Iran to Connect Armenia to International Waters

Iran wants to construct railway lines through Armenia

TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency)—Iran’s Deputy Transportation Minister Wednesday said several companies will form a consortium to carry out major railway and road construction projects and connecting their railway network to Armenia’s.

The deputy minister, Reza Pilpayeh told Armenia’s Ambassador to Iran, Griogory Arakelyan the rail network will be 540 kilometers long, 480 of which will be in Armenia.

He added that a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the two sides but the agreement had yet to be implemented.

With the implementation of the agreement, Armenia’s rail network will be effectively connected to international waters via the southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

Pilpayeh also announced the consortium’s readiness to participate in the construction of a 624-kilometer road inside Armenia which will directly link Iran to Georgia, thus facilitating Armenian transportation to the Black Sea.

Arakelyan expressed hope for expansion of cooperation between Armenia and Iran and agreed with the necessity to establish a joint consortium, referring to the announced project.


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  1. mike said:

    Railway connections between Iran, Armenia and Georgia is an excellent idea. It will facilitate import and export trimendously. If this project materialize soon , then we can tell Turkey to go to hell with their “protocols”.

  2. zohrab said:

    well done iran you are a true friend.thank you turkey can keep his border permenantly

  3. bigmoustache said:

    this better be permenant…with a 20 million ‘azeri’ minority, iran fears america will use them in some way for some kind of govt toppling, that and lets remember during the karapagh war they helped azerbaijan. i just dont want to see games played in the future over these things to appease this neighbor or that..
    if this is permanant, thank god to iran, access to sea and ports will bring jobs, more import/export, maybe even a fisihing industry. if were left with no choices, in our future wars we will have to reach a body of water if we want our nation to expand

  4. Tony said:

    Funny how “axis of evil Iran” is better than “pro-Western” NATO Turkey.

  5. Stephen Bekian said:

    I hope the railway to the ocean opens soon , let there be trade between our and Iranian merchents
    both countries will prosper….I hope our politicians make up their mind quickly and not to sleep on it
    Armenia needs an ocean port without it the country will stagnate ………

  6. Rod said:

    Armenians and Iranians are Aryan Brothers, they need to work together economically, politically, and eventually militarily to weaken the turkic mongoloid scum in the Caucasus and Anatolia.

  7. Vahe said:

    Going little bit back , I praise the revolution in Iran , toppling corrupt system of monarchy. Iran during these 30+ years have freed himself from western influence and expanding his influence in the region. Being that direct or long time investment either in Armenia or Persian Gulf.
    Armenians historical relation with Persians were hospitable and hopefully will grow further ( without going into the details).
    Road and railway would be Armenian oxygen tank. A great help for generation to come.

    • Grish Begian said:

      Regardless of regime (preo Western or not), this will be an Iranian national security policy to have a better tie with Armenia, the danger of Pan-Turkism is a real, not only to Iranians, but entire South Caucasus, Armenia and Artsakh!! Iran always had enemies, such as Arabs around Persian Gulf and Turkic tribes in the North.

  8. MGL said:

    And who will be in charge in Armenia? Iranian companies where most are Iranian Azeris? Can you stop them to take over? How? It is open border.
    Just some questions looking forward.

  9. hayrenaser said:

    @nker rod
    your statement is right on the money,
    i believe the time has come to rid the cradle of modern civilization of its unwelcomed, colonialist pests
    i wish to see a new transcaucasia/armenian plateau/and western anatolia without turks
    they have all of central asia populated…curses
    the aryan awakening has just ignited…our queen MASIS will once again and this time forever return to us, freed from her turkish bondage and reunited with her subjects…with the people who have and will continue to adore her until the end of time

    hajoghuthyun bolor armeniannerun