Sarkozy Reiterates Commitment to Genocide Recognition

Sarkozy and Sarkisian in Yerevan earlier this month

YEREVAN—French President Nicolas Sarkozy Monday reaffirmed his country’s commitment to continue a campaign for recognition of the Armenian Genocide in a letter to President Serzh Sarkisian thanking him for the warm hospitality he received during his visit to Armenia earlier this month.

In the letter, which was released by the president’s press office, Sakozy said that he was “deeply moved at the Genocide monument when I paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the death sentence carried out against your people on April 24, 1915.”

“Rest assured that France will not stop its commitment, since the massacres have not been recognized properly by the descendents of the perpetrators,” added Sarkozy, who commended the contribution made by “the survivors of the Genocide who found refuge in our country.”

Saying that France is “indisputably on Armenia’s side as it confront the challenges facing” the country, “first of all in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through negotiation.”

“I do not doubt, that at the necessary moment you will be able to take the risk for peace, in the name of your country and for the interests of the region, leaving your mark on the future of Armenia,” added Sarkozy.

At a press conference Monday in Yerevan, France’s Ambassador to Armenia Henri Reynaud reinforced Sarkozy’s stated position that Karabakh conflict must be resolved within the OSCE Minsk Group and through peaceful means.

“Turkey should look its history in the face and recognize the Armenian Genocide,” said Reynaud, echoing statements made earlier this month by President Sarkozy.

“Armenia has assumed the policy of rapid integration into the European family and is moving steadily in that direction,” the French ambassador said adding that this posturing by Yerevan accelerate the establishment of a visa regime and the creation of a free trade zone.


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  1. Truth said:

    ‎ Sarkozy and Obama have still 2-3 months to correct there mistakes!‎

    ‎ NOT a single vote for Sarkozy . He and his administration had 4 year time to demand from ‎‎Turkey to stop its aggressive denial of Armenian Genocide NOT in Turkey itself but at least ‎in ‎France!!!!!.‎

    And Obama and his team did play a dirty game– At least G. Bush did spoke of systematic ‎mass annihilation of 1.5 Armenian by Turkey!!!‎

    Armenian Diaspora should do not exaggerate its roll and power but Armenian Diaspora has to ‎punish politicians and liars like Sarkozy and Obama and I don’t care what X- Jewish news ‎paper dose write about Armenian Genocide , when Israel and Jewish Lobby and Jewish ‎governments ( right & left) in different occasions have support Turkey in its denial policy !‎

    As long as the administration of Sarkozy and administration of Obama do try to mislead the ‎Armenia Diaspora – They should be replaced by any cost! After Obama I don’t think we will ‎have something worse than Dick Chany and Bush and Rice! ‎

  2. fat said:

    We should not forgets that during the administration of Sarkozy France member of OSCE in ‎OSE Minsk group in 2009/2010 politician Bernd .F was the first to use “kankendi” instate of ‎Stepankert not in Baku but in his press conference in Yerewvan! !! ‎

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Armenian Sun on the Rise by the Help of Bastillians*

    Our sun is on the rise,
    From the grave arisen
    To give us our rights
    In narrating our cause.

    At last, the mighty heard
    Our suppressed musical voice,
    Massacred kids in paradise
    Greeting joyful songs.

    Armenian sun will never fade;
    Genocide will be recognized in the end
    By our human rights friends
    Who believed in our tortured faith.

    “Blood cannot turn to liquid,”—as been said.
    The killers will live in shameful hate,
    Souls will rest in eternal bate,
    Lands will return in a miraculous date.

    Our springs will provide waters to Arab lands
    Who saved us from killers and nationalized us;
    We are grateful to all nations caring for us
    Survived and still breathing the natural human rights.

    France’s commitment** was extremely brave;
    Bastillians do not glitter for metals in a safe.
    Liberty is in their genetics, thus abide.
    Their pride always existed in “liberation rights.”

    We Armenians are ready to replace their loss;
    We will work hard with all our souls
    Till the end of our last sighed noise
    As honest, sincere, dedicated hosts.
    * Bastille: French fortress (1370-1383) that later became a prison. Stormed on July 14, 1789, during the French Revolution.
    **October 12, 2006: Bill on Armenian Genocide was passed.

  4. manooshag said:

    Now, a Ter Petrossian, the absolute worst to have become the first ‘president’ of the fledgling nation of our homeland, Haiastan… even was removed from office! Too, Ter Petrossian then became the example for all Haiastans leaders to emulate/copy Ter Petrossian acts to steal from the assets of Haiastan, to fill his own pockets. Now, he seeks to return to become again “president” of Haiastan. How dare he, who was made to leave before his term of office was completed. Now, he dares to come before our citizens of Haiastan to seek the presidency again. How stupid does he think our Armenian citizens are?? Do not our brethren in Haiastan remember the years they suffered from this mentally misdirected man? Obviously, he seeks to return to the presidency since he is now in need of more monies for himself, his French Jewish wife, and his son. This man has not one ounce of Armenian patriotism in his body. Too, his mentality is an embarrassment for all Armenians before all the civilized world… A thief, once elected, asking to be re-elected… Before all world Armenians shall be seen as fools – a TerPetrossian TWICE!!
    And now, this truth – a quotation from Edward Abbey: