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Armenian Regulators to Probe Price Hikes

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–Armenia’s state anti-trust body announced on Friday an investigation into the legality of consumer price increases resulting from the abrupt devaluation of the national currency, the dram. The State Commission on the Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC) said it suspects that the retail prices of vegetable oil, butter, drugs and household durables have soared

The Kashatagh-House Renovation Program

I was on board the Costa Fortuna for the Twelfth Armenian Heritage Cruise where I learned about the outstanding work that the Tufenkian Foundation is doing in Kashatag (reclaimed lands in the Lachin Corridor). Presented by Dr. John Antranig Kasparian, NK Program Director of the Tufenkian Foundation, inc., the lecture with slides, a geography lesson,

Bullhorn Diplomacy

This week it was announced by the Turkish media, quoting official sources, that Armenia, in an effort to accommodate Turkish foreign minister Ali Babacan’s schedule, has postponed a scheduled meeting of the Black Sea Economic Council, scheduled in Yerevan. It took the Armenian foreign ministry two days to announce that it had not changed any

Georgia Revamps Military Amid Russia Tensions

TBILISI (AFP)–Georgia is revamping its military to boost defense capabilities amid increasing tensions with Russia over two Moscow-backed breakaway regions, its defense minister said Friday. Defense Minister David Sikharulidze told AFP in an interview that the presence of thousands of Russian troops in Abkhazia and South Ossetia posed a "serious" risk to Georgian security. "We

Toronto ARF-YOC Gives Voice to Young Artists

Diversity, creativity and innovation. These have always been the hallmarks of Armenian artistic expression throughout the course of history. With a distinctly unique culture and historical experience to call upon, Armenia’s have always offered their own unique contributions to the arts in all its facets: art, music, architecture, dance, poetry, theater, photography, filmmaking, and the

Election Snippets

Elections, as with all other human endeavors produce interesting anecdotes and insights– serious, sad, or just plain funny. So, I thought I’d share; It seems I have been committed to buying a family dinner. Why? Because as one of the volunteers helping with my campaign’s Burbank-election-day GOTV (get out the vote) efforts waited to drive

Conference to Highlight 35 Years of Armenian Studies at UCLA

The local organizing committee for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Society for Armenian Studies has been busy for months putting together the details of the planned three-day conference titled “Armenian Studies at a Threshold” (March 26-28, 2009) at UCLA and the celebratory banquet on the evening of Saturday, March 28 at the

The Relentless Memory of America and the Armenian Genocide

“If you Americans begin to distribute food and clothing among them [Armenia’s], they will then think that they have powerful friends in the United States;” Ottoman Empire War Minister Enver Pasha to US ambassador Henry Morgentau–From Ambassador Moregntau’s story The current turmoil within Turkey’s politics renders this an excellent opportunity to ask whether the recognition