Sarkisian Urges Turkey to Face its History

President Sarkisian addresses the gathering in Marseilles

MARSEILLES, France—President Serzh Sarkisian urged Turkey to face its own past and “repent” for the Armenian Genocide, saying that it is inevitable for Turkey to eventually recognize the Genocide.

Sarkisian was speaking at an official reception organized by Marseille’s Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin and attended by members of the Armenian community. He was visiting Marseilles to take part in a meeting of the European People’s Party and to inaugurate a new Armenian consulate in that city, where there is a large Armenian population.

“We are confident that Turkey will repent. This is neither a precondition nor a effort to exact revenge. Turkey must face its own history,” said Sarkisian.

The president said that Armenia’s position has not changed and that Yerevan is ready to have friendly relations with its neighbors. He cited the example of post-World War II Germany and Poland, when German Chancellor Willie Brandt visited the Warsaw Ghetto fully cognizant of the crime his country had perpetrated against Poland.

“Sooner or later Turkey, which considers itself a European country, will have a truly European leadership that will bow its head at Dzidzernagapert, The sooner the better, but that is up to the Turkish people,” said Sarkisian.

“One day Turkey’s leadership will find the strength to reassess its approaches to the Armenian Genocide,” added Sarkisian.

He also called a recent visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Armenia “historic.” He added that Sarkozy’s statements in Yerevan, urging Turkey to come to term with its past was unprecedented, adding that no other world leader has never made such statement.


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  1. Amanchumem said:

    Serj Sarkisyan is a very stupid man. The Turks are PROUD of having killed Armenians. How the hell do you expect such a people to apologize? You can’t apologize for something you’re proud of!

    Serj Sarkisyan should focus on responding to Azeri sniper attacks on the borders instead of hallucinating in Marseilles. Furthermore he should stop burning stolen Armenian money in Western casinos. As far as I am concerned Serj Sarkisyan is a traitor and an enemy to the Armenian people.

    PS. An Armenia without nuclear weapons is an Armenia that will sooner or later disappear. This is the reality!

  2. Gaidzag said:

    Turkey’s leadership will bow its head at Dzidzernagapert only when Armenia has honest and trustworthy government.

  3. Vazken said:

    Amanchumem, you are not an Armenian, but your exacerbated rhetoric betrays you as a Turk or Azeri who has been royally screwed by an Armenian.

    • Amanchumem said:

      I’m not sure that I understand what made you so upset. My “exacerbated rhetoric” aside, am I right or am I wrong? Are you a supporter of Serj Sarkisyan? Do you support his gambling in Monaco casinos? Do you support the oligarchs that are ruining our country, making people flee it and angering visiting spyurkahays so much that they don’t want to return (me being one of those)? I would say that you’re an Armenian government agent but then again I think they’re too lazy and uninterested to even care. They’re too busy corrupting our country! Now: do you deny the fact that Turks are actually proud of having killed Armenians or not? If you do, you’re a fool.

      Maybe you don’t like the fact that an Armenian complains about the Armenian government; perhaps you’d like to protest pointing out that the governments of Azerbaijan, Georgia and most other Soviet republics, for that matter, are equally corrupt. Then I’d have to agree. However, I as an Armenian couldn’t care less about that, since they are not in charge of MY country.

  4. Gary said:

    Amanchumem, your statement is pretty harsh, but I will be with you in this statement 100%

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  6. Alex Postallian said:

    I wondered why many Armenians choose not to donate money to Armenia anymore i.e. Kirk Krikorians millions to U.C.L.A medical research.It will be gobbled up by the crooked politicians.No wonder there is a mass exodus out of the countryWhy dont we get the true story out of our media????????????????

    • said:

      Don’t be naive – when was the last time you heard a true story from the media? What makes you think it’s OUR media?

      Armenian nation can’t rely on several rich but moody individuals. They hang out with wrong crowds and then think everybody is like their fake friends. At the same time there are so many active people working hard on Armenian issues on very low budgets.