Sarkisian Makes More Overtures to Ter-Petrosian

Serzh Sarkisian during Wednesday's press conference

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—President Serzh Sarkisian on Wednesday praised the Armenian National Congress and indicated his desire to cooperate with the opposition alliance led by Levon Ter-Petrosian.

He also hinted at the impending release of more Ter-Petrosian loyalists remaining in prison.

“I attach importance to positive trends observed in the activities of the extraparliamentary opposition,” Sarkisian told journalists. “There are ongoing rallies, speeches that are not aimed at splitting the society, that are not aimed at developing the notions of smashing or destroying, that are aimed at shifting the political struggle to certain podiums.”

“Splits have never brought any people, any country anything good,” he said. “Development issues have not been solved anywhere with malice and we all must be able to defeat malice.

“Only strong individuals can defeat malice. Today we have a strong government, today we have an opposition that doesn’t let the authorities ease their vigilance. Through cooperation, we can really earn our country serious successes.”

Sarkisian referred to the Armenian National Congress’ recent rallies in Yerevan and speeches delivered by Ter-Petrosian and his supporters. While reaffirming his commitment to “regime change” in Armenia, Ter-Petrosian said his alliance is ready to start a dialogue with the authorities if they free all “political prisoners,” promise a more objective probe of the March 2008 unrest in Yerevan and do not impede anti-government rallies in the city’s Liberty Square.

Sarkisian last week ordered law-enforcement authorities to investigate the deadly unrest in a “more meticulous” way. Four days later Yerevan’s municipal administration formally allowed the Armenian National Congress to hold its next rally in the square on Thursday. HAK representatives say the authorities have thus met two of the three opposition demands.

“In this endeavor, we are ready to be the first; we are ready to take steps to defuse [tensions.] I have already instructed the minister of justice to submit proposals,” said Sarkisian.

Asked whether that means the jailed oppositionists will be set free very soon, he said, “I think I have made everything very clear. If you want to specify and accelerate things, I see no point in doing that.”

Speaking at the last Armenian National Congress rally held on April 8, Ter-Petrosian declared that April 28 will be “either a day of the beginning of dialogue or a day of the final watershed between the authorities and the public.” It is not yet clear what the opposition bloc will do if its demands are not met in full by Thursday.


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  1. Zograp said:

    Հայ ազգը բոլոր ժամանակներում, լինելով իմաստուն եւ մտավոր ունակ ազգ, երբեք չկարողացավ քաղաքականապես հասունանալ… Երբեք… Ոչ ոք չի հասկանում, որ yerkire kandik

    սիոնիստ Levon he is a : The most dangerous radioactive element in all of the Periodic Table!Eliminate them! They are polluting the earth! “

  2. Lusik said:

    This is an eternal fight for a high-profile life back for LTP. LTP agrees to get into a web thrown by the West. West – in broad sense, which is driven by its interests in the region. At the same time, West puts financial and legal pressure on SS government. It is a bad sign of some dark developments. Bring together recent important headlines and you will have clear picture of what is the true nature of this dialogue. Consolidation against a threat or for a treason?

    In some sense Zograb is right – our nation is not the owner of its politics. But which small nation is? At least, until now SS was able to play at several stages at the same time. Now the big game of globalization grows aggressive. The dynamics of the “changes” approaches to the region. What would you prescribe to political parties? For this moment to consolidate and align at most all political axes.

  3. Christo said:

    Why Mr. President? Why capitulate. I just surprised that Rev. Hagee hasn’t reminded ter-petrosyan of his roots, and helped him emigrate to Israel.

  4. manooshag said:

    Hye, these two presidents are deserving of one another… neither one a patriotic leader of our homeland of Haiastan… newn zughoum… Manooshag