Israel Cancels Defense Deal with Turkey

The equipment in question

Jerusalem calls off $141 milliion deal with Ankara over fears that Turkey could hand over cutting-edge equipment to hostile parties, officials say

JERUSALEM (AP)—Officials in Jerusalem have decided to cancel a $141 million defense deal with Turkey, saying they were concerned that Ankara could hand over cutting-edge intelligence equipment to third parties hostile to Israel.

The equipment in question is an aerial intelligence system based on electro-optic sensors and meant for Turkish aircraft. The advanced system has already been installed on Israeli jets.

A defense official stressed that the relationship with Turkey is very important to Israel, but added that “at the same time we have security responsibility for every product that receives an export license.”

“Decisions on this matter have to do with the specific system, rather than with the overall relationship,” the official said.

The Defense Ministry also responded to the report, issuing the following statement: “As a rule, the Ministry of Defense does not detail all the considerations and information at the basis of its decision-making in setting defense exports’ policy…decisions are undertaken on a professional basis, in line with security and diplomatic considerations.”

The nixed deal was signed between Jerusalem and Ankara in 2008, with negotiations dating back to 2000.

Earlier, officials in the Defense Ministry and in Elbit Systems, the manufacturer of the system, confirmed the deal was called off. They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter. There was no immediate comment from Ankara.

The Israel-Turkey diplomatic crisis peaked last year when Israeli commandos raiding a Turkish protest ship headed for Gaza killed nine pro-Palestinian activists. Both sides said they acted in self defense.

Earlier this month, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogul said that Turkey’s recent, firm policies in the Middle East “have brought Israel to its knees.”

According to the Turkish website Today’s Zaman, Davutoglu’s statement, made before the Turkish Parliament, was meant to counter claims by the opposition suggesting that Turkey’s foreign policy was dependent on Western countries, and that Turkey’s foreign policy is shifting towards the East.


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  1. Lily said:

    i can’t understand the jews, they are dealing with a country that would be glad to wipe out name Israel.

    • Basil said:

      You know in Armenian you have this saying “The smart fox ends up with four paws in the trap” – I feel like Israel was and is playing a risky game. Since Turkey already was an anti Soviet ally, they maybe were hoping to use them as threataning posture against Iran, Syria… now it looks quite different. Israel seems to be in a real bad position, not because of the recent quarrels or radical Muslims taking over Egypt, maybe even Syria, but because the stupid situation they have with so called Palestine.. however, when it comes to politics with Turkey, they should not be surprised. The Germans were allied with the Turks and got nothing out of it. The Soviets were hoping to install communism in Turkey, helped them and got nothing out of it. The US has Turkey as a major ally (though they once said the same about Pakistan) and is getting nothing out of it. The only winner in alliances with Turkey is Turkey. It has always been like this. No surprises. Through Israels and US Jewish suppor they kept the Genocide debate on the low, they modernized their armies, they were and are free to violate Iraqs borders whenever they want to… and since they feel strong enough already, they are gladly about to bite the hand that fed them. Nothing new here.

      • Alex Postallian said:

        In WW1 the turks were part of the Axis,Germany and Austria;they were beaten soundly on two fronts;they grovelled(on their knees) joined the Allies.Then they deposed old camel attaturkey,the young jerks,er turks took their anger and frustration out on the poor DEFENSELESS,ARMENIAN,WOMEN,CHILDREN,OLD PEOPLE–ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.So, OLD YELLOW STAIN turkey,HAS BEEN LYING ABOUT THEIR HISTORY EVER SINCE.Please no capitalization of turkey, it shows respect.

  2. Turkcekonusanamerikali said:

    Delighted. Turks have been kicking the xxxxx of AND MURDERING the Greeks, Cypriots, and Kurds for decades. For example, Greeks who had lived in Anatolia, some apparently since Socrates, were expelled by the nascent Turkish Republic in 1926. (Of course the Turks say it was a “population transfer”–as true as their claim that Armenians were murdering vast numbers of Turkish women and children in the “alleged” genocide). They also committed one of the most horrific genocides in history. Its long past due that the Turks get a little back for their crimes.
    Viva Israel, Viva France.
    Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year Armenians. Millions of us Americans are with you. I have more news for you. Back home, finding a person who is pro-Turkish is as likely as finding a diamond in your soup.
    Viva the Armenian people!

    • Basil said:

      Don’t be too viva on Israel, they are trying to fix their relationship with Turkey, obviously since they are running out of allies. The only reason that his hasn’t been done so far is because the Turkish leadership and Erdogan in particlar declined. At least officially.

  3. Heghapokhagan said:

    Israel has been in relationship with rattlesnake (Turkey), one day it will bite and poison Israel to death.

  4. Ashot Karapetian said:

    Turkish sneaky diplomacy is failing all over. Turkey’s tail is cut between the door and is stuck there. The world already knows about Genocidal Turkey and Turkey has no other choice but to recognize its crime of Genocides against Armenians, Greeks, Asyrians and now the Kurdish people.
    Wake up world and stop and punish Turkey for crimes of Genocides against humanity. The panturkism is a threat to this world. Stop the Turk.

  5. Pongo1969 said:

    It’s time that the Jews change their foreign politics and realize that their existence is exactly in danger in Europe as the armenian existence in their native lands in Caucasus.
    The vaste muslim immigration is a real threat to our most deep and inner identity.
    Let’s say the truth: after the Cold War against comunism, we face now a more deadly confrontation with islam: there will be only one winner, and we must be ready to fight for our mere survival.
    Merry Christmas to all the Christian Nations!

  6. Peter Megerdumian said:

    The re-islamification of Turkey has shown the true face of Turkey. Turkey had good relations with Israel because Ataturk and the early leaders of Turkey were actually secret Jews called the Dönmeh also known as Dönme ( who had made a fake conversion to Islam so that they would not be persecuted by the Turks but practiced the Jewish religion in secret. . When the Domme got into power, they pushed a strong nationalist secularization policy that was designed to protect the Jews in Turkey. When the Islamists started taking over the government , things have totally changed. Erdogan is an Islamist and he is interested in being the Islamic hero of the Middle East so he will do things to please the Arabs and other Muslims to show his “Muslim credentials”. The current government in Turkey are neo-Ottomanists who want to expand Turkish influence throughout the middle east and become the regional superpower in the Middle East.

  7. Albert Nercessian said:

    The Israelis have finally realized that the Turks want to buy the weapons so that they can copy them and sell these copycat versions of Israeli weapons to others. The Turks want to compete with the Israelis on the arms market. Furthermore pro-Islamists in the government and military will sell Israeli arms to the enemies of Israel because Erdogan wants to become the new hero of the middle east. He has a fantasy of becoming the superpower of the Middle East and Israel has realized that Turkey is now a major threat.

  8. Raffikian said:

    You can never trust Turkey, see what happened during Iraq war, when he was most needed abandonded his friend USA. American Tax Dollars did not buy the cooperation that the US was seeking,

  9. Peter Megerdumian said:

    According to Turksih sources, the Turkish intelligence agency had actually found the names and facebook profiles of the Israeli Commandos involved on the raid of the Gaza flotilla where several Turks were killed. The Turkish intelligence service wanted to publish their names and addresses so that Palestinian extremists would target them.

  10. Alex Postallian said:

    I quit believing the news out of Israel…….For years the news was biased,distorted(pro Israel).My cousin worked for a big news agency—-When the news would come in,he saw a Jewish name on the reporter,then the same story by say another reporter,would be entirely different,and the correct reporting.So you have pro Israel stooges on both end of the media.

  11. Sedat said:

    Alex, you are filled with propaganda your government brain washed you with when you were a child. Why doesn’t your government agree to an independent view of history. Oh by the way, it was Turkey that cancelled all ties with Israel with they attacked an aid convey, again your facts are so out of wack, learn from your mistakes….. It was Armenia that committed genocide against unarmed Turkish people, face the facts not live with lies…

    • Nick said:

      Sedat, It’s funny how you actually believe that your government hasn’t lied to you and without one single doubt, you believe the Armenian government has lied to Armenians. Fact, it is illegal or a death sentence for anyone in your country to discuss this topic, is it not? Think before you answer, think about what happened with Orhan Pamuk, your nobel peace prize winner..among others. Also, the ICC was ready to rule in Armenia’s favor, your scholars walked out. Now, Turkey has billions to spend on an international study of something that has already been well document and accepted by thousands of respected historians. A political move by your government and our acceptance opens the door to your countries denial machine, bribery, forged documents and so on. Turkey has billions to invest in this case, buy historians and fabricate documents. What Turkey would spend in court could count for Armenia’s economy for two years. Have you ever seen any movies when a billionaire is trialed against a poor man? Armenia will take you to court, soon, when it has the backing it needs. What’s sad is how misled and miserable the poor Turkish people will feel when US and UK are left with no choice but to accept the obvious. Countries not economically tied to you have already accepted this fact, and some of them have no political or geographical ties/advantages to you, they just did the humane thing. Canada, Uruguay are the two examples. The rest are all over Europe and Asia. Google, it’ll shed some light on your governments denial machine. You’ll be surprised by the comments of some of your own historians, list of countries that have recognized the fact, and you’ll be better prepared to handle the truth and it hits you in the face.

  12. Haro Mherian, Mathematician said:

    It’s ironic, the news says that Israel is canceling a deal with Turkey, but on the other hand they are having other new projects with them. What about the several military industry corporations in US (which are mostly under Israeli control, e.g. top scientists and engineers).
    Here is a worst nightmare, some of these Turkish supporting US military corporations even employ Armenian scientists, aviation engineers, software engineers, etc. In fact, in one of the software contract opportunities that occurred to me in the past was mobile IP software development position approached by a Turkish employment agency, who deliberately picked me based on my Armenian profile. So, what I am saying here is that a Turkish recruitment agency picked and Armenian scientist to develop a top of technology Tank Logistic control system based on mobile IP for the Northrop Grumman military corporation. I even went through the security clearance, and got the offer itself. As I was testing how far this process would go, and gathered the details I needed, I obviously declined the offer. Yes, there were other Armenian scientists on board when I went for the interview. How ironic…
    I have all documents saved, in case anyone needs a prove.