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Message To A Caring (And Busy) Armenian

You care deeply about the Armenian Cause. You’re proud of your heritage, and want the best for Armenia’s future. You’re much more than an observer. You’re a devoted Armenian, who gladly offers your time and energy to others and takes part in the life of our community. But you’re also busy. Like everyone else.

The Bitter Truth . . . And Our Bright Future

  The bitter disappointment of seeing President Obama break his pledge is a sad reminder that putting America on the side of truth and justice will take more than the facts, more than morality, even more than the promises of those who have sought our trust and our votes. No. I wish it were that

Truth, Progress and Change

Past U.S. Administrations, at the expense of our national interests and commonly-held values, have for close to a century dealt with the Armenian Genocide down at the level of Turkey’s threats, accepting what can only be described as a foreign government’s “gag-rule” on our nation’s defense of human rights. America’s willingness to stand up against