Sen. Kirk Says Turkey Responsible for Flotilla

Sen. Mark Kirk

ISTANBUL (Hürriyet Daily News)—Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) issued a call for Turkey to be held responsible for the planned launching of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla organized by a group he calls a “terrorist organization.”

In a policy recommendation report authored by Kirk and obtained by the Hürriyet Daily News on Wednesday night, Kirk calls on the U.S. to adopt three measures to deal with the planned Gaza-bound flotilla, including labeling the flotilla organizers, the nongovernmental organization İHH, a terrorist organization; offering U.S. naval support to Israel to block the flotilla; and expressing to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that Turkey will be held accountable for the flotilla’s actions.

“The United States should … make it clear to Turkish [Prime Minister] Erdoğan that Turkey will be held accountable for any actions that support or enable the İHH to launch its flotilla,” the report said.

“I don’t think that’s a fair assessment,” said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selçuk Ünal, who reiterated the Turkish government’s position that the aid flotilla was being organized outside the scope of government policy by an international group of nongovernmental organizations with no known connections to terrorist organizations.

The U.S. should “immediately designate the İHH as a terrorist entity under Executive Order 13224, which targets ‘terrorists, terrorist organizations, and those providing financial, technological, or material support to terrorists, terrorist organizations, or acts of terrorism,’” according to the Kirk report, entitled “The Future of Israel’s Security and the U.S.-Israel Relationship.”

The report also included other policy recommendations based on the senator’s recent “intense fact-finding mission to Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.”

According to the Kirk report, last year’s flotilla “violently attempted to breach Israel’s coastal security.” In case the events of last year repeat themselves, Kirk suggests that the U.S. make its naval forces available to support Israel.

The U.S. should “make available all necessary special operations and naval support to the Israeli Navy to effectively disable flotilla vessels before they can pose a threat to Israeli coastal security or put Israeli lives at risk,” the report said.

In advance of this year’s planned flotilla, 36 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Erdoğan last month, saying he had “unique opportunity to potentially save lives,” by discouraging the flotilla from leaving for Gaza. Earlier this month Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu suggested that “the aid flotilla should also wait to see what happens with the Rafah [Gaza-Egypt] border crossing being opened.”


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    New Methods of Turkish Invasion

    Turks have invaded us for five hundred years,
    Are they going to plague us for a further
    Its dawns and dusks!

    During that period they left our Arab nations
    In poverty, illiteracy and at the mercy of bribes.
    They never built schools, palaces or even mosques.
    We did not inherit from them anything of which
    We could say we are proud.

    They took our alphabets and converted us to their accent, to
    Their language with its endless grammatical mistakes.
    Then they left our Sacred Language…and
    Seized a modified Latin style.

    Now through new methods
    Headed by a flotilla of aid ships *
    Trying to penetrate our kind harts once more.

    Ships were arranged for humanitarian aid
    Arranged together by caring humans…arrived
    From all the soundless corners of the earth.
    Turks confused the world remonstrating that
    They had nine real martyrs.

    If they were real martyrs
    Why did they carry knives?
    Why didn’t the men in other ships
    Protest, fight or stab?

    Because they had principles,
    They never wanted to fight.
    They wanted to give out a genuine message
    Through their true conscious,
    That Gazaians needed their rights.

    Everyone is able to carry a knife…
    Still refuse to stab others,
    To show their humanitarian side.

    They mourn over nine Turkish martyrs.
    Armenians still mourn over one and half million
    Weaponless humans’ souls slaughtered one by one,
    By Turkish alsaffahs’s, butcher’s hands.

    June 18, 2010

    *Gaza board aid ships: flotilla raid by Israeli’s on May 31, 2010
    Hart: Heart….New poetic style without e with one syllable

  2. Berge said:

    Sylva – MD
    Thanks for your poem… Turks….ha…. Butchers they were, Butchers they still are and Butchers they Remain…Turkey has no soul and most certainly no God….They suck and they are currently led by a Guy who only cares for himself…yes you heard me right That’s another Potential Butcher…Erdogan…. with Hitler like ambitions of conquering the middle east and the Islamic world, if there was such a thing as an islamic world… Is there an Islamic world? what planet they at?…There are countries whose religion is Islam but a Muslim world well where trhe heck is it…I’d like to visit the Butchers who beheaded my family members and show them that after all I am really a human being and not a fowl destined for the family dinner lacking everything else…
    Yes, the Turks are mourning 9 Criminal Terrorist Matyrs…whilst the world led by politics, and the US’s refusal to recognize the Genocide due to political/ perceived defence reasons, are still laughing at our 1.5 million martyrs
    Sooner or later justice will be served

  3. yavuz said:

    IHH was in US to help after Katrina Hurricane in 2005…. that time they were not a terrorist organization but now they are according to usa… it must be an inability of cia that they were not knowing the terrorist organizational inhold of the ihh that time…
    or terrorist or humanitarian description is an interchangeable term according to the fact and the side you are placing…