Russian General Vows to Protect Armenia

General Andrei Tretyak (center)

MOSCOW (Eurasianet)—A few weeks ago there was some back and forth between Armenians and Azerbaijanis about whether Russia would come to Armenia’s defense in the case of a war over Nagorno Karabakh. Well, now a top Russian general has weighed in, and he sounds pretty certain that Russia would get involved. General Andrei Tretyak, the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Defense Ministry, discussed the Russian military’s future plans with some analysts.

In a discussion on the situation in Karabakh, General Tretyak agreed with a participant’s assessment that the possibility of conflict in that region is high, but argued that it is gradually decreasing as a result of Russian efforts to reduce tension in the region.

He disagreed with the suggestion that Russia’s relationship with Armenia is eroding and made clear that Russia will carry out its promises to that country. No one should see Russia’s refusal to intervene in Kyrgyzstan last summer as a precedent for Karabakh, as that was a very different situation.

That can’t make too many folks in Baku feel too confident. Tretyak also weighed in on Central Asia, and suggested that the Collective Security Treaty Organization could help fill the security vacuum that will be created by the U.S. leaving Afghanistan. And he seems to acknowledge that the CSTO kind of dropped the ball on Kyrgyzstan last year, when it did nothing to stop the pogroms that took place there in what many saw as the first big test of the collective security group:

He also said that what he saw as the inevitable US withdrawal from the region will have a negative effect on stability.

In this context, the CSTO may come to play a more important role in the region. General Tretyak pointed out that CSTO reforms are continuing. The major Russian military exercises in the summer and early fall will include CSTO states. The Russian military has looked at the issues that arose in conjunction with the Kyrgyzstan crisis and know how to act if a similar situation arises in the future; according to General Tretyak, there are no disagreements on this with Russia’s CSTO partners. The general further noted that the forces assigned to the CSTO are the best prepared of Russia’s forces, because Russia wants to increase the organization’s military effectiveness. General Tretyak reiterated the Russian position that it would like NATO to recognize the legitimacy of the CSTO and establish cooperation with it.

This seems to be a pointed message that the CSTO is learning from its mistakes in Kyrgyzstan — and that those who expect it to stand aside in the future should think again.


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  1. Avetis said:

    Long live Mother Russia. Long Live our Hayrenik. The Russian-Armenian alliance is the last Caucasian front against American imperialism, NATO expansionism, Islamic fundamentalism and pan-Turkism.

  2. MarkT said:

    Let’s be honest. Russia is trying to extract as high a price as it can from Azerbaijan in return for forcing Artsakh to come under Azeri rule again. Russia figures that Armenia has no place else to turn. Notice that Russia favored the infamous Turkish-Armenian Protocols.
    What would Azerbaijan give Russia if Russia agreed to give Artsakh back to Azerbaijan? Azerbaijan would cancel the Nabucco project and pass a constitutional amendment that it would never join NATO.

    The sellout of Armenians is coming, just as it always has, and you Russophiles better believe it.

    • harutuyn said:

      mark you making it sound like this is buying a lease returned car lol,it does not work like that
      unless you are a azeri just stumbled into blogger
      do your math and home work before your write something childish
      but you know its ok you learn as you go along

    • Tony said:

      Agree. It’s all about oil. This is why Russia supports the break away republics from Georgia. It wants Georgia to stop allowing oil pipelines to Turkey.
      Azeribaijan may also be a pipeline from Central Asia oil through it to the West.
      If Russia could stop the oil going to the West it will have an oil monopoly.

    • leo said:

      has nothing to do with russophile. this is how the world works now my friend. unions and close friendships. Armenia is no one’s to sell. not even its president can do that. there are forces in Armenia you are not paying attention to but will clearly see when time comes. Artsakh is Armenia

  3. leo said:

    by no means does Armenia need Russia’s intervention but it’s nice to hear allies speaking clearly like allies. Iran would also be very interested in Armenia’s victory. So only one major player, turkey, in the region is against us and for them we have the CSTO.

  4. ashot said:

    bravo sir! russians will never let turks overrun us…cuz they know…russia would b next…:)

  5. Berge Jololian said:

    Glad to hear that the Russian Federation will continue to protect Armenia. What has the hostile-US-State Department offered Armenia in the past 20 years? The hostile-US-State Department continue its vile policies wanting to crush Armenians and force Armenia to capitulate.

    • manooshag said:

      Armenia and Artsakh (NK) are two honest and proven reliable nations of the Caucasus… as they prepare to join the civilized nations of the world… as today the civilized nations of the world recognize their stance/worth to the Caucasus.
      Too, thus their alliances with Russia and Iran shall bring solidarity to the Caucasus. Thus, too, Turkey’s and Azeri’s mentality of eliminating peoples – via their reigns of terrrors/abuses and their pursuit of Genocides may well be ended – forever!! The cycle of Genocides – never again!!

  6. Hrant K. said:

    MarkT, In 1992 when Lachin, Shoushi and Aghri(ex so called Aghdam) were liberated by the Armenian

    Defence Army, Turgut Oezal had threatened to intervene in the conflict and attack Armenia! The only

    person who stood up in defying the criminal turks was Marshal Shaposhnikov of Russia, who had then

    said : If the turks dare to cross the Arax river eastwards, the World War-3 will erupt as a consequence.

    Next thing we learned, Turgut Oezal had a heart attack and passed away (probably from impotence

    of trying to face the Russian superpower?!) So MarkT or Tukophile or whatever your name is, the sellout

    of turkey and azerbaijan is on its way. Didn’t you see what happened in Georgia 3 years ago, so

    be prepared for i.aliev and erdogan to trail Oezal’s path, and whether you like it or not General Andrei

    Tretyak means serious business here, so you and your tribesmen better prepare for the worst!!! (7)

  7. Stephen Bekian said:

    Thang God that we have a true ally , the Russian federation without it we have no hope .

    If Ruusia does not support Armenia we will not exist this is my logical way of thiking

    We should thank Russia for backing us ………….

  8. Anon said:

    Russia owns Armenia – it’s logical that they would protect their interests.

  9. Hrant K. said:

    Yes ANON : OWNS stands for : Honest, Winners, Neighbours, Strategic Allies! If you have

    a problem with that, then you’ll have to wait another 49 years to come in terms to face reality!!!

    Russia will support Armenia forever (simple Geopolitics), not like Turkey’s “Cameleonic” alliance with

    the state of Israel !!!

  10. MGL said:

    Viva Russia! Hope USA and France will follow and then problem if there any will be solved.

  11. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    History shows that the only nation capable of a meaningful and mutually beneficial alliance with Armenia is Russia. The United States is too far away from the region to be of any consequence.