Bill Criminalizing Genocide Denial Passes French Parliament [Update]

Parliament members vote

PARIS—The French Parliament approved a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, and rendering it punishable with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros ($58,000).

“I will vote thinking of Hrant Dink,” said one Member of Parliament as he concluded his remarks.

“We are not punishing any country, but we are fighting against genocide denial in our country,” said another.

“We are taking part in the mass destruction of Armenians when we allow its denial… We are voting in the name of Armenians who sought refuge here. How can we look in the eyes of our fellow citizens of Armenian heritage, while we know that there are those among us who deny the suffering of their grandparents?” said yet another Member of Parliament.

“Racism is not an opinion, it’s a crime,” said another.

The MPs who spoke highlighted the stories of survivors who arrived in France after the genocide, and talked about the significance of honoring the memory of the victims, the survivors, and their descendants, as well as safeguarding historical truth.

Several proposed amendments that aimed at diluting the bill were voted down.

More than two thousand Turks demonstrated against the bill outside the French Parliament building.

The French Senate is expected to vote on the bill by February 2012.

Turkey Recalls Ambassador
Official Ankara announced it has recalled its ambassador to France. According to Turkish State Television (TRT), ambassador Tahsin Burcuoglu will promptly return to Ankara.

A special delegation of Turkish officials had arrived in Paris on Dec. 19 to prevent the bill from passing.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had likened the move as one from the Middle Ages. “If this proposal is legislated, France will pioneer the return of the Middle Ages mindset to Europe,” Anatolia News Agency quoted him as saying. The law would “create a new dogma about understanding history, to forbid alternative thoughts. This is the mentality of the Middle Ages. The adoption of this mindset in France is the greatest danger to Europe.”

Addressing his government officials, Davutoglu said it would be “out of the question to leave unanswered an attempt by any country leader, government, or parliament to dishonor our country and nation.”

“There will be irreparable consequences in all bilateral relations,” the undersecretary of the Turkish ambassador to Paris, Engin Solakoglu, told AFP. He said the proposed law was a “hostile act” and that “all cooperation with the French government, all joint projects, will be frozen.”

On the other hand, Turkey’s Human Rights Association’s Committee Against Racism and Discrimination had issued a press release and had initiated a signature campaign calling on Turkey to unite against genocide denial, not against the French Parliament.

In 2001, France adopted a bill officially recognizing the 1915 events as genocide.

Armenia Thanks France
Armenia’s Foreign Ministry issued an announcement immediately following the passage of the bill.

In a written statement Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said France has “once again proved its commitment to human values.”

“On this occasion, I would like to once again express gratitude to France’s supreme leadership, the National Assembly and all French people,” he said.

“Having recognized the Armenian Genocide with a law ten years ago, the French people have demonstrated that human rights are a supreme value. And by adopting this bill today they have reaffirmed that statutes of limitations do not extend to crimes against humanity and that their denial is subject to unequivocal condemnation,” added Nalbandian.

US Urges France, Turkey to Calm Row
The United States expressed hope Thursday that France and Turkey can de-escalate an angry row over Thursday’s French vote, a senior US diplomat said Thursday, AFP reported.

“We obviously want to see good relations between France and Turkey, we hope they can resolve differences between them, they’re both stalwart NATO allies and partners,” said the official, on condition of anonymity.

ANCA welcomes vote
Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian offered the following comment on the vote:

“Today’s overwhelming vote by the French National Assembly reinforces the growing international consensus–and the mounting pressure on Turkey–for a truthful and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide.”

“Closer to home, France’s stand underscores the need for our own American President and Congress to finally reject Ankara’s gag rule on the proper condemnation and commemoration of this still unpunished crime against humanity. We mark this occasion by urging President Obama to honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide and the House leadership to bring the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.304, for a full floor vote.”


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  1. Peter Megerdumian said:

    Vivi de la France !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! France has always been the leader in every major revolution in science, law and in every aspect of modern life. This again shows that France is a great country. Mr. Sarkozy whose father was an Ottoman Jew knew the barbaric mentality of the Turks well. That is why he left Ottoman Salonica (todays thelosiniki) to go to Europe. Turks loved to blame one minority or another for all the problems of the country. The Jews of Turkey were lucky to not have been targetted but anti-semitism has always been strong in Turkey also.We, the Armenians were unlucky and we are finally getting justice little by little.

    • Turkcekonusanamerikali said:

      Let me make a few related comments. France is a great country. One look at it’s contribution to art, music, literate and France’s excellence screams out. I’m a scientist so I know that from 1903 Nobel Prize winner Henri Becquerel, who discovered radioactivity, to the 2011 Nobel Prize winner Jules A. Hoffmann’s, who contributed to the understanding of innate immunity, France has been a leader in science. In contrast Turkey is a mediocre country which has contributed nothing to world civilization. But the Turks do have gall (as well as a pathological overestimation of their importance and greatness). Imagine the nerve it takes to stick their nose into another country’s domestic affairs and then throw a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way. If it happened in the US, We’d give them a collective “bird” and hopefully close their embassy and boot its occupants out of our country.
      Viva Armenia, viva Greece, viva Cyprus, viva Kurdistan, viva Israel, and a foot long BIRD to Turkey.
      Turks I know all about you from first hand experience. And from my posting name you know that I do.

      • Raffi Avedissian said:

        Indeed, it’s a great victory for our cause which was highlighted by the French valiant effort and historic vote. Our praise should go to France and other countries who believe in our cause, but NEVER include Israel! It;s a big mistake to believe that Israel supports our cause. If they did why haven’t they recognized the Armenian Genocide? What are they waiting for? They’re opportunists. Do NOT believe that Israel will ever divorce herself from Turkey. They are the two closest allies of the US in the middle east. Just a few days ago, the Israeli Air Force was visited by their Turkish counterpart to revive their coordination after the boat incident. They’re both working hard together to destroy whatever left from the Arab opposition to the Israeli colonialism in the region.

      • Basil said:

        Probably never, for once because its make believe and then you couldn’t even bribe your way through the Mexican senate, let alone France. But maybe save that oil money long enough and try harder?

      • robig said:

        It took almost 100 years for France to recognize the 1915 massacres. We can talk in 100 years from now about the Khojali Genocide. See you then!

        • Avery said:

          Robig, please stop repeating nonsense propaganda disseminated by Azeris.
          What Khojali “genocide” ? Do you even know the meaning of the word Genocide ?
          Do you how many Azeris were actually killed in Khohali ?
          Do you know who was really responsible ?
          If you don’t, then stop falling into Azeri traps.

      • Ararat said:

        To call some 600 people caught in the cross fire during an actual war a genocide, unlike the pre-planned, state-sponsored murder of 1.5 million Armenians in Anatolia, shows you know nothing about what the word genocide signifies. In actuality, most of these people were fired upon by the late Haydar Aliyev’s Special Forces so as to create chaos and drag International forces into the region because Azerbaijan, having already lost the war, was in the process of losing half its fake territory.

        Stop crying for your failed aggression on innocent, peaceful people of Karabakh and take your defeat like a man. Today, even 20 years after your massive and humiliating defeat, you speak of war with your empty gestures and rhetoric instead of peace. Defeated people seek peace not war but I guess Azeris are still fantasizing to avenge their loss but perhaps they need another 20 years of petrodollars to even remotely have the nerve for such an act.

      • Rich said:

        Since when do Turks know what genocide is, long after their genocidal acts, do they understand the meaning of the word to challenge a the race they victimized? In effect victimizing the victims once again. You have no shame go back under the pool of scum from which you came.

  2. Gourgen Mangassarian said:

    Dear Armenians,

    First – I wish you all A Happy New Year and A Merry Christmas.
    Second – Likewise I’m also pleased with today’s approval of the Bill by French Parliament to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide.
    Third – Please do not get very excited with the French Parliament’s todays act. Watch them and the French government closely. They can easily betray you in Artsakh and Middle East. Yes, specially the Middle East. I can not say more.

    Enjoy the holiday season.

    • Hagop said:

      Gourgen, we know that we are alone and have been in the past and will be in the future. All this recognition stuff or punishing deniers, etc… is just a political combat -or should I say game- between big powers like if they didn’t know what happened to us some a century ago…Nevertheless we have to thank France for it’s action and await that the USA administration has the balls to not to abide to turkish pressions and I agree with you about any possible betraying, not only from France so we have to be always united to face both turkish and other big power threats

  3. Peter Megerdumiam said:

    Actually it was Mr.Sarkozy’s great grandfather who lived in Ottoman Salonica and he was smart to have escaped so President Sarkozy learned about the oppression that Jews faced in Turkey and this must have influenced his support for the Armenians. The French must be proud that they are fighters for human rights and law. France was the first country in the world to have a codified law system and to have mandatory public education. Armenians should reciprocate the kindness of the French and buy French weapons systems like the Matra Mica surface to air system to supplement Armenia’s air defenses and the Lecrec tank. A strong defense will discourage a Azeri attack and this is in the interest of everyone who is sane.

  4. sylvie tertzakian said:

    Foreign Minister, Davidoghlu’s remark backfires on Turkey. The Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey was an act that would have been organized and perpetrated in the Middle Ages. The denial of the Genocide belongs to the Middle Ages as well….

  5. SA said:

    I read elsewhere that there was a Wikileaks release where French officials to Turkey had assured them that this bill will be “killed in the Senate”. This may turn out to be just plain politics – a ploy as elections are around the corner to gain Armenian votes. Hope it really becomes law, I’ll hold off any celebration until then.

    The good thing is at the very least the Armenian Genocide is getting a lot of attention in the media because of this. These things are great when they succeed, but Armenians should focus on strengthening Armenia and Artsakh economically and on the global stage.

    • Manvel said:

      SA You took the words out of my mouth…. We need to focus more on the future and our Current Armenia…..What happened in 1915 was beyond comprehention. My Grand Parents were orphans from the Genocide… I feel the pain until Today. But the best response to the Genocide is a strong and Proud Armenia…..!!

    • Turkcekonusanamerikali said:

      To forget is asking too much. The Jews have rebounded from the Holocaust marvelously. This past Fall 5 out of 7 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine (actually Biology) were won by Jews. In fact the Chemistry Prize was won by an Israeli. But 66 years after the Nazis were destroyed, the Holocaust still permeates the Jewish soul. How can such a thing ever be forgotten.
      SA’s advice is good. Even in terms of revenge, the best route is to build a nation that puts Turkey to shame. But you will never forget.

      • Guest from Turkey said:

        My friend,

        Do you really think this bill is going to go through French system, You are so naive. Every nation has committed ill during war. Nobody is exempt, however Germany is the only country that committed genocide. In any case, Turkish central bank has 23 billion Euros in French Bonds. If they decide to sell it, which they certainly will, you know what Sarkozy will do? Lets watch and see. By the way, don’t put the word Turk in your name my friend, it does not suit you.

        • Alex Postallian said:

          Esheg: When turkey gooble,gooble will spend the the millions it pays its STOOGES throughtout,it could spend it to educate its people. 70% of gooble gooble is illiterate.How do I know this,when you bribe (bakeseech) to stooges,and deny the historical truth,and 80% of the world knows better,but dont have the intestinal fortitude to admit it,70&,of your people are illiterate.YES,YOU ARE STUPID.. Compish

        • Rich said:

          I hope the eshegs do pull out 23 billion dollars out of France it will show how irrational they truely are. Pulling out money because they lost emotional control shows they lack business sense, common sense and too stupid to be in the business world.

  6. Charles Aroutiounian said:

    We have finished the job in France! It was a long and hard fight against the Turkish Lobby. I feel like you guys in the US are little behind in the cause! You must really intensify you actions!!!!!!It’s intolerable the US should have recognized the Genocide before France!!!!!!So keep up the fight! In the end justice and truth will always prevail!

    • Avery said:

      Sorry Charles, the job is not finished in France. The Bill is not Law yet.
      French Senate has to approve it next. If Senate fails, the Bill is zilch.

      But you are right: we in the US have to do better.
      Once we get US, the rest will fall like dominoes.

  7. Anton A said:

    Turkey should direct their rage, criticism, and poison, not at the French government, but their own. Turkey’s bullying behavior is disturbing, duplicitous, and hypocritical. At least, the French version of “Armenian Genocide denial” is punishable by fine or imprisonment. What about Turkey’s equivalent? (Penal code 301) that will tear you apart in a blink of an eye, and even kill you ( just as the state did to Hrant Dink and numerous other journalists) just for mentioning the “G” word. Now who is afraid of the truth? More importantly, who is scared of the long-casting dark shadow of their forefather’s ghosts? Turkey needs to Grow Up, Fess Up, and Move On. Germans did it, so should Turkey.

  8. Armen said:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone. Viva de la France, I personally would like thank the President Sarkozy for his courage, uncompromising efforts in supporting this bill, and the French Parliament for not giving in to Turkey’s malicious threats. All countries in the world will see that France is great supporter of human rights, and gives value to human dignity and does not sell their values for political gain in order to maintain ties with a country that commits genocide and denies it after so many countries have seen the evidence and recognised the genocide. I think the only way Turkey would ever recognise the truth about the Armenian genocide is when the government is changed and new president and government officials with integrity are reelected to run the country.

    Enjoy the season.

  9. Satenik said:

    I hope Turkey recalls all his ambassadors back to Turkey…..Turkey can jump up and down and threaten France or the world for that matter, who cares? Turks are genocidal people, just look at their history. How many crimes can the barbarian Turks deny they did “not” commit? Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Bulgarian, Rumanian…come on Turkey the bloody list is endless….and I’m not even mentioning the “Kurdish” problems…well as far as Turkey was concerned, only very recently, these Kurds were “mountain Turks”….ha ha ha,…..and these retards think they are fit to join the EU, are you kidding me?….Turks have to face their bloody history, if they don’t ,they’ll be forced to!

  10. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Armenian Sun on the Rise by the Help of Bastillians*

    Today 22nd December 2011

    Our sun is on the rise,
    From the grave arisen
    To give us our rights
    In narrating our cause.

    At last, the mighty heard
    Our suppressed musical voice,
    Massacred kids in paradise
    Greeting joyful songs.

    Armenian sun will never fade;
    Genocide will be recognized in the end
    By our human rights friends
    Who believed in our tortured faith.

    “Blood cannot turn to liquid,”—as been said.
    The killers will live in shameful hate,
    Souls will rest in eternal bate,
    Lands will return in a miraculous date.

    Our springs will provide waters to Arab lands
    Who saved us from killers and nationalized us;
    We are grateful to all nations caring for us
    Survived and still breathing the natural human rights.

    France’s commitment** was extremely brave;
    Bastillians do not glitter for metals in a safe.
    Liberty is in their genetics, thus abide.
    Their pride always existed in “liberation rights.”

    We Armenians are ready to replace their loss;
    We will work hard with all our souls
    Till the end of our last sighed noise
    As honest, sincere, dedicated hosts.
    * Bastille: French fortress (1370-1383) that later became a prison. Stormed on July 14, 1789, during the French Revolution.
    ** October 12, 2006: Bill on Armenian Genocide was passed.
    The bill Confirmed on December 22, 2011

    • Guest from Turkey said:

      Bill rejected February 2012, when Turkey withdraws 23 billion Euros from French Bonds on that particular month. Write it down, then let me know how your best buddy Sarkozy reacts then. Cheers!

      • ANTRANIG said:


  11. S. Yilmaz said:

    It is a shame that France is being manipulated by the Armenian lobby to pass laws that supress the democratic principles of Freedom Of Speech. Having further debate does not consist as hate speech. “Genocide peddlers” reffering to Turks as Mongols and Barbarians as hate speech and Armenian communities worldwide demonizing everything Turkish. It is hypocritical how Armenia cries about Article 301 yet their lobbyists worldwide tries to pass laws to supress free speech, further debate (when Armenian lobbyists glue their archives shut in Yerevan and Boston). Why did the Armenian prez run away in fear when the Turkish pres offer a historical commision (meaning Armenia opens its archives and Turkey opens its archives). Because Armenia will be afraid it’s land grab plain to steal land from Turkey will fail (or in some cases completely wipe it off the map). So Armenia needs to join the historical commision, because if they run away, they are hiding something. Armenia needs to stop hating and warmongering (by trying to bully it’s 3 out of 4 neighbors).

    • Alex Postallian said:

      VIVA LA FRANCE–A turk discussingt freedom of speech,how ironic,or stupid(70&of turkey is illiterate)turkey for hundred of years never allowed freedom of speech,freedom of press.,anamilistic behavior to their minoritiesMy father was raised in small town in turkey,he only spoke turkish,because he wasnt allowed to speak ArmenianMy Mother spoke to us in ArmenianI noticed turkish was a guttural swine-like sound,you would hear among pigs.Armenian was beautifal sounding,like Italian.So dont try to peddle that garbage,because you dont know the TRUTH.,your people revised history.

    • Charles Aroutiounian said:

      Go spread your lies elsewhere …A little decency please, but I think that you Turks don’t understand the meaning of this word. It’s sad for you…

    • Vazken said:

      It is a shame that the Turkish people are being brainwashed and manipulated by their own government, future generations of Turks are being taught a ‘sanitized’ version of their history that does not include the Armenian Genocide or the massacres of Dersim (Tunceli) to list a few. As for freedom of speech in your own country, it looks like you are aware of Article 301, how does that help with your freedom of speach?

    • Lily said:

      Wow! That’s the only thing you can say….matter of fact i have to tell you all you turks have learned for the years nothing but your stuborness. Plus Armenia is ready to open their archives, its turkey that presses that only the turkish historians know the history. Plus Armenians did not steal any lands from turkey its the other way around, plus the entire world knows the turth, there are proves from eye witness accounts to media. So do all of us a favor go read a historical book that has not been written by a turk.

    • Gary_S said:

      Is referring Turks as “Mongols” an insult? The Turks came from Mongolia–NOT Anatolia.
      “Historical Commission” LOL. How can Turkey have a “Historical Commission” when historians from Turkey would go to JAIL if they admitted to Turkey committing genocide? Article 301!
      Read past articles here about Turkey expunging their archives!

    • R.Bairamian said:

      Denying a genocide is racism and not a supression of democratic principles of Freedom of speech, and it must be criminalized by law in all free and democratic countries , France started by passing the law and I assure you that many more countries will follow, If turkey wants to be respected`by the international community it Must recognize the genocide which it did to Armenian people in1915

      • R.Bairamian said:

        Racist speech is a violation of the ” democratic principles of Freedom of speech ” , and denying any genocide is a racist speech .Nations should not be ashamed of their past , Germany recognized the holocast and turkey must do the same in recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

    • Hairo said:

      S. Yilmaz,
      To those who suggest that passing of this resolution will restrict people, including the historians from freely discussing the Armenian genocide in France, please allow me to remind them that Turkey has a similar law on their books (artcile 301) where the historians cannot freely conclude that there was an Armenian Genocide.
      With the current laws in Turkey, discussing the Armenian Genocide there will result in the same conclusion as in Iran several years ago when Mahmoud Ahmadinijad organized a symposium discussing the Jewish Holocaust. If you recall the “expert” historians in Iran determined that the Jewish holocaust did not happen. But of course we know better.

      • Alex Postallian said:

        We know the Armenian Genocide existed,my Mother lived thru it.So who would you believe,your Mother or some LYING turk,hiding their inhuman past.Remember 70% of turkey is illiterate.So the modern limrick is: DONT LIE TO ME LIKE A TURK.

    • Vrej said:

      “I wish fervently that the Turkish barbarians be chased away immediately out of the country [Greece] of Xenophon, Socrates, Plato, Sophocles and Euripides. If we wanted, it could be done soon but seven crusades of superstition have been undertaken and a crusade of honour will never take place. We know almost no city built by them; they let decay the most beautiful establishments of Antiquity, they reign over ruins. ”
      —Voltaire (1694-1778), The Orient’s Christian Realm

      … last I checked, Voltaire was not a an Armenian “Genocide peddler”.

      Today, in what is called Turkey, historical monuments stand witness to all the civilizations which flourished on these lands but there is hardly anything of Turkish creation.

      By their own admission, even to the Muslim Arab nations which the Turks have ruled for over 400 years, their civilization was oppressed, repressed and cocooned for all those years while the rest of human civilization progressed.

      So much for your “proud” history, and to the rest of your neighbors trying to “land grab”.

      Apparently, no one is furthest from the historical facts than the fallacy of a so-called nation with a concocted history like Turkey.

    • Nairi said:

      Dismissing a genocide is neither opinion nor free speech, it is denial and suppression of human rights. Why did Armenians run from the idea of a genocide commission? Because Turkey has the will, might and plain craziness to lie its way into further denial — accepting a commission is allowing Turkey to say “HAHA look, armenians themselves doubt the genocide!” — Turkey is in a political and military position that makes Armenia’s side of the fight extremely difficult. Why else do you think this has been going on for so long? Armenians have all the evidence. Turkey DESTROYED its own records of the events. Please read a damned book that wasn’t penned by your government before spewing off a bunch of blather.
      Turkey’s hypocritical behaviour is blatant and undeniable — Please don’t think for a second that a normal observer can’t put the pieces together for themselves 😉

    • Basil said:

      Disgusting. Aside from practically everything you wrote being a lie (not just false, but a blunt lie), there is just one word that comes to mind: disgust.
      You have everything here. hypocricy, lies, false accusations, falsification, slander.
      What you don’t have: ethics and morality.

      Seriously Yilmaz, I have never been as disgusted by a piece of text as I am now. I hope for your sake, for you as a person, that you are the complete opposite of what you wrote, though I doubt it.

    • Turkcekonusanamerikali said:

      S. Yilmaz,
      I have a sense of deja vu. Isn’t this a repeat of Israel in the Fall? Maybe its not the evil of the Armenians, the Kurds, the people of the Balkans, the Greeks, the Cypriots, the Israelis, and now the French. Maybe it’s you. We Americans see you are a bunch of self-intoxicated, hate filled, murderous, reckless, blustering, lying, CLOWNS. One more shot at Israel, and Congress will pass an Armenian genocide law. What will your retaliation be, the same stuff that you did to Israel and France? Our “retaliation” will boot you all the way to Mongolia and then have a good laugh.

    • Kima said:

      Turks are good at giving their opinions with no facts to back it up. I don’t understand how Turkey has the right to go into another country and talk about Democracy or freedom of speech when it can’t even uphold those “beliefs” in its own country? Answer one question for me and everyone else here, what is up with Penal code 301? Any mention of genocide will throw someone in jail for 3 years? And then calling Armenians terrorists? Lets start with Hrant Dinks assassination and the attempted assassination on the previous pope both perpetrated by Turks.

      Oh and I’m also sick of this Turkish bs about discussing the genocide. Again how do you propose to do this when you can’t even mention it? Why do people refer to Turks as Mongols that ravage? Because HISTORY tells us so. Because wherever they went they slaughtered. From Armenians, Greeks, Kurds and Assyrians. Yet you know what Turks do? They act like they’re the victim, that poor ol Turkey is always being victimized. The city Samara was built just for Turks who couldn’t get along with their fellow Muslim brothers (Arabs and Persians).

      So how about you go and re-visit history. Learn something before you give your opinions that aren’t backed up with any facts. And also re-look at your stance in world politics and stop throwing childish tantrums with everyone. ALSO, stop throwing your air force base in America’s face. You don’t view America as a friend but as a ATM.

      Last note, Armenia is not running away from anything. Both of my grandparents didn’t have any grandparents. Almost every other Armenian I know can vouch for the same thing. My great grandmother was forcibly married to a Turk because she was a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. The facts are all there. The quotes from your beloved Pasha’s, the photos of thousands of corpses, the present day disaspora.

  12. Satenik said:

    You have to give credit to president Sarkozy, at least he has always been against Turkey joining the EU and France has done far more than the USA or the UK re the Armenian Genocide. French know exactly what happened to the Armenians in 1915. Obama is still concerned about his xmas Turkey and we all know he is in love with the Turks!

  13. Gayanev said:

    I was praying for this day to materialize.. and now I am praying for the Senate to vote into a bill..

    FRANCE make this right.. Do the right thing and do not cave in Turkey’s threat.. it will benefit you in the long run.. Continue the righteous path…


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  15. Varoujan said:

    I envy you French People, your President and Lawmakers have balls, unlike our president and lawmakers in the USA.

    • Charles Aroutiounian said:

      Yes agree! But it’s a grass roots movement!!!You should intensify your pressure in both Parties in the primaries!!!!!!!!And focus on Washington folks! It’s the key!

  16. MK said:

    The US should take a page out of France’s Human Rights Record ,instead of lying to its citizens year after year.
    Bravo France

    • Alex Postallian said:

      It is sad but true,most of the politicians in the U.S. have got FOR SALE signs on their backs.

  17. Arziv said:

    Very good news. Fortunately Turkey’s warnings of ” grave- dire consequences” was only echoed by turks themselves. It is a small step on the long road to exact justice from the turks. What is needed now is a more robust and vigorous stance on the genocide issue by the government of Armenia. The turks will never open the border ( much better for Armenia to have borders closed– open borders will only herald the swamping of Armenia by Turkey) until there is a paradigm shift in their mentality vis-a vis 1915., acknowledgement of their heinous crimes and justice. The generation of the paleontologists Gul-Erdogan Davotoglu must pass away , they are ossified political skeletons; an enlightened generation of historically conscious turkish political leaders is necessary for any change of heart.

  18. izmirli said:

    I do not understand where the French get the moral arrogance to assert that the Turks must own up to the genocide. While the French wag their finger at the Turks, they have the audacity to sweep the atrocities they committed in Algeria during the 20th century under the rug. It is incredibly hypocritical that the French launch this campaign against Turkiye while pretending like their own hands are clean.

    • Turkcekonusanamerikali said:

      Izmerli, Why don’t you and S.Yilmaz rebut my post. You won’t since it is easy to give outraged opinions. But it’s hard to argue with facts.
      On second thought you probably will rebut it, since you are not afraid of anything. After all you’re Turks.

    • Halo said:

      If you really care about atrocities against humanity, then instead of complaining about the French move, you should state you accept their decision, and then point out other events with information to back your claim.

      Additionally, the Turks did not go across the globe to commit atrocities, they did it in their back yard to their own citizens. The French never committed a genocide in France to its own citizens, nor did they destroy or attempt to destroy entire countries and nationalities so their citizens can settle there, so you Turks need to stop comparing apples to oranges. When you do this you show the world what simpletons you are, including your government.

    • Vazken said:

      At least European powers with black spots in their history have admitted and apologised for their atrocities, can the same be said about Turkey? When did Turkey apologzie to and indemnify the Armenians, or the Greeks who were driven out of their historic homeland and their Church properties confiscated to this date, how about the persecution of the Jewish citizens, and the Assyrian Christians, and not least of all the massacre of Kurds that is going on to this day.

    • Vrej said:

      “When i consider history, I find that there has been no nation that has practiced more blasphemy of God, brutally, shameful fornication, and every kind of wild and chaotic living than the Turks.”
      —Philipp Melanchthon

    • Basil said:

      There obviously never was an intention by French forces to wipe out Algerians (Berbers/Arabs) and today more than 1 million Algerians live in France.

      There obviously was an intention by the Youngturks and their henchmen to wipe out Armenians as a race and today less than 100.000, turkified Armenians live in Turkey, mainly in Istanbul. Armenians as all Christians in Turkey have restrictions on their language, religion, freedom of speech, and so on.

      Need to say more, you hypcrit? Erdogan is putting up a smokescreen here once again, acting rather childish (“NO YOU!”), and you are willingly falling for that as well. I guess you always were caring for those Algerians, weren’t you?

  19. armen said:

    Fantastic! Just one more step towards total acknowledgement of the Genocide. Way to go France!!!

    • Nicolas said:

      Oublier, c’est trahir !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Justice sera faite !!!!!!!!

      Bravo et vive la France !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. John Ahmaranian said:

    Europe will return to the era of the Middle Age, Mr. Davotoglu?
    Oh no! Your Middle Age mentality has killed one and a half milion Armenians, Mr Foreign minister?
    President Sarkozy knows his people history. Yes, Victor Hugo said : “Les Turks ont passe par la, tout est ruine” (The Turks passed passed by (Greece); everything is ruin.)
    If Europe is returning to the Middle Age, stay away from Europe, Mr. Davotoglu. You belong to Asia. Do not wear European cravatte but put on your fez and sharwal. It is better for you to sit down in a Turkish bath sipping narguila-shisha, than going to “Middle Age Europe” to drive Citroen or Ferrari.
    Do not come to Europe to deny the Armenian Genocide. Be careful. You will be put in jail.

  21. Alexander said:

    I agree to an apology to Turkish Armenians who are Turkish citizens who are inside or outside of Turkey and my country man as long as they too apologize to Turks they Killed along with the help of Russians and English and French who never came to their aid for the Idea of Great Armenia which was Russian Idea that failed totally.Now as i am a relative of Halit Pasa and Kazim Karabekir Pasa i know first hand the killings and robbings and rape and steealing and mass killings of turkish villagers in Kars, Ardahan, Nahcivan, erzurum ,Artvin Savsat Yusufeli and list goes on and on untill the present day Azarbeycan village of Hocali now that tells me if allowed or given the opportunity the Armenians will parctice biggest Genoside of all and I TRULY BELIVE if given the chance they will without hesitation will kill every turk in this planet with out mercy and commit the BIGGEST GENOSIDE OFF ALL and justify it to all God fearing christians and everyone on this planet as a self defence in the end.With this thought i say GOOD LUCK to all Hatefull Armenian who”s country and life build on fire of HATE, and SEE YOU ON THE FEALD of man eye to eye and mano on mano and GOOD LUCK on your helpless journey to FAILURE as allways.Becouse you ALL ARE GOING ABOUT IT THE WRONG WAY, thats why we won and you lost and by your recent actions you are only uniting and making us stronger where we are fully ready for everything and anything to come our way and boy AM I READY TO DEAL WITH YOU.Yours TRULY , A TURKISH CITIZEN.

    • Basil said:

      While I was disgusted about Yilmaz, your brainless rantings fail to amuse me, yet they leave me untouched. Unlike poor Yilmaz you lack sincerity and you are obssessed. By the way, 1991 it was 1 vs 2, 1994 it was what 1 vs 20? Stop talking about man vs man, you sound ridicolous.

      • Alexander said:

        Ha ha ha dont make me lough i am giving you exactly what you want my friend so why complain?: and thanks to your actions and unjust claims around the world to gain not one life but kill more and dream of material gains is in your plans does tell me what you value most,property and money not Justice, thats what has and is for you all, even now, do not think i am a blind idiot” none of us are and belive me there are millions like me who is ready waiting day and night for the likes of you.I am not blind nor without knowledege or dreamer and definitly not without proofs of facts and if you or your nation wanted the truth :Hodry meydan: you should have opened the archives and sit with Turkish counterparts once end for all and debate and counter and prove that your claims were real once and for all instead of running away like a chicken who was aboiut to get catched with lies and unreal claims that had little or no base to them , so use all friends of christianity and its belivers who are your friends that has sempaty for you even to a point where they too eccept your lies with blind fold becouse their past like yours which is full of mistakes and wrong doings and you are adding another to it now yet again, so as i said god riddens to you and your christian club, but just know this and i will finish this with a christian saying becouse i obviusly respect its rules more then you , ITS ALL COMES BACK TO YOU.

  22. art hagopian said:

    France has gone t6hrough this exercise before in 2006. Let us hope that the senate will approve this time and promulgate the law. It is then and only then that we can collectively sa Y


    SHAME TO THE U.S. (the land of Abraham Lincoln)

  23. zareh said:

    Thank you France. Thank you Sarkozy.
    God Bless France, a country based on equality, fraternity and liberty.

  24. sam said:

    mr. yilmaz we are not hiding our archives we have done all our searching and digging and reading and analyzing . now it is your turn to study and do the searching to find the truth. in your opinion was not a genocide let me ask you where are the 2 millon armenians who lived in anadolu today did they evaporate or they all decided to leave turkie in the same month..even if you call it you dislocated them for security reasons that’s a bull you don’t sent women children and elderly to the syrien desert without food and water or any thing .that is exactly murdering the entire nation and then taking there homes and businesses and belongings and pretending nothing happened .so please stop acting stupid and face the truth todays turks are not guilty for murdering the armenians but they are guiltier for denying it. my advise search the history books every where except your own library

  25. Ashot Karapetian said:

    Turkey is guilty of the crimes of Genocides against Armenians and humanity. Viva France.

  26. paul said:

    I don’t think it was done for armenian votes only because the vote in the senate should be atleast 2 months before the general election allowing more than enough time for armenians to change their minds if the president doesn’t back this bill the whole way through

  27. Arto said:

    This vote was the result of Turkey “jerking around” the Europeans and Americans with the delay in signing the Protocols. The Turks will pay a heavy price now and all of you will who were badmouthing the Armenian government and hanging the Presidents effigy will now understand that the RA played the Protocol issue perfectly. Checkmate!

  28. JAMES L said:


    • Bill said:

      James, please get of europe and move to turkey , europe will be much better off without having oil sniffing brits polluting the englishh channel….

    • Basil said:

      Beyond retarded. Germany never commited the Holocaust, since there are “MANY JEWS IN THE WORLD AND IN ISRAEL”. Get my point? I guess you are a revisionist about that either?

    • Bill said:

      I would also like to mention that next year I will be visitng london wearing a T-shirt that says ” GOD BLESS THE IRA”. We’ll see how that freedom of speech will hold…

    • Basil said:

      By the way, you can defend freedom of speech by righting to your PM in Ankara about Art. 301; thats the article you used to try to get rid of Orhan Pamuk because he chose to talk openly about the Aghet, remember?

    • Nairi said:

      Turkey has no intention of bringing Turkish and Armenian scholars together for the purpose of figuring out what happened. They want merely to instill doubt on the world stage in the existence of the Armenian genocide, and then to overpower evidence (of which there is LOTS, I assure you — please go research periodicals from SEVERAL COUNTRIES from 1914 – 1918 and beyond). Turks need to go and look at history and their own archives for themselves, and actually do so TRUTHFULLY. In fact, several of them have! Do you know what happens to them? Please go look at Turkish Penal Code 301 and get back to me. There are many Turks IN TURKEY who recognize the genocide at the risk of their personal safety, thanks to the undemocratic practices of the Turkish government and the barbaric nationalistic fervour that prevents intelligent thought.
      Yeah, go to france and wear that shirt. Planet has no shortage of douchebags who spew at the mouth when they actually have no knowledge of actual events.
      Also, look up the meaning of genocide. It’s just like Turkey to hit back with other claims rather than actually discuss truthfully their own history. If there were atrocities in Algeria, by all means, bring them up and demand a just conclusion. That doesn’t make the Armenian Genocide go away, unfortunately for you and other people who are incapable of logical thought processes 😉

    • Gary_S said:

      The 1st problem with a Historical Commission is that if a historian from Turkey admitted to it he would go to jail under Article 301!
      2nd, a Historical Commission has ALREADY decided Turkey is guilty of GENOCIDE. It is called TARC!
      3rd, do we need a “Historical Commission” for the Holocaust?
      4th, Turkey archives have been expunged and Turkey has to pay historians for their version.

    • Marina said:

      If you are so much a pro-freedom of speech person then why don’t you go to turkey and wear a t-shirt witten THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE IS NOT A LIE, let’s see what will happen! ! I am sorry but from what you’ve said it seems u lack alot of information. There is already a special tribunal for rwanda since 1994 , the case has been taken to trial and perpetrators are being punished!! Whereas for Algeria , this reminds me of a saying ” Don’t throw stones at your neighbors , if your own windows are glass”. One thing I agree with you is that yeah the world is unfair because a just cause has been denied for almost 97 years!! The Armenian Genocide is not an issue of “discussion” it is a widely documented case seeking JUSTICE!! The good question you ask is that how come there so many armenians in the world? Why are Armenians spread enormously and not in their native homeland? Why are their memorials and churches destroyed day by day in turkey? I think you know the answer!! Denying the genocide takes us to the dark ages not by condemning it !!

    • Hamasdegh said:

      Dear James L:

      Wait until the French Senate passes the bill and then it becomes law. Then you are most welcome to visit France !

    • Tigran Piloyan said:

      Hey James you said we are manipulators. And what we are manipulating?
      We just want to achieve JUSTICE. ITS VERY EASY FOR YOU SITTING IN YOUR

    • oguztolga said:

      according to USA foreign office records there were 1.2 million armenians in anatolia,turks killed 1.5 million of them but 3.004.000 armenians left…Yes it is the thesis armenians defending now.There are 600.000armenians in france now.where did they come from,Klingon planet?

  29. bayrakiniyakan said:

    If in turkey someone claims there was a Armenian genocide turkish government puts them in jail so this this is very normal . this is an opportunity for turkey to taste their own medicine

  30. bayrakiniyakan said:

    just in 1860 in one night Turks killed 100,000 Lebanese Christians Maronite under ottoman rule!!
    when Turks will accept their bloody history ??? when Turks will recognize that they are the successors
    of savage barbarian Genghis khan & savage Timur the bloody sultan abdullhamid Tallat Enver pasa

  31. Emin said:

    Well, Turkey is giving the right answer the French government deserved:

    An Algerian genocide memorial will be built in front of the French Embassy in Turkey, recognition of Algerian genocide by France will be on the table. French military ships cannot enter Turkish waters. And today Turkish government brought another discussion:

    Criminalizing denial of Khodjali genocide in Turkey!

    Now we’ll see if that bill passes the French Senate. Considering all conditions, my guess is that the bill will be killed on the Senate floor. France cannot afford to sacrifice its relations with Turkey. Everyone knows that Sarkozyan is playing his dirty little election games, and using this bill to feed Armenian community in France, but he is forgetting that the France has the largest Muslim population in Europe and it’s Turkic citizens have already outnumbered Armenians.

    Let’s all wait and see what happens in January, 2012. I will be surprised, if French government does not start back-pedalling by the end of January.

    • Basil said:

      The Turkish have always outnumbered the Armenians; as a German, I see it every day. They can keep up with rabbits actually. Whats to wonder?

    • Nairi said:

      Of course Turkey brought Khodjali to the table. They are incapable of owning up to anything so they choose to threaten and pull their pants down so they can show their big turkish dick. Why put it lightly?

      Khodjali was a conflict over land. Armenians have neither the manpower nor the military strength to even consider genocide on Azeris. It was a horrible massacre for sure, and it should by all means be condemned.
      But are you really going to back the death of 613 civilians in clashes over land (yes, go read what the Armenian-Azerbajiani war was about) as genocide, and scoff at 1.5 million SYSTEMATICALLY EXECUTED (Armenia’s population today is 3 million) by Turkish government, then I’d say you’re not thinking logically.

      I do agree however that these are political games at the expense of Armenia — the good news is it’s brought genocide awareness to global medias.

    • Edward Demian said:

      The muslim population outnumbers the Armenian population of France. But, the Armenians are accepted and respected, while the French allow the Turks to arrive because they need the “hamals”. Muslims are looked upon as not much better than their spear chucking, bone in their nose cousins from the jungle. A primitive bloody, crude and uneducated rubble.

  32. Gerami said:

    Although there’s much more work to be done, it’s OK to pause for a minute and celebrate this victory. I urge everyone to share this on their fb and twitter pages so more non-Armenians learn about it. My friends, most of which are non-Armenian, have come to know about the Armenian Genocide through facebook posts and discussions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  33. amb said:

    Lets organize a THANK YOU demonstrations, like they did in Armenia, in front of French embassies everywhere we can in the diaspora.

  34. hi said:


  35. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Thank you France for been beside the the JUSTICE as you are, Armenians awaiting
    from your members with Euoropean Union to follow same way to bring The HEARTS of
    Justice Lovers, to Recognized the First Genocide against Armenians in the World,(*.*)

  36. Dave said:

    Notice that a lot of the news articles coming out of the mainstream Western media do not tell the reader that many people in Europe have been convicted over the years for denying the Holocaust.

    In other words, the media want the reader to think that the French bill (which is not yet law, anyway, and may never be) is unusual.

    We should also reminded that Bernard Lewis, the lying American professor, was fined years back in France for casting doubt on the Armenian genocide. Not many articles mention that either.

    The mainstream media are deaf, dumb, and blind, often deliberately. They’re also just plain stupid.

  37. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    My dear Turkish friends Yilmaz, Izmirli and Emin,
    You will be able to see that genocide might have happened only when you look at the Turkish history in two phases.
    The Islamic phase prior to Ataturk and the Secular phase after Ataturk.
    The conflict between Turkey and Armenia is a microcosm of that conflict between Christianity and Islam with all of its entrapments and accoutrements.
    Desperate after three hundred years of lawlessness, wanton killings, turmoil and instability, the Roman Empire was finally able to find stability and a civil society by adopting Christianity.
    The fatal flaw of Christianity was that with its meek and yielding, love-your-neighbor and turn-the-other-cheek attitude, it was not able to defend itself from outside conquerors.
    Islam with its emphasis on conquest, war and subjugation, could. But those very qualities also kept it from creating its own civic society and stability.
    Everyone can see these qualities manifesting themselves in the Islamic world to this day. The constant killings, turmoil and instability of the Middle Eastern countries clearly vouch that Muslims once they get rid of their Christian population, they start killing each other.
    The Islamic countries could direly use the moderating influence of a Christian ideology. There is no known escape from the killing, plundering and winner-take-all attitudes of the Islamic ideology. The Arab spring promises to bring an escape but I wander if it will be able to deliver.
    I think Muslims will need to be more receptive to the kinder influence of Christianity that they have dominated for fourteen hundred years before they can make that transition. Once they do, then they will be able to see that all what they have done in the past was genocide after genocide of every ethnic group that they were able to conquer and bring under their rule.

  38. John Ahmaranian said:

    Let the Turks talk about the genocide.
    ALEMDAR wrote (March 12, 1919) “The Ittihadists don’t deserve the gallows; their heads should be ripped of and paraded around wood blocks for days as a lesson”.

    DUNYA wrote (Dec. 16, 1987) ” (Behaddine )Shakir was bent on wiping out the Armenians so that to prevent the future formation of an Armenia in the eastern provinces”.

    HADISSAT wrote; “March 17, 1918) “On the night of November 1, 1918, the ministers responsable for the Armenian Massacres and the leaders of the Young Turks took with them, on a German warship, huge amount of money and precious objects stolen from Armenian deportees”.

    Do you want more? Read in my book “Turkey Has Rcognized the Armenian Genocide” more than 500
    testimonies from Her Majesty the Turkish Media.

  39. sherif said:

    :) you behave soo happy as you have taken half world’s land..:)
    if france accepted the whatever bullsh….
    we dont care, who lsot now? tell me ?, turkey?lool
    frence lost money that is all
    turkey will go to other country to buy….
    that is all
    the one who lost is france..
    sarkozy used armenians as a toy to stay in power to get more money to his pocket..
    u think that sarcozy cares about ur so called “geneciode”?
    it is very laughable
    i give u guarantee , france will back from their words…
    just waittt a little bit
    they thought that turkey is the same turkey before 10 years..
    you r doing a big mistake …
    armenians ahhhhhhh all the nations around the world have been using as a tool..:))
    you think that by accepting this rule , France is gonna do something to TURKS?:)
    you have made a big mistake your life dudes…
    wait alittle. we gonna show, what is the meaning of real genociede….:)
    that time u will not able to speak…

      • ANTRANIG said:


      • Jerry said:

        sherif wrote:
        wait alittle. we gonna show, what is the meaning of real genociede….:)
        that time u will not able to speak…

        I just wonder when the day comes when these people can understand their own thuggery and the insanity of such statements. Threatening a genocide while denying one tells us so much — and it’s so predictable!

        In the meantime, we have the lunatic stand-in for Josef Goebbels Mr. Davutoglu spinning reams of self-circular nonsense as usual for his foreign policy: criminalizing a brutish denial of truth is somehow limiting “free speech” — from a country that has laws against “insulting Turkishness” by telling the truth and using the word that all the world’s Genocide Historians use, especially in the articles issued by the International Association of Genocide Scholars: “genocide.” Oh that is the problem with all that spinning, it keeps you blind to reality and lost in a self-circular world… Problem is you don’t understand the rest of the world does not spin around you.

    • Samvel said:

      Your comment is irrelevant: if “france” lost the money, then how “sarkozy” will …”stay in power to get more money to his pocket”? I just want to find out about the way to make money out of loosing the money by one …

  40. John Ahmaranian said:

    To Sherif,
    Do you know what Sherif mean? It means noble, gentelman. But our phrase “We gonna show what is a real genocide” does not reflect nobility or gentle character. My advise to you: Change your name or your genocidal mentality.

  41. nana said:

    We don’t ask nations to recognize the Armenian Genocide for ourselves.
    We are guardians of humanity and civility – we give an opportunity to governments to chose a civilized route against a brutal path of “pragmatism”.
    As we, Armenians, say a city-man can also be a peasant. Governments of many reach and well-established nations remain savage to the degree of manipulating the anti-natural human-made catastrophes like genocides. They have their “reasons”.
    If Turkey thinks that they are its friends, then this is its biggest mistake. Some day official Turkey will come forward and acknowledge the ownership of its wrongdoings against humanity. Only after that its speech, and words of its “well-wishers”, will resonate and receive a dignifying response. Until that it is all trash.

    We, Armenians, have learned waiting. And good things come to men who know waiting. Happy New Year.

  42. Lawrence said:

    Firstly, you are either “British” or a “Brit”, not “A BRITISH”. This is a clear sign that you are not of English descent. My guess is “Paki”, so stay out of other Nations’ arguments if you can’t represent yourself truthfully. I am more British than you and I have never set foot in England (or the US for that matter). And, if you are going to make claims, at least back them up with correct spelling and grammar (“taught”). PS: The Rwandan genocide is recognised worldwide and “penalized” should be “penalised” so change your spell-check to UK English in stead of the current American setting.

  43. gary said:

    french have balls, i want to say thank you to all who support this just cause Good bless you. my grandfather and six uncles thank you from their grave. I hope our government will have carriage to do the same .

  44. M.S.K. said:

    The courageous President Sarkozy and the Representatives of the Lower and upper houses of France acquires Armenians appreciation residing throughout the world. Let Daoudoglu ( Ibn Daoud ) and his followers be disappointed for their failure in threatening France. hahahaha – Thanks France for such a great step which will be engraved in the Armenians’ History.

  45. Svetlana Swanson said:

    Now it is Armenian Parliament’s turn to criminalize corruption and bribery by public officials and civil service workers in Armenia.

    Yerevan needs a “Wall of Shame” where citizens can post the name(s) of public officials accepting or asking for bribes to carry out their duties.

  46. Diran said:

    Thank you French people, thank you France and thank you Mr. Sarkozy. The most democratic country in the world said his voice against Genocide not only for Armenians but for the whole world, Turks is it not the time for you to look what your ancestors did and agree about what happened years ago, I think it’s time for you to take actions before the whole world will take actions against you and the now living peaceful Turk people.

  47. Stepan said:

    On behalf of my murdered paternal and maternal grandparents by turks, I humbly thank the Proud Citizens of The Great French Nation for their Humanity.

  48. Sako said:



  49. Aline Dedeyan said:

    This law, if promulgated, will be the first legal instrument paving the the way to an internationally monitopred trial – a law suite – carried out by impartial courts and judges (IPC Int. Court of Justice in The Hague, a Special Tribunal sert up for the purpose, etc.) – composed of and nominated by the highest international instances. It’s a most important legal instrument in our favour. Genocide being a crime against humanity, it’s denial a parallel crime , while impunity contravens all interb^nation human rights instruments. Only a court judgement – and reparations – can put an end to the Armeno-Turkish conflict and help resume normal relations between thebtwo Republics, as well ass diaspora Armenians

  50. John Markarian said:

    Armenia should thank France by buying French weapons systems which will not only help the French economy but will also help to defend Nagnorno-Karabagh. Armenians should all visit France for their holidays to boost the French economy and thank the French.

  51. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    This tiny little nation, Armenia, endured superhuman blows against its livelihood, trying to carry the Cross of the Defeated and humiliated Christianity, surrounded by the dogs and wolves of the Muslim hordes that had conquered it along with the rest of Eastern Christianity as they were in the process of trying to conquer the rest of the world. Armenia is the symbol of how much Christianity had endured and suffered in the hands of its new masters, the Muslims.
    Lest the world forget however, that the Muslims of today are not like the Muslims of those years. Like the Christians of today, they too, have undergone secularizations and are now incapable of committing such crimes and atrocities that their long distant ancestors had committed at will almost continuously.

  52. Helen said:

    I hope for the sake of humanity that this bill is eventually passed. This is not a free speech issue it is designed to stop negationists gaining the upper hand in their attempts to minimize crimes against humanity. We should stand firm against the commercial and military might of Turkey. The current government continues to silence the remaining minorities who oppose their nationalist vision of a country. Armenians just want to get on with their lives and recognition is part of that. I say solidarity with Armenians and their descendants who have experienced the pain and trauma of 1915. I know what it is to be on the wrong side of history and have seen as a photographer at first hand the consequence of ultra nationalism.

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