Ottoman Military Band Parade Organizers Pull Event Permit [Update]

LOS ANGELES—Organizers of the Ottoman Military Marching Band parade, scheduled for Monday in Hollywood have abruptly cancelled their special events permit, according to the relevant unit at the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Pacifica Institute, the parade organizers, bills itself as an organization established by Turkish-Americans aimed at establishing cross-cultural awareness. However, the group is nothing but a brazen front for the notorious Gulen movement, which is at the center of controversy and an FBI investigation into its charter school establishment throughout the country. The Pacifica Institute is also the organizer of the Anatolian Festival, which is slated for next weekend at Irvine Meadows.

Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region, its local Los Angeles chapter, the Armenian Youth Federation and community leaders have been working diligently to address the abrupt cancellation and the community’s anger toward the organizers of this egregious event.

In an announcement issued on Tuesday The ANCA-WR questioned “the irresponsible decision by the City of Los Angeles to grant a permit to a group who claims descent from the notoriously murderous corps of the Ottoman Army known as the janissaries. The nature and planned performance of the band are not only insulting but wholly unacceptable to the Armenian American community.”

“Just over one mile from the borders of Little Armenia, in Los Angeles, the adoptive home of hundreds of thousands of Armenian Americans – including many whose families were gravely affected by the Armenian Genocide – the Ottoman Military Marching Band will play the anthems of a military credited with exterminating 1.5 million Armenian people and hundreds of thousands of other minorities within the Ottoman Empire. It is a chilling parallel: the Band will again march through the streets of an Armenian neighborhood, recreating the horrific scene of the Ottoman military parading through Armenian towns and villages 100 years ago, before they methodically and brutally murdered the Armenian populace in the first genocide of the 20th century,” said the ANCA-WR.

“The parade’s planning and execution, in a heavily Armenian-populated community, leaves no question that the Ottoman Military Marching Band is brazenly taunting the Armenian American community in a blatant example of hate speech. Despite this flagrant attempt at incitement, we call upon the Armenian American community of Los Angeles to oppose this painful and egregious provocation peacefully,” continued the ANCA-WR statement.

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  1. Freddy Krueger said:

    Lol Armos, get over it and stop being paranoid. LET THE BAND MARCH AND STOP HATING YOU RACIST BIGOTS!

    • Arman said:

      “get over it”????……..sounds familiar…..Condoleeza Rice used those very same words……telling Armenians to “get over it”…..Ironic isn’t it, no one dared to tell the United States to “get over” the deaths of 3,000 lives, yet the Armenians are expected to get over the deaths of 300,000 during Sultan Hamid’s Massacres, 20,000 in the 1909 Adana massacre, 1.2 to 1.5 million deaths during the World War One genocide, and finally several thousand massacred by Kemal Atataurk’s forces from 1919 to 1923. Add it up and it easily comes out to 1,750,000 lives. One more point…..the bones from the Genocide are still in the sands of Northern Syria, and as far as I’m concerned, they must be recovered from the desert Der Zor and be forever preserved in the Armenian Genocide Museum of America currently under construction in Washington D.C. just blocks from the White House. NEVER FORGET. NEVER AGAIN.

    • Manny said:

      Freddy to ignorant outsiders, its just a parade. For me (grandson of an orphan) and many Armenians this is a blatant slap in our face. I would appreciate a little more sensativity on your part. Think before you speak.

    • down with the ottomans said:

      hey freddy why dont u come say that to the face of any armenian and watch it get busted to pieces!!!

    • Norin Radd said:

      Shhhhh shut your big mouth you moron, you little Armenophobe coward, don’t hide behind fake names. Remember what happened to Freddie Kreuger? He got his a$$ handed to him on his way to hell.

      Don’t be jealous of the Armenian community putting up a unified front against REAL racism and bigotry. The Ottomon Empire was responsible for countless crimes against humanity not too mention thousands of allied deaths in WW1, now you want to have them do a military parade on American soil in an Armenian neighborhood? We don’t think so. Pulling the permit was the smartest move these goat herders did, the Armenian community would have sent the
      back to Turkey in suitcases, the LAPD knew it may be able to control a protest but it cannot control 500,000 Armenians dishing out street justice for the murder of their ancestors. The LA riots would look like a tea party compared to what the Armenian community would do to these racist “paraders”.

      Now go crawl back into the hole you came out from Freddie, take toy skirt with you.

    • Osik said:

      Freddy Krueger,

      That’s a very nice name for you to hide behind.

      I can clearly see that “Elm Street” character ( ) is really inside you; because slaughtering 1.5 Armenian men, women and children by Turks is very appealing to you; otherwise why should a mentally normal guy use the name of a Monster killer from a horror movie?

      Honestly I really don’t know in what occasion that March was scheduled for that Band and why in Hollywood and not somewhere else; like in Watts or Inglewood for example?

  2. Emmanuel Kevorkian said:

    The so called Ottoman Empire parade organizers knew nobody would support their so called shameful parade and they would have been embarrassed in Hollywood for their New creation of new Ottoman Empire (the massacres of 1.1/2 million of innocent Armenians).

  3. Tsoghig said:

    Wow that’s very interesting. I just hope the ACLU doesn’t get involved…I love them and I don’t like when they work against our interests. But if the organizers pulled the permit we’re safe. If the city pulled the permit, the city could get sued.

    • Tsoghig said:

      Don’t get me wrong I am very happy about this news and I have to give a huge shout out to the AYF Western Region for organizing a rally quickly, getting the word out quickly, and doing such a great job organizing participants via facebook and email. AYF-eeen vartsgeh gadar!

  4. Razmig said:

    We have to be very careful about spreading the news, this may be a ploy to mislead Armenian protesters… they may have an other option to go ahead with their plan…

  5. Grish Begian said:

    I wonder if Jihdaist attitude of Ottoman Turks is acceptable toward ‘naive’ American society!!

  6. Arman said:

    That’s what I thought…..tuck tail and run…..where are you brave janissaries, where are your glorious Turkish conquerors now????

  7. Sako said:

    The cancellation was a good news…0ttoman Military banding march, which was ridiculous.
    Thanks to ANCA for her appropriate Action.

  8. Peter said:

    What next? WIll the “Adolph Hitler Military Marching Tribute Band” find trouble getting a warm reception in the Village of Skokie? Oh the humanity…!

    I applaud Asbarez columnist, Garen Yegparian, for first bringing this to light. The arrogance of psychopaths, who deny the Armenian Genocide, never ceases to amaze me.

  9. zograp said:

    Turks in US and across Europe are building aggressively and coordinate “Turkish Mosques” and Islamic schools. They get all kind of help from “secular” Turkey!

    During and after Armenian Genocide Turks did destroy more than 2000 Armenian churches and other place of worships. The same “modern” and Turks in the past 60 years have build with support of so-called “secular” Turkish government more than 2500 Turkish mosques alone accrues Europe, beside this Turks are engaged in islamization of countries like Germany and Belgium (above all). A part of Societies in Europe have already “integrated” in Turkish culture –

    • Arman said:

      Yes….Turkish nature is by definition an aggressive and an expansionist one. Above all, they view themselves as a nation of conquerors who naturaly deserve to be in a supremacist position above the infidel gyavoor peoples (Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe). Though Turks are an alien race who have migrated from Central Asia to Anatolia, the Caucasus and the Balkans, they nonetheless view these lands as “THEIRS”. That’s why as you said, after liquidating the Armenians, they had to now go on and erase their cultural monuments, churches, town/city names….and as we have seen, even shockingly change the names of animals indigenous to the Armenian Highlands and North Kurdistan.
      Now as you mentioned Turks building mosques across Europe, so have the Wahabist Saudis built mosques in Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia in Eastern Europe. Arab Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen fighters fought against the Serbs there, proving once again the supremacist/internationalist nature of Islamic Jihad.

  10. K.C said:

    You guys are paranoid. It is mental disorder. It requires medical treatment. In addition you have victim of big corporation called ANCA. Their only commodity is hate. If you don’t hate Turks, they will be out of the business and out of the money. Hate and fear is very powerful vehicle that makes people reacting irrationally.

    I am not telling you what to do. I know Armenians and I have many Armenian friends. You are educated and intelligent people you can analyze and make your decisions. Hate and fear is weakness, same time is human survival instincts that easily can be manipulated.

    I hope you will choose peace, love and compassion.

    • Avery said:

      K.C. you know Armenians and have many Armenian friends ? you lie like rug.
      How do I know you lie like a rug ?

      this: “You guys are paranoid. It is mental disorder. It requires medical treatment. In addition you have victim of big corporation called ANCA. Their only commodity is hate. ”

      You don’t know Armenians, you don’t ANCA, you have no idea who Armenians are, or what raised the ire and indignation of the Armenian community in this case. ANCA is no big corporation. It is a small organization of volunteers, and a handful of full-time employees supported by community donations. ANCA follows the wishes and does what the Armenian community wants. They inform and organize: we, the Armenian community act.

    • Basil said:

      Yes, let us love our fellow Turks and Azeris by ignoring every single detail of our common history and the fact that neither stopped to threaten our country and lie about their and our history. Because otherwise K.C will contradict himself by calling us paranoid, mentally disordered intelligent and educated people capable of analyzing the situation for ourselves.

      Let us choose peace, love and compassion, like 70 % of the Turkish population, which according to a recent survey strongly dislikes Greeks, Jews and Armenians. That is our paranoia speaking too. Heh.

      Also, K.C please tell every single one of your intelligent and well educated Armenian friends that you use to call them paranoid and mentally ill behind their back.

    • Gary_S said:

      Wouldn’t you be paranoid, if a nation (Turkey) HONORS mass murderers of its Chrstians? Why are there streets named after the 3 Pashas who ordered millions of its Christians to death today? Puts people in jail for Article 301 for talking the truth about genocide. For discrimnating against its Christians today. Ya, Christians have to register their religious identity in their IDs. Makes it easy to discriminate.
      Instead of having a guilty conscious about what it did to Armenians, it has a BLOCKADE against Armenia–yet it has a double standard about Cyprus. Didn’t Turkey break the blockade by Israel?

    • Grish Begian said:

      Yes K.C, you are right about Armenians, we are paranoid and mentally disturbed, that how super human called turk can rape and murder little boys and girls and women, send elders to hot desert, without food and water, and now after 90 years celebrating their criminal acts with their bloody music in front of the genocide survivor’s children..shame on you and shame to all those turks, who call themselves human!!

  11. Ararat said:

    There is an old saying that says you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey. Once a Turk always a Turk. No matter what schemes they devise they are like an open book to us but we must continue to educate our neighbors and our communities about this Cancer.

    We should never let our guards down and expose these racist Turks for their true intensions while hiding behind the freedom of speech and assembly and carefully chosen words such as festival. We must spare no opportunity to keep them down and hit them hard.

    Hay azge yerpek che bidi khnayel shoon Turkin.

  12. Sebouh Nazarian of Sydney , Australia said:

    Bravo Asbarez and AYF organisers

    Still dont understand how this can happen in LA with so many influential and powerful Armenians

  13. Hagop said:

    Fredy Krueger. You are a rasist biggot. This band marching will equal to German nazy band marching in west los Angeles and playing the marches that SS troops played when marching under Hitler’s banner.
    This Ottoman band is a simbol of racism.
    Your deminor addressing Armenians shows who you are.

  14. Osik said:

    On April 24 2012 we should put together a comic Ottoman Military Marching Band with some out of tune instruments, funny uniforms and march in front of the Turkish consulate.

  15. manooshag said:

    WE must see this cancellation of the bullying Turkeys as another one of their IN YOUR FACE TO THE USA, before all the world, as another IN YOUR FACE to the Chrstian Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and more AGAINST whom the Turkeys historically have perpetrated their Genocides that are and have been ongoing and unending into today against the Kurds. Bullying, via the IN YOUR FACE tactics are not a ‘stance’ now with Turkey’s style of being actively IN YOUR FACE – from the times when first their hordes came down from the mountains of Asia seeking to eliminate an ancient and advanced people’s homeland of nearly 4,000 years – to eliminate and descimate these peoples and steal a ready-made homeland and all the assets of their victims whom they planned to eliminate – to steal that culture as their own Turkish culture (since Turk’s had not any culture of their own!!
    Now, today, Turk leaderships still pursue this same mentality which emanates from their own Asian Ottoman origins – still – ongoing, unending now into the the 21st century – still denying/lying to the world, to the Armenians – and worse, even lying, obviously, to themselves!!

  16. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    Dear KC and Freddy
    I’m glad you chose peace, love and compassion. So do I. it shows how close we are in our search for a rapprochement.
    I further concede that thanks to Mustafa Kemal, the Turks are now the most advanced and Westernized of all Islamic countries. Bravo to them, they are indeed the most tolerant of their Christian communities.
    That’s not how it used to be however. Ataturk singlehandedly forced every Turk to abandon their Eastern models and adopt Western ones. So we have become quite similar now.
    Now that you have adopted our Western standards for more years that you can remember, you have lost your ability to deceive an entire population that they needed to go away from their towns and villages for their own protection as war with Russia was imminent, when all you intended to do with them was kill them through death marches until their skeletons collapsed in the middle of the desert with a final blow to the head or body.
    I know about these because I used to collect their bones with my father who was a nine year old survivor of those marches and massacres that all ended up in DeirZohr my birthplace some three hundred miles from where he and my mother were born, picked up by European and American orphanages barely a day before they were scheduled to die.

  17. Mehmet Erbil said:

    Don’t miss the bigger picture here. The Anatolian Festival is sponsored mainly by the Pacifica Institute that is one of the many layers of lobbying of the Gulen Movement. Under the direction of Imam Fethullah Mohammed Gulen a self professed prophet (and Profit worth $25 billion) his followers worldwide are instructed to “work into the arteries of the system” which they do in Turkey and elsewhere via: interfaith dialog, cajole, manipulation of politicians, education (in the USA they have opened over 125 charter schools which are under constant controversy) manpulation and bribes with their “festivals and Turkish Olympiads on unsuspecting American Children who are taught Turkish Culture” etc.,
    They have made a mess of my native Turkey and hope to restore the glory days of the Ottoman Empire.

    This festival was called “Anatolian” in California because of this large population of affluential Armenians. Everywhere else : Florida, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Kansas, etc., they are called Turkish Festivals or Olympaids.

    Find out why EX-FBI Turkish Translator Sibel Edmonds calls Gulen “100% threat to American Security”

  18. jimmy said:

    Hmmm, it seems that our mysterious guy is playing the Turk here. She needs to decide whether she is an American, or a Turk. Turks share the same fate of Armenians because they live -they have to live- togeter in the old world. Let’s leave them alone, and I am sure they will be able to come up with a better solution than anyone else. Everybody knows that Anatolia is the creadle of civilizations. Armenians and Turks contributed to this shared culture a lot. Anyway.