Iran, Armenia Call for Expanding Ties

Sarksian and Ahmadinejad in March

YEREVAN, TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)—The presidents of Armenia and Iran Thursday had a phone conversation, during which they reiterated the importance of expanding and maximizing relations between the two countries.

During the phone call, the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad told President Serzh Sarkisian that there is abundant ground for the further development of ties and cooperation between Tehran and Yerevan.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes maximum expansion of relations between the two countries, in various cultural, economic and political realms and welcomes any move which facilitate that objective,” said Ahmadinejad.

He also emphasized the two nations’ age-old historical and cultural relations, and said the Iranian and Armenian people have genuine feelings for each other “and this has provided an appropriate capacity and potential for the reinvigoration of relations between the two countries”.

“Armenia is seeking to further bolster the relations between the two countries in the different fields, specially in economy, and believes that close ties with Tehran would serve the interests of both nations as well as the other nations in the region,” said Sarkisian.

The Iranian president plans to visit Yerevan by the end of this year.

According to Armenia’s presidential press service details for Ahmadinejad’s visit to Iran were also discussed.

Earlier this month, the Director-General of the Iranian Presidential Office for International Affairs had told FNA that President Ahmadinejad would pay a visit to Armenia in the near future.

The Iranian president was last in Armenia in October 2007. During his two day visit to Armenia, Ahmadinejad met with university students and professors and Iranian expatriates in Armenia, and signed four agreements and a joint statement.

Also during the same visit, the University of Yerevan granted an honorary PhD degree to the Iranian president.

Sargsian was in Tehran in March to attend the Iranian New Year festivities.


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  1. Persia said:

    A soonest improvement of US relation with current Iranian Regime would serve best the ‎interests of Armenia, Iran and US! Since anti Americanism is not really rooted in the Iran ‎society (as anti British was) therefore US should respect Iran and try to discuss there problems ‎with Tehran, without consideration or pushing the Israeli issue by every mean and every price ‎again and agian

    Bombs on Iran would promote only anti Americanism, as it was once the case against British ‎or even in some case against Russian Empire (but Israel wouldn’t risk in this case losing ‎anything)!‎

    Fact is that the officials in Baku are in favour of attack on Teheran instead of UN Sanctions!‎
    ‎ Baku seems to work to receive guaranties about: ‎
    ‎ a) In the opinion of Baku attack on Iran should not last long
    ‎ b) A regime change has to be guarantied -‎
    ‎ c) After all Baku should allow going ahead with its Pan Turan and „big Azerbaijani” plans . ‎

    Turkey is not sure being afraid of Kurdish issue. Else Ankara seems to be in favour of Pan ‎Turkism plans developed in Baku &Co – since on long term “pan Turan” should open new ‎opportunities for Turkey to become a new “ottoman power” and on long term to challenge ‎even “Russian bear” . ! ‎

    That is way Karabakh should not agree to return even a small part of librated territories ‎

    • john said:

      artsakh has a lot more territories to liberate. that;s the only way to eliminate fake “azerbaijan: as a threat to anyone.

  2. Truth said:

    Unfortunately, US foreign policy on Iran is being hijacked by Israel and aggressive Jewish ‎lobby. All these make a direct negotiation and contacts between US and Iran almost ‎impossible. We can only hope that politicians in White House think first of all about peace ‎and interests of US rather trying to please wishes of extremist in Tela Aviv and within the ‎Jewish lobby! ‎

    The best solution would be to make a bold courageous decision with a gesture to appoint US ‎Ambassador to Tehran and re-opening of US embassy in Iran ‎

  3. Vazken said:

    I am encouraged by the friendly relations between Armenia and Iran, I whish that it was the case with Azerbaijan and Turkey as well, but we know that is probably far too distant in the future.
    Having friendly and close relations with both the U.S. and Iran, it would make sense for Armenia to work as an intermediary when both sides decide that it makes more sense to make peace, trade, love and live our short lives on earth in peace.

  4. gary_S said:

    I hope if Iran is developing nukes, that they stop. I don’t want one of the few countries that helps Armenia to have regime change.
    It is in Russia’s and Iran’s interest to help us keep Karabagh. They don’t want pan-turkism to expand.
    If armenia settled the Karabagh with turkey, then both Iran and Russia would worry because armenia may join NATO. Turkey is why Armenia stays with Russia. turkey would love to have Armenia so they could start pan-turkism–from turkey to Central Asia. What I think would happen, would the Central asians countries would tell turkey, you aren’t Mongolian looking. How are you Turkic?

  5. Ararat said:

    Given the fact that US is more than willing to turn a blind eye on crimes committed by the Turks against the Armenians primarily because of the lack of leadership, bribery, self-interest and hypocrisy, it is time Armenia and Iran form a military alliance for their own self-interests and against their common enemies, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    The possibility of attack on the Iranian nuclear plants remains high and it will come from the Israelis and launched from Israeli secret military bases in Azerbaijan bordering Iran. Israelis, with their usual deceptive games, have started a very cozy relationship with Azerbaijan since their friendly relationship with Turkey has been severed due to the flotilla incident.

    In the event of an attack on Iran by Israelis, Azerbaijan will be attacked by Iran and Armenian forces should be mobilized and ready to take advantage of this opportunity and liberate the Armenian territory of Nakhichevan. This will close the chapter on the liberation of Armenian territories from its eastern borders so then the focus can be shifted to the western borders with Turkey and the liberation of Western Armenian territories in Eastern Anatolia.

  6. Albert Nercessian said:

    Iran and Russia are Armenia’s most reliable allies. Business ties with Iran are great but I would make sure that they are not Iranian-Azeris investing in Armenia because they are loyal to Baku.This fantasy with opening borders with Turkey is a idiotic fantasy because the Turks want to destroy us. Armenians must cut all economic ties with Turkey. This includes all these Armenian stores that sell low quality Turkish food products(which Russia banned because of dangerous pesticides and chemicals). Iran is a useful source of oil and gas which is strategically important for Armenia.

  7. Albert Nercessian said:

    Baku wants to seize Iranian-Azerbajan and is funding Iranian Azeri terrorist organizations to do so. Iran is aware of this and is very careful now. The Azeris are Iran’s enemy and I am glad that this understand this. Iranian-Azeris are called Torke-khar in Iran which means Turkish donkeys and that is what they exactly are.