Baku Conducting False Propaganda, Says Baroness Cox

Baroness Cox

STEPANAKERT (ArmInfo)—Azerbaijan is conducting false propaganda and manipulating visitors want to know the truth about the Karabakh conflict, said British House of Lords member Baroness Caroline Cox, who is led a seven-day British pilgrimage to Karabakh.

The people of Artsakh (Nagorno- Karabakh) have won the right to independence, added the Baroness.

Cox said that the pilgrimage she led to Karabakh was, first and foremost, a spiritual tour, emphasizing that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

She explained that the pilgrimage participants, who hailed from nine countries wanted to familiarize themselves with Karabakh, its history and culture.

The fierce anti-Armenian campaign undertaken by official Baku did not deter the visitors in her group, which included doctors, public figures, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, students from the United States, Germany, France, Israel, Nigeria, Austria and Australia, among others.

The group familiarized itself with the historic and cultural monuments of Artsakh and was joined by a group of local Karabakh residents to end the visit at the 13th century Gandzasar Monastery in the Martakert region of Karabakh.

The pilgrims visiting the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic for the first time were impressed by the splendor of the ancient monasteries, the hospitality and warmth of the people of Karabakh, and they promised to visit Karabakh again.

Baroness Cox has been lead pilgrimages to Karabakh since 2001. That trip was dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Ignoring continued threats from Baku, Cox has brought hundreds of foreign visitors to Karabakh. She has been a staunch advocate of Karabakh’s self-determination and is also invested in the Karabakh’s state-building, the peace process and establishment of democratic reforms in Artsakh.

Cox is the chairwomen of the Armenian-British Parliamentary Group, and since 1988, has led dozens of humanitarian trips to Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. In 2006 she was awarded a Mkhitar Gosh Medal of Armenia for state and public-political activities, as well as for considerable contribution to diplomacy, legal studies and politics. A rehabilitation center in Stepanakert, established under the auspices Christian Solidarity Worldwide, was named after Caroline Cox.


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    British People Remember
    To Add Another Leaf To Your Red Poppy
    For The Genocided Armenians

    Before the World War I . . . Our Genocide began.
    You lost young soldiers, martyred with their guns,
    Who went passionately, defending their Crown;
    They did not return, . . . were lamented by their nation
    By parents, wives, offspring, and their countrymen.

    You lost your bravest men . . . and
    We felt your sadness.
    We lost almost all our Artful, Literate
    Voiceless, Devoted, Enslaved populace
    Slaughtered . . . raped . . . dehydrated . . . famineated
    On the sunny Der-Zor sand!

    When you remember your Armistice Day, *
    Please remember, for your soldiers’ sake,
    Our slaughtered unborn sons
    Who never grew to become young men!
    They fell to defend their dignity . . . their faith and yours
    Along with democracy . . . human rights . . .

    Awake . . . return to your faith . . .
    Remember the Armenian Genocide.
    Add another leaf to your red poppy,
    And make Remembrance Day More humanitarian.

    We have not yet regained our rights,
    To our historic homeland . . .
    Our Biblical Mount Ararat
    Of civilized hearts, Where the martyred proud reign.

    *November 11, 1918

  2. Ahmet said:

    I cannot believe that a representative of a secular state as UK, confuses political issues with religious ones. Shame on her.

    • Not Ahmet said:

      I cannot believe that the whole turkish population, and as a result all their representatives, think they are talking about political, ethical and religous issues while in truth being driven by the protofascism that led them to Asia Minor in the first place.
      Shame on them for that as well.

      Also, I cannot believe that Ahmet, obviously turkish-linked, is babbling about representatives of secular states while turkey as a whole pretends to be a secular state, yet manages to confuse its position with an Islamic one (used to be a godless panturkic one, so Erdogan is doing something right here).

      • Ahmet said:

        How does it confuse you, We are talking about government officials, not regular people. Yes some individuals in Turkey may not love Christians and Jews, just like vice versa of it is true. But non of the Turkish Government officials ever said something against non-muslim Turkish citizens. No representative of Turkish Government ever said that Azerbaijan is a muslim country, that’s why we should support them.

        On the other hand, this woman who represents the UK house, confuses religion with politics for sure.

    • Not Ahmet said:

      I mean seriously, turpocracy, meaning the specific turkish hypocracy about their past and preent should and delusions about there future, should be an official term, but this is going a bit too far, isn’t it, Ahmet?

    • Avery said:

      Glory to the Angelic Baroness Cox, who was there sounding the alarm in the late 1980s when Azeri Musavat Fascists started their massacres of unarmed, defenseless Armenian civilians in Sumagit (1988) Baku (1990), terror bombing of Stepanakert (1991-1992)…..

    • Araxi said:

      Ahmet, go to and type in Baronnes Cox about Nagorno Karabakh and you will see the atrocities she saw that was committed by the azeris against helpless Armenian women, children and elderly.

        • Avetik said:

          Please do, but make sure to add Conspiracy after it, because that’s all that was. There is enough counter-proof to dispel every lie the azeri propaganda machine spews out. It’s a shame you use the death of civilians (at the hands of azeri troops might I add) as leverage.

  3. Vazken said:

    Ahmet, can you name me one muslim country that does not mix religion with politics, just one! Do’nt give me that crap about Turkey being a secular state, Turks bomb Jewish institutions, kill Catholic priests and German missionaries, gunned down Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, a man seeking Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, all in the name of religion.
    Baroness Cox is a principled person, celebrating worldwide Christian solidarity while taking on political duties in the most civilized way.

  4. john said:

    I can fully believe believe that a representative of a CRIMINAL turkish gangsters confuse political issues with religious ones. Shame on these criminal turkish hacks here.