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Los Alamitos Welcomes Ferrahian Delegates

Holy Martyrs Armenian High School had the opportunity of participating in the 16th Annual Los Alamitos Model United Nations Security Council Conference on February 21, 2009. This year, students between the eight and eleventh grades represented the nations of Russia, Mexico, and Austria, the both the, “Novice,” and, “Advanced,” committees. The eight and ninth graders,

Tone Deaf Gall

So, the incompetents/crooks, choose your descriptor, who created the financial and economic mess we’re in seem to think-believe-affirm that they out to get bonuses. And YES, they DID, create this mess. The typical up and down of capitalism’s business cycle had been attenuated. The fact that things are as bad as they are, is due

Armenian Chemical Giant Faces Possible Bankruptcy

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–Armenia’s national power distribution company has asked a court in Yerevan to declare bankrupt the country’s largest chemical enterprise because of almost 1 billion drams ($2.7 million) in unpaid electricity bills. The lawsuit filed by the Electricity Networks of Armenia (ENA) could hardly come at a worse time for the Nairit giant. The Yerevan-based

Armenian Power Supplies to Turkey ‘Done Deal’

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)–Energy Minister Armen Movsisian insisted on Friday that Armenia will start exporting electricity to Turkey this spring in line with an agreement which he said was reached by the two governmen’s last year. The Armenian government announced such an agreement between an Armenian state-run power transmission company and a Turkish utility following Turkish

European Leaders Give Green Light to Nabucco

BRUSSELS (RFE/RL)– A summit of European Union leaders in Brussels has given final approval to 5 billion euros of investment in energy and telecom infrastructure projects, including the controversial Nabucco gas pipeline project. The investmen’s are part of a larger EU economic stimulus program aimed at combating the global economic downturn. EU leaders agreed to

In Letter to Berman, Rustamian Expresses Support for HRes 252

YEREVAN–In a letter to the chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Howard Berman, the Chairman of the Armenian National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Armen Rustamian on Thursday expressed his strong support for US affirmation of the Armenian Genocide, stressing that US recognition would be the greatest contributor to the normalization

Ferrahian Science Fair 2009

Once again, Ferrahian students from both middle school and high school stepped up to the plate and showed spectacular participation in our school’s science fair. Although the science fair is an extracurricular activity that is particular to the Science Department, it enjoys the support of the teachers and the administration. The Science Fair projects were

Sarkisian, Party Leaders Discuss Economic Crisis

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–President Serzh Sarkisian urged public support for his government on Friday as he discussed the growing impact of the global economic crisis on Armenia with the leaders of nearly 50 political parties in Armenia. The meeting began with speeches by Sarkisian and his prime minister, Tigran Sargsyan, and continued behind closed doors for about

More Than 400 Koushesh-Mariamian-Davitian High School Alumni Attend Unveiling of 50 Year Historical Atlas Book

GLENDALE–A capacity crowd of more than 400 graduates, former teachers, administrators and principles of the Koushesh-Mariamian-Davitian High School in Tehran gathered on March 15th, 2009 at the HMEM Glendale “Ararat” Hall to take part in the unveiling ceremony ‘san old Armenian tradition to christen, or pour wine over a new publication, to bring prosperity and