorded based on reports of Russian soldiers and Armenian volunteers. Digital copies of the documents will become available online beginning in 2015.

The National Archives Institute is also working on compiling a list of Genocide victims.

The documents preserved in the Armenian National Archive are open not only to citizens of Armenia but foreigners as well, said Virabyan.

He added that the institute has 350 million documents related to the history of Armenia, the first of which dates back to 1607.


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  1. Tony said:

    turkish denialists always say are archives are closed. Look at this, Turks, it’s wide open!

  2. Avery said:

    This is a strange development, in my opinion: for some reason, we, Armenians – at least many of us – hunger for recognition of the AG from Turks.
    The notion that Armenian archives would be a tipping point for the Turks to finally admit that Ottoman Turks committed a Genocide is ludicrous.

    Even without Armenia’s Archives there is more than enough hard evidence: no need for either Armenia’s or Turkey’s archives to prove the case.
    Turks will simply nit-pick the details to try to run out the clock. We are wasting time trying to convince Turks of anything.

    The AG has to be imputed: no need to expect, seek, or wait for Turks’ admittance of their guilt: they never will, because they know what comes next.

    We don’t need their acceptance: we keep adding more countries to the list, until Turks stand alone in their denial.
    And when the Global Forces align in our favour – as they inevitably will – we’ll have the legal grounds for what will come next.

    Every year Turks deny and delay – compound interest accumulates.
    When the bill comes due, they’ll pay a lot more later, then if they were to make good on the account now.

    • Միաչքանին said:

      Agreed. The use of “proves” is unnecessary, I think. It implies there can be disproof. How ridiculous would it be to read this headline somewhere: “French National Archives Prove French Revolution.” Really?

    • Alvin said:

      “Every year Turks deny and delay – compound interest accumulates”
      Poor impoverished Armenia cannot live just on donations and financial helps from Diaspora, it also needs some reparations :)
      Ok, let Turks pay you money for what they have done to you there, and you will pay that money to Azeris for what you have done to them there. Nice!
      Armenia never had a real country with real government to be aware of international politics and relations. It does not know that neighbors will not disappear all of a sudden. They will stay there for ages – centuries, and that neighbors are the first countries that should be considered in improving the economic ties and relationships. Instead, it needs some lands from Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Good luck! Go ahead and drive your people to the complete and desperate hunger, until you receive some reparations onto which you want to build your poor existence.
      Bernard Lewis is very intelligent person. He is an honorable doctor in the US. In his interview, he said his own and by the way highly spreaded vision on what had happened.
      Good Luck!
      Economic prosperity and Friendship is what should any developed and civilized country rely on.

  3. Kirk said:

    “The book will be published in Armenian, English, German, French and Russian languages.”
    Why not in Turkish language too.

      • Sirvart Garabedian said:

        I agree with Kirk and Raffi, We should put all our efforts to publish in Turkish language for Turk society to read it knowingly that most of them are brainwashed by their liar goverment that Armenian Genocide never took place, i also think that many of them who live in dark black mistry comes to surface so they learn what happened while their government preventing puiblicly mention or even jailed in prisons for many years just because the G word is used..We have hundreds mastered the Turkish language therefore i strongly recomment it is inevitable to have the book in Turkish language as well as others.

  4. Zograp said:

    Turks are only one people who can massacre babies in their mothers stomach and who can betray and backstab every one who once trusted them . Turks are known worldwide by their enormeous killer and rubber habits.

  5. Z said:

    Well then why don’t they go to some judicial instance to solve the issue once and for good, instead of tormenting the people with that genocide all the time.

  6. H said:

    I would be especially happy if this book would be published in Turkish as well.

  7. The Truth said:

    Turks in reality do not deny the Armenian Genocide. Turks do try first of all to deny the existence of ““Turkish Armenia” or “7 Armenia villiagts / West Armenia” as well the existence of Armenian people as an NATION ( with all demands which a free nation could have)! – All what Turks where after, was: Armenian wealth and Armenian home land this is/was , territories, territories, territories – since Armenian genocide happened in Armenia itself! – the biggest difference to Jewish holocaust- that is way the term “West Armenia” still is like a “red cloth” for Turkish nationalist and Turkish politicians!….. Simple because Turks do not have committed the Armenian genocide to apologize later, NO! Turks have purposeful planed and committed the genocide to make all that “Turkish” what was than “Armenian” – therefore the denial of Armenian Genocide by Turkey is happening absolute deliberately and in a very unique PROUD WAY! Else Turks and Turkey wouldn´t have so much problems to return at least a part of waht being stolen by them to Armenianpeople including territories!

    Turks in fact are trying in a racist and fascist way to justify the crime committed by denying that Armenians are a nation and as a nation they had ever right to fight for there national indemnity and independence ! to leave without Turkish yoke and rule (as it was the case of other foreign occupier of Armenian high land). Turks are generally proud of committing Armenian genocide. Since without Armenian Genocide so called “East Anatolia” wouldn’t had been Turkish the way as it’s is today! The same racist ideology regarding Armenian nation dose still exists in the minds of 99.99% Turkish politicians! The way indeed did deal so called modern Turkey after 1923 with survival of Armenian Genocide ( refusing to give them a new home land at least in parts of West Armenia, deny the existence of “Turkish Armenia vilajats, ignoring the international treaties regarding protection of Armenian population in “Turkish Armenia” , force assimilation etc) are the best prove of genocidal policy pursued in 1915-1923 ! Armenian historians do mostly ignore the post history of Armenian Genocide and international granites agreed by Ottoman Turkish rulers. One can hardly find any reliable and official information regarding the international agreement agreed in 1914 regarding caring out reforms in “Turkish Armenia” – West Armenia (– months before start of Armenian Genocide!), which had to be observed by officials form Scandinavian countries! All These documents which carry the signature of Ottoman rulers – like a map- do prove officially the existence of “West Armenia” ,- Armenian regions in today’s east Turkey, which is being denied by today’s Turkey!

    Maybe we should start with terms like “Turkish Armenia” (with addition information fallowed – such as “Armenia villiagts / West Armenia”)

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