Prime Minister Inspects Karabakh Troops

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, in army fatigues, at the Karabakh-Azeri border

STEPANAKERT (RFE/RL)—Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan inspected Armenian frontline positions east of Nagorno-Karabakh and hailed soldiers serving there as “heroes” on Tuesday on the second day of his visit to the disputed territory.

Video footage and photographs released by the Armenian government’s press office showed a camouflage-clad Sarkisian walking through a fortified trench at an undisclosed section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani “line of contact” around Karabakh. He was also shown driving a battle tank and practicing shooting at a nearby Karabakh Armenian army unit.

Sarkisian, accompanied by Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian and Karabakh’s top military commander, Lieutenant General Movses Hakobian, then addressed the unit’s personnel.

“Dear soldiers, you must be proud of serving in Nagorno-Karabakh’s Defense Army and being representatives of a victorious army,” the office quoted him as telling them. “You must continue the traditions which your parents established by winning the fight for Nagorno-Karabakh.”

“The government of the Republic of Armenia will spare no effort to ensure that you have all the possibilities of enhancing your combat-readiness … What you are doing here is a heroic act,” added the prime minister.

Sargsyan mentioned Azerbaijan’s growing threats to forcibly win back Karabakh and Armenian-controlled territories surrounding it when he spoke to journalists later in the day.

“What is now happening in the Armenian armed forces is vivid proof of the fact that we are on the right track,” he said. “We have to continue working hard, to increase our [combat] skills, which is what takes places today.”

The Armenian premier traveled to Karabakh for talks with the unrecognized republic’s government leaders that focused on economic issues. They specifically discussed ways of supporting agriculture and food processing, the backbone of the local economy.

Sargsyan wrapped up the trip on Tuesday with a meeting with Karabakh farmers and government officials dealing with agriculture.


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  1. Ahmet said:

    It’s not Karabakh troops, but Armenian. In fact, no nation has recognized Nagorno Karabakh as an independent state. Not even Armenia itself.

    • Not Ahmet said:

      Its not Northern Cyprus its Turkey, oh wait. :X

      (I know this is flawed because no Ahmet has a right to stand on Greek soil, as with Asia Minor in general, but you get my point)

    • Avery said:

      Nope: its Artsakh’s own sons, Ahmet.
      And despite the propaganda that you have heard it was Artsakh’s own Warriors that defeated your Military in 1988-1994. RoA officers and volunteers did help, but the bulk of the fighting was done by Artsakh’s own sons.

      The fact the no country has recognized it means – nothing, nada, zilch, bupkus….
      It is independent de-facto: that’s all that matters. No Azeri Government or Azeri troops on its territory: do youdeny that ?
      It is secure thanks to its capable Military, backed by RoA’s Armed Forces.
      RoA is very smart and far-thinking NOT to recognize it. There are lots and lots of benefits in not being recognized. Lots of headaches if it is recognized by EU and such.

    • said:

      Ahmet Ograshxana-ugly – who cares about this “international recognition”? There are so many failed states like BazaArbaijan, Somalia, Zimbabwe which are fully recognized as independent members of UN but could not function and control their territory. And compare these joke-states to Artsakh which has a functioning democracy, all attributes of power and able to control its territory.

    • bigmoustache said:

      no its karapagh troops, locals, they are also armenian as the population was over 90% armenian. but that doesnt mean much to me when it comes to my historical lands

    • john said:

      RAVO Karabakh and Armenian forces. The liberation of Nagorno Karabakh Is THE FIRST STEP IN liberation of Armenia from thr criminal turkish gangsters.

  2. dr.sangram said:


    • Hayk said:

      You can go to Armenia and than to Karabax.
      All vizas you can get it right there in airport(zvartnotc) in Armenia.
      You won’t regret it,if you go there.

    • Hayk said:

      All you need to do to go to Arrmenia and than from Yrevan(capital) you can get tour buss or shuttle or rent a car.
      Visas you can get right in the airport for both Armenia and Karabax maybe in minutes.
      When you get there you won’t regret it.
      Smart chose.

    • said:

      Dr. Sangram – to get Artsakh visa you need to go to Armenia and get it from Artsakh Embassy in Armenia. Artsakh will welcome you!

      You’ll be amazed how Indian culture (pre-Mongol-Turk invasion) is close to Aryan Armenian culture and how Sanskrit is close to ancient Armenian!

    • Avetik said:

      Just get a Visa to Armenia. You’ll get to Karabakh from here with no problems.

    • Arthur I said:

      You must obtain a visa to travel to Armenia by contacting the Armenian Consulate in India, then you can travel from Armenia to Kharabakh. You might want to mention at the Consulate that you want to visit Little Switzerland, I mean Kharabakh, and they will guide you in the proper direction.

    • Edward Demian said:

      Dear Dr. Sangram
      I hope that you do go to visit Armenia. But before you do, you need to look up on the web, the history of Armenian and Hindu relations. You will be surprised of the delightful stories, and the ancient relations between us. Linguistically, and historically, Armeno-Hurrians are the ancestors of some of the Indian Peoples. There were Hindu colonies in pre Christian Armenia. Interesting stuff.

  3. the truth said:

    the problemis our PM was never in army :-)

    people who refuse to go to army should not get gov. jobs!

  4. john said:

    BRAVO Karabakh and Armenian forces. The liberation of Nagorno Karabakh Is THE FIRST STEP IN liberation of Armenia from thr criminal turkish gangsters.