Whoever Opposes Azerbaijan is Georgia’s ‘Enemy,’ Says Saakashvili

Aliyev and Saakashvili

TBILISI—In discussing “problems” Georgia and Azerbaijan share with “unresolved conflicts,” Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said “whoever opposes Azerbaijan” is Georgia’s “enemy.”

In an interview published in a special issue of The Business Year magazine devoted to Azerbaijan, the Georgian leader described the relationship between the two countries as a strategic partnership.

“Georgia and Azerbaijan should stand side by side, taking into account our geographic position and common history. We share a common vision, we have strong ties. I am convinced that our countries will be able to create a better future through unity, good relationships and shared success. Both our states have serious problems with regard to unresolved conflicts, and whoever opposes Azerbaijan and Georgia is an enemy of both our countries. Our strength lies in unity, and this is not just words, but reality,” he stressed.

“In recent years Georgian-Azerbaijani relations have reached their peak, and we will continue to work in this direction. Undoubtedly, the foundation of these relations was laid by Heydar Aliyev, and we seek to maintain this trend in the future. Thanks to the incredible efforts of President Ilham Aliev, our ties are constantly strengthening. We are absolutely convinced that this relationship will contribute to stability and the development of our region. I am convinced that this is a new start of the great partnership of friendship and brotherhood,” Saakashvili said.

The two leaders

Azerbaijani-Georgian friendship has a long history and has stood the test of time, the Georgian leader continued.

“In January 2008, when Georgia was left without electricity or gas, for reasons still not clear to me, Azerbaijan helped the Georgian people in that cold winter though it had to cut gas supplies to its own population. Georgia will never forget this help of the Azerbaijani people. We will not forget this help because it was provided in the most difficult time for Georgians. And it’s not just the result of a strategic partnership, but also a symbol of our brotherhood. In fact, we have established federal links. The two countries have no problems,” the head of the Georgian state said. 

Speaking about successful joint projects, the president highlighted the importance of the construction of the railway from Baku via Tbilisi to Kars in Turkey. This project demonstrates geopolitical transformation in the region, as “a completely new strategic relationship is created not only between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, but also with Central Asia, China and Europe”.

“In essence, this is a modern version of the Silk Road. This project will certainly guarantee the successful long-term development of our countries. Our relationship is more than just a regular connection. Georgia and Azerbaijan have been friendly countries for many years,” Saakashvili said.


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  1. gary S. said:

    Be careful of Muslim Turks, Georgia. Georgia is the only country in Turkey’s way to create pan-Turkic Empire from Turkey to Central Asia. Can’t go through Armenia since Armenia has Russia troops. Georgia has NO ONE to protect it against 80 million Turks!

    • Z said:

      They just turn their vest. no need for protection, these people have no spine and readily prostite themselves. Many over the border converted to islam in order not to have problems with turks.

    • Ahmet said:

      Gary: Turks respect their friends like Georgians. You shouldn’t worry for them. They are a smart nation, and know whom they can trust. And what has the religion to do with politics? Russians are Christians just like Georgians, do they love each other. Also you-Armenians are Christians like Georgians, do you want to be friends with them, or do you really wanna claim Djavakheti is Armenian land?

      • gary S. said:

        Guess you don’t know Ottoman-Turkey’s history. Turkey wants that region. It is the only way to have Turkey’s dream of pan-Turkism. Look at the history of invasion of Georgia by Turkey-Ottoman Empire: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/230186/Georgia/44322/Turkish-and-Persian-domination.
        During the Sarikamish, 1914, Ottoman Empire tried to invade Batumi,which is now part of Georgia.
        Turks are NO friends to Christians. Look at the genocides they did against its Christians–Armenians, Greeks & Assryians. During the genocide, the mullahs told them by killing Christians, they would go to heaven! Learn from history!

        • Ahmet said:

          Gary: Russians are NO friends to Christians either. Look at the recent history. The problem is, you and I read the history of Ottoman Empire from different sources. Even the link you have provided, Brittannica uses sources written by Christian historians.

          Georgians know their history with Ottoman very well, that’s why they are friends with Turkey and Azerbaijan, not with Russia or Armenia. Of course, they had a choice from the beginning be a puppet to Russian Federation (just like Armenia is), but they were smart enough and had enough courage to refuse Russia’s offers and to chose their Turkish friends.

          • gary S. said:

            Luckily for the Georgians, the Ottoman Empire was defeated at Sarikamish. There would be no Georgians left if Ottoman Empire won. They did genoicide against ALL of their Christians–Greeks, Assryians & Armenians. No other country treats its Christians worst. Even Iran treats its Christians better!

          • Ahmet said:

            Sarikamish battle started in December of 1914. Ottoman Empire lasted from 1299 to 1923. Thats 624 years. All those years they were nice to its christian population. And one of a sudden they started killing based on religion? Do you really believe in that BS?why did they wait over 600 years to start the conflict between muslims and christians?

            Nothing would happen to Georgians if Ottoman won the Sarikamish battle.

          • ArdeVast Atheian said:

            Turkey would do well to follow the policies of its Urban Anti-Islamic parties.
            The concessions she needs to make to the Armenians are minimal, a ten mile stretch of coast for Armenian access to the Black sea, the return of Mt Ararat and a more truthful recognition that the land west of Antioch used to belong to the Armenians before the Turks overrun it; Hardly anything to peep about.
            Those are steps in the right direction that will enable the two countries to build better future ties.

          • Zeno said:

            Ahmet have you heard even about one clever Georgian ? )) As for me I didn’t. And if you and georgians are soo clever and can help each other , why you suffer from Russia or Armenian army in Kharabakh ? You had about 800.000 people who went from Armenian theritory , why they don’t struggle for their rights to come back or to take Kharabakh and live there ??? Help each other and take that land , also leave armenians in Djavakh without land… Your nation and georgians know well that you are not able to do bad things now , as you are less knowledgeable about problems regarding Armenian lands, and you are sure that in the worst case you will loose Nakhichevan too.

      • Kirk said:

        Hey Ahmet,
        I agree with you 100%.
        If we had massacred 1.5 million innocent people and occupied their lands,I would
        have given same generous advise.

        • Ahmet said:


          this is not a discussion, when we look at the history not the same way. The history I read says Armenians with Russian kick started conflict within Ottoman Empire. Turks never killed 1.5million innocent people, and they not capable to do that, in a moral sense. So as long as, you armenians claim it happened, and we say, no it did not happen, discussing it is meaningless. So when I ask questions about today, stop going back in the history and saying stuff about events that never happened. If you want to discuss today’s events, I can listen to you.

          • gary S. said:

            Ahmet, so it is Armenian lies? Then why do Greeks and Assryians say Ottoman Empire did genocide against them too? The ONLY one who lies is Turkey. Stop believing what your government tells you. All lies.

          • Ahmet said:

            Gary: would you stop believing in lies that Armenian government tells Armenians? Why Should i stop believing in what I think is correct, when you dont want to do that? Greeks hate turks for istanbul, thats why they lie about history, too.

          • Kirk said:

            Germans apologized for the jewish genocide.They never said it’s
            the thing of the past.So,don’t try to escape from the past,there is a
            pending and unsettled business with your past.We will forget the past once you apologize for the Armenian Genocide,return our historic lands,compensate for our losses.
            After that,I will hold your hand as a future brother (you don’t like anything with past) and take you to Tbilisi to find you a shelter close tp Saakashvili.

          • Ahmet said:

            Kirk: you know that will never happen, don’t you? Azerbaijan slowly, but consistently is reaching its goal – blockading Armenia. Let me tell you a possible future: once AR officials start talking about Djavakh publicly, Georgia will close its borders with Armenia too, right now they are waiting for a single reason to do that. Then what? How will Armenia survive? Can AR bypass all of its neighbors to get the Russian energy? Smart people don’t just fight using weapons, today Azerbaijan has the economic power to bring Armenia on its knees. And I’m sure you all are aware of that, too.

          • Gassia said:

            Ahmed….read history the way other people do….Arabs for one…and you will find out the way you were made to read is wrong…..

          • john said:

            agian the same old criminal genocidal turk BSing it’s way through it’s miserable existence?

  2. Danoog said:

    My family will be visiting Armenia in August and planned to take a side trip to Tbilisi. Now? I don’t think so.

    • bigmoustache said:

      go to javakhg only, spend your money there on armenian business

  3. Hrant K. said:

    It looks like Azeri Petrodollars are speaking louder than Georgian common sense. Saakashvili is ignoring a very large part of his own people of Meskhetis, Ajarians, South Ossetians& Abkhazis(not Georgian any more) Russians, Yezidis and Djavakheti Armenians! Can he dare to to utter the same words, should the
    pipelines disappear, the railways disfunction and ilham aliyev’s nose look like Mount Fuji and a Tsunami
    hits Baku, Sumgait and all the West caspian Oil Fields???

        • Ahmet said:


          I’m sure, you know that the meskhetis whom Georgian government is planning to place in Javakheti and other regions of Georgia, are 120,000 “Meskheti Turks” who were deported to Central Asia by Stalin in 1944.

  4. Arn.Sweden. said:

    The Georgian President are a Puppet of the US and the Turks,
    he is a looser and will probably drag Georgia to the pit.

    It is The Georgian and Armenian Peoples who are Brothers according to the Flesh.

    Genesis 10

    3And the sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.

    Gomer the forefather of all German peoples.

    Ashkenas or todays OsGrusia – Osetistan and Georgia – called Asgousei by the Iranians in the 4th C.B.C
    He is the forefather of all Gotic German Peoples,
    Compare –
    Grusia – Gosia – Gousai – Asgousai – Askenas and – Grusia -Gosia – Gousai – Goetsia – Gotia.

    Riphath – Hatti – Hettitte – Called – Gamir by the Armenians.
    Riphat took the name of his Father Gomer – Gomerians – Kimerians – Cimerians – Cimbrians,
    the forefather of all Keltic German People – Compare – Cumru or Gumru – the Gaelic Keltic Name of Wales in GB.

    Togarmah – Armenia – from whom also the Slavs in Central Europe stems.


    • Ahmet said:

      Arn.Sweden: in a same way, we can say that Sarksyan is Russia’s puppet, cann’t we?

      • Arn.Sweden. said:

        No we cant !.

        Armenia has exhibited no hostility against its neighbours,
        on the contrary Asebadjanis has treathen Armenia with Military strikes.

        If Georgia would not have taken the Turkish side,
        they would not have been treathened by Russia,
        and Russia could even have allowed Georgia to gain Abchasia and Northossetia,
        which are Georgian to etnocity.

        But now,
        Georgia will go down – down – down,
        as will Turkey and Aserbadjan also.

        The West will lose this region.


        • Arn.Sweden. said:

          Further a Warning to Armenia !.

          US as a Nato member is obligied to defend Turkey as also a Nato member in a and the War against Turkey to come.

          A friend of mine had a vision of The US Bombing in Armenia.

          However they will achieve nothing and regarding Georgia and Asebadjan,
          i dont think The US will go to War on their behalf.

          But Armenias Foes will lose and therefore the Us will try to defend Turkey,
          but achieve nothing.


      • john said:

        you are are the same old prototypical turkish idiot. nothing new there.

        • Osmanoglu said:

          When the brain stops thinking, the mouth starts barking and insulting….nothing new on armenian side :)

  5. Edward Demian said:

    Lets give the Georgians something to remember. Lets cut the pipeline and bypass Georgia. Then gradually turn it back on; for a big profit. They will be our friends then.

  6. Vahe said:

    This is nothing new, Georgia always supported azeris and turkey over Armenia. Obviously, Russia just extended their army base in Armenia until 2045. Honestly, Armenians should definitely think about ripping apart Georgia with Russia’s help. Two new countries have appeared on the map from former ‘Georgian territory’, south ossetia and abkhazia, I really think Javahk should be the third one. With Russia’s help, Armenia will not only have a border with Russia, but the safety of the Armenian’s in Javahk will not be in jeopardy. Russia would definitely recognize Javahk as it did with the 2 latest countries. It’s only a matter of time before countries start recognizing Artsakh’s independence, we should make Javahk a priority. Georgia treats Javahk like Azeris did Artsakh, we should definitely tear them a new one. Keep in mind, Georgia has plans to resettle meshketian turks in Javahk to kick out Armenians from their native homeland, just like azeris tried to do in Artsakh…problems with Georgia are inevitable. With Russia and Iran as neighbours, Armenia will be fine without Georgia and Turkey/Azerbaijan. Javahk is as Armenian as Artsakh and Van.

    • Ahmet said:

      You are day dreaming Vahe. Funny scenerios! Breaking Georgia apart? You are talking about the 3rd World War there. Do you think Turkey, EU and the U.S. will let Russia go that far?

      • Masis said:

        My dear Turk, I think your one point is right. Georgia can’t be wiped off this earth. However, it’s position can change from less or more pro Azeri, less or more pro Russian, less more pro Armenian, and less or more pro Turk. If they upset Russia, Russia will come down hard on them. And nobody wants to upset The Bear. EU is a weak body. The US can’t do anything other than protest, and other than you noone in Turkey cares too much about Georgia to get involved. Even if they did, they couldn’t do much. It would be wise for Georgia to keep a low profile and just shut up.

        • Ahmet said:


          Let’s say, in a month, Georgia, in solidarity with Azerbaijan and because of threats from Armenia (related to Djavakheti), closes its borders with Armenia. What will be the “bear”s motive to attack Georgia? As long as Georgia does not attack Armenia, Russia will have no reason to get involved. Yes, russians are barbarians in the eyes of the rest of the world, but do you think they are also stupid to attack a nation with no solid reason and ruin all relations with others?

          • Ahmet said:


            I guess, you dont have any answer to my questions, and thats why you type the same comment all over again.

          • leo said:

            you have no knowlege of anything on the ground. do you really think georgia would or even could block Armenia? thats a funny thing to say. first off the temporary block would be easily countered by supplies from Iran. then georgia wich is already shattered will start to turn into dust. internal fighting and explosions of some pipes. georgias criminal army then might try to crush the Armenian population then we all know what will happen…

      • Kirk said:

        Turkey will break apart soon or later.It reached its maximum allowed capacity and US/EU/Russia/Israel are not happy at all seeing leaders like Erdogan asking apologies from left and right.After Arab Spring is over,soon will see Turkish Sunset (sorry I meant
        Armenian Sunrise).In between this Georgia can desperately look around for friends…

      • Avery said:

        Turkey let Russia go that far ? US ? EU ?
        Russia can turn all major Turkish cities into glass parking lots if her security is threatened. Turks jump up and down in excitement under the NATO (read Christian) umbrella. Can you defend yourselves without Christian NATO ?

        Russian bear growled and NATO trained Georgian troops ran to their mamas in Tbilisi.
        If Russia wanted to, they could have raced to Tbilisi and cut Georgia in half.

        Turks are only brave when faced with unarmed men, women, and children.
        At the Battle of Sarikamish, Russians (with help from Armenian brigades) wiped out your 3rd Army under the genocidal murderer Enver Pasha (too bad Armenians units couldn’t catch him). Your army of 120,000 was wiped out.

        • Ahmet said:

          you wrote: “Russia wanted to, they could have raced to Tbilisi and cut Georgia in half.”

          Yeah, I ‘m sure Russia doesn’t want to have Tbilisi.

          In every chance, you try to hide behind the shiled of christianity. The fact is Turkey is a NATO member and is a muslim state. And no matter how high armenians jump up and down, US and other NATO members are obligated to join Turkey, if Turkey decides to attack Armenia because of terms such as western armenia.

          • Avery said:

            Turkey did try to attack Armenia in 1993. PM Tansu Çiller massed an invasion Army at the border of RoA, threatening to invade RoA, if Artsakh’s Armenian Army did not stop liberating more Azeri-occupied Armenian lands. Armenians kept on going, liberating, liberating, liberating….So what stopped Turks from invading ? guess what. That’s right – Russia. Do you know what the message from Russia was to Çiller ? pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

            As to hiding behind Christianity: when you Turks stop hiding behind Christian NATO, we’ll stop, quote, hiding behind Christianity. Let’s see how long your Muslim Turkey will last without massive help from the Christian West.

    • Satenik said:

      There is a lot of truth what you have written Vahe. Georgians have become pests and I think that
      is simply itching for another “visit” by the big bear. Obviously the silly baboon has learnt nothing about the “treatment” he got from the Russians when he was entertaining the idiotic hope that Obama will be there to help. Yes Javakhk is Armenia and it should become independent!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ahmet said:

        I just laugh every time I read you guys write and praise the big bear Russia. lol. What would you do without them? Georgia says something against Armenia and instead of saying We will punish you, you say Russia will punish you. Stop crying and hiding behind Russians.

  7. Vanoush said:

    The only reason behind their brotherhood is both hate we Armenians…They both planning to eliminate Armenians from the region, they were,are and will always support each other

  8. gary S. said:

    The US helped put him in power. Russia will find a way of getting rid of him.

    • Paul Marcos said:

      George Soros will soon replace Aliyev and put someone in charge in Azerbaijan more to his liking, like Finance Minister Samir Sharifov or anyone else who wants to be another one of his puppets

      • RiverAG said:

        The writings on the wall in this case. Soros was very active in the former Soviet Union in the 1990s and he is closely connected with the CIA. Samir Sharifov, who you mentioned, is an agent of the U.S. intelligence community – he was recruited by CIA officers and Azerbaijan officials who are connected with American Intelligence. He is a valuable asset to the U.S. Intelligence community and is on his way to being the new Prime Minister and also on his way to being untouchable. Even his foes in Azerbaijan government bodies are scared to engage in any activities against him.

      • Osmanoglu said:

        George Soros is a genious business man, dont look on him as an Armenian. If it would be necessary for his business, he would even help wiping out Armenia…

  9. Arto said:

    This guy’s got to go. Aliyev is sneaky and slimy but Saakashvilli is just crazy. He is not normal and has serious mental problems. You can tell this buy looking at his eyes. His medications are obviously not working. The Georgian and Armenian people are true brothers/sisters but this idiot is selling his own people out. Its time that he is gotten rid of and the US/Israeli intelligence community that put him there should be kept out of the Cauvcas region.

  10. www.Voskanapat.info said:

    Must see – Saakashvili eating his tie – BBC news footage:


    Actually, Georgians are another artificial nation along with Bazaarbijan created by Lenin-Stalin Bolsheviks. The majority of population of this “Gurdjistan” are Mengrels who want have nothing to do with the Kartvels whose language is claimed as “Georgian” and forced on all other peoples of this “country.” Aside form these two big communities in conflict there are so many other tribes fighting and hating each other that the only thing that unites them is their common hate towards Armenians – the rightful owners of most of their developed lands, cities and religious cites. Except Armenians and their native lands that were “assigned” by Stalin to his artificially created “Gruzia” – other tribes there changed their religion many times back and forth from Islam to Christianity depending on the prevailing winds. Their way of forging history is to scrape off Armenian words from the walls of Armenian churches and pronounce these churches “Georgian.”

    Unfortunately, the Young Georgians nationalists think that by settling Turks in native Armenian regions of “Georgia” they will protect themselves from Armenians breaking free.

  11. Grish Begian said:

    Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili complexity is not new to the world!!His wrong policy not only hurt Armenians, but will hurt ordinary Christian Georgians in a long run…this man who earned his double AA for his last name, is much crazier that his counterpart Horsy Alioff….the Turkification of Georgia is Turkey’s dream, and if Georgian opposition don’t remove him from power he will damage South Caucasus demography in favor of his turkish masters…Rajab Erdoghan is eager to celebrate and re-crown this moron with another “A” in a newly built mosque in Georgia…he will call him Mikheil SAAAkashvilli…

  12. Vazken said:

    Both countries have stolen other peoples lands; the Artsakh problem is solved for all intents and purposes, Javakh, Ajaria and other lands will be liberated too. Beats me why saakashvili is seeking solace from a loser, the ex-ruler of Artsakh aliyev junior.

  13. DAVID said:

    This message for Vahe. Iwant to know, what are you smoking? What ever it is must be pretty good. You should read a history. Samtskhe-Javakheti always been Georgian, and always will be. Keep kissing Russias ass and will see what really happens. God knows how many times Georgian King Erekle the second saved Armenians from muslim world, but Armenians betrade Georgia several times. Specially when Aga mahmad khan took Tbilisi, because of Georgian Armenians betrade. This is a fact and very unfortunate fact, because Georgians and Armenians shold be like brothers sence they are surraunded by muslims. That’s why when persians mase Armenians as slaves, georgia helped and let armenians come and leave in peace in Georgia. So we let you guys come and leave in our country and you want to take part of it with Russias help? I don’t think so you hepokrat!!!

    • Avery said:

      DAVID, keep kissing American, Turkish, Israeli ass. Your ass-kissing didn’t help you did it ?
      You lost South Ossetia and Abkhazia, didn’t you ? Next time you cross Russia, you’ll lose even more.

      Georgians stole half the cargo coming to Armenia from USSR/Russia after the devastating earthquake in Armenia. Georgians allowed Azeri-Turks to keep blowing up the gas line to Armenia during the Artsakh war: Yerevan residents almost froze to death: and you call yourselves Christian ?
      And you sided with Muslim Invaders who wanted to wipe out your fellow Orthodox Christians ?
      You expect us to forgive and forget ?

      You ingrate Georgians: if it weren’t for Armenia taking the first blows from all the invaders from the East, there would be no Georgia. Maybe that’s why you hate Armenians: you realize that without Armenians, you are nothing.

      • Satenik said:

        Maybe he is proud that Stalin was Georgian. All Georgians are proud of this monster who was the one who gave the Armenian historic lands to the Azeris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Armenak said:


        You are one ignorant fanatic. When there was earthquake in Armenia, the first help before anyone else was extended by Georgians. Georgia sent hundreds of volunteers and ambulances along medications and specialists within hours. When gas and cargo was being stolen, Georgia was unstable and corrupt as anyone else and at war too. It could not even handle its own internal affairs let alone be a decent transit nation. It was hungry and corrupt at the time. Yes, gas and cargo was stolen. When a nation is destabilized and devastated after the collapse of USSR, why would anyone expect it to function like Switzerland. Georgia was unstable and things happened as they did in Armenia. We rubbed our nation, stole equipment from factories, removed electrical lines for copper scrap, and sold it to TURKEY, so they can make ammunition to kill our soldiers! When Yerevan was freezing, it was not only because of Georgia, it was because our electricity was sold somewhere else. What kind of corruption do we have in Armenia today ? Armenians have ran and still running away from Armenia because there are no living conditions to support their families. Wake up fanatics stop kissing Russian ass, they call us black assed negros, and steal our population to repopulate their deserts. We are subjects to them not brothers.

        • Avery said:

          Armenak: I may or may not be ignorant or fanatic. And nobody is kissing Russian ass here. Georgians continue destroying or appropriating Armenian churches: true or false. Georgia joined hands with Azerbaijan and Turkey on the Kars railway, deliberately bypassing Armenia: true or false.

          here are some links: read and decide who’s ignorant, you or me.


          read the one about medical supplies and try to convince me that Georgians helped Armenia during the earthquake.

          Nobody in Armenia or Diaspora wants conflict with Georgia. But Georgians need to know we are watching.

          • Armenank said:

            You are citing events of 1918s where Georgia and Armenia were at war. Why would anyone help their enemy during a war???? You ARE ignorant and nationalist Armenian that gets us in trouble with their big mouths.

            Now, go to this website and read on some history before you come to reason with me and educate others alike. Read section titled “An Armenian invasion”:

            Also, why would anyone in their right mind pass the opportunity of building the railroad. It will only benefit their economy. Should they also starve in solidarity with Armenians and do nothing? Your ignorance speaks again.

            I was there during the earthquake and where were you ? I have eye witnessed it all.Go learn to make peace and stop saying “We are watching” People like your sit all day long watching their cable TV far away from Armenia.

          • Avery said:

            who is ‘us’ ?
            and where are you living now, in Tbilisi ?

          • Avery said:

            [ In June 1918, in order to forestall an Ottoman advance on Tiflis, the Georgian troops had occupied the Lori Province which at the time had a 75% Armenian majority]

            what does 75% Armenian majority mean to you ?
            who invaded whose territory ?

            You were an eyewitness ? I have blood relatives who were also witnesses and there is no question Georgians stole cargo. You say they didn’t, my relatives say they did: you think I will believe you, given your blatant pro-Georgian bias ?

            read your responses above: for every Georgian action, you find fault with Armenians or find an excuse for Georgians. .

        • gary S. said:

          Russians aren’t perfect partners, but if it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be a Georgia or Armenia. The Ottoman Empire would have taken it and done GENOCIDE against ALL of its Christians! SInce they did genocide against Armenians, Greeks and Assryians, you think they would have left Georgia ALONE? Georgians didn’t face genocide during WW1 because it was under Russia, so Ottoman Empire couldn’t do it. They wanted it that is why they had Battle of Sarikamish, 1914. But were defeated by Armenians, Georgians and Russians fighting together.

    • Ahmet said:


      My friend, I agree with all of your points. Lessons should be learned from history. When Ottoman Empire trusted its armenian citizens the best jobs, provided them with education, material assistance. And what happened at the end, Armenians still sided with Russia and betrayed Ottomans. This is the same Armenia, whose president bended over Russian president to tie his shoes. With russian help, they lived happily in Azerbaijani Karabakh for decades. And then they betrayed, occupied it. Same will happen in Javakheti, sobe aware, and never trust Russians and Armenians.

        • Ahmet said:

          how soon? I’m pretty sure, you won’t see it, neither will your children and their children.

      • Arsen said:

        I am laughing right now. The Ottoman Empire provided us with the best jobs? Armenian merchants CREATED those jobs. Provided as with education? Armenians themselves sought the best education the Ottoman Empire and Europe had to offer. Provided us with material assistance? Armenians held most of the wealth. That’s why you hated us and still do.

  14. Ron said:

    Good points by Vahe. I think it would be wise for the Armenian government to start issuing Armenian passports to all Armenians in Georgia that would like dual citizenship. This will be critical and will provide Armenia an important leverage should the situation get worse. Russia used this strategy in South Ossetia.

    For Armenia, for it to survive long term, it needs a direct border with Russia or direct access to the Black Sea and from there to Russia. Sahakashvili provided a golden opportunity to Russia and the excuse Russia needed to once and for all end the conflict in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Let’s hope Sahakashvili gives Russia another opportunity sooon and this time for Armenia to have a border with Russia.

    I believe Russia can also do the same for Artsakh. Given the historical reasons for the conflict and Russia’s indirect involvement or cause through then Soviet Union (or Stalin), Russia should help Armenia, the only Christian and only friendly country in the region, by recognizing Artsakh and installling a permanent second military base. This will end the conflict for good. I really hate that Russia just wants to forever freeze this conflict. It could be ended very quickly in favor of Armenia. In return, Armenia should recognize Abkazia and South Ossetia.

    • Ahmet said:

      funny strategy. what if Georgia adopts a law to make dual citizenship illegal. And kindly ask its armenian citizens to leave Georgia if they want to become armenian citizens?

        • Ahmet said:

          i’ll just ignore you, since you are writing the same sentence 5-6 times. You will eventually get tired of it

  15. Masis said:

    Let me clarify why Georgia was left without gas or electricity. It’s because Saakashvili relied on western powers and screwed around with Russia. The West didn’t back him up in the end and Russia came down on him like a bear on a rabbit. Aliyev and Saakashvili have one thing in common: starting fights they can’t finish. Perhaps during their cordial pow-wow and derriere-kissing, Saakashvili will warn Aliyev not to rely on others and mess with us. And if Saakashvili gets militarily involved and sides with Azerbaijan in case of Azeri-Armenian conflict, Russia would be more than happy to return and cut off gas, electricity, among other things.
    Like certain things in nature, the interests of certain countries always align the same way. On one hand, you got Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia-West (yes the West; we are sick and tired of trying to convince these lying pieces of manure that a GENOCIDE, not the “Yedz Meghern,” did occur, that we have been and are on the front lines of Christianity when they were using their tails to hang from trees, and that Caspian oil and army bases are carrots dangled in front of them so they can sell their souls); on the other hand, you got Iran-Russia-Armenia. Armenia ought to play the political game with this in mind and market itself as someone who is in an influential position.

    Finally, our guys ought to deal with Turks in a manner known to Turks. In other words, they ought to make great threats. In the Muslim world, threats and intimidation are 90% of the battle. Surprisingly, this works. Look at how seriously the world takes Iran, for example. All Ahmadinejad said was “Israel should be wiped off the earth.” He can never do that nor would he risk trying. However, the entire world has gone into an upheaval for almost ten years on this statement.

  16. the truth said:

    A third A??S like the chauvinist Gamsakhurdia & Co.‎

    No suspire who every has read the latest anti Armenian statements of former Georgina ‎President ( Ex foreign Minster of USSR) – Shevardnadze as well the anti Armenians and ‎insulting statements of church leader of Georgia about Armenia and Armenians… , ‎therefore there should be no surprise Georigan politicians helped that the issue of ‎Arzakh/Karabakh to escalate to a war. Georgian borne Shevardnadze acted during his ‎term in Kremlin without doubt the way as did act criminal Stalin in 20`s …‎
    ‎(Shevardnadze is largely believed to be as the wisest and interlingua politician of ‎modern “Georgia” who acted like a chauvinist and did attack Abkhazia and so on , do ‎not expect much from Saakashvili – look the way there church leader is speaking and acting ‎‎!!!!) ‎

    Without the help of Russia Empire and notable without the help of Russian Orthodox Church ‎there would not be any single Christian Georgians let alone Georgia today! But all this not ‎helped Georgians to become finally a second and third class Muslim Turks, whose politicians ‎are acting more and more like prostitutes ‎

    • john said:

      Exactly. They will pay dearly for their typically georgian brand of stupidity.

  17. zohrab said:

    history has shoewd and told us georgians are tavajan at the last minute. and this president of georgia seems very naive about many aspects of reality in his neibourhood.

  18. James said:

    So many dreamers here , Armenians are siding with Russia and is the only country which looks like a poor old soviet union so, you guys check Russian maps for georgian territiry and we in west will be looking at EU Map.

    Thank you,

  19. arziv said:

    Whoever opposes Karabakh is Armenia’s enemy, whoever holds on to western Armenian territory is Armenia’s enemy . The friend of my enemy is therefore also my enemy. These two comedians can only entertain themselves in their impotent incompetence. Is Shaskavily insinuating that Armenia is Georgia’s enemy ? . If he is he should say so, otherwise he should shut up. Obviously shaskavilly is drawing parallels between Ossetia and Karabagh. Shaskavilly can forget Ossetia just as Alyev can forget Karabagh.

  20. MK said:

    Never trust a Georgian,you do so at your own peril,they have always stabbed us in the back throughout history,they need to be taught a lesson sooner or later.

  21. Mike said:

    Thanks to Zionist Bolshiviks for creating perpetual enemies for us, by illegally transferring Armenian territories populated by Armenians to them. Zionists plan to destroy Armenian nation by use of proxies, artificial enemies.

  22. Russia said:

    Georgian elite has become simple to rude!
    Be sure if not today most probable tomorrow the head of Georgian /Grusine Church will kiss the ass of ‎the head of Russian Orthodox Church and ask him to save “Georgia” but this time will be no ‎pardon !‎

  23. Arm said:

    As an Armenian, I am truly ashamed of some of the things that have been said here. I am extremely bothered at how much faith some Armenians have in Russia, and the leadership in Moscow. Instead of submitting to Russia in every way shape and form, how about we tackle some of the problems that would immediately make Armenia a better place? Why not tackle corruption? Why not tackle the business code in Armenia, and make it easier for diaspora to start businesses in Armenia to provide economic opportunities for the locals? Make Armenia a producer of something that no other country has? Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies. I always dismiss Azeri claims about Armenia becoming a Russian Oblast, but judging by the comments on here, I think some Armenians would want nothing more than that.

    It seems as though we are so loyal to the Russians, that their enemies have become our enemies, which is a grave, grave mistake. I wonder if any of the people here who are proposing to “cut Georgia up, and get a permanent border with Russia” have ever met a Georgian? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of them, and every single one of them have welcomed me with open arms. I was shocked to see how similar Armenians and Georgians are in almost every way. We have more in common with the Georgians than we do with the Russians. We actually have a shared history that goes back centuries, unlike Georgians and Azeris, but some of you are willing to go so far as to say that we should cut up their country so we can get a border with Russia? Russia is not our hope; if anything, Russia has been the problem. The USSR is responsible for giving away our territories to the Turks, not the Georgians. Russia is the one that is happily sucking up Armenian guest workers and emptying our country, while some of them get killed there simply for having “darker features”.

    Yes, I understand that Russia is the most viable option for survival right now, but this whole “getting Javakhk back”, or “cutting Georgia up” would do severe long-term damage to our people, and is completely unnecessary. I feel as though some Armenians are looking to get us into the running for “most hated nation in the Caucasus”, and if this continues, we’re surely going to get that title. Some Armenians have become such Russophiles that they can’t even assess long-term geopolitical objectives clearly. Russia is not our hope- we are, and for those Armenians on here who are too stupid to realize that they are helping creating even harder conditions for Armenians in Georgia merely by the words they post, then I don’t know what to say to you. The internet is accessible to everyone, so average Georgians can see what some Armenians say about them just as we can see what they say about us. With some of the comments posted on here, an Azeri or Turk could easily use these comments to turn everyday Georgians against us, and make it as if all Armenians want to destroy Georgia. The worst part is, they wouldn’t have to do any editing, some of our words would be doing all of the damage for us. Little by little when all of that fear and xenophobia add us as a result of the stupid crap we say, don’t be surprised when another border closes.

    Mi kich khelk havak eq hayer.

    • Arto said:

      Arm, you are absolutely right. Only a small and ignorant minority believes that we should cut up Georgia or any other country. Georgians are our brothers and sisters but are not acting like it because they have been brainwashed by their leadership which has their head deeply up the ass of foreign intelligence agencies. The survival or Armenia today depends on the north-south axis from Iran to Russia and from there on to China. The death of Armenia depends on the east-west axis from Europe through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan. We should not cut up any country, we just need to educate our brothers and sisters in the north that we are very close family and should act like it, while simultaneously aligning ourselves with the north south axis. This is what the whole Russia thing is all about. The Russians too are our Christian brothers and sisters and we share a long and successful history with them. We should now invite Georgia to join us in the this axis. This will be much better for them too. Then we will see who will be in a blockade.
      Dear Armenian brothers and sisters, extend your love to the Georgian people. They are our family. Educate them and help them kick out the donkeys that run their country. In this regard, the Armenian government is playing a very successful and delicate diplomatic balancing act in a mature way.

    • Satenik said:

      “Most hated nations in the Caucasus” Are you kidding? Most intelligent perhaps ( Are you following the chess game by any chance? Do you know that Armenia won the World Chess Team 2011? Have you counted roughly how many billion people did they beat to become first)? BTW this is not about Russia but Georgia, so if some commentators are criticising the stand that the current Georgian Government takes, does not mean that they are Russophiles.
      As for the nature of some comments, Turks and other “undesirable elements” infilterate into the comments sections pretending to be someone else. They pretend to be Americans or Europeans and so on, so if we keep our mouths shut and pussyfoot whoever ,it does’nt neccessarily mean that things will change to better.
      I hope you don’t mind me saying ” Me kitch zer iravoonkner@ bashtbanek Hayer, vortegh yev inchkan vor kareli e”. And I hope that you won’t consider me an “ankhelk Hayuhi”.

    • AraK said:

      In other words according to Arm we should also kiss Turks’ and Azeris’ a*s??

      We chose Russia because she’s the least evil among the other nations in the region not because russians love us. Rampant corruption exists also in Azerbaboonisdan and Georgina. Armenia is in a extremely difficult and dangerous position presently. The west has screwed us in the past and it will screw us again and sell us down the river any time. Sure we should eliminate corruption in Armenia but it will take a couple of generations to do that. In the meantime we have to defend our territory from these mongols..

    • Vahe said:

      Why are you mixing everyday Georgian people with their leaders and politics ? Yes I’ve met lots of Georgians who welcomed me with open arms as well, but the fact is politically we need Russia more than ever. Iran is one of our best friends, but their is only so much they can do for Armenia. Russia on the other hand is the difference between life or death for Armenia.

      Please stop saying stupidity like Russia gave away Artsakh & Nakhijevan..because we all know it was Zionist Bolshevik’s, not the people who are related in anyway to the people running Russia now. Yes, I know Russia flirts with turkey and azerbaijan…but it’s just business. I don’t think Russia has forgotten the many wars they’ve had with turks.

      This same scenario applies to Iran, they play the whole ‘islamic solidarity’ BS for politics, but Iran as well will never forget the many wars they’ve had with turks. Russia will always need Iran because it is one of the countries which will not become ‘western’ anytime soon, meaning noth another NATO country nearing Russia’s borders. Iran needs Armenia VERY much as it’s the only country bordering Iran with no direct US/NATO influence. This will continue far into the future. So, Iran and Russia will never allow anything to happen to Armenia’s safety because it’s in their best interests. What’s more important ? The future of our country or what some georgians think of some Armenian’s comments on asbarez ? I for one could care less what they think, I just want what’s best for my country !

    • Halo said:

      You have good intentions, but bad execution of those intentions. Cutting Georgia up is not the same as cutting Georgians up. While I agree with what you said, I must say I also agree with Vahe, after all, you may feel it is wrong to cut Georgia up, but as far as Georgians are concerned, they actually DID cut out nation up, the same as Turks, and the same as Azeris. And the person responsible for all this? Stalin the GEORGIAN.

      It is true that we should not be eager to play the puppet of Russia, however, at this point in time, our options are limited. There is a reason that Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey are buddy-buddy: They all have confiscated Armenian territories, either by Genocide or dirty diplomacy. If we had used your logic of the “friendly docile neighbor” policy, today there would not be a single Armenian living in Artsakh. And the southern border of Armenia would soon be confiscated by Turkey and Azerbaijan to finally realize their dream of a “Great Turkish Empire”.

      I do not advocate war, but I, like some here, would like nothing more than for Armenia to take back ALL her historic homeland, and if Georgians are part of the equation, SO BE IT.

    • Ahmet said:


      well said! I admire you as a smart enemy who can look forward and think for a long-term. Russia will always do everything to benefit itself. They dont care about Christianity – they attacked Georgia. They dont care about humanity – they killed little babies in Chechnya. And trust me if Azerbaijan agrees to sell its oil and gas to Russia only, then they will not care about Armenia either.

    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      To Mr Arm.

      I dont tink you understand Worldpolitic,
      neither in the Strategic nor the Tactical way.

      There is only Two thing which stands between Armenia and annihilation.

      The first is GOD.
      The other is Russia.

      That is the Spiritual and Political reality.


    • Leo said:

      Happy to see this wise comment thank you
      I was very disturbed ofended seen coments like have u seen any cleaver Georgian cut the country up occupy kill etc
      Whith this kind of attitude there is no way forward guys
      Why did not Armenia stand for Georgia on UN

  24. Satenik said:

    If they love each other so much ,perhaps they shoud get married. They look extremely happy in both pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    Those two speaking of common enemy;know that they both are guilty of the same crime.They both owe lands to Armenians.It’s no wonder they will kiss each other’s SS.
    Birds of feather flock together.

  26. Dave said:

    Can someone tell us the last time Russia acknowledged the Armenian Genocide or chastized Turkey for denying the Genocide?

  27. ZARMAIR said:

    Did we expect anything different from Georgia; a country that still prides itself to be the birth place of Stalin, the ultimate two faced mass murderer of over 60 million people. Erevan’s single most important agenda should be the building of the Armenia- Iran railway which needs to start TODAY! Failure to do so will mean Armenia will be at the mercy of perpetual Georgian Black Mail. The benefit of this railway, linking Armenia’ to the Persian Gulf will be limitless

  28. Edward Demian said:

    I thought that Georgia realized after the Russian war, that Armenia could have invaded too, but did not. In fact it stayed out of the fray and even helped Georgia in some humanitarian way. All we want is a square deal. Leave us be Armenian in Georgia, and we’ll be loyal and defend Georgia. Everywhere the Armenians serve, they serve faithfully the Host nation. Unless they are oppressed in some way. Georgias way with the Armenians is to give them cultural rights, and allow them full economic opportunities. If Georgia does that, than it can have Armenia wach its back.

  29. nazo d said:

    Arm I agree with you on all your point,as a diasporan Armenian we view things different than Armenians in the homeland. What you are seeing here is reaction of the article and the lovely pictures two presidents hugging and sharing anti- Armenian moment.
    Yes cooler heads should prevail, but at times we need to let EVERYONE know what options we can entertain.
    I like to think that we were pushed to jump on Russia’s lap we have no other choice, with war eminent on
    the East someone has to keep the West safe.
    I also think that the government in Armenia can do a lot more, it is sad to watch 20 plus years go by with minimal acheivments socialy and economicaly.
    I visited Armenia and Artsakh with the whole familly last July, I loved it, I’m planning on visiting again next July. That’s what i’m doing to help I urge everyone to do so, lots of countries that don’t produce anything have survived with tourism alone it will deffinatly help the unemployment problem.
    Khelk ounink , kov kovi kalov kordzi chenk garogh tnel.

  30. Nick said:

    If you see Georgia, as a state, on the face of the map in about 30 years, consider yourself lucky. The poor people of Georgia are suffering because of their idiotic leader. The funny thing is he studied in the States, I guess he missed the chapter on Cuba. You don’t rage war or side with an world-power-nation who’s enemies with another world-power-nation at your doorstep. Georgia will become Palestine for Russians, they’ll never have breathing room and will always be watched and ruined internally. If they sided with Armenia and were actually for a peaceful purpose, they could have played a big role in peacekeeping in the region. The day they sided with the US, the process to split their northern regions begun and it won’t stop until they give up on NATO ties altogether, which they won’t. Russia will never allow a joint alliance between Turkey – Georgia and Azerbejian, right under its nose; the same way the US would never allow communist countries, allied with the CCCP to be formed in Central America, not even at its border. It’s sad, but the Georgian president has risked the future of its very own existence. Culturally and genetically, we are closer to Georgians, but we never changed faith to save our skin or turn into complete slaves of the oppressor. It’s time for the Georgian people to wake up and realize that they are puns in NATO’s plan for geographical policies in the region. Saakashvili is a well paid rat. We have on in Armenia as well, his name is Levon Ter-Petrossian.

  31. Avetis said:

    Armenian control of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) and Russian control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are the only ways with which Moscow can keep Georgians, Westerners, Turks, Azeris, Iranians and regional Muslims in check in the Caucasus. Russia needs to transfer the radar installation it has in Azerbaijan to Artsakh where it can be more effective. Russia needs to give Armenia the green light over Javakhq. History has shown that Armenia has been, is and will continue being Russia’s most reliable ally in the strategic region infested by traitors and fanatical barbarians. Long live the Russian-Armenian alliance – the last front in the Caucasus against NATO expansionism, American imperialism, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic fundamentalism and pan-Turkism.

  32. Avetis said:

    We Armenians need to put our “Western Armenia” dreams on hold and realize that Armenia’s only salvation in this unforgiving world lies in having a direct access to the Black Sea. To archive this, Yerevan simply needs to convince Moscow, and to a lesser extent Tehran.

  33. Osik said:

    Forget about names they are nobody and both are disposable/replaceable puppets ; therefore we can call them A & B; they are both Oil slaves to West; as long as Baku oil exists and they are obediently performing their duties we can see them on the stage with those suits and ties burking here & there as the master orders; that’s the only thing bounding those two jerks because A must pump and B must deliver, both are getting paid by the same Master and with proceeds must buy whatever the Master says; mostly military hardware, now if we take the Baku oil factor out of equation then both A & B become worthless to West.

    We all remember when B thought he is somebody; and assuming West will back him; started burking on Russia; and how fast he lost the S. Ossetia; then by seeing that; how A was scared to death, Right?

    Now B is barking on the same tree again.

  34. Ara said:

    I will say one thing to those Turks. Russia, Europe and America never likes you, its a matter of time they will finish with you. Then they will use the Armenian genocide you fools committed and then tear you apart.
    look at Iraq, you dumb asses think you can hang on to those territories forever! The Armenians were never a threat to the Ottoman empire, you have innocent blood on your hands that it can never bee washed off.

  35. arziv said:

    Armenians have not become Russophiles, neither do they hold grudges against Georgians or any other of their neighbours . Has anyone met Azeris, single individual Azeris ? They are as lovable and sympathetic as any friendly neighbour; has anyone met turkish people ? Yes , of course and waht an affable and friendly people they are; however do not cross any historical lines, than things get ugly. As for the turkish state, nothing more needs to be said. Azeries as people is one thing, Azeirbajian as a state is a mortal enemy to all Armenians. Georgians as a people is one thing, nice friendly and sharing religious values and beliefs, but Georgia as a state and confronting Armenia’s vital interests is another thing. Armenia relies on Russia’s friendship, albeit by serving purely Russian interests, but Armenia has no other choice, they can not think in their remotest dreams any kind of rapproachement with Turkey, Azeirbaijan, nor with Georgia –the Georgian state is under the influence of Turkey and Nato-USA — . Who is left ? Christian Orthodox Russia, whether one likes or not. Armenia is balanced on a tightrope; relations and open border with Turkey will be the end of the fatherland; fortunately this scenario is not in Russia’s interests nor Iranian interests; by default we will be saved from our government machinations to pursue relations with the turks ignoring the historical grievances and irredentist claims by the adroit interference of our friendly neighbors . We have to learn to live with the truculence and enmity of the Georgian state. No Armenian can ignore the status of Javakh as Armenian territory; and be on our guard against the criminally inclined turco-Azeri state who brazenly and openly declares its intentions to wipe out Armenia from the map. With Iran , we have very good relations, again it suits Iranian interests to have a stable Armenia with no conflicting interests, territorially or economically. We Armenians are not accepted by anyone in the muslim Caucasus ocean, we are already rejected as people and state to the muslim Caucasians , and they can not wait for the day when our nation — a christian thorn in their flesh– ceases to exist.

  36. Sergik said:

    In case if anybody wonders what does hypocrisy mean? This is exactly it. What a childish and un-diplomatic statement. Makes me sick.

  37. Arm said:

    Armenians and Georgians have been living together for centuries, and Northern Armenia/Southern Georgia have traditionally been areas for inter-marriage between the two peoples. I think with regard to Georgia, this whole struggle to “get our lands back” is completely futile. I honestly don’t see what makes Javakhk apart of Armenia because there have been times in history when all of modern Armenia was under Georgian control centuries ago. How many times have Georgians and Armenians reigned over each other’s land throughout history? These claims for Javakhk only create animosity towards even common Georgians. Like us, they too have their fringe group that claims the Lori province of Armenia as Georgian territory. That is completely irritating to me, and an extremely unnecessary wedge that drives us apart and creates tension that, when accumulated, will blow up in both of our faces. Yes, Georgian leadership has been hostile towards us recently, but I feel as though much of that comes from Russia, and not because they truly dislike us. I’m sure a lot of our own words by commoners and politicians have helped fuel their discomfort, too. They’re also wrong for neglecting to see that we are limited in our options, and completely ignoring the facts that complicate our country’s relationships, but my point is, we’re not helping ourselves by threatening to cut their country into bits for the sake of sharing a border with a historically unreliable ally.

    Karabagh and Naxichevan are completely different. Those territories had Armenians living in them, and were signed away to a nation that, before 1918, didn’t even exist on a map. And yes, I realize that “cutting up a country” is not the same as “cutting up a human being”, but you’d have to be an idiot to realize the amount of sheer hatred it would create in the hearts and minds of Georgians against us. Simply put: Russia’s not worth it. Even in the Karabagh War, we saw Russians selling arms to both Armenians and Azeris. They’ve turned their backs on us many times before, and Russians are no different than the NATO-USA alliance you all seem to be complaining about. I’m not saying abandon Russia, but this nonsensical calls for aggression against Georgia is absolutely unnecessary, and only helps the Turks and Azeris further their anti-Armenian agendas, and drive people whom we have so much in common with away from us.

    Khosaluts arach petke mtatsel. Israela inch kan banera anum hamashkarayin bemum, bayts yerpek cheq lsi ira kaghakatsineri irakan npataknere. Aveli lava ban chasel, kanste himar himar durs tal u avelort tshnaminer havakel.

    • Hayk said:

      Did you know that during 1918-1920 Georgia even stopped medical supply to Armenia?
      Did you Know that Georgia changed religion(Christian to Muslim and back again and again back ) three times during history ?What does this tell you?
      At list we know that Azerbaijan is are enemy but Georgians pretend to be a friend and than charge Armenia 10 to 20 times more than it is in international market for transit rout to Armenia.

      • Armenank said:

        Show me at least one credible source giving the dates where Georgia changed its national religion to Islam. Where did you study this, what are you smocking????

        Georgia was at war with Armenia and had the right to block anything on its way. Next time when we are at war with Azeris send them medical supplies so they patch their wounded soldiers and send them right back to the front line.

        This is place is an amazing cluster of most illiterate and ignorant fanatics one can ever find. When you people say something, think and stop acting like chickens with their head caught off. Statements must be followed by some facts, and not just hot air.

        • Hayk said:

          I do not know what you mean by least credible source but I would bring you
          Facts in 1 or 2 days.By the way it is not a news, a lot of historians know this.
          And excuse me no one smokes eny thing, we are just debaiting calm down.

        • ```Hayk said:

          I do not Know what you mean by least credible source but I will defiantly bring facts in1or2 days,By who (historian) it was stated.It is not news a lot of historians know this.
          And excuse me no one smokes any thing. Calm down we are just debating.

    • Armanen said:

      Georgia is a pseudo state that has worked against Armenia plenty of times. They still have tribe mentality: laz, sven, mingrelian, etc. They do not admit to how much of their culture is based on Armenian culture. Furthermore, they treat muslim azeris better than Christian Armenians. The break up of georgia would be in Armenia’s interests.

  38. ARA said:

    The Georgians will see the plight of the turkish sword on their childrens throats too-no doubt- the Georgians have a rich land and culture but they are NOT our friend. Russia is helping us because the mtns and turkey are pushed back- no wonder the turks are scared-pushee of course cuz their arm is that of the sword-he who lives by it will die by it- WE are strong and forever will be-let them bug us and they will pay more each time- they are forever in our great debt-NEVER FORGET_)

  39. AR said:

    Armenia must gain access to the Black Sea to survive. Georgians don’t care whether we survive or not, all they care about is suppressing Armenia and stopping its growth.

  40. Edward Demian said:

    Am I the only one who thinks that those two appear to be lovers? Just look at Alyev’s eyes. And the embraces.! Wow, very romantic looking. What’s with all the male leaders hugging over there. As far as Alyevs honker; He looks more Armenian than “Uncle Garabed” The kids probably teased him early about his exagerated Armenian looks. Except for the eyes. They are more than Mongolian, they are “shifty”.
    The problem Artzack (NK) has with joining Azerbaijian is that for over 20 years, there has been no oppression by the Muslim Azery majority, and the State has experienced an incredible Democreatic transformation. More than half of the population has not experienced the heavy Azery yoke. They would not be the docile, “hang your head low Armenians”. For this proud new generation, to entrust their lives to a hereditary Family dictatorship, who wil turn out much like the Marcos of the Filipines, or the Egyption dictator, or you name it dictatorship families, who, initially from modest backgrounds, wind up multi-milionaires. Azerbaidjiani population will wake up one day, find all their wealth spent on rusty, obsolete Russian hardware, and the rest of the money gone. They will still be poor, no jobs, no facilities,
    just like now.

  41. Alireza said:

    As an Iranian, I should say that most of the Iranians pay respect to Armenians as good neighbors who have had constructive role in the Iran’s development especially in cultural sphere. Iranian Armenians are the most respected minority among Persians. We should work to develop our ties in all sphere in order to make our enemies frustrated. Iran and Armenia have deep rooted cultural and relative ties, nothing can separate us.

    • Hripsime said:

      Armenian also respect Iranian a lot! We are friend .We are proud to have such great neighbour with such great culture and ancinet history. We know that Iranian are very educated and hospitable people. I do agree with you Alireza : nothing can separate us!

  42. VAHE said:

    Ooooh such a beutifull photo of 2 ” Love Birds ” , one should guess what is in dirty mind of illham aliyev , hugging mikhail !!!

  43. vatche said:

    I believe it is in the interests of Russia and the USA that the Caucasus be divided as belligerent states, all fighting among themselves, this way they can control the region .Turkey and Iran also play their respective political roles by advancing their proper agendas. Armenia and Georgia and Azerbaijan are vassal states.

  44. phillip said:

    anyone who puts faith in any of the players in this world is going to be very dissappointed. in a way armenia is lucky
    since she has no other choice but to look to God alone this is true of all people but they are not forced to see that
    its true yet, like armenia is seeing today.

  45. ilter said:

    The math is so easy! The conflicts between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey works in very the best interests of Georgia. All the oil of Azerbaijan is coming through Georgia to Turkey, normally the easiest way would go through Armenia. All the Turkish commodities are going Armenia through Georgia. Now the rail way is established from Kars-Tblisi-Baku. Armenian all foreign trade is being made trough only Georgia and Iran. I mean all these conflicts are economically working very well for Georgia!

    simple math

    • Leo said:

      Ye but we got nothing to do with your problems with Turks and Azeris
      With comments and atitude towards us it seems u guys have just Iran left

  46. Hye Dragon said:

    ABRI AZAD HYASTAN!!! All on our own–NO help from anybody especially Muslims.

  47. Berge said:

    Hey…you don’t need to listen to these 2 drunk guys they not only look drunk….they look ridiculous….my flip flops look better.
    They are 2 drunk ignorant dummies drinking Vodka……you can see from the pictures….lol…

    Armenia needs to stop crying and it needs to assert itself…it can be done and it will be done. We have 7 million Armenians ready to go home …don’t anybody ever forget this…we’re ready to servve

  48. David said:

    It’s really sad being a “diasporan” armenian and reading these comments. Armenia finally, after so long, gets its freedom then immediately starts battling with its neighbor Azerbaijan stifling its progress and discouraging thousands of armenians from returning with money and opportunities to advance the country.
    You worry about Georgia and Azerbaijan improving their relations-what about Iran, a country run by religious fascists who are racing to produce nuclear weapons and one which kills and imprisons anyone who threatens the Govt.? That’s your “role model” and friend? Of course you should be cordial to the persian people but you should watch them carefully and suspiciously like a wolf in the shadows of a sheep herd. With Russia, while it’s true she has the military power to protect you, in the event of having to choose between its “loyal armenians” and billions of $’s in oil and gas frrom its neighbors, will always side with financial interests-and where you will you be then, surrounded by enemies and the indifferent?
    Why should we bring billions of dollars to Armenia when we know the corrupt Govt. will just steal it?
    I want every non-armenian person insulted by these comments (especially Ahmed-who is wrong about his history but deserves some respect for expressing his comments) that we diasporan armenians want friendly relations with all the peoples of the region and that includes friendly and educated Turks.
    For 20 years, we have stayed out of the “fray” allowing the Armenian Govt. to lead the nation to freedom and all we’re seeing is a hyper-nationalistic, impoverished country on the verge of a war with its neighbor which would plunge the country into a depression and more isolation.
    Both the US and Russia have worked to resolve your dispute with Azerbaijan and been rejected.
    It is clear to many of us that the present Armenian Govt. is not willing to resolve the territorial dispute with the Azeris and we’re now demanding that a compromise solution be reached to advance the country immediately.
    Likewise, we demand the Genocide issue be resolved with the Turks before 2015. Turkey has requested an “historical inquiry” for many years. Our best researchers around the world are getting old. We are confident that our research will prevail and are not afraid of an impartial inquiry. We demand that this effort be made and that the Turkish Govt. immediately reciprocates by opening the border for trade and tourism and we will not insult Turks and Azeris because we may not agree with them politically or because they are of another faith.
    We will not sit by idly anymore, watching a country we’ve worked so hard to protect slide backwards into a hyper-nationalistic “iron curtain” country. We respect the Russians but want Armenia to be an independent country with a Constitution, free elections and speech and good relations with all its neighbors and the “west”.
    If the present Govt in Armenia can’t give us these things, then we can no longer support it and must demand free elections be held for a new Govt. willing to deal directly and honestly with these issues.
    like it or not, Azerbaijan will become a very wealthy (and cultured) country. It is in Armenia’s interests to have friendly relations (and trade) with them. Stop dragging your feet into the 21st century. We don’t always get everything we want. Take some initiative to resolve these issues. We will not support another war with Azerbaijan. Just call it an “armenian awakening”.

    • Ren said:

      And who gave you the authority to speak for all Diaspora Armenians? Most I know will support another war with Azerbaijan if one is tragically instigated by the enemy. You sound like a mild Turk, and no, that’s not a compliment.

      Are you serious? Deniers like Ahmed deserve zero respect, I can’t believe you would even say that.

      “We will not sit by idly anymore, watching a country we’ve worked so hard to protect slide backwards into a hyper-nationalistic “iron curtain” country. ”

      – Who are these “we” and what have you done to protect this country when you aren’t even willing to support it in times of war.

      While you raise some good points that I can agree with, unfortunately your comment sounds more like a critique of the current government of Armenia than a statement of good-will for the nation.

      • shahen said:

        Well said Ren, bravo. I like the way you put David is his place.
        @David, it seems you forgot that azerbijan was the one who attacked Artsakh first. They attacked people who were protesting the way azerbijan was taking over the country little by little fron changing the history books in classes to holding governmental jobs since Artsakh was under their ruling. We did not ask for war but were attacked by Russians and turks( hambals), yes that is what we call the in Artsakh. I understand we have so called a bad government ( from your point of view). That will be correct in time. You show me a country that wnet from nothing to its highest level in 20 years which half of those years were spent warding enemy.
        @Ahmet, Growing up with turks, I am sorry I meant hambals, I have heard all these “we gave you this and we gave you that and were betrayed. I tell you again, We gave you everything you have today. We allowed you to come to our country, greater Armenia, so you can work for us and feed your family at the same time since no one wanted you. We were betrayed by you. You bid the hand that fed you and there is God. Justice will always prevail.
        Have you seen the new map of Mideast printed & presented on C-span a few years ago.All these movements in the world are not happening out of no where. There is an intelligent design behind all these. Turks will have what they are given only a portion of what they have now.
        We Armenians do not need anyone except ourselves. We did not need anyone in Sardarabad, we did not anyone in Artsakh and we will not need anyone when we take back Kars , Nakhichavan and half of georgia which righteously belongs to people who have occupied it for ever now. Georgia has no guts to curt relations with Armenia, they would have done it otherwise. Plus, Iran is and always has been one of our allies who needs us more than we need them. We bring intelligence and smarts to who ever associates with us. Just check the facts and people who are behind the most successful business or inventions or for that matter, generals who have led successful wars against aggressors. We are Armenians, be proud of that and always try to follow foot steps of Tigran the Great. Only nation who has the purest blood from the get go and kept it that way unlike turks who do not even know who is the father or the mother.

  49. Hripsime said:

    Ahmet are you brainwash? This hate will kill you!
    I don’t care about your yapping at all!
    But Turkey can not deny Armenian Genocide at all!

    That is why Orhan Pamuk said that:”Thirty thousand Kurds, and a million Armenian were killed in these lands and nobody dares to talk about it.”

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