Prince Andrew on ‘Secret’ Visit to Azerbaijan

Prince Andrew

Writing for the London-based Daily Mail, Rebecca English writes about an unexplained “secret” visit to Azerbaijan by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, on the taxpayers’ dime after stepping down from his controversial role as a trade representative for the United Kingdom.

“Andrew has visited its leader, President Ilham Aliyev – accused of torturing political opponents and election rigging – eight times in the last six years, with two of the trips described as ‘entirely private,’” said English in her report.

“The regularity of his visits has led media in Azerbaijan to speculate that he may have business links to the oil-rich state, including a golf resort on the Caspian Sea. However Buckingham Palace has denied this,” added English.

This issue has raised eyebrows in England, where Prince Andrew has earned a reputation of flying on taxpayer money, while the country is reeling from the global economic crisis.

Read the entire Daily Mail article.


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  1. Grish Begian said:

    All world Muslim oil Sheikhdoms including AzerPYchan is part of secret British Royal Family shrines…Buckingham Palace back-up power generators run only with AzerPYchanis is much more thicker and have better taste and quality, especially if Queen needs to have a Turkish oil bath, during weekends.. this especial fragrance oil supply available by “Midnight Express” freight line, directly to her palace bathrooms with no extra cost!!

  2. Tsayt said:

    The only weapon Armenia could have mustered against Azerbaijan was to become a truly democratic state where people’s votes actually mattered. This, along with the rule of law could’ve acted as a strong counterbalance vis-a-vis the smell of Azeri oil, but alas, we squandered that precious opportunity and made our homeland a backwater Haiti-style wasteland where a few rich families enjoy all the wealth, with migration being the only alternative left for the honest and hard working citizen of Armenia.

    What a shame!

  3. Peter Megerdumian said:

    He is an agent of British Petroleum, the most criminal oil company in the world. Don’t forget that it was the British Great Game against Russia that contributed to the 1915 Genocide. It was Winston Churchill who told the Turkish Armenians to rise up against the Turks and the Turks used that as an excuse to exterminate the Armenians. The British controlled Baku and Nagorno Karabagh and have a partial responsibility for the 1920 Shusa Massacre because they appointed a Muslim governor to that region. The British have been the biggest Allies of the Turks. The British should get rid of the bloodsucking Royal Family because they waste British tax payers money and now the British government is retirement and other benefits for British workers.

  4. Peter Megerdumian said:

    It is important to note and clarify that the British religious establishment has been a great ally of the Armenians and we need be most grateful for their kindness. My criticism is toward the orientalist imperialist segments of the British government which are evil.Most of the supporters of Turkey are British Jews starting with Benjamin Disraeli, the British prime minister who first came up with the idea to support Turkey as a counterbalance against Russia.The current Prime Minister David Cameron is also half Jewish.
    Important British allies of Armenia are the Archibishop of Cantebury (who is the equivalent to the Pope of the Anglican Church) and various British Chrisitian organizations. This also includes Baroness Cox who is a great Christian ally of the Armenians.