Australian Parliament Member Says Azerbaijan Adopted Ottoman Genocide Policy

Rev. Fred Nile

SYDNEY—The longest serving member of the New South Wales State Parliament, Rev. Fred Nile, declared in a Parliamentary Statement that the Azerbaijani persecution of Nagorno Karabakh Armenians was based upon the genocidal policy undertaken by the Ottoman Turkish Government against Armenians in the early part of the 20th century.

Nile, who recently attended the national Armenian Genocide commemoration in Sydney, rose in Parliament to describe the horrendous legacy of this crime against humanity.

“The lack of an appropriate punishment for the Ottoman perpetrators led their Turkic brethren in Azerbaijan to brazenly adopt the same genocidal policy with respect to the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh,” he said.

Nile then described Azerbaijan’s continued threats against the civilian Armenian population of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, concluding that the only means of preventing a second Armenian Genocide was for the world to acknowledge Nagorno Karabakh’s independence.

“Tonight, in the New South Wales Parliament I place on record my support for the application of the principle of self-determination for the people and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.”

“The Azerbaijani Government announced it would shoot down civilian aircraft in Nagorno Karabakh, and Azerbaijani President Ilham Allyev declared that Azerbaijan would pursue a military solution to the issue of Nagorno Karabakh. These actions and threats prove that in order to prevent a second Armenian genocide and secure a lasting peace, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic must never be placed under Azerbaijani rule.”

“Never again must the Armenian people, particularly Armenian Christians, suffer the threat of genocide or experience it in any shape or form. I call on the nations of the world to support the people of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in seeking self-determination and freedom to live and practice their religion, the Christian faith.”

Armenian National Committee of Australia Executive Director Varant Meguerditchian applauded the NSW MP’s courage in bringing this issue to light.

He said: “We welcome Rev. Nile’s principled position in expressing support for the right of the people of Nagorno Karabakh to safety, security and national self-determination.

“The anti-Armenian rhetoric emanating from Azerbaijan, the constant war threats and Baku’s militarisation efforts are a serious cause of concern for the safety of the Nagorno Karabakh people and broader regional stability.

“Rev. Nile’s efforts make a significant contribution to the movement for universal recognition of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh’s right to self-determination.”

In his statement, Nile also described the mass murder of Greeks and Assyrians in the early part of the 20th century as a defining example of genocide paving the way for the NSW Parliament to pass a motion acknowledging this historical reality.

Nile, who has earned the unofficial title “Father of the House” for serving in Parliament since 1981, was present at the 1997 sitting when the NSW Parliament passed the motion of the Armenian Genocide.

Complete text of the address by Rev. Fred Nile

Armenian Genocide and Nagorno Karabakh Republic

Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile [7.02 p.m.]: I wish to speak tonight about Armenian genocide and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. On Monday 18 April this year I attended at the Ryde Civic Centre in Sydney a commemoration of the Armenian genocide. I was joined by representatives of the Federal and State governments and oppositions as well as more than 1,000 members of the Armenian Australian community. During the commemoration I was reminded of the murder of the more than 1.5 million innocent Armenian men, women and children as well as the countless Greeks and Assyrians who perished between 1915 and 1922 as a result of an orchestrated plan by the then Ottoman Turkish Government to remove these Christian peoples from their ancestral homelands. Sadly, I was also reminded that although, the international jurist Raphael Lemkin, listed the annihilation of the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians as a defining example of genocide, the Republic of Turkey as successor of the Ottoman Empire continues to deny that those events ever occurred.

Tonight I rise to discuss the legacy of the Ottoman Turkish Government’s genocidal policy. The lack of an appropriate punishment for the Ottoman perpetrators led their Turkic brethren in Azerbaijan to brazenly adopt the same genocidal policy with respect to the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh. The Nagorno Karabakh Republic is a region located between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its Armenian population can trace their historic presence in the region back to the sixth century BC. Ruled by foreign powers throughout much of its history, Nagorno Karabakh, like Armenia and Azerbaijan, was overrun by the Soviet Union in the early part of the 20th century, and in spite of its predominantly Armenian Christian population was placed under Azerbaijan rule in 1921 by Joseph Stalin. During the next 70 years the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh were subjected to massacres, pogroms, war and devastation at the hands of the Azerbaijan Soviet authorities not dissimilar to the persecutions faced by Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish authorities during the Armenian genocide of 1915.

After years of persecution, which intensified in the late 1980s, the Azeri forces launched an all-out military assault against the civilian Armenian population of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Desperate to prevent a second Armenian genocide, the people of Nagorno Karabakh rallied to defend their homes, their land and their ancient culture. They fought for survival and for the right to self-determination, and finally in 1991 under the Soviet constitution Nagorno Karabakh declared independence. War ensued between the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan until 1994, when a ceasefire was brokered by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Thereafter the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe—chaired by the United States of America, Russia and France—was tasked with negotiating a full and peaceful settlement.

Since the declaration of independence and the subsequent ceasefire the Nagorno Karabakh Republic has held democratic elections, allowing the people to freely elect their leaders, practise their Christian religion and experience their culture without threat of persecution. In spite of this, however, the danger for the civilian Armenian population of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic remains real. Recently an Azerbaijani sniper shot an innocent Armenian farmer near the Nagorno Karabakh-Azerbaijan border. The Azerbaijani Government announced it would shoot down civilian aircraft in Nagorno Karabakh, and Azerbaijani President Ilham Allyev declared that Azerbaijan would pursue a military solution to the issue of Nagorno Karabakh. These actions and threats prove that in order to prevent a second Armenian genocide and secure a lasting peace the Nagorno Karabakh Republic must never be placed under Azerbaijani rule. The rights of the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh to independence derived from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Helsinki Final Act, which in article VIII provides for the rights of peoples to self-determination and states:
… all peoples always have the right, in full freedom, to determine, when and as they wish, their internal and external political status, without external interference, and to pursue as they wish their political, economic, social and cultural development.
Tonight in the New South Wales Parliament I place on record my support for the application of the principle of self-determination for the people and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Never again must the Armenian people, particularly Armenian Christians, suffer the threat of genocide or experience it in any shape or form. I call on the nations of the world to support the people of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in seeking self-determination and freedom to live and practise their religion, the Christian faith.


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  1. Harut said:

    God bless you sir, indeed we need more leaders like your self to mention the word Christian, just like the saying goes if we are not @ war with Islam tha Islam should not be in war with Christians.
    as for azerbejan they all ready should know Arsax will never be under their control.

    • manooshag said:

      Hon. Fred Nile, member, New South Walkes State Parliament
      Your recognition, your words, stand out as a beacon of light against the nations that are bullies. Bulling in order to commit their Genocides to gain their goals against their victims… All the peoples who have suffered Genocides shall truly gain renewed hopes when they learn of your message…
      For not many leaders of the civilized nations have dared to stand out and speak out against the immoral and vile crimes against humanity which despots have committed… Actually, in truth, – perpetrators have been the winners – all the innocent victims have been the losers. But yet, have not all the world’s peoples, world’s leaderships (who have ignored all these crimes against innocents by the despot bullies) are not these peoples/nations to be blamed for the ongoing/unending generations of the slaughters, rapes, tortures, kidnappings and worse – which Lemkin labeled as ‘Genocides’ (based upon the Armenian Genocide).
      Actually, Genocides will continue ongoing/unending – until, and morally, this inhumanity of humans to humans, by the bullies, is no tolerated be the civilized peoples on our planet. When the guilty shall be brought to face their crimes – their crimes against ALL humanity – only then will the cycle of of Genocides will be ended – forever!

  2. Armen Simonian said:


  3. Babek said:

    Yuor comment on Nagaro Karabakh in Armenian community was unfair .Karababakh is azerbaijan’s native land and will be part of Azerbaijan which international communities recognised karabakh as part of Repaublic of Azerbaijan .i am a christan, abd belive in human rights and fair jugement .but wthat happens if someone call himself christan and come and juge like this about one nation and state ,it is disturbing Azerbaijani people and nation .Armenians in 1992 commited genocide against Azerbaijani civilians in that mass killing Armenian Army killed more than 650 Azerbaijan men women And specially childeren infront of world media .this tragedy never been known for Australian people and no body call Armenians to be responsible about this matter whil you call upon Azerbaijani state to stop defending it’s native land .i think you need to look both side and juge about one natio.the reality is Azerbaijan never occupie even one step of Armenia but that was Amenian Aggresive Army started to violate international law and occupiying Azerbaijani terittory .and all world knows that Azerbaijani nation sufferd from this Agressive Armenian Attack so much ,which left more than one million refugee and diplaced Azerbaijanies.Azeri people droven out from their mother land out buy Armenian army And sufferd many way .we were looking forward your apology on this unfair and disturbing speech in Armenian community.

    • Papken Hartunian said:

      “Karababakh is azerbaijan’s native land..” You are very wrong.
      Babek read history of Karabakh. I am sure you will change your opinion once you educate yourself and become a civilized Turk, we can give you some respect.

      • Babek said:

        Azerbaijan ‘s long history prove that not only to you but for all .Azerbaijan’s international successes strongly prove to anyone how tolented an eucated these ppl are .you better Ask thst Question from yourself .

        • manooshag said:

          Babek, Azerbaijan, historically, has only existed a few years… just a newcomer to the world scene. If you have a world history book… seek and ye shall find… an Azerbaijan came to be, historically, only about two
          generations ago – a short while before oils was discovered there. You lie when you say Azerbaijan has a long history… what year?

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  5. bigmoustache said:

    wheres the commemts, only complaints?
    much respect to rev. fed nile for speaking the truth

  6. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Thanks Rev. Fred Nile
    For this truthful letter…
    Every Armenian
    Must forward to him thanks letter..

    Fred’s letter written from faithful soulfulness
    No one can deny…
    Letter of thanks is little
    But at least is must…
    From the soul of genocided Armenians
    From every where
    Let Us write few hearty phrases
    Unite all and send…!
    To become a verse
    From Armenian Hearts
    Better than roses
    Which at end will dry…


  7. ashot said:

    as long as there is armenian men like me out in the world….there will never be another armenian genocide..ill nuke turkey if they try.

  8. Sergik said:

    Goverment of Armenia should invite Rev. Fred Nile to Armenia and honor him with the highest ranking medal in the country. We should encourage and respect people like him in the world so we can earn more support for our cause.

  9. Babek said:

    you Armenians can say what ever you want ,but the truth is even you are christans but should not judge about Azerbaijan .all your supportes wold not make the united nations and international communities happy about what you saying .juge fairley if you having comment .time will juge who is right and who is wrong .

  10. Babek said:

    Karabakh is part of azerbaijan and will be part of Azerbaijan no matter how much it is going to cost for azeri nation .

  11. Alexander said:

    Here we go Again now we have a christian fundementalist in Australian Parliement provoking war, i soppose he lost a grandfather in Gelibolu,and in his last days in the expence of Armenians he is trying to at the list take revenge for his ancesters by using Armenians, well TOOO LATE Mr. Rev Nile, if you want ; send some Australian troops to get slotered NOT ARMENIANS.

  12. manooshag said:

    Poor Babek, his country does not have much of any history… and now he believes he is speaking of the history of the Azeris who have only existed as a nation for a few years… not even one century!! Babek, Armenians were on their own lands for nearly 4,000 years… Before the Turks and the Azeris who have now “created” themselves…

  13. Babek said:

    Let’s be fair and and understand both side ,Azrbaijan and Armenia .Armenians And Azeries used to live together thousands years and there was no problems .since the big powers involved between two nations and war breakout .from 1988 Russians which did not want to loss Azerbaijan as energy supplier of soviet union tryed to put pressure on Azerbaijan .this was coused the war between azeris and Armenians ,Russia and iran supplied weapon to armenia to Attack to Azerbaijan ,this tragedy cost a lot to Armenia and azerbaijan loss of land and lives.Azerbaijani side sufferd most in this unfair war and lost land more than one million refugees which left their motherland ,and still liveing in caps .this is the truth of karabakh conflict.i am an azeri christan .will be happy if i hear fair comment from Armenians .

  14. Satenik said:

    Artsakh is Armenian.Always has been and Always Will be. To think otherwise is sheer ignorance . Anyone who promotes justice and exposes the truth to the world should be welcomed.Politicians and e tal are so very scared these days to utter the truth as it is, in case they “hurt” the sentiments of some who refuse blindly to learn the truth. Armenian Genocide is a historical fact and Artsakh is Armenia , together with all the stolen land that Turkey and Azerbaijan “claim” to be theirs!

  15. Babek said:

    We will see soon in future what will happen to Karabakh conflict .If you say karabakh is part of armenia that is personally what you think , which cant be true , azeri people definitly will never accept that. and that will make problem .we hope the conflict will be solved by peace ,otherwise thire will bloody war again .I belive armenian and Azeri civilians dont want to see their young sons shed in their blood .instead making this kind of on side gugement ,we better pray that peace will be restored and both side can live in comfort as they lived for thousand yeas together . this is a bloody political game for big powers to sell thire weapons .instead that money can be spent in economy and education or other fields .After all we wish peace for both side .

    • MGL said:

      Are are claiming that you are azeri christian?
      Is there such thing as azeri christian?
      And why your name is not Christian then?
      Do you openly having cross on your neck?
      Do know where Christianity came from?

    • Haig said:

      I agree that reasnable people on both sides dont want war. Azerbaijian enjoys its independance and celebrates it. If Azerbaijian was able to become free from Moscow’s rule, then why cant Karapagh be free of Baku’s rule.

  16. MGL said:

    All western politicians should be speaking the same way as Mr.Nile

  17. Hrant K. said:

    Babek a “Christian” azeri from without and turanic from “within”! Who is spending billions of

    Dollars buying weapons and breaking the ceasefire everyday and sniping on the frontline? who

    is threatening day after day to wage war against Artsakh Armenians? If you really are a christian azeri,

    as you claim, just find out what happened to the German missionary in Malatya and his 2 turkish Christian

    converts 3 years ago. See for yourself your “civilized” turkish brethren’s so called bloodthirsty

    “tolerance”. The Artsakh Armenians endured for 70 years under Totalitarin red regime, do you

    think they’ll give up their freedom that easily after 20 years? Just observe the 3 colored Flag of

    the Independent Republic of Artsakh with a white stepped gradual unity sign with Armenia,

    then and only then will you understand, that Artsakh will never ever again be a part of a 90 year

    old azerbaijan. If it weren’t for haidar aliev’s wise foxy experience, the armenian navy would be

    floating today in Baku, Sumgait, Moushtadir and in Astara!!! Thank you Rev. Fred Nile, a true man

    of INTEGRITY and TRUTH!!! (7)

  18. Babek said:

    choosing religion is free in azerbaijan ,Azerbaijan is a multicultural country and respect all religion ,today modern Azerbaijan is the place for any bobdy from any religion or country .Azerbaijan today geting modernised day by day thiss is reality .if you questioning my christianty, then i need to tell you that Jesuse christ is not belong to armenia or other christan countries .Dont blame the person who love christ and respect humanity . having faith in chirst is a only way to eternal life and solvation . waht i see most armenians having comment here accusing Azerbaijan . and calling karabakh part of armenia . you can wish that as much as you want .the truth will be reveald soon in futur it is just matter of time . i think you better find solution to help Armenian suffering socity ,%40 Armenia is liveing under poverty line .please help to them ,instead gugeing About Azerbaijan state in Australia ,with big desires over karabakh . shortly you will see that 3 coulerd flag of karabakh due to change different colours .It is just matter of time .that is all just matter of time .wait and see .

  19. Claudia said:

    Babek, please do not call yourself a Christian. You are an azeri muslim. Armenians won the first war ad they will win the next. I hope you end up on the front and see what our boys can do :)

    • Proud to be Azerbaijani said:

      so what? im Azerbaijani jew Azerbaijan is a multicultural country and respect all religion !

  20. Babek said:

    yea ,yea . freedom of speech .you can talk behind Azerbaijanis as much as you wish .your nation and couintry is not counted in international stages . calling yourself christan and attacking another nation .you useing christianity to get supported by west ,that is why you just using christianity . your country suffering from poverty ,%40 of you country liveing under poverty line ,if you call yourself christan go a mission and help them .liveing in australia and enjoying the prosperity in other countries will not help Armenian poor society .you could talk about peace between to nation and develope friendship between them as they had before .