‘If I Were an Armenian, I would Support My Candidacy,’ Says Bryza

Matthew Bryza

BAKU—US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza, in what sounds like an appeal for his job, said “If I were an Armenian, I would support my candidacy [to the post],” claiming that he has even endured criticism from his Azeri friends during his tenure in the Caucasus.

“I was always just during all these negotiations and was even subject to serious criticism by Azerbaijani friends. I do not know why it happens, I know that it is nor Armenia but a small group of people,” the Azeri APA news agency quoted Bryza as saying. The news agency said Bryza “found it difficult to comment on the reason the Armenian lobby in the United States speaks against his candidacy.”

“I am looking forward to the decision of our Senate. People in America find it difficult to understand what the matter is and they even criticize the absence of voting. I hope to continue activity as the ambassador within the next two years,” said Bryza, according to the APA report.

He said Azerbaijan is a wonderful partner and it is possible to attain much in terms of bilateral cooperation with US.

Perhaps the Ambassador should do a better assessment of his record while on official capacity in the Caucasus.


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  1. Claudia said:

    Bryza, its quite easy. Your wife is a former lobbyist for Azerbaijan and Turkey. Your closest friends, the ones who paid for your lavish wedding are in the Azeri regime. Don’t feign surprise.

  2. MK said:

    As you only represent the oil corporations and not the real US interests,NO Armenian will ever back you,and hope that you are rejected again,as you don’t deserve any better.

  3. zareh said:

    I tell you Mr. Bryza why we don’t like you. You said that you would go to the Julfa and see the destroyed Khatchkars by the Azeri forces. You never went. You never brought that issue to the U.S. attention.
    Besides you have a Turkish wife who denies the Genocide. Aren’t these enough reasons for us to lobby against your post.

  4. stepan said:

    Maybe just maybe, when his azeri friends were supporting the destruction of our Stone Crosses in our ancient lands of Nackhachivan, he should have opened his mouth to have stopped them.

    Too late Mr.Byrza, your alligences is written all over your past record and that of your wife.

    • Tsayt said:

      His wife being Turkish is not what matters, but having a Turkish wife who is a political operator, works for Azerbaijan and heads a think-tank, then yes, this tells us something…or two.

  5. www.Voskanapat.info said:

    Yes, the United States should appoint an ethnic Armenian to this post because Azerbaijan does not allow people with Armenian last names to enter the country! Let’s see what they would say to an ethnic Armenian sent to Baku from Washington.

    Well, time to stop dreaming… But Mr. Baran-Bryza should understand that this place is already taken – our best man in Baku is Sultan Ilham Heydar ogly Aliyev himself. With a dictator like him always worrying about the upcoming Azerbaijani Spring, he is our best friend who would never have balls to attack Artsakh remembering how his Heydar-baba got lowered there.

  6. Satenik said:

    “If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle” . Bryza ,you are the lowest denominator so far. Stay in Azerbaijan for the rest of your pathetic life, now that you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s such a wonderful partner and say hello to your friends in NY Times (your half brother had written all this wonderful things about your beloved country Azerbaijan and your “good” self as you know). Who said power was an aphrodisiac? Oh no Azeri oil is !

  7. Satenik said:

    I know another lobby far mightier and may I say quite poisonous,particularly with regards to doing their best to sabotage the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the USA, would Bryza care to spell it out for us? Thought not……..One does not dare to upset ones masters……well he is really in a tight place, isn’t he? Bryza has to lick the shoes of tsar Aliyev and his masters back home. Stop talking about Armenian lobby, start talking about the Jewish lobby in the USA and the damage it does to the Armenian cause! Call a spade a spade!

  8. Ray said:

    Byrza, because you support terrorists like Azer and Turk, we Christians do not support you. I see Muhammad almighty pimp of 72 virgins has taken over your soul too.

    – Your local Christian Armenian

  9. Greg said:

    ‘If I Were an Armenian, I would Support My Candidacy,’ Says Bryza. Bryza, you are so stupid that if you were up to your neck in feces, you would not know where the smell is coming from.

  10. HartRay said:

    Well you are not an Armenian, and We wont support you not just as an Armenian but also as an American because you been sold to Azeri interest long time ago.

  11. Ashot Karapetian said:

    Where did U.S. Administration get this idiot ” Bryza ” to represent America. Bryza represents Azeri and Turkish interests. Bryza has sold his soul. Bryza has no place in politics, he is out. There is no trust left in him.

  12. facts said:

    if you were an Armenian you wouldn’t make every effort to punish former US ambassador to ‎‎Armenia for using the term Armenian Genocide! ‎Beside this you made a lot of stupid ‎comments regarding Arstakh/Karabakh making Azerbaijani society believe they could get ‎Karabakh back! ‎