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In Memoriam: Our Katcho

We Lost a Titan of our Community. Words will not do justice for the loss I felt when I hard that former California State Assemblyman, Former Congressional Candidate Katcho Achadjian had left us.

Hagop Manjikian speaks at the 60th anniversary commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in 1975

In Memoriam: Hagop Manjikian

Born less than a decade after the Armenian Genocide, Hagop Manjikian heard the stories of the Turkish deportations and massacres of his people, and they left an indelible mark on his memory.


In Memoriam: Hacob Shirvanian

Long-time community activist, leader and benefactor Hacob Shirvanian passed away on August 23 at home surrounded by family and friends. A Requiem service on the 40th day of his passing was held in Armenia. During a funeral service on August 29 at Liberty Hall at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills. Shirvanian’s family and friends...

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In Memoriam: Mina Shirvanian

Mina Hovanessian Shirvanian was born on July 29, 1928, in Nor Jugha, Iran to Vazganoush, a physician from Javakhk and Hambartsoum, a school principal from Shushi.

Movses Shrikiancropped

In Memoriam: Movses Nareg Shrikian

A fortieth day memorial service will be held for Movses Nareg Shrikian on Sunday, October 8, 2017, at Forty Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church, 5315 W. McFadden Ave, Santa Ana and a visit to the graveyard will follow at Pacific View Memorial Park, 3500 Pacific View Dr., Corona Del Mar.

Peter Sourian

In Memoriam: Peter Sourian

Peter Sourian, the long-time professor at Bard College, scholar, writer, journalist and critic, passed away in New York City on April 27, with his daughter at his side.

Hagop Levonian

In Memoriam: Hagop Levonian

Thirty years on, we remember and honor Hagop Levonian, a great man, not only for his fate as a martyr, but also for the immeasurable contributions he made to the Armenian community in Australia and also in Lebanon.