Turkey To Boycott EU Cyprus Presidency

Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bağış

NICOSIS, Cyprus—Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bağış declared that Turkey will not participate in any EU session whe Cyrpus takes over the rotating presidency of the 27-nation union.

Bağış said that while Turkey will boycott the Presidency of the European Union, it will continue its cooperation with the European Commission and the European Parliament.

“Our relations with the EU Commission and the EU Parliament will remain intact. We will just not sit across the same table as the term’s presidency,” said Bağış.

Turkey had previously threatened to freeze all relations with the EU if Cyprus was to take over the EU Presidency, a threat that like many is not being carried out. Cyprus is expected to take over the presidency during the second half of 2012.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Abdullah Gul slammed the prospect of Cyprus taking over the European Union presidency next year as “half a country” leading a “miserable union.”

Gul said the failure to open new chapters in Turkey’s negotiating process was harming the 27-nation bloc’s reputation and that it could suffer its biggest loss of credibility in 2012 when Cyprus takes over the rotating EU presidency in July.

“Now this half a country, this incomplete country will take over the EU presidency,” Gul was quoted as saying. “There will be a half-presidency leading a miserable union. That is exactly the expression I said to EU leaders.”


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  1. Edward Demian said:

    So when Turkey’s turn arrives, it will be a full country of Half-Wits, leading a weak union.

  2. bigmoustache said:

    “half a country”? are you proposing kicking out the occupiers? what a barab gul…

  3. T. George said:

    Turkey does not belong in the EU anyway. Let them boycott it. There economy is enjoying a temporary surge, but that will be short lived. It is still a bully country. I continues to occupy 37% of Cyprus, an EU country. Let Turkey do business with Pakistan, Iran and the rest of those Islamic third world countries.

  4. Stepan said:

    Europe does not want Turkey, the sooner turkey accepts the fact that they are despised and disliked by majority of Europe the sooner they can form a union with azerbajian, iran, and the arab states, whom much like turkey are totalaterian states in one form or another. Syris, Jordan,Iran,Turkey ,azerbajian, Saudi Arabia,UAE,Egypt, pakistan, and others.

    When will the west understand that islam & democracy does not and will not ever work as they both represent the opposite forces of freedom.

    Show me one Islamic nation that is a true democracy, in Turkey there are close to 100 jailed journolists second only after China.

  5. Peter Megerdumian said:

    The Turks will never be able to interact with a civilized society. They are barbarians and they always will be. There are a few good Turks those good Turks are most likely “secret Armenians” or Hemshin. The greatest accomplishment of the Turks has always been war and genocide and the blind Europeans finally realize it. The parasitical Turks have destroyed Germany. Some neighborhoods have so many Turks that you would never recognize you are in Germany. They are involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, gun smuggling , welfare fraud and everything illegal.It is their goal to Turkify and Islamize Europe. That is written in the Hadith, an Islamic text.

  6. Peter Megerdumian said:

    There is nothing European about Turkey. They are Central Asian savages and it amazes me how blind the Europeans could have been to even talk about adding Turkey to the EU. The EU is already in a mess and they can’t even agree on how to solve this financial crisis and this is a discussion between Christians.Belgium was without a government for a long period and they were so desparate that they elected a prime minister who was accused of pedophilia. He did admit that he was a homosexual but he denied the pedophilia part..Just imagine adding Turks to this screwed up mess. The Turks have no interest in integrating with Europe. Their goal is to take over Europe and Islamize and Turkify .If they want to add Turkey,they deserve to burn in Hell because that is exactly what will happen.

  7. Peter Megerdumian said:

    Various Turkic people from Mongolia including the Turks have been responsible for destroying all the great ancient civilizations. The Mamluks ( a mongol Turk tribe) destroyed the great and glorious Egyptian civilization and turned it into the backwards place it is now. The Turks destroyed the great Abbasid Empire where great Arab achievements in science and medicine occured. The Turks also destroyed the great Greek civilization. The Turks even invaded Sicily and that is why Sicily has the Mafia. The Mafia are Turkified Italians..

  8. John Markarian said:

    The Turks have created so much crime and problems in Europe that the Europeans are sick and tired. Go to Germany and you will see Turkish neighborhoods are slums and you can’t believe that you are in Germany. That is the goal of the Turk. Unwise individuals such as former Italian prime minister Burlesconi who was involved in various sex scandals and a mafiosi supporter supported Turkey joining the EU. The only other idiot supporting this is the Swedish prime minister but the guy owns major stock is Azeri oil fields .