Bloomberg Photojournalist Deported from Baku

Diana Markosian

YEREVAN, BAKU (Combined Sources)—Photojournalist Diana Markosian, who works for the Bloomberg News Agency was deported from Baku when she arrived there on assignment from Istanbul because she is Armenian.

“I’m very surprised over the incident. For three weeks, we’ve been negotiating with the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry requesting to allow me entrance to Baku. A person in charge asked for 10 days to settle the formalities. He further requested a number of documents including an official letter from Bloomberg, all which were provided,” Markosian told in telephone interview with the Azeri Turan news agency.

“Upon receiving a verbal confirmation allowing my arrival, I traveled to Baku airport, where I was refused entrance because of my Armenian origin, although I’ve never been to Armenia. The Foreign Ministry representative said he’s unable to help me. I would understand it, but why promise something you can’t deliver?” added Markosian.

“Markosian has dual US and Russian citizenship. She came to Baku with her Russian passport. Her documents are all in order,” Emin Huseynov, director of Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety

Elkhan Polukhov, head of the press office for the Azeri foreign ministry stated that Markosian did not have accreditation.

Polukhov said two weeks ago Bloomberg agency applied to the foreign ministry regarding the agency’s plans to do economic reporting from Azerbaijan. This request was approved.

“Two weeks ago the agency sent a letter of response informing that US-Russian citizen of Armenian descent Diana Markosian would accompany the correspondent as a photographer during the visit to Baku,” said Polukhov.

“Bloomberg management was informed that Azerbaijan is at war with Armenia; 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territory was being occupied by Armenia; and about one million Azerbaijani people turned into refugees and internally displaced persons. For this reason, there will be problems to provide security for Armenian Diana Markosian. We asked the agency to send another photographer instead of Markosian,” added Polukhov.

Photos taken by Markosian have been published in newspapers such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

On April 18, Swedish journalists Charlie Laprevote, My Rohwedder Street and Charlotta Wijkstrom were detained and deported from Baku, having come there to film a documentary about freedom of expression in Azerbaijan.


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  1. ARA said:

    Lucky nothing happened to u sweet one-Not sure Y u ever wanted to go there but then again I too have been all over their countryside-in the late 1970’s. not nice-they occupy much of our lands and u know their history-savages to say the least- we will be there someday-they will have no pants on when we arrive- U r safer away from such people-they are buthchers u know-thank GOD u r out- There is so much more int he world to see and report/write on-we have our our own folks there watching their illnesses-there are so many of them! sick they area!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Armanen said:

    What was the point of Diana trying to go to baku? It is a well known fact that baku will not accept an ethnic Armenian. Maybe Diana should instead visit her real homeland and do something there.

    • said:

      How about all Azeri Turks go back to their REAL homeland in the Altai mountains of Siberia?

      Then Armenian, Tolysh, Lezgi and other native peoples of the lands controlled by the artificially created Bazaarbaijan would freely travel between Baku and Yerevan.

      The point of the article was that this was a journalist sent to Baku by her employer to do her job.

      • ARA said:

        Well-it is good to go to such places-as let us see 1st hand what the enemy is all about today-history for her-for us-I understand but at the same time-I say thank God the beasts there did not harm her
        We need to get the real intel-so we should all go there and do our thing-I think u get it!

      • Armanen said:

        I know what the point of the article was. It was idiotic on her part or that of her employers to think that baku would ignore its long standing state policy of not allowing ethnic Armenians to visit except in certain cases, like athletic events or cultural diplomatic exchanges.

  3. Edward Demian said:

    And yet, the Azerys want us to voluntarily agree to submit to their authority!

  4. Aslan said:

    She should have gave me a call. I would have taken care of the customs and provided her with all the security she needed while staying in our beautiful capital.

  5. Zareh said:

    Anytime anyone entraps the Azeris into admitting their bloodthirsty hatred and exposes their open Nazi-like racism against the Armenians to the world is a great achievement.

    This is a welcome “exposé”

    • ARA said:

      EXCELLent-exactly- we must always know who and what the enemy is and doing-always-

  6. S. Yilmaz said:

    This is just a fraudulent lie of Armenian radicals to vilify everything Turkish and Azerbaijani. I bet this journalist never went to Azerbaijan and this is just a scam for Armenian hateful fanatics to make Turkish, Azeri, and Georgians to bend over for Armenian supremacist demands, which includes Armenian supremacist demands to wipe Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia off the map. Armenia constantly yaps about saying “Oh, we are going to burn all your oilfields” “Oh be glad we didn’t invade Baku”, after stealing Nagorno Karabagh. Why are Muslims scared to go back to NKR, because Armenians will kill everything Azeri. Stop the hate and lies Armenians, give up your territorial demands, give up your schemes. You don’t want to live in peace with your neighbors. Also, stop trying to pretend that you guys are Angels using the “1st Christians Card”. That is just another excuse for your guys constant bullying of all your neighbors. Nice try Dashnak hatemongerers!

    • Harb said:

      Yilmaz–You claim this is a fraudulent lie-you said “i bet this journalist never went to Azerbaijan..”

      To maintain this statement you would have to belief that Armenians are so smart -so capable-that we could plan and execute a conspiracy to defame Azeris that was so effective that it fooled the Azeri foreign ministry into making statements that they turned Ms. Markosian away. Yes, you caught us. Elkhan Polukhov from the Azeri Foreign Ministry is an operative of conspiratorial Armenians.

      As for the bullying–you got a point there. Those 2.5m Armenians need to stop bullying those 80m Turks and 10m Azeris.

    • john said:

      you criminal genocidal turkish mongol fascists are looking into the mirror AGAIN, I SEE.

    • ArtsakhIsArmenian said:

      1. Leave Cyprus and apologize for the occupation 2. Stop pursuing the fascist ideology of Pan-Turkism whose goal is to wipe Armenia off the map 3. Stop claiming historical Armenian lands such as Artsakh as “Turkish” when we all know that your homeland is Turkmenistan 4. Stop killing Armenians (Hrant Dink, Gurgen Margaryan, Manvel Saribekyan) 5. Stop celebrating these murders 6. Stop destroying ancient Armenian monuments (such as Julfa cemetery) 7. Stop lying about history (Armenian genocide) 8.Stop lying about “Khojaly massacre” (where are your proofs!?) 9. Stop deceiving the international community that Turkey seeks to improve its nonexistent relations with Armenia when we all know that you are the same evil genocidal Turks that you always were and that you’re just waiting for an opportunity to finish what you started in 1894 i.e. your campaign of exterminating all Armenians in order to establish “Turan” 10. Fuck you

      • ashot said:

        i like 10 best…they will never succeced we wont put down any weapons this time…they had ther chance and they fubar’d that chance…

  7. Satenik said:

    Name and shame them . What a circus for a “country” that is to host the Eurovision Song Contest!

  8. Hrant K. said:

    S. Yilmaz tries to add Georgia to the dual satanic botherhood of azeris and turks- Cheap shot, but

    nevertheless you can’t divide our brotherly ties with our Georgian cousins and eternal neighbors.

    “We give up our territorial demands?” It is not our demands it is our sacred rights, Nucklehead s. yilmaz!!!

    Dream on, and your dreams will never come true. “Give up our schemes?” Well, we’ll keep you in

    constant fear untill you collapse from our Steadfastness! Our 1st Christian “card?” No no no , that is our

    historic fact and we are proud of it, better than you turks stealing the islam religion from the Arabs,

    and your current alphabet stealing from the Rumanians, and your current so called “Republic” ‘s

    territories stealing from the Greeks from the Northwest and West, and stealing from the Armenians

    from the Southwest, East and Northeast, in addition to our 4 sacred rivers the Tigris(Tigranes’s river)

    and the Euphrates(Nayiri’s time) Arax’s 1/2 and the Gour river by the azeris. We are ArchAngels

    next to God and his Bible and you are the devils, who have desacrated the sacred teachings of

    Islam. Your hatred to the Arabs makes you unworthy of pretending to be carriers of that religion,

    Once Israel’s true and only allies, and now trying to use your Troyan Horse “Flotilla” to penetrate Gaza,

    and pretending to defend the Moslems, you are the Hypocrites’ ArchHypocrite, A pendulum that

    will explode and implode! And that pretty much very very soon!!! (7)

  9. Hrant K. said:

    Diana Markosian should act like Kim Kardashian, as she is no less prettier and sexier than the latter,

    she has become a political celebrity, and most important she is gifted with the most powerful weapon

    to retaliate, she is a journalist/photographer, that can unmask the azeris “BIG TIME” !!! (7)