Baku Blasts International Mediators, Despite Minister’s Pledge

Aliyev's chief foreign policy advisor Novruz Mammadov

BAKU (APA)—A senior presidential advisor to President Ilham Aliyev on Thursday blasted international mediators of the Karabakh conflict, calling their insistence that the conflict be resolved by the sides as “ridiculous.”

This comes days after Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers, Eduard Nalbandian and Elmar Mammadyarov, issued a joint announcement expressing their countries’ willingness to move forward with the OSCE Minsk Group-mandated efforts and pledged more talks on the presidential level.

Aliyev’s chief foreign policy advisor Novruz Mammadov said that the international community, particularly the heads of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing states, should change their position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,

“We have witnessed all the processes of this conflict—the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. Having witnessed this, the West says that the sides should solve the problem themselves and the international community will support them. This is ridiculous in the context of international relations. This cannot last long,” said Mammadov.

“They [the international community] should take a clear position, and get the Armenian troops withdrawn from the occupied territories under the [relevant] UN Security Council resolutions. If there is international law, it must be applied. Then the co-chairs will know what they need to do and take the necessary steps,” added Mammadov.

“Is there a need for this group to continue to operate if professional politicians from each state fail to join this process and take productive steps? I believe that given the above, the co-chairs should work to develop new and serious steps,” said Mammadov.

He also went on to blame Armenia and its posturing for the failure in progress of the talks.

“In the course of the talks, the international community, the co-chairs themselves and even the Russian president, who also attended the talks, once again witnessed that the Armenian side uses various pretexts to delay the negotiating process. All proposals made by Armenia are unacceptable in the international community,” Mammadov claimed.

Mammadov also called Armenia’s position that Azerbaijan is stalling talks “wrong.”

“It is commonplace for the Armenian side to make such remarks. They often use similar tactics to delay the negotiating process. The international community is also well aware that the Armenian side from time to time makes such false statements to disrupt the process to tackle the problem and puts forward unacceptable proposals,” said Mammadov.

“If the Armenian side believes that making such statements from time to time is useful for it, it is wrong. Perhaps some members of the Armenian government seek to stay in power through such methods. This is a great tragedy for the Armenian people. What is most ridiculous and absurd is that, aware of their tragedy, they remain committed to this,” explained Mammadov.


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  1. Edward Demian said:

    He, he, he,he….
    So the Armenian diplomats have taken a page out of Ottoman negotiation tactics book. Good for Armenia. It must really burn the Turko-Tatars to be beaten at their own game. Armenia should keep negotiating. And when the NK population increases to half million, then we should talk about our water. We could divert all the water within our borders, and sell it to Iran or other dry states. Water is life. How much would you pay for water if you did not have any? We let all that resource go down the drain to fertilize and irrigate our enemy’s crops. If the enemy is going to deprive us of our share of oil revenue, surround, blockade and starve us, than, why should we reciprocate with kindness? We could capture and divert all water resources at the border with Azerbaidjian. Let them buy their water with Oil. That’s where the diplomatic negotiations come in.

  2. Tsayt said:

    Periodically Azeris shaw to the world what type of monkey species they belong to, not that I want to insult monkeys. Behold the species of Mammadov.

  3. West Armenia said:

    NKR is right Azerbaijani Republic being first created by Ottoman Turkish war lords first in ‎‎1918 – such as Nuri pasha- in order to put territorial claims on Armenia, Karabakh and other ‎states in the region for creating Pan Turan. The racist and anti Armenian ideology of Pan ‎Turkism is well alive in ruling circles in Ankara and Baku. We should not forget that last ‎week the general secretary of AKP (Ruling Turkish party) did claim in Erzrum Armenian ‎Syunic region (north of Armenia) for Azerbaijan

  4. 4 Arstakh said:

    Azerbaijani propaganda department has started a new game of words to mislead the world ‎community

    first of all officials in Baku trying to present themselves as a people ready to “co-existence” ‎with Armenians , by demanding people to people diplomacy between so called “Armenian ‎and Azerbaijani communities of Krabaakh”- Acting as if terry in Baku were already in ‎control of Arstakh/Karabakh

    The second trick used by Baku is the abusing of the term “Peace”. Baku by abusing the term “Peace ‎Agreement ” trying to present itself as “peace loving nation”- ignoring the very simple fact that the same ‎‎”peace loving” Azerbaijani officials not only did order to destroy Stepanakert and other ‎Armenian settlements by using 500 kilo bombs but still the same racist Azerbaijani officials ‎are in charge of a Nazi like anti Armenian propaganda and more..‎

  5. OSCE Minsk Group said:

    Mammadov & Co seems to be in the wrong belief as if the task of OSCE Minsk Group is to ‎help Turkish to ‎finish the Turkish lead genocide of Armenia people and “free Nagorno-‎Karabakh ‎“ – another portion of ‎Armenia – from Armenians on behalf of war criminal ‎Azerbaijani officials.‎

    The soon politicians like Mammadov stop crying and stop playing the innocent victim, ‎the ‎sooner OSCE Minsk Group will be able to established peace- which means a Azerbaijan ‎with ‎only all those territories which is being controlled by Azerbaijani army since cease-fire ‎of 1994! ‎

    This certainly not a task of OSCE Minsk Group to create new opportunities for Baku to repeat ‎‎the failed aggression of 90´s against Nagorno-Karabakh ‎
    ‎ ‎
    Dear Mr Mammadov OSCE Minsk Group is only able to try to prevent a new war which ‎most probably would turn Baku to a second Ağdam ‎

  6. Anti-Azerbaijan said:

    Novruz Mammadov looks like a true Azeri psycho.

    The international community should recognize Artsakh and help Armenia defend it in the coming war. If they refuse to do this we will do it ourselves, the next time the evil Azeris attack us. And we shall liberate other occupied Armenian regions as well, such as Nakhichevan.

    The Armenian politicians are indeed traitors to their people but the only tragedy of our people is that of having been “blessed” by Turkic neighbours.

    Revenge for Gurgen Margaryan! Revenge for Julfa! Revenge for Manvel Saribekyan!

    • bigmoustache said:

      dont worry brother, we will liberate julfa and build a museum of put together khatchkars and every foreign dignitary will have to visit this museum. as for gurgen margariyan we’ll take the most vicious, battlehardened batallion and name it after him that way there will be no confusion for the azeris, every time they hear of the ‘gurgen margarian revenge batallion’ theyll know. we’ll be exacting HIS revenge in HIS honor for him

  7. Shahla said:

    Oh, I’m so sorry, I called the genocide “so called genocide”, so if I was in France, I would be imprisoned now, or imposed a penalty of EUR 45.000,00. How clever !!! And this is your logic !!! Provoke, kill, kill your own people, if needed for the national goal, get a reaction, then cry, keep talking until you believe yourself that it ahppened, then pass to your children, and then try to persuade others that it happened, so on, so forth….

    And I highly doubt that this comment will be published