Karabakh Army Shoots Down Azeri Drone

Segment of the drone shot down by Karabakh Armed Forces

STEPANAKERT—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armed forces said on Wednesday that its forces shot down an unmanned drone flying over Karabakh airspace, according to a statement by the Karabakh Army, adding that the Azeri Air Force has significantly increased its activity along the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border.

“In recent days, the enemy’s unmanned aircraft have carried out, with a fairly large frequency, reconnaissance flights all along the border zone and, in some cases, violated Karabakh’s airspace,” the Karabakh Defense Army said in its statement.

“The Defense Army undertook measures to prevent the flights. In particular, the anti-aircraft units of the Defense Army shot down an Azerbaijani drone near the village of Vazgenashen in Martuni region,” the statement added.

“Segments of the unmanned aircraft are at the disposal of the corresponding services of the Defense Army. A commission has been set up to probe the details of the case, and an investigation is under way,” concluded the statement.


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  1. Arn.Sweden. said:

    “In recent days, the enemy’s unmanned aircraft have carried out, with a fairly large frequency, reconnaissance flights all along the border zone

    Comment – such actions use to be the prelude to – !!!.


  2. Kevork said:

    Isn’t this an act of war? I guess the cease fire agreement means that we are still at war. How can the US and other countries which have oil interests in Azerbaijan sit by and watch this evil country terrorize Armenians daily? It just does not make any sense to me.

  3. Hrant K. said:

    If the Azeris got balls, let them dare send manned aircrafts over Artsakh and see what happens

    next!!! Let them never ever dare to think of touching our civilian aircrafts from Stepanakert airport, then all

    hell will break loose and all planes bound to Baku and other airports will get vulnerable as well !!!(7)

    • ARA said:

      Yes-u know too- they are not capable-of course they can-they know we will decimate them-easy prey they are-brains do not guide them

  4. bayrakiniyakan said:

    long before the ceasefire of 94 the Azerbaijanis never attempted to invade Artsakhs ( Karabaghs ) airspace ,now that Aliyev got this new toys ( i guess it was his childhood dream )
    he can pass on as gift to his son to play with somewhere in Baku or U A A where the little boy
    prince got 45 million ? dollars worth apparent in a high-rise building ,i suggest father and son
    to play this toys on the roof of that building

  5. Christo said:

    Thanks again to our azeri axpers. Ilham buys the best his money can buy and we can disassemble your technology and build our own.

  6. Harut said:


    • Elvin said:

      You could, if there was such a thing as “stepanakert airport”. The name is Khankendi. And the airport is located in Khojali.
      On the other hand, your third questions answers your second one. The election date in your country depends on the date Sarkisian decides to fly to Khankendi. Keep in mind that all of Karabagh’s and central Armenia’s air space is within our reach.

      • Avery said:

        Nope: it is Stepanakert. What is khankendi ? it that another Azeri word for ‘defeated and thrown out’ ?

        Keep in mind that all of Azerbaijan’s remaining landmass is within the reach of Artsakh’s and RoA’s long military arm. You guys sit quietly and slurp your oil. Don’t threaten.

    • ARA said:

      They r doing what any warrior does-bluff and test-test and bluff- we need to watch the soft and hard side-they want to find the achilles heel- our safe will not be cracked azeri

  7. www.Voskanapat.info said:

    Azeri industry is incapable of manufacturing such sophisticated weapons.

    Who supplied Azeri army with these weapons to fight with Artsakh?

    Which countries arm Azerbaijan Sultanate against Armenia and Artsakh?

  8. Vacheh said:

    Job well done by Armenian Defense forces. We should be more vigilant and alert, as this might be the prelude to resumption of the violence initiated by the Azeri-Turkish side.

    When Levon Ter-Petrossian signed a ceasefire in 1994 instead of pushing to Gandzak and bringing Heydar Aliev to his knees in order to recognize the independence of Karabagh, now we have to face such circumstances.

    Our freedom fighters have said it 120 years ago in eloquent words. The Azeri-Turkish side does not seem to be interested in peaceful resolutions.

    Verchabes menk oonink kriv,
    Zenkerov pidi makrenk hashiv,
    Mer hayrenyats parkn oo badiv,
    Serop Pashan sirogh@ togh ga.

    • Elvin said:

      Elchin, this is just another pathetic attempt to prevent Azerbaijan from obtaining weapons. The funny part is, the destroyed drone is not even a Elbit Hermes 450. Back in 2008 while I was serving in the military, the first drones brought to Azerbaijan appeared at Kurdamir Air Defence bases, including the above mentioned H450. I have seen them countless times and I’m familiar with their technical and visual characteristics. The one shown in this video looks nothing like it.

    • Avery said:

      Oh yeah, because News.az said so, it must be true.
      What do you think they were going to say, that “Armenians shot down an Azeri drone – it’s all true, we apologize” ?

      You like News.az ? Read this then Elchin Bey.

      “Azerbaijan starts production of Israeli drones” (March 10, 2011)

      I guess the first combat operation test was not very promising.
      Back to the drawing boards.

    • Basilius said:

      Azeris never cease to surprise me… how willingly you accept the lies your biased, worse yet governmet controlled, media ist feeding you. I bet it was an Armenian drone… OH WAIT SNAP, it was an :( but then again, after believing in thousands of years of Turkic culture, a shared noble history without genocide and permanent war and oppression and plunder and rape… compared to those lies, this is nothing I guess.

      Ok, Azeribaijan has nothing to do with that drone. Whatever.

    • Haig said:

      You are awsome.

      I guess you think because the drone was not made in azerbaijian, it did not belong to azerbaijian.

      The electronics warfare division is goin to have a great time annalysing the data.

    • Artstra said:

      Thank you for that scourse. if it’s News.az, then it has to be true.
      Armenia doesn’t need to play fairy tale games like azeri monkeys do in order to boost morality and gain faith from their people.

    • ARA said:

      INTEL- u could be right-they are not that smart-no way an no how-must be us-got yah talkn eh? well- u do not want to know what we got! ha ha

    • Tom said:

      Elchin, why would you believe that source? can you explain to my why the armenian authorities would want to “play” with their own people?

    • www.Voskanapat.info said:

      Ha-ha-ha! This statement came from Eldar Sabir-ogly, the famous lair and Press Secretary of the Azeri Turk Defense Ministry who once lived in Yerevan, Armenia. This Yeraz (Azeri form Yerevan) once was shown a picture of his wife in a questionable company and instead of running to confront the men who installed horns on his head he famously said: “the woman on this picture is not my wife”!

      Before this he was caught too many times on stupid lies and statements. For example, when Artsakh forces kill Azeri Turk soldiers penetrating Artsakh borders he says that the dead soldiers wearing Azeri military uniform had… nothing to do with “Azerbaijan”… go figure!

      Or even better example – he was once asked at a press conference to explain why Azeri Turk Army has so many incidents of rape. He said that Azeri Turks soldiers are well fed and thus their bodies produce too much testosterone that they use on each other…

    • Elena said:

      I hope that every time you put your half english half turkish comments on this website you find a courage and come back to see what people reply. Azerbaijan is currently manufacturing these drones and it sends those drones to contact lines. The drone is obviously from azeri army and because they failed to fulfill their mission they deny the fact that it was theirs. It’s just nonsense.

  9. bayrakiniyakan said:

    the azeriz
    saying its not our airplane : )))) because if they accept that it
    will be a big violation of ceasefire and the negotiation ,,
    plus the international community consider this as
    declaration of war ,,, they are in big s….t now !

    • ahmed said:

      bayrakinikiyakan: )) oh really?:) If this is a cause of war, why then Armenia is not declaring the war?:)) i guess it’s clear who is in deep s..t:)

  10. Garo said:

    @Elchin, shut up you loser ! Thats why your government does not dare to make any official statements? We have in our hands the proof. Tell your little sisters with the army clothes, this is Artsakh, this is Armenia, we don’t play arround, anyone who violates our borders without our permission shall be brought down !

    Unlike you losers, we act without opening our mouths like you do. Soon there will be civilian planes flying from Stepanagert airport, if you are man enough make the grave mistake and shoot down a civilian plane. See afterwards what will happen. You shall beg us to stop, just like Heydar Aliyev did in 1994.

  11. Ararat said:

    These Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) were bought by Azeris from the Israelis. Israelis are very secretive and rest assured there is always a reason for such high technology spy planes Israelis are selling to the Azeris. Among many reasons such as profit, one is that Israeli army is camping in Azeri territory bordering Iran planning a possible future attack to take out the alleged Iranian nuclear bomb factory as they did in Iraq in 1981.

    This is rather interesting because currently there is a major rift between Turkey and Israel which may benefit the Armenians in the short run. Israel, with its pro-Turkish anti-Armenian Zionist lobby in USA, will side with the Armenians ‘insincerely’ on the Armenian Genocide resolution just to retaliate against Turkey. At the same time, Azerbaijan feeling abandoned and unhappy about the 2009 signing of Turkish-Armenian reconciliation protocols, which maybe on its last breath by now, is also getting back at Turkey by getting close to Israel.

    Furthermore, Iran could view the covert military cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan as an act of treason and threat to its sovereignty by Azerbaijan, its historical enemy. Iran is one of Israel’s arch-enemies and Azerbaijan is Iran’s arch-enemy. Azerbaijan has a ridiculous territorial claim on Iran and wants to break up Iran asserting that Northwestern part of Iran is so-called ‘South Azerbaijan’.

    I believe this is good news for Armenians and we must take full advantage of the animosity among these three nations. The on-going rift and skepticism among these nations is critically beneficial to Armenians in the long run because this situation creates doubts between our two Turkish border enemies, Turkey and Azerbaijan, and it also strengthens the friendship and cooperation on many fronts, perhaps now even militarily, between Iran and Armenia.

    Armenians should learn a lesson from these parasitic degenerate self-serving nations and put their morality on hold once in a while and milk these immoral blood-sucking nations to the last drop and give them a good taste of their own medicine.

    Congratulations on downing of the Azeri spy plane. The best defense is a strong offense !

  12. Araxi said:

    Azerbayjan is trying to get on the UN peace Council. HIPOCRACY has no bounds.
    The video should be sent to the United Nations for discussion.

  13. Elchin said:

    Your nation is starving and your government is playing with you, open your eyes.Azerbaijan would love it in order to justify her Khankendi – İrevan flight shooting.

    • SEVAK said:

      if you call today Armenian starving ,its nothing :)))) you should see us starving in 1991-1992-1993 in the war time ….when you pigs cut the gas supply and my country went in cold winter ,no heat ,no power ,no food ,earthquake ,war and genocide by azeris to Armenians……..despite all this HARD TIMES …. WE WON and you lose the war . and you still call us starving ?

      the biggest lier are azeris ,fake history , stolen music from Iran ,and Armenia , stolen lands from Armenia ,IRAN,and Georgia …..your all life is fake ….WAKE UP

      just because you call for republic of Montenegro ,(Kharadagh) ..doesn’t mean its turkish land
      and just because you call Republic of Artsakh ,(Kharabag) doesn’t mean its your land .
      there is no such name as khankendi ..its stepanakert .
      there is also no such name as BAKU ..its BAGHAVAN ….

  14. Kamran said:

    Let’s say, yes it is our drone. What changes? Is it so hard to shoot down a drone with 150km/h speed? Was that enough to say that an air defence force is doing great? Go and educate urselves. Chechens militants downed 2 russian Su 25 in 1994 with AA guns. With the same logic they had to say that Chechen skies were untouchable. But what happened? Russian jets did their job.

    And who say that Azerbaijan won’t use UAVs again? How many warships have been sunk, how many tanks have been hit, how many planes have been downed? if there are anti-ship missiles, air defence systems ships or jets are useless?

    Be sure that there are plenty of such UAVs fly over u everyday, don’t be so naive

  15. John Markarian said:

    Many of Baku’s oil fields were owned and developed by Calouste Gulbenkian. The Azeri and Soviet governments illegally seized his property .His great grandson should file a lawsuit to against Azerbaijan and European companies such as British Petroleum, the Italian ENI and the French Total Oil companies that are co-developing the oil and gas fields in Azerbaijan. All Armenians should e-mail the Gulbenkian Foundation and pressure them to file this lawsuit

  16. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    I feel so much gratitude and indebtedness to Iran for treating their Armenian community so well. The rest of the world may see them as belligerent and intransigent but to me they seem very friendly and neighborly.

  17. Seymour said:

    OMG Armenians have shamed themselves in Stuttgard to entire Germany, when they (as usual) tried to twist history. what a sick nation? ha ha ha

  18. antoine p. said:

    the triangle of evils against armenia are, us israel and turkey,they are not friends with any country ore nation, the palestinians should never trust what the turkish government or there p m says, all is THEATRE and LIES,even the man who they worship, was a jew,the present government of turkey is the same blood suckers, as talat and the other pashas of there past empire were .

  19. antoine p. said:

    the triangle of evils against armenia are, israel turkey and another country,they are not friends with any country ore nation, the palestinians should never trust what the turkish government or there p m says, all is THEATRE and LIES,even the man who they worship, was a jew,the present government of turkey is the same blood suckers, as talat and the other pashas of there past empire were .