Another Genocide Bill Introduced in Israel’s Knesset

Israel's Knesset building

TEL AVIV—The Israeli Parliament—Knesset—Committee discussed another Armenian Genocide-related measure on Wednesday dealing with assigning a memorial day for the Genocide and decided that its Education and Culture Committee discuss this new measure and make recommendation to the Knesset, reported Armenian National Committee of Jerusalem member Hagop Sevan.

The Knesset voted 25-1 to send the bill for consideration by the Education and Culture Committee. The measure was introduced by Knesset member Arie Eldad. This second resolution envisions educational programs and curricula on the Armenian Genocide to be taught on April 24.

The one vote against came from a Knesset member who is of Azeri descent.

The Israeli government representative, Uzi Landau, who is Israel’s minister of national infrastructure commented that while the government believes that Armenia and Turkey must address this issue among themselves, the government was not opposed to the discussion of the measure by the Knesset committtee.

On May 18, a motion by the Meretz party to direct the Israeli Knesset’s education committee to discuss a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide was unanimously approved.

The motion presented by Meretz delegate Zahava Gal-On also received the support of government representatives who voted for the proposal.

During the more than 30 minute debate on the Knesset floor on May 18, various party members expressed their views on the resolution. On behalf of Israel’s foreign ministry, Religion Minister, Yakkov Marki expressed ministry’s position, which was to leave the issue on the defense and foreign affairs commission, adding that Israel must support the Armenia-Turkey dialogue process.

However, Marki expressed his personal conviction affirming the Genocide and added that time has come for Israel to make a clear decision on the matter. He then proposed that the Knesset’s education committee address the matter.

Also speaking at the debate was the ruling Likud party representative, Ze’ev Elkin who supported the motion to task the education committee with the issue. Elkin’s role in the fruition of this motion was considerable.

Wednesday’s motion becomes the second bill to be discussed by the Knesset’s education committee.


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  1. g.t. said:

    Es himarnere blacklist en anum mardkanc ovker dashnak chen. Amot dzez

  2. Heghapokhagan said:

    I “WON’T BE SURPRISED If Turkey Reestablishes his ties with Israel”
    The World Still Has To LEARN That Turkey is a “Hypocrite”

  3. gary S. said:

    Israel is a hypocrite. It talks about the Holocaust and telling the world it was all Jewish.
    In the Holocaust many of the people killed were Slavic, Gypsies, gays, mentally ill, political prisoners, etc
    It is only discussing the genocide to get Turkey in line–about the next flotilla. It doesn’t care about genocide.

  4. hatsakorzian nerses said:

    Dear Madame, sir , the Armenian genocide it is a fact the Knesset has agreed to discuss the bill, it is step forward let’s not spoiled it, remember state of Israel got a so called friend in the region(turkey) we Armenian’s got friend called( Islamic republic of Iran) we both situated in hostile environment we both need somebody to hang on to isn’t it ?

    • Gregory said:

      Yes- “Armenian’s got friend called( Islamic republic of Iran)”

      Are you saying that Armenia should deny the genocide of the jewish people because it has an ally that is anti- Israel. Just becuase Israel is an ally of Turkey does not mean that it should publicly deny the Armenian Genocide. It’s like saying Armenia or England are friends of Germany so it is morally right for them to deny the holocaust of the jews.

  5. Dyanahar said:

    To be honest, I find this pretty funny.

    The US might not know what kind of an ally Turkey actually is – though one might think they could have figured it out by just looking at their long list of unreliable “friends” in the past.. Israel however, at least from my Armenian point of view and despite the weapon-deals with Azerbaijan, the rather sad treatment of Armenians in Jerusalem and this whole “Holocaust is the only genocide”-thing, is a state that should have our (moral) support. They have every historic right to the little piece of land they call their own, but are in an everlasting struggle about a even smaller piece of it with people that see themselves as part of an Islamic community reaching from Bosnia and Marocco to Bangladesh; they were the ones that were attacked, they managed to survive and are now seen as the aggressors. A story that every Armenian should be able to understand, seeing as how in the past 1000 years the only legitimate heirs to Eastern Anatolia were killed, chased away or turkified; then again attacked in recent history, been victorious only to learn that now they are marked as the bad guys. I will skip further similiarities to come to the point: unlike the US, Isreal is physically close to their Turkish allies. By now they should have learned that there are very few trustworthy states in this region and that the Turkish Nationalists/Islamists are the very last of them. Sure they might come in handy keeping everything cool, but seeing as how the Quran commands a real Muslim to go after Jews, a treaty with a populist country like Turkey is bound to break at some point. In fact, NATO, the US and Israel were useful idiots to Turkey in the past 50 years and whether or not they threaten to cut their support, they will find out that their whole alliance was not a win-win-situation.

    They will find out no matter how many drones they sell Aliyev and how many Persian facilities they sabotage and whether or not they aknowledge the turkish genocide, so they might as well, at least that will buy them our goodwill – not that they care (maybe they should).

  6. manooshag said:

    Truth: Jews, peoples who had suffered the Nazis… are playing games now, ongoing/unending each time they bring up the issue of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… at another of their ‘departments’
    et al…. Can it now be said that the Jews too, are committing their own Genocides against the Palestinians hence are not too anxious to examine any others Genocides??

  7. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    Shame on Israel for not recognizing the well documented Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 by the then Turkish Government. Armenian’s must consider Israel as Anti-Armenian & Anti-Christian. Back in the 1980’s she did not alow the Armenian Genocide film to be shown in Jerusalem and when they had the Genocide conference in Tel Aviv, again she did not alow Armenians to attend. Also, the Ambasador from Israel to Armenia made statements that there was no Genocide of the Armenian People. Turkey is arming the Azeri’s to help them take back historic Artsakh. Israel has backed off in recognizing the Armenian Genocide because of foolish reasons & that is because she is using the excuse that 25 thousand Jews living in Turkey might get affected. Also, she is getting oil from Baku that goes thru Georgia into Turkey. Israel is hurting herself in the long run by supporting Turkey whom has one of the worst Human Rights Violations in the world as recorded by Amnesty International. Also, Turkey is using five Jewish Organizations here in the USA to do their dirty work in controlling Washington, the State Dept. & the President to not recognize the Armenian Genocide. She must be punished at the United Nations for denying the truth.

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